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and I have the satisfaction to think that A silver vase of exquisite workman, the time spent in this fruitless attack con ship has been presented to Mr. Shettel, tributed to enable the other Europeans the Advocate General, by the merchants either to conceal themselves or take of Calcutta, as a mark of high respect for refuge in General Erskine's camp. The bis private character, as well as of their General immediately hastened to our re sense of his public exertions to their adlief and proceeded at once to seize Mahdo vantage. Doss's garden, the ordinary residence of the assassin, to which with his followers C. M. Ricketts, Esq. chief Secretary to he had this time retired. It was found Government, is, we are concerned to state, that Vizier Ally had fled, and in the even obliged to proceed to the Cape of Good ing accounts came of his having been seen Hope for the recovery of his bealth. Mr. accompanied by no more than forty or Adam officiates as chief Secretary, and fifty horsemen making his retreat towards Mr. A. Trotter as public Secretary during Eizeen-Ghur.”

his absence. Besides the letter from which we have made the above extract, the obliging cour

Captain Young of the artillery has been tesy of Mr. Davis has allowed us to see the appointed to officiate as Military Secretary copy of another which he addressed on the during the absence of Mr. Gardiner who same subject to J. T. Harrington, Esq. proceeds to St. Helena, and eventually to then Register to the Nizamuť Adawlut. England on account of ill health. This letter contains the depositions of several witnesses implicating the baboos

Orders have been issued to the comof the Rajah's family in the projects of manding officers of battalions of Native Vizier Ally, whose object was to excite in 'Infantry in Bengal, directing that each the pergunnahs a general insurrection company throughout the service be augagainst the Company. On the discomfi

mented to ninety men. ture, however, of the assassin, he sought refuge with the Rajah of Berar, a power- Marquis of Hastings from that numerous

A memorial has been presented to the 'ful and independant chief, who refused to

class of native inhabitants denominated give him up unless under a stipulation of his life being spared. To this it was

hals cast, setting forth the several grier. thought prudent to accede, and being ac

ances and deprivations under which they cordingly delivered into our hands, he was

as British subjects are supposed to lao brought down to Calcutta, and confined

bour. It is perhaps not in the power of goat Fort William in a sort of iron cage,

vernment to alleviate the circumstances of where he died at the age of thirty-six

this respectable and daily increasing class, -years, after an imprisonment of seventeen but the weighty considerations which their years and some odd months.

The ex

situation give rise to, will possibly, at no pences of his marriage in 1794 amounted distant period, excite the attention of the to thirty lacks of rupees, while seventy ru

legislature at home. pees were sufficient to defray all the cost of his funeral in 1817, a strange reverse

July 29.-Col. Colio Mackenzie of the of fortune, but one which no good man

corps of engineers, on the establishcan regret.

ment of Fort St. George, who stands ap

pointed surveyor general of India, having July 8th.-His Excellency the most

arrived at this presidency, is directed to noble the Governor-General and suite en

assume charge of the surveyor general's barked at Chan, paul Ghaut, under the department, and to enter on the duties of

his office. usaal salute from the ramparts of Fort William, to proceed, after a short stay at Barackpore, on his tour to the Upper fire broke out in the premises of Mr. La

Aug. 5.--An alarming and destructive Provinces.

primaudaye in Clive Street, occupied as a On the same day the Hon. N. B. Ed

cotton-screwhouse, by which the whole monstone, appointed by his Excellency building, and almost all its valuable conVice-President and Deputy-Governor of

tents were destroyed. The loss of the Fort William, took his seat at the Council

Hon. Company in sunn and cotton amounts Board, under a salute from the ram

to a very large sum, and several indivi. parts.

duals besides the proprietor of the screws

have experienced heavy losses. In a former Journal we had the melancholy duty to announce the death of the Accordiug to the Raolpundy Ukbars, gallant Lieut. Lawtie--we have now the Prince Kamrųu has demanded several lacs - mournful satisfaction to add, that a ceno of rupees from the mother of the Vizier taph to his memory has been voted by his Futieh Khaun, which has given great ofbrother officers, which is to be erected in fence. Several of the chiefs of Kohestan, the Town Hall of Calcutta.

