An Account of the European Settlements in America: Containing an Accurate Description of Their Extent, Climate, Productions, Trade, Genius, and Dispositions of Their Inhabitants, the Interests of the Several Powers of Europe with Respect to Those Settlements; and Their Political and Commercial Views with Regard to Each Other, 1권

J. J. Stockdale, 1808

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127 페이지 - Mexicans approached next morning to renew the assault, that unfortunate prince, at the mercy of the Spaniards, and reduced to the sad necessity of becoming the instrument of his own disgrace, and of the slavery of his people...
311 페이지 - Miserere rise from all parts of the city ; and immediately all was silent ; the sea had entirely overwhelmed it, and buried it for ever in its bosom : but the same wave that destroyed it, drove a little boat by the place where he stood, into which he threw himself and was saved.
13 페이지 - My principal view, in treating of the several settlements, was to draw every thing towards their trade, which is the point that concerns us the most materially ; for which reason, I have but little considered their civil, and yet less their natural history, further than as they tended to throw some light upon the commerce of these countries; except where the matters were very curious, and served to diversify the work. It is not to be expected that a performance of this kind can be written equally...
330 페이지 - For when they had made this beginning, they labored with such indefatigable pains, and with such masterly policy, that, by degrees, they mollified the minds of the most savage nations, fixed the most rambling, and subdued the most averse to government. They prevailed upon thousands of various dispersed tribes of people to embrace their religion, and to submit to their government ; and when they had submitted, the Jesuits left nothing undone that could conduce to their remaining in this subjection,...
212 페이지 - ... the fatigue of the expedition, the extremes of hunger and thirst, with patience and cheerfulness, in hopes of surprising his enemy, on whom he exercises the most shocking barbarities, even to the eating of his flesh.
240 페이지 - ... reeds into every part of his body ; they drag out his teeth with pincers, and thrust out...
242 페이지 - ... of some of the natural virtues by the luxury which attends them, have taken out likewise the sting of our natural vices, and softened the ferocity of the human race without enervating their courage.
31 페이지 - Those who would carry on the great public schemes must be proof against the most fatiguing delays, the most mortifying disappointments, the most shocking insults, and worst of all the presumptuous judgment of the ignorant upon their designs.
235 페이지 - When they halt to rest and refresh themselves, scouts are sent out on every side to reconnoitre the country, and beat up every place where they suspect an enemy may lie perdue. In this manner they often enter a village...
225 페이지 - The , . day of this ceremony is appointed in the council of their chiefs, who give orders for every thing which may enable them to celebrate it with pomp and magnificence. The riches of the nation are exhausted on this occasion, and all their ingenuity displayed.

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