Reports and Papers, Political, Geographical, & Commercial Submitted to Government by Alexander Burnes, Lieutenant Leech, Doctor Lord, and Lieutenant Wood, Employed on Missions in the Years 1835-36-37 in Scinde, Affghanisthan, and Adjacent Countries

G.H. Huttmann, Bengal Military Orphan Press, 1839 - 205페이지

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1 페이지 - A stranger in a foreign land far from the soothing voice of countrymen or kinsfolk, surrounded by rude hordes who looked on him as the only obstacle to possessing themselves of the countless treasures which they believed to be in his charge, his youthful spirit pined and sunk. The bright visions with which he had commenced his career had long since vanished : — where he had looked for pleasures he had found toils, where for rest, he had to guard against dangers : sickness had carried off many of...
4 페이지 - The appearance of these sequestered valleys is a mixture of orchard, field, and garden. They abound in mulberry, pomegranate and other fruit trees, while the banks of their streams are edged with a fine healthy sward, enamelled with a profusion of wild flowers and fragrant from aromatic herbs ; near the forts they are often fringed by rows of weeping willows.
8 페이지 - it is situated at too great a height to be of much service in stopping a force passing below ; while at the same time the steepness of the hill on which it is built, would be a great obstacle to the same force storming it; which would be absolutely necessary to secure the passage of the main body, or baggage, in safety. There ii no cover for the men inside.
i 페이지 - Mahommedan raises his voice in praying to his God, — the clearest proofs of conquest, but, at the same time, an interference so impolitic, that, should a reverse occur westward of the Indus, the subdued and sullen population would, at once, rise en masse upon the invaders of their soil...
42 페이지 - All of tli em are engaged in the slave trade, and independent, though they send presents of horses both to Herat and Bokhara. Maimuna is the most important of the whole : the chief in 1840 was...
75 페이지 - Kaffirs, with which name they, of course, do not couple any opprobrious meaning, though it implies infidel. They consider themselves descended of one Korushye, and their Mahomedan neighbours either corrupt the word, or assign them a lineage from Koreish, one of the noblest of the tribes of Arabia, to the language of which country they further state that of the Kaffirs to be allied.
1 페이지 - I have before mentioned, accompanied me from Tash Koorghan to Muzar, and in the course of conversation, which naturally turned in a great measure on the melancholy fate of Moorcroft's party, he said that, about a month before the death of Trebeck, he had one day gone to him, by desire of the Khan, to purchase some pearls which he heard he had. Trebeck produced the pearls ; but, when questioned about the price, said, in a desponding tone, ' Take them for o MR. TREBECK. [CHAr. VIII. what you please...
85 페이지 - The farm work can be organized in three shifts: the first in June, the second in July, and the third in August.
14 페이지 - Cahool owes its importance more to its position, which is centrical for commerce, than to its being the seat of government; and it has therefore stemmed with success the various revolutions which have disturbed the general peace of Afghanistan. Invigorated as it is by this advantage of position, there are few places in the east better adapted for a metropolis.

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