Revolution, the Greatest!

Fultus Corporation, 2004 - 656페이지
Only once in thousand years, one miracle book appears. This miracle book is going to change the history of whole world. One by one, all countries will fall like a pack of cards under the onslaught of World Women's Liberation Party nurtured by teenage girls and led by holy Angels to liberate all women throughout world from bondage and slavery in all fields. This book contains about 600 pages in text written with 70 per cent in prose and 30 per cent in poetry easily understandable by all in simple nursery style poems to give emotional outburst. This book is divided into 8 cantos.

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저자 정보 (2004)

The author, M. Nagarajan was born in 1937 in Virudhunagar town in Tamil Nadu State in India. His mother tongue is Tamil. He studied in K.V.S. High School in that town, intermediate college course in St. Joseph College in Trichirapalli, and completed his B.Com. degree from Loyola college of University of Madras in Chennai city. He had also passed the intermediate examinations of The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India. He had served as a financial executive in some companies. His hobbies are literature, science and philosophy.

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