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God directs his chamberlain the guage, and wade through twenty breeze of dawn to spread abroad its eme or thirty lines, nay sometimes rald carpet, and he orders his handmaid

pages of mere verbiage, before he the vernal cloud to rock to sleep the in can reach the couple of lines that fant herbage in the cradle of the earth:

contain the cream of his long letas a neiv year's day garment he covers the

ter; and as this verbiage materially bosom of the trees with a mantle of ver

differs, according to the respective dant foliage, and in celebration of the

ranks of the parties as equals, sur approaching spring he crowns the tender periors, or inferiors, scarce any and shooting twigs with garlands of smil

native prince or nobleman, howing flowers : by his mighty power the

ever accomplished otherwise, and juice of the vine tendril waxes sweet as

still less a European gentleman, virgin honey, and through his fostering

can manage his correspondence, culture the kernel of the date rises into a

whatever be the subject of it, withstately palm.

out the assistance of one of those The above passage compre masters of this unmeaning jargon hends, as may be observed, three and intolerable verbiage. fikrats or periods. Most part of this introduction is written in a

In his Persian Grammar, Sir like splendid style, and in the William Jones has translated a hands of Sadi we can excuse such uks or fable from the An. an occasional sacrifice of the ele- wari Soheilī, with his usual acgancies of simplicity, which, if it curacy and elegance; and by his verges on the excellence of poetry, recommendation of this work so at the same time steers clear of long ago as the year 1793, I had the ostentation of bombast: not so translated the whole of it; and the compositions of the present shall conclude with quoting that race of Mirzas and Munshees of which is the first Hikayat or fable Persia and Hindustan, as every of the book, and scarcely yields to Persian scholar, who like myself any in elegance and beauty ; and has had occasion to interpret their the first few lines, as splendid speletters to a military commanding cimens of the Fikrat or rhythmical officer in the field, ignorant as he periods, I shall copy in the ori, in common is of the Persian lan- ginal Persian.

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دو کبوتر با یکدیگر در آشیانه دمساز بودند و در کاشانه همراز * نه از غبار اغیار بر خاطر ایشان گردي * و نه از تمكنت روزگار در دل ایشان دردي * به آب و دانه قناعت کرده * و چون درویشان گوشه نشین طریق توكل سپرده * يكي را بازنده نام بود و دیگری را نوازنده و هر دو شام و سحر باتفاق یکدیگر نغمات موزون سرايدندي * و گاه بیگاه

افزا سمعهاي گوناگون ترتيب کردندي * بیان روي بتي كنج عزلتي داريم * بعشقش از همه عالم فراغتی داریم روزگار بر موافقت آن دو یار غمگسار حسد برد و چشم زخم زمانه بر آن دو همدم فرزانه کار کرد فلك را غیراز ین خود نیست کاري * که ياري را جدا سازد ز یاري


King Dabishlim having understood, resolves on undertaking a journey thither from a perusal of King Hoshang's testa for it; when his Vizier, in dissuasion, mentary will, that the book of Sage Ad

says : “ it behoves a prudent man not to vice was to be got at Sirandip, or Ceylon, exchange comfort for 'trouble, not to

risk the cash he has in store in the vain sincerity of their harmonizing disposi-
hope of increasing it by trade, nor volun tions :--Heaven has sure no other aim in
tarily to resign that respect he can make view, than to sow dissention betwixt you
sure of at home for the scorn he must and me; notwithstanding the vast pros.
encounter in a foreign land, least he meet pect of the sky, it cannot bear to see two
the same misadventures that befel a certain inmates agree.
dove." Dabishlim asked how was this Having become desirous of seeing for
story? The Vizier replied, I have heard reign parts, Bazindah observed to his
that two dores were the fond chums of the mate and said ; how long are we to loiter
same nest, and loving confidants of each in the same nest, and pass our time in
other's secrets : the dust of jealousy had one abode ? For my part I wish to wan-
never sullied their mind, 'nor the anguish der over the world for a while, and to
of calamity vexed their soul, but they put in practice the Almighty command:-
lived content with the fountain stream tell mankind, ye must journey over the
and simple grain, and sat resigned to the earth :-for by travelling many strange
dispensations of Providence like hermits sights are to be seen, and much expe-
in the corner of a cell. One of them was rience is to be gained. Philosophers tell
called Bazindah, and the other Novazin us, that a march is the harbinger of vic-
dah; aud at even and dawn they, would tory: till it issue from its scabbard, the
be chanting in concert some cheerful lay, sword cannot get ensanguined in the field
and early or late carolling the soul-enli- of heroes; and till it turn its hand into
vening strain of modulated melody :-In a foot, the pon cannot write the lines of
the recollection of that idol's lovely face s elegant composition on the pages of exist-
can withdraw into retirement, and from ence. The sky, which is constantly in
affection for her forego a whole world.

