An appeal to the medical profession, on the utility of the improved patent syringe, with directions for its several uses, 7권


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472 페이지 - Apothecary, shall be required to produce: Testimonials of having served an Apprenticeship of not less than five years to an Apothecary; of having attained the full age of Twenty-one years, and being of a good moral conduct.
242 페이지 - Additions, illustrative of the comparative Salubrity, Longevity, Mortality, and prevalence of Diseases, in the principal Countries and Cities of the Civilized World.
264 페이지 - That of the colt is long, but so stiff as to arch upward and to hang clear of the sides of the neck, in which circumstance it resembles that of the hybrid. This Is the more remarkable, as the manes of the Arabian breed hang lank, and closer to the neck than those of most others.
356 페이지 - I have always seen already disturbed by purgatives, so that I can scarcely say what they are when left to themselves; thus the state which I am describing is marked by heaviness of the head and drowsiness, without any signs of pain, great languor, and a total absence of all active febrile symptoms. The cases which I have seen have been invariably attributed to congestion of the brain, and the remedies employed have been leeches and cold lotions to the head, and purgatives, especially calomel. Under...
90 페이지 - Ecstasy ! My pulse, as yours, doth temperately keep time, And makes as healthful music : it is not madness That I have utter'd : bring me to the test, And I the matter will re-word ; which madness Would gambol from.
474 페이지 - IMS than sixty beds, or twelve months at a dispensary; such attendance to commence subsequently to the termination of the first course of lectures on the principles and practice of medicine. Students are, moreover, earnestly recommended to attend Clinical Lectures, and diligently to avail themselves of instruction in Morhid Anatomy and Forensic Medicine.
355 페이지 - They have, in our author's experience, been rather small of their age, in delicate health, and exposed to debilitating causes. "The physician finds the child lying on its nurse's lap, unable or unwilling to raise its head, half asleep, one moment opening its eyes, and the next closing them again with a remarkable expression of langour.
412 페이지 - The issue must be born alive. Some have had a notion that it must be heard to cry; but that is a mistake. Crying indeed is the strongest evidence of its being born alive ; but it is not the only evidence.
354 페이지 - If, through an erroneous notion as to the nature of this affection, nourishment and cordials be not given ; or if the diarrhoea continue, either spontaneously or from the administration of medicine, the exhaustion which ensues is apt to lead to a very different train of symptoms. The countenance becomes pale, and the cheeks cool or cold ; the eyelids are half closed, the eyes are...
472 페이지 - Licentiates in Surgery of any legally constituted College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom, and Graduates in Surgery of any University requiring residence to obtain Degrees, will be admitted for examination on producing their Diploma, Licence, or Degree, together with proofs of being twenty-one • years of age, and of having been occupied at least four years in the acquirement of professional knowledge.

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