Official Letter Books of W.C.C. Claiborne, 1801-1816, 4권

State department of archives and history, 1917

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54 페이지 - This induces me to write you — put your Town in a state of Defence, organize your Militia and defend your City as well against internal enemies as external : my knowledge does not extend so far as to authorize me to go into detail, but I fear you will meet with an attack from quarters you do not at present expect. Be upon the alert — keep a watchful eye...
54 페이지 - Spain. I fear there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. You have enemies within your own city that may try to subvert your government and try to separate it from the Union.
233 페이지 - I avail myself of this occasion to renew to Your Excellency the assurances of my highest consideration.
144 페이지 - Burr, and will disclose to you as far as you inquire, and no further. He has imbibed a reverence for your character, and may be embarrassed in your presence. Put him at ease, and he will satisfy you.
109 페이지 - Territory, and that, notwithstanding the dissatisfaction which they once manifested openly when they thought themselves aggrieved, there is no perfidy, no treason to be apprehended from them by the General Government. If they do not yet possess all the privileges enjoyed by the American citizen, they already set so much value on the rights which have been granted to them that their late privation of those rights in the present stormy circumstances has created among them the most serious alarm.
54 페이지 - Beware of the month of December. I love my country and Government ; I hate the Dons ; I would delight to see Mexico reduced, but I will die in the last ditch before I would yield a foot to the Dons, or see the Union disunited.
146 페이지 - I crossed the Country to Natchez and on my descent of the Mississippi from that place I found Swartwout and Peter V. Ogden at Fort Adams, with the latter I held no communication, but was informed by Swartwout that he Ogden had returned so far from New Orleans, on his route to...
55 페이지 - You are surrounded by dangers of which you dream not, and the destruction of the American Government is seriously menaced. The storm will probably burst in New Orleans, where I shall meet it, and triumph or perish!
145 페이지 - I could notjoin in the expedition, the engagements which the Spaniards had prepared for me in my front, might prevent my opposing it. Yet I did, the moment I had...
88 페이지 - And the Governor, Legislative Council and House of Representatives, shall have authority to make laws in all cases for the good government of the district, not repugnant to the principles and articles in this ordinance established and declared.

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