motion, donineers over all; and the Fortune began to envy the unanimity of earth, which is always at rest, is trodilen those twu grief-consoling friends, and the under foot and kicked at by high and low. cankering eye of time to prey upon the

مجرم خاك و بگردون تكاد باید کرد که این جاست ز آرام و آن کجا ز سفر

Behold this globe of dust and that azure sky, and see what the one gets by standing still and the other by moving.

سفر خزانه مالست و اوستاد هنر سفر مربي مرداست و آستانه جاه درخت اگر اک شدي زجاي جاي * نه جور اره کشیده و نه جفاي تبر

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A journcy is the tutor of humanity and ling: the saying of-travel being an ovil the fountain-head of dignity; it is the -never entered the ear of your soul, nor treasury of wealth, and a master of the has the breath of separation being a arts : did a tree possess a locomotive consuming flame-ever ruffled the borders power, it would not suffer the harshness of your heart : a journey is a tree which of the saw, nor blow of the axe.

yields only the fruit of separation, and Novazindah replied, O my loving friend! travelling a cloud which drops only the you have not experienced the jadings of a rain of vexation : journey, or the inconvenience of travel

نماز شام غریبان غریب و بیچاره * نشسته بر سر راهي دلي بصد پاره

The evening prayer of a traveller is that wonders of the creation afford comfort: of a helpless foreigner, he is scated by the moreover if once the constitution be

road.side, and has a heart torn with ma. enured to the hardship of travelling, it - nifold aflictions.

will not sink to that overwhelming degree; Bazindah said, though the fatigue of a and if once the spirits get exhilarated journey be jading to the soul, yet do the by the change of scenery, they will not recreations of cities and a review of the flag under the continuance of a journey :

در غربت اگر خار جفا هست چه غم * زین خار گل مراد روی هر دم

Why complain that in foreign parts we able to meet those he likes, it must be encounter the thorn of disappointment, evident what relief those sights can give whilst out of this very thorn is at the to his aches, or what balm those shows same time shooting the rosebud of our can apply to his wounds ; and I am but darling object ?

too sensible, that the pain of separation Novazindah replied, O my comrade! from our kindred, and sorrow at being the recreation of a strange land and en exiled from home, are the most weakenjoyment of the garden of Irain were ing of all sufferings and most cruel of all charming in the company of loving friends afiictions : or a select party ; but if a person is un

فراق دوستان درین نشانی باشد از دوزخ * معاذ الله غلط کردم که دوزخ زو نشان باشد

To find ourselves separated from our competency and a home, let us keep the mistresses would convey an idea of hell; foot of enjoyment within the shirt of conGod forgive me, I am wrong, for hell tent, and not tear the collar of dissipacould alone give an idea of that : now tion with the hand of profusion : that through God's blessing we have a

بگیر دامن جمعيتي و فارغ باش * که سنگی تفرقه دوران در استین دارد

Tuck up the shirt of domestic quiet, whoever separates from one friend, if he and rest satisfied, for fortune holds with can engage with another, he has no cause in her sleeve the stone of separation. for mourning: if here I am debarred the

Bazindah said, O solace of my life! society of one friend, I may get in comutter not another word of separation and pany with another to console me: have exile, for in the world at large there is you not heard the adage, no want of grief consoling friends : and

