American Law Reports Annotated, 2권

Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, 1919

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137 페이지 - as follows: A negotiable promissory note within the meaning of this chapter is an unconditional promise in writing made by one person to another, signed by the maker, engaging to pay on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money to order or to bearer.
217 페이지 - That he has no knowledge of any fact which would impair the validity of the instrument or render it valueless. But when the negotiation is by delivery only, the warranty extends in favor of no holder other than the immediate transferee. The provisions of subdivision 3 of this section do not apply to
507 페이지 - providing that all taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of subjects within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax, and shall be levied and collected under the general laws,
376 페이지 - where a statute provided that "when an offense involves the commission of, or the attempt to commit, a private injury, and is described with sufficient certainty in other respects to identify the act, an erroneous allegation as to the person injured or intended to be injured is not material.
618 페이지 - charges, services, facilities, or in any other respect, either as between localities or as between classes of service. Every public utility shall, upon reasonable notice, furnish to all persons who may apply therefor and be reasonably entitled thereto, suitable facilities and service, without discrimination and without delay.
216 페이지 - not appear upon the face of the petition, the objection may be taken by answer; and if no objection be taken, either by demurrer or answer, the defendant shall be deemed to have waived the same, except only the objection to the jurisdiction of the court, and that the petition does not state facts sufficient to constitute
506 페이지 - and such other property as the legislature may from time to time deem expedient, shall be taxable; all property shall be taxed according to its value, that value to be ascertained in such manner as the legislature shall direct, so that the same shall be equal and uniform throughout the state, no one species of property from which a tax
92 페이지 - In case any passenger on any railroad shall be injured while on the platform of a car, or on any baggage, wood or freight car, in violation of the printed regulations of the company posted up at the time in a conspicuous place inside the passenger cars then in the train,
305 페이지 - of publication, and no further. Board of Trade v. Christie Grain & Stock Co. 198 US 236, 251, 49 L. ed. 1031, 1039, 25 Sup. Ct. Rep. 637; National Teleg. News Co. v. Western U. Teleg. Co. 60 LRA 805, 56 CCA 198, 119 Fed. 294;
648 페이지 - Due process of law in each particular case means such an exercise of the powers of government as the settled maxims of law permit and sanction, and under such safeguards for the protection of individual rights as those maxims prescribe for the class of cases to which the

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