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Divine Majefty, thro' Jefus
Christ our Lord. Amen.

jeryn oc liorish dty Ard-ooafh
ley Flaunyffagh, trooid Yeeley
Creest nyn Jiarn.
nyn Jiarn. Amen.



VERY well-difpofed


CA B. X.

tee mie-chreeagh, tra TEE dy chooilley Chreef

Christian, after he has thus far prepared himself for t'eh choud fhoh er n'gheddyn this Sacrament, will endeavour to keep the Thoughts of his Duty, and the Bleffings he hopes for, warm in his Heart until the Time of Receiving.

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eh-hene aarloo fon y Chreeftiaght, e Phaart y yannoo dy reayll Smooinaghtyn jeh e Churrym, as jeh ny Bannaghtyn t'eh treifhteil er nyn fon, jeean ayns e Chree derrey yn Traa t'eh goaill yn Chreeftiaght.

Foddee Paart jeh ny Scriptyryn ver-ym reue, as Smooinaghtyn dowin orroo, trooid Grayfe Yee, ganfoor gys yn Ymmyd fhen; ny chamoo ghoys ad feofe mooarane Traa, fon foddee Ayrn ny'n flane, rere y Traa, ve dy crauee er nyn ufal ayns Mean eer Obbyr feihltagh.

As ta'n Aght fhoh dy Chraueeaght currit royd dy leeideil Creesteenyn dy Chiliaghtaghey ad hene gys Smooinaghtyn crauee er Ayrnyn elley jeh Goo Yee, t'ad dy Thaih ny dy chlafhtyn.

Afhlifh iii. 17. T'ou gra, Ta mee berchagh as er vifhaghey ayns Cooid, as nagh vel mee feme Nhee erbee as cha vel oo goaill bood hene, dy vel oo treih, miferable,


miferable, and poor, and blind, as and blind, as feaghnit,as boght, as doal, ás

and naked.


This is the fad Condition Shoh yn Stayd hrimshagh ta to which, as Sinners, we fhin, myr Peccee, aarloo dy are fubject and it is thy huittym fo: as fhe dty VyghMercy, O God, that any of in's eh, O Yee, dy vel unnane us are fenfible of it.-Pre- erbee j'in tufhtagh jeh.-Freill ferve me, I beseech Thee, mifh, ta mee guee ort, veih'n from that Blindness which Deilid fhen yinnagh my lhietwould hinder me from fee-tal veih fakin my Hreihys ing my own Mifery, and hene, as veih'n Voyrn fhen, yinfrom that Pride, which would nagh my lhiettal veih goaillkeep me from acknowledg- rifh kiongoyrt Rhyt's, oddys ing it before Thee, who a- ynrycan cooney lhiam, O cur lone canft help me. O give Ennaghtyn firrinagh dou jeh me a true Sense of the Ma- ny Aflayntyn anmey fhen ta ladies I labour under, and mee lhie foue, as cocin lhiam help me for thy Mercies fake, er Graih dty Vyghinyn, as er and for the fake of Jefus my Graih Yeefey my Er-kionnee. Redeemer.

Pfal. li. 17. The Sacrifice of God is a broken Spirit; a broken and a contrite Heart God will not defpife.

But most unfit is mine to be to God presented, until I have obtained his Pardon for the many Sins, by which it has been defiled.

Pfal. li. 17. Oural Yee fhe Spyrryd feaghnit eb; Cree bright as arryfagh cha jean Jee beg y boiaghey jeh.

Agh feer neu - feeu ta my Chree's dy v'er ny hebbal gys Jee, derrey vee'm er chofney Pardoon voifh fon ny ymmodee Peccaghyn fhen ta er n'yannoo eh neu-ghlen.

Jer. iii. 12, 13. I am mer- Jer. iii. 12, 13. Ta mish ciful, faith the Lord, and I mygbinagh, ta'n Chiarn dy will not keep Anger for ever; ghra, as cha jean-ym Fymmoofe only acknowledge thine Ini-y reayll fon dy bragh, ynrycan quity, that thou haft tranf-gow rifh dty Vee-chairys, dy vel greffed against the Lord thy oo er n'yannoo Peccah noi yn God. Chiarn dty Yee.