* که بر و بحر فراغست و آدمي بسیار

بهیچ یار مده خاطر و بهیچ دیار

9 “ Fix not your affections on any kindred to make a raw man ripe, or to give expe. or country, for sea and land extend far, rience to the inexperienced. and maukind are in plenty." I trust, that Novazindah replied, O my dearly beyou will not after this read over to me a loved ! how you can alienate your heart register of the hardship of a journey, for from the society of your kindred; and, the blazing heat of travelling makes a tearing asunder the tie of good fellowship man ripe and mature, and no raw youth, with your ancient mate, can so readily as nurtured in a shade, ever yet galloped attach yourself to new-fangled rivals, in the steed of hope over the plain of his despite of that wise maxim, object : for it will require a long journey

* « On no account give up an old friend for guess, what impression my advice can every new and vagabond rival, for there make upon you: nevertheless, is no policy in so doing.” I can easily

* بہر حریفان نو که نیک نباشد

یار کهن را بهیپرو مده از دست

بكام دل دشمنان بود آنکس * که نشنود سخن دوستان نیک اندیش


He must soon get involved, to the grati- from the durance of a cage. With a sinfication of his deadly foes, who will not cere glee, and hearty good-will, he stretchlisten to the counsel of his more prudent ed across the region of the sky, and enfriends.

joyed the bird's-eye prospect of many a Here their discussion having closed, lofty domain and paradisial garden, when they bade each other a long adieu, and lo! he found himself approaching the Bazindah, having estranged his heart skirt of a mountain, whose towering from the society of his mate, took wing height boasted an equality with the lofty and flew away, like a bird just escaped pipnacles of heaven, and whose ample

base made the terrestrial globe appear a sions of the spheres, and its fragrant ze-
hillock by its side ; and had in his pros- phyrs sweeter than the musky pods of
pect a meadowed plain, whose azure fields Tartary :
were heart-exhilarating as the eight man-


* سبزه بیدار و آب خفته در و * بوي هر گل رسیده فرسنگي

صد هزاران گل شگفته

گلی گونه گونه از رنگي

A hundred thousand varieties of flowers when all of a sudden the light-footed har-
blossomed all around it, its verdure was binger of a storm threw the canopy of a
vigorously awake, and its rivulets lulling cloud across the expanse of the sky; and
to sleep ; its flowers displayed much va from the peals of heart-rending thunder,
riety of hue, and their odours scented and flashes of breast-inflaming lightning,
the air for miles.

made the peaceful earth resemble the up-
Bazindah approved of this as an agree roar of the last day: on this side the
able stage and charming halting place, thunder-bolt was forcing its scorching
and as the day was far spent, he undid blast into the bosom of the variegated tu-
his baggage and spread his carpet ; but lip, and on that the pointed hail was
had not recovered from his road fatigue, nailing the eye of the watchful narcissus
or drawn the breath of ease and comfort, against the butt of the earth :

سینه کوه از سنان برق میشد چاك چاك * وز صداي رعد مي لرزید بر خود جرم خاك

The bosom of the mountain was torn from the pelting hail. One moment he
open with the javelin of lightning, and would creep under a bough, and the next
the globe of this earth tottered to its base betake himself to the protection of a leaf,
from the loud peals of thunder. At such but every successive blow of hail and rain
à juncture Bazindah found no secure re fell more heavily on his head, and every
fuge from the showering darts of the repeated flash of thunder proved more
clouds, nor a corner to shelter himself terrifying to his sight :

شب تاریک و هول رعد و بارانی بدین تندي* كجا پرواي ما دارند سرمستان محفلها

Little care we, who revel in plenty and

In short he passed his night till day in splendour,

much vexation and misery, and having How many here pine in chill poverty's

no remedy bore with patience this unseablast,

sonable calamity; every moment calling

to mind the nestling quiet, and more than With forms full as fair, and with hearts

ever-valued society of a loving mate, and full as tender,

with manifold feelings of pain and regret On this world's friendless stage by ad- fetching a cold sigh from a much oppressed vcrsity cast ! !

