The Concept of Diarchy: In Special Reference to Its Working in the Bombay Presidency, 1921-1937

NIB Publishers, 1992 - 354페이지
The Government Of India Act, 1919 Which Introduced The Diarchoc System Of Governance The Way For The Attainment Of Independence In August 1947. This System Was Based On Certain Essentials Ofgovernance Such As Dualism In The Executive Transfer Of Subjects Under The Devolution Rules, Mutual Corporation Through Rules And Regulations, The System Of Checks And Balances And The Postulate Of Progress By Stages. This Book Studies Diarchy In Relation To The Bombay Presidency. Distributors Stamp On The End Page.

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The Origin and Evolution of Diarchy
The Act of 1919 and the Essentials of Diarchy

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