Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 14권,파트 1

Bishop's College Press, 1845
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xliv 페이지 - Plan of Publication. — The work will appear in about Twelve Parts, to be published at intervals of four months ; each Part containing from Twelve to Fifteen folio Plates. The descriptive Letterpress will be printed in royal octavo. Price of each Part, One Guinea. — Part I. contains PROBOSCIDEA.
214 페이지 - The mean quantity held in solution in a cubic foot of air, is 3.789 gr. The rate of exhalation from the surface of the ground is scarcely of less consequence than the fall of rain, and a knowledge of it might often direct the most important operations. Mr. Leslie invented an instrument for measuring the quantity of moisture exhaled from a humid surface in a given time. This he called the Atmometer, and he has estimated that the daily exhalation from a sheltered surface of water would, at the mean...
107 페이지 - Quodcunque singulare, sive quaevis res, quae finita est, et determinatam habet existentiam, non potest existere, nec ad operandum determinari, nisi ad existendum et operandum determinetur ab alia causa, quae etiam finita est et determinatam habet existentiam: et...
xliii 페이지 - FLS, FGS, Member of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, and of the Royal Asiatic Society of the Bengal Medical Service, and late Superintendent of the HEIC Botanic Garden at Saharunpoor: and PROBY T.
213 페이지 - These divisions are ascertained by a simple calculation, and numbered downwards to the extent of 100 or 200. To the top of the tube is fitted a brass cap, having a collar of leather, and which, after the cavity has been filled with distilled or boiled water, is screwed tight. The outside of the ball being now wiped dry, the instrument is suspended out of doors, and exposed to the free action of the air.
114 페이지 - These three qualities are not mere accidents of nature, but are of its essence and enter into its composition. " We " speak of the qualities of nature as we do of the trees of
213 페이지 - ... bearing divisions, each of them corresponding to an internal annular section, equal to a film of liquid that would cover the outer surface of the ball to the thickness of the thousandth part of an inch.
145 페이지 - Be careful. (Chandragupta mounts the terrace.) Chandra. How beauteous are the skies at this soft season ! Midst fleecy clouds, like scattered isles of sand, Upon whose breast the white heron hovers, flows In dark blue tides the many-channelled stream ; And like the lotus blossoms, that -unfold Their petals to the night, the stars expand. Below is Gangd by the autumn led, Fondly impatient, to her ocean lord, Tossing her waves as with offended pride, And pining fretful at the lengthened way. But...
327 페이지 - Provinces. With information concerning the price of Tin Ore of Mergui, in reference to extract from a despatch from the Hon. Court of Directors, dated 25th October 1843, No.
363 페이지 - November — Hurricane equally severe ; wind SE. Bar. 28.0; the gusts so terrific mixed with drift and rain, that no one could stand on deck ; advantage was therefore taken of the lulls to drain the ship out and clear the wreck. The starboard bower anchor hanging only by the shank painter and the stock (iron) working into the ship's side, the chain was unshackled and the anchor cut away. Noon Lat. account 1 1° 6' N., Long. 95° 20

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