The One Woman: A Story of Modern Utopia

Doubleday, Page, 1903 - 350페이지

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32 페이지 - Thus a new development of the family would take place, on the basis not of a predetermined life-long business arrangement to be formally and nominally held to, irrespective of circumstances, but on mutual inclination and affection, an association terminable at the will of either party.
33 페이지 - Give me what you can of your love and of yourself; but never strive for my sake to deny any love, to strangle any impulse that pants for breath within you. Give me what you can, while you can, without grudging, but the moment you feel you love me no more, don't pollute your own body by yielding it up to a man you have ceased to desire; don't do injustice to your own prospective children by giving them a father whom you no longer respect, or admire, or yearn for.
33 페이지 - ... live in than fire or sword or pestilence or tempest, hardly die at all as yet in a few good men, and die, fighting hard for life, even in the noblest women. She reasoned with herself against so hateful a feeling. Though she knew the truth, she found it hard to follow. No man, indeed, is truly civilised till he can say in all sincerity to every woman of all the women he loves, to every woman of all the women who love him, "Give me what you can of your love and of yourself; but never strive for...
116 페이지 - The foxes had holes, the birds of the air nests, but He had not where to lay His head.
343 페이지 - They are ablaze — range on range our signals gleam until the Fiery Cross is lost among the stars!" "What does it mean?" she whispered. "That I am a successful revolutionist — that Civilisation has been saved, and the South redeemed from shame.
33 페이지 - Until they they can say it truly, the world will be as now a jarring battlefield for the monopolist instincts. Those jealous and odious instincts have been the bane of humanity. They have given us the stiletto, the Morgue, the bowie-knife. Our race must inevitably in the end outlive them. The test of man's plane in the scale of being is how far he has outlived them. They are surviving...
32 페이지 - In the new Moral World the irrational names of husband, wife, parent and child will be heard no more. Children will undoubtedly be the property of the whole community.
241 페이지 - Yes, you fellows are all orators. You must affirm else the crowd will leave you. You never have doubts and fears. You always know. Only affirm a thing enough and never try to prove it, and thousands of fools will accept it at last as the word of God. That is the secret of the power of all demagogues and emotional orators. The slickest horse-thief that ever operated in the West was a revivalist who migrated there with a tent.
32 페이지 - ... Allen, and Karl Pearson. Dixon's theories on socialism are revealed as he selects from the writers passages that the reader is to understand are most objectionable to the author. A quotation from Fourier is a case in point: Monogamy and private property are the main characteristics of Civilization. They are the breastworks behind which the army of the rich crouch and from which they sally to rob the poor.

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