heart, and repeating :

* اینچنین صعب باشد و دلسوز

و ز تو غایب نبودمي يكروز

گر بدانستم که فرقت تو از تو دوري نجستمي يکدم

“ Could I have believed that our separa- proaching day, than the record of this
tion would have proved so heart-inflam. murky blot was cancelled from the pages
ing and severe, I never could have forsa of the sky, and the regions of the earth
ken or been absent from you a single day.” and mansions of the spheres were illu-
-No sooner, however, had the auspi- minated with the splendour of a world-
cious face of dawn given notice of ap- adorning sun :-

خنجر زر بر کشید از سوي خاور آفتاب * ساخت روشن ربع مسکون را سراسر آفتاب

Phoebus unsheathed his golden sabre in
the quarter of the east, and darted a
Aame of light over the whole four habita.

ble quarters of the globe :-again Bazin.
dah betook himself to flight, undeter-
mined whether he should return home,

or now he had set out he might pass a the head of its prey could outstrip the few more days on his travels ; when in sun's ray darting towards the earth, or the midst of his cogitations he was set in soaring on high could ascend more upon by such a powerful pinioned and swiftly through the sky than the eye of strong taloned falcon, as on pouncing on foresight :


w One moment assaulting like the flame of this merciless falcon, his heart fell darting lightning, and the next attacking into a flutter, and he lost all the mcan's like the fire-shedding hurricane. So soon of exertion or motion : as the eye of the dove caught a glimpse

با آتش نشان السیر چون

* که

که حمله چون برق آتش فشان

چون شاهین بر کبوتر حمله آرد * بجز افتادگي چاره ندارد

Whenever a falcon condescends to prey escape his present danger, and extricate on a dove, it has no alternative but that himself from the existing peril, he would of dropping into his mouth. Now that he never let a thought of travelling enter again found himself the pinioned victim into his mind; and, setting a due value of calamity, Bazindah recollected the on the society of his comrade, which like counsel of his faithful mate, and was too the philosopher's stone was so precious well convinced of his own incongruous that he could only fancy its existence, opinion and ill-digested way of thinking : would never during his remaining life let he vowed and swore, that could he but the word journey pass his lips :

گر بار دگر دامن وصلت بكف آرم * تا زنده ام از چنگک منت کس نرهاند

« Let me but once more catch the hem

to pounce upon him, attracted by the of your garment, and so long as I am in scent of prey, there descended from the existence no person shall tear you from opposite quarter such a hungry eagle, that my hand.” Through the blessing of this the constellation of Aquila in his celesexcellent resolve, which implied a degree tial nest was not safe from the gripe of of firmness, the key of deliverance was his claw, and when his appetite might be forthcoming ; for at the very nick of time, sharp set he would tear Aries and Capri, when the talon of the falcon was ready corn out of their heavenly mansions :

حمل از بیم او بر چرخ نتوان چرا کردن * مگر بہرام خون آشام پر روزش شبان باشد

Had not blood-thirsty Mars daily watch and blunt the edge of a whetted appetitel: ed him as a shepherd, Aries could not accordingly he essayed to snatch the dove from a dread of him have dared to graze from the falcon; when, though conscious throughout his sphere. After taking a of his inferiority of comparative weight, review of the respective condition of the the innate fierceness of this bird urged dove and falcon, the eagle thought within him to enter the rival scale of fight, and himself, though this dove can afford me meet him in the field of opposition and but a small and sorry morşel, yet it may combat :upon the whole help to break my fast,

* أو بصد حیله ز آن میانه برست

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مرغ با مرغ جنگك در پیوست

Bird engaged with bird in bloody fight, in entering it: there he made a halt, and and after manifold feints that escaped passed another melancholy night under a from both of them :thus while the two stone. were engaged in this dispute, Bazindah On the morrow, when the whiteavailed himself of the opportunity and plumed dove of dawn rose from his orient slunk underneath a piece of rock, through nest, and the sable-winged raven of night so narrow a chink, that a sparrow, if hard had suuk like the Anca into his rest : pushed, would have found some difficulty

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