Transactions of the Tyneside Naturalists' Field Club, 4권

F. & W. Dodsworth, 1860

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221 페이지 - the recognition of an ideal Exemplar for the Vertebrated Animals proves that the Knowledge of such a being as Man must have existed before Man appeared. For the Divine mind which planned the Archetype also foreknew all its modifications. The Archetypal idea was manifested in the flesh, under divers modifications, upon this planet, long prior to the existence of those animal species that actually exemplify it.
181 페이지 - The length, from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, 18J inches ; the length of the tail about 13 inches, and the entire length 31J inches.
193 페이지 - There were six little windows And they were all shut, But one little window And that was forgot. And at that little window Long Lonkin crept in. Where's the Lord of the Hall ? Says the Lonkin ; He's gone up to London.
22 페이지 - Pull-sized specimens are half an inch wide, and are composed of a series of nodules, which give them an articulated appearance. The nodules, which vary a little in size, are usually about half an inch long, and are not very symmetrically or regularly formed. Consequently the surface has generally an imperfect or worn character.
86 페이지 - ... covered with flat stones, and on the church wall above stand, side by side, these inscriptions : — " In memory of John Bewick, engraver, who died December 5, 1795, aged 35 years. His ingenuity as an artist was excelled only by his conduct as a man.
139 페이지 - Monograph of the Entomostraca of the Cretaceous Formation of England,' describes five fossil species belonging to this genus.
17 페이지 - Cochet, in a letter which I had the pleasure of receiving from him some few years since, informed me that he was under the impression that Roman leaden coffins having this ornamentation of the scallop shell, " des peignes en saillie,
19 페이지 - On watching, he says that the sand at one of the extremities was observed to be gently agitated ; and on this agitation ceasing, the track was found to have added nearly half an inch to its length. " In the course of two or three minutes the sand was again put in motion, and the track once more...
79 페이지 - Spain for the banks of the tawny Tyne, might find the climate in their new situation worse, but a lovelier spot than CILURNUM all the Asturias could not give them.

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