I do acknowledge my Sin unto Thee, O God, and mine Iniquities will I not

Ta mee goaill-rish my Pheccah hood's, O Yee, as my Veechairys cha jean-ym y chieltyn:


hide : I do therefore im- | ta mee er-y-fa fhen geearree

plore thy Pardon, and plead thy gracious Promife, with full Purpose of Heart, never again to return to Folly.

Jer. xvii. 9. The Heart is deceitful, and defperately wicked; who can know it?

I cannot, indeed, anfwer for my own Heart; but there is no Word, O Lord, impoffible with Thee: In Thee I do put my Truft, let me never be put to Confufion :-Keep it ever in my Heart what an evil thing and bitter, it will be, to forfake the Lord.

Leih ort, as fhaffoo er dty Ghialdyn grayfoil, lefh Cree flane kiarit gyn dy bragh reefht dy hyndaa gys Ommijys.

Jer. xvii. 9. Ta'n Cree molteyragh as mee-chrauee erskyntowfe; quoi oddys toiggal eh?

Cha voddym's dy jarroo freggyrt fon my Chree hene; agh cha vel Fockle erbee, O Hiarn, nagh vel ayns dty Phooar: Aynyd's ta mee cur my Hreifhteil, ny lhig dou dy bragh ve er my choyrt gys Nearey: Freill eh dy bragh ayns my Chree cre'n Red olk as fharroo vees eh, dy hreigeil y Chiarn.

1 John iii. 8. He that com- 1 Ean iii. 8. Eshyn ta jannoo mitteth Sin (who abandons Peccah (ta livrey harrish eh himself to live in any known hene dy veaghey ayns Peccab Sin) is of the Devil,-is un-er-fys da) t'eh jeh'n Droghder his Power and Govern- Spyrryd,--t'eh fo yn Phooar as


Preferve me, gracious God, from fo fatal a Blindnefs, to chufe Satan for my Lord and Governor, instead of thy Bleffed Son, who laid down his Life to redeem us from the dreadful Tyranny of the Devil.

1 John ii. 25. This is the Promife that he hath promifed us, eternal Life.

How infinitely good is God, to give us fo great Encouragement to fave ourfelves from Ruin!-Give me,

y Reill echey.

Freill mifh, Yee ghrayfoil, veih'n Deillid Annym-ftroiagh fhen, dy reih Noid ny Hanmey fon my Hiarn as my Chiannoort, ayns Ynnyd dty Vac Bannit, eh hug fheese e Vioys dy chofney fhin reefht veih Tranlaase atchimagh y Jouyl.

1 Ean ii. 25. She fhoh yn Gialdyn t'eh er n'yannoo dooin, dy jarroo yn Vea veayn.

Cre cha mie erfkyn-infh ta Jee, dy chur dooin lheid yn Ard-treifhteil, dy reayll fhin hene veih Toyrt-mow!----Cur


I befeech Thee, a firm Faith | dooys, ta mee guee ort, Cred

in this Promife, that no Fears
may terrify me, no Pleafures
may corrupt my Heart;
No Difficulties may difcourage
me from ferving Thee.

Matt. xvi. 24. If any Man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his Cross and follow me.

jue fhickyr ayns y Ghialdyn thoh, nagh vod Atchim erbee m'y agglagh, nagh vod Eunyffyn erbee my Chree y chleayney; ---As nagh jean Seaghyn erbee m'y agglagh veih ufs y hirveifh.

Mian xvi. 24. My ta Dooinney erbee aggindagh geiyrt orrym's, lhig da eh bene y obbal, as e Chrofh y broggal, as geiyrt


