Bollywood: sociology goes to the movies

Sage, 2006. 2. 1. - 210페이지

In recent years, Bollywood-the popular name for the Hindi cinema emanating from Mumbai, India-has received considerable attention in the global media. Why are people fascinated with Bollywood? What is the cultural significance of the films produced there?

This book addresses such questions by taking the subject of sociology to the movies. More specifically, it rejuvenates a dormant dialogue within sociology about understanding the possible relationships between cinema, culture, and society. This is done through an interdisciplinary conversation with studies of the cinema drawn from film and media, and cultural studies. Replete with memorable examples and penetrating insights, this book

  • Provides a comprehensive theoretical and empirical engagement with Bollywood cinema and its audiences
  • Examines the role and representations of cultural icons in Bollywood films
  • Discusses the Bollywood film industry as it develops in the era of globalization

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