Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia

D. Bottom, Superintendent of Public Print., 1888
Some vols. also contain reports of cases in the General Court of Virginia.

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396 페이지 - BLATCHFORD, after stating the case, delivered the opinion of the court. We are of opinion that the writ of mandamus must issue.
467 페이지 - ... they are entitled to place themselves in the same situation as the parties who made the contract, so as to view the circumstances as they viewed them, and so to judge of the meaning of the words and of the correct application of the language to the things described.
63 페이지 - ... should set forth in his bill specifically what were the impediments to an earlier prosecution of his claim; how he came to be so long ignorant of his rights, and the means used by the respondent to fraudulently keep him in ignorance; and how and when he first came to a knowledge of the matters alleged in his bill; otherwise the chancellor may justly refuse to consider his case, on his own showing, without inquiring whether there is a demurrer or formal plea of the statute of limitations contained...
457 페이지 - We are of the opinion that the decree of the Circuit Court was correct, and that it should be AFFIRMED.
891 페이지 - Without reference to the English chancery decisions, where this objection to the decree would be quite untenable, we think the power of courts of chancery in this country is sufficient to authorize such a decree as was here made. It is here undoubtedly a recognized doctrine that a court of equity, sitting in a State and having jurisdiction of the person, may decree a conveyance by him of land in another State, and Bee 4 OTTO. US BOOK 24. may enforce the decree by process against the defendant.
910 페이지 - Every such contract, every deed conveying any such estate or term, and every deed of gift, or deed of trust or mortgage, conveying real estate or goods and chattels, shall be void as to creditors and subsequent purchasers for valuable consideration without notice, until and except from the time that it is duly admitted to record in the county wherein the property embraced in such contract or deed may be.
41 페이지 - According to the rules of law, every man is answerable for injuries occasioned by his own personal negligence ; and he is also answerable for acts done by the negligence of those whom the law denominates his servants, because such servants represent the master himself, and their acts stand upon the same footing as his own.
155 페이지 - ... fellow-servants in the same employment, and that considerations of public policy require the enforcement of the rule. But this presumption cannot arise where the risk is not within the contract of service, and the servant had no reason to believe he would have to encounter it. If it were otherwise principals would be released from all obligations to make reparation to an employee in a subordinate position for any injury caused by the wrongful conduct of the person placed over him, whether they...
885 페이지 - Act declared that the coupons should be payable semi-annually, and "be receivable at and after maturity for all taxes, debts, dues and demands due the State," and that this should be so expressed on their face.
425 페이지 - ... in that plea alleged, ought not to be barred from having and maintaining...

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