O my Saviour! who plea- O my Haualtagh! nagh ren fedft not thyfelf, but tookeft foiaghey jeed hene, agh ghow upon Thee the Form of a ort Cummey Sharvaant, ny Servant, let me not profefs lhig dooys goaill orrym dy ve to follow Thee, without en- Eiyrtyffagh jeed's, fegooith deavouring to follow the ftreeu dy jeean dy eiyrt er Kefbleffed Steps of thy moft madyn bannit dty Vea fmoo Holy Life,Thy Patience, Chafherick,Dty Hurranse, Meeknefs, and Humility: Thy dty Veeinid, as dty Injillid-aiggreat Difregard for the World, ney; Dty veggan Geill son Euits Pleafures, Profits, and all nyfyn y Theihll, e Vaynrys, e its Idols-Thy fenfible Con-Vondeifh, as ooilley e Falloonyn: cern for the Miseries of Men: ---Yn Chymmey jeean ayd's -Thy Unweariednefs in do- fon Treihys Deiney :-Dty ing Good:-Thy Conftancy Yeidjys doccaragh ayns jannoo in Prayer, and Refignation Mie ---Dty Hannaghtyn kinto the Will of thy Father, jagh ayns Padjer, as dty Viallys gys Aigney dty Ayrey.---Lhig dooys ny fleaie fcarrey rish Nhee erbee eer cha deyr as Laue yefb, ny Sooill ycfb, na gyn geiyrt ort's.

Let me part with any thing as dear as a right Hand, or a right Eye, rather than not follow Thee,

Mat. vi. 24, No Man can ferve two Mafters.-Ye can not ferve God and Mammon,

May I never fet up any Rival, O God, with thee in

Mian vi, 24. Cha vod Dooin ney erbee daa Vainhter y birveifh.----Cha vod fhiu Fee * Mammon y birveish.

Nagh row nouyn dooys, O Yee, dy bragh foiaghey feofe

* Yn Seil,


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the Poffeffion of my Heart! Nhee erbee dy ve Ayrnagh

mayrt's ayns my Chree! Nagh jean-ym dy bragh goaill ayns Laue dy yannoo coardail eddyr y Chirveifh ayd's as y Seihll then ta ec Noidys rhyt! Cur dou, ta mee guee ort, ny Sooillyn dy Chredjue dy voddym fakin y Seihll, cre ayns Firrinys te ;---Danjeyr e Verchys,---Ommijys e Eunyyn,--Ymmodee

May I never attempt to reconcile thy Service with that World which is at Enmity with thee! Give me, I befeech Thee, the Eyes of Faith that I may fee the World, what in Truth it is; -The Danger of its Riches, -The Folly of its Pleafures, The Multitude of its Snares, -The Power of its Tempta-e Ribbaghyn,---Pooar e Violaghtions,-Its deadly Poifon, and certain Danger of drawing my Heart from the Love of Thee.

Matt. xxii. 37, 39. Thou fhalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, And thy | Neighbour as thy felf.

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yn,---E Phyfboon baafoil, as e Ghaue fhickyr dy hayrn my Chree veih Graih 'chur dhyt.

Mian xxii. 37, 39. Ver oo Graih da'n Chiarn dty Yee lesb ooilley dty Chree,----As da dty Naboo myr dhyt hene.

O that the Love of God O dy vod Graih Yee ve Ardmay be the Commanding Prin-reiltagh my Annym; dy vod ve ciple of my Soul; and that I aym yn Prowal gerjoilagh fhoh may have this comfortable jeh'n Ghraih echey tannaghProof of his Love abiding tyn aynym, dy voddym ftreeu in me, that I ftudy to pleafe dy wooiys eh as dy reayll e hin and to keep his Com- Annaghyn!-------Dy vod my mandments!-That my Love Ghraih da my Naboo ve lheid' to my Neighbour may be fuch as God has commanded, that I may give and forgive, and love, as becomes a Difciple of Jefus Chrift!

1 John iii. 14. We know that we have paffed from Death unto Life, because we love the Brethren.

What it is to love my Neighbour as myself, Thou, O Lord, haft taught me in

as ta Jee er harey, dy ve giaftyllagh as leih, as Graiby choyrt, myr ta cooie da Eiyrtyffagh Yeefey!

1 Ean iii. 14. Ta fys ain dy vel fhin caghlait veih Baafe gys Bea, er-yn-oyr dy nhynney lhien ny Braaraghyn [Creeftee].

Cre te dy chur Graih da my Naboo myr dou bene, T'ou ufs, O Hiarn, er n'ynaghey dou


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