I.C.C. Practitioners' Journal, 16권,10호

Association of Interstate Commerce Commission Practitioners., 1949
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953 페이지 - That the Commission is hereby authorized to require annual reports from all common carriers subject to the provisions of this act, to fix the time and prescribe the manner in which such reports shall be made, and to require from such carriers specific answers to all questions upon which the Commission may need information.
952 페이지 - Every such common carrier shall also file with said commission copies of all contracts, agreements or arrangements, with other common carriers in relation to any traffic affected by the provisions of this act to which it may be a party.
955 페이지 - It shall be the duty of the various district attorneys, under the direction of the Attorney General of the United States, to prosecute for the recovery of forfeitures.
957 페이지 - The cause of action in respect of a shipment of property shall, for the purposes of this section, be deemed to accrue upon delivery or tender of delivery thereof by the carrier, and not after.
954 페이지 - Is empowered to require annual, monthly, periodical, and special reports from any air carrier; to prescribe the manner and form In which such reports shall be made; and to require from any air carrier specific answers to all questions upon which the Board may deem Information to be necessary.
953 페이지 - ... suburban, or interurban electric railway which is not operated as a part of a general railroad system of transportation...
955 페이지 - States, and shall be recoverable in a civil suit in the name of the United States...
1010 페이지 - The mere assertion of a claim of an 'intra-branch dispute', without more, has never operated to defeat federal jurisdiction : justiciability does not depend on such a surface inquiry.
959 페이지 - overcharges" as used in this section shall be deemed to mean charges for transportation services in excess of those applicable thereto under the tariffs lawfully on file with the Commission.
954 페이지 - ... have authority to inspect and copy any and all accounts, books, records, memoranda, correspondence, and other documents of such carriers...

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