Atlantic Reporter, 89권

West Publishing Company, 1914

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432 페이지 - That any common carrier, railroad, or transportation company receiving property for transportation from a point in one State to a point in another State shall issue a receipt or bill of lading therefor and shall be liable to the lawful holder thereof for any loss, damage, or injury to such property caused by it...
237 페이지 - Failing in this, and the action being tried to a jury, he requested the justice to instruct the jury "that if they find from the evidence that the...
248 페이지 - An act prescribing the liability of an employer to make compensation for injuries received by an employe" in the course of employment, establishing an elective schedule of compensation and regulating procedure for the determination of liability and compensation thereunder," approved April fourth, one thousand nine hundred and eleven.
130 페이지 - No bill shall be passed giving any extra compensation to any public officer, servant, employe ' , agent or contractor, after services shall have been rendered or contract made, nor providing for the payment of any claim against the Commonwealth without previous authority of law.
159 페이지 - ... have a right to vote in the election of all civil officers and on all questions in all legal town or ward meetings so long as he continues so qualified.
308 페이지 - ... leaving legal heirs, and in such case a pro rata deduction from such devises or bequests shall be made so as to reduce the aggregate thereof to one-third of such estate; and all dispositions of property made contrary hereto shall be void, and go to the residuary legatee or devisee, next of kin, or heirs, according to law...
371 페이지 - ... contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff, or on the part of the person for whose injury or death the action may be brought. Contributory negligence, on the part of the plaintiff, or such other person, shall be a matter of defense, and such defense may be proved under the answer of general denial, Provided, That this act shall not affect pending litigation.
126 페이지 - ... appears, on strict examination by the Court, to possess a sufficient knowledge, of the nature and consequences of an oath; for there is no precise or fixed rule as to the time within which infants are excluded from giving evidence ; but their admissibility depends upon the sense and reason they entertain of the danger and impiety of falsehood, which is to be collected from their answers to questions propounded to them by the Court; but if they are found incompetent to take an oath, their testimony...
230 페이지 - Every person of good character, who comes to settle in this state, having first taken an oath or affirmation of allegiance to the same, may purchase, or by other just means acquire, hold and transfer land, or other real estate, and after one year's residence shall be deemed a free denizen thereof, and entitled to all...
397 페이지 - Intend.) (1) Where there is a contract to sell specific or ascertained goods, the property in them is transferred to the buyer at such time as the parties to the contract intend it to be transferred. (2) For the purpose of ascertaining the intention of the parties regard shall be had to the terms of the contract, the conduct of the parties, usages of trade and the circumstances of the case.

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