in consequence of domestic disputes,

have Aed to Runjeet Siugh. A famine the full as hostile to the return of tranprevails in Kohestan, and thousands bave quillity as the Pindaris themselves,-and perished from the want of food. Runjeet' the Rajalı's troops are perhaps more disSingh has applied to the Killedah of satisfied than either. When a Luhbur Bhulwa to assist in arresting the fugitive (plundering party) crossed the Nerbudda, Ramlott, who has taken refuge at Kun to make an incursion into the Company's keranah. Runjeet has obtained a · Hoon territories, the inhabitants on this side die for the balance of the Moltau tribute. soon increased its numbers by joining it ; The family of the unfortunate Shoojab- in this way a party, the original strength ul-Moluck has been suffered to proceed to of which did not exceed 500 men, on Ludheanna.

its arrival at the grand scene of action Ukbars received from Raolpundy state, has been increased to as many thousands; that thousands of people had perished of being generally joined by those whom famine at Peshour, and that every night they have plundered in their progress to the hungry proceeded in gangs to plunder the southward. Formerly the people on for their subsistence from the houses of this side, who were inimical to the Pinthe defenceless.

daris, used frequently to rent up parties, Holkar's head-quarters were at Bhoja returning laden with plunder, which they Glúrree. The mutineers had proinised of course appropriated. But the Rajah's submission if one month's pay should be troops being badly paid, and finding it advanced to them, but this the Bhae had the safer method of making themselves refused.

master of the loot, take it from the vilThe Seik army was plundering near

lagers in the name of the sovereign, who, Mahmood Kote.

agreeably to ancient usage, receives, or ought to receive the larger share. ' No

sooner do the inhabitants of a village Extract of a Letter.

overcome any small body of Pindaris, « The Chiefs of the Pindaris have than they receive a visit of congratulation quarrelled among themselves, and some from the nearest of the Sircar's troops, of them have made proposals to submit who very politely request to be paid the to the British Government, and declare Rajah's share of the booty they have that they only wish for our protection and gained ; and it is lucky if the unfortunate countenance to attack their brethren, villagers retain their own property by who will not give up, their predatory giving up all which they had risked their mode of life. Jay Singh, Chief of Rago- lives to acquire. A fisherman told me, ghur, has sent a Vakeel to Colonel Adams, that the people of his village had once and requests to be protected from the succeeded in surprising a party (which veugeance of a higher power (Sindiah, had just returned from near Mirzapour), it is supposed), promising to destroy from which they took a good deal of Scetoo and his partisans. This Seetoo plunder; they, in consequence, received appears to be much disliked and feared by a congratulatory visit, and those who the less powerful Pindari Chieftains. had been so fortunate as to get a sword in Ont of them, named Kurreem Khan, has the spoil, lost that and their own to boot. made a solemn vow (so say our Hir. The poor fisherman, having taken some karahs) to destroy Seetoo, or to sacrifice pieces of cloth, was in consequence robbed his own life in the attempt; lie has ac by the troops of every garment he had tually marched against him with a con formerly possessed. We expect to be at siderable force, of which 500 men are his Hooshungabad on the 15th of the present kinsmen, and wholly devoted to his month, to canton for the rains.”

Seetoo some time ago got the Should this be an accurate description family of Kurreem Khan into his pos of the state of the country on the borders session, who is said to have divested of the Nerbbuda, where the hereditary himself of all the feelings of humanity, robbers and the cultivators of the soil having attired himself in saffron robes, mutually assail each other for the possymbolical of eternal hate! Seetoo has session of the plunder; where the native left his cantonments at Sutwaas, and has governments are too weak to check the betaken himself to the jungles, supposed rapacity of their subjects, even if they to be from dread of the fury of the ex did not benefit by the system of degraasperated Kurreem Khan.

dation which is pursued ; there must be “ From every thing that is going on a radical change indeed in the internal among thé Pindaris, it appears that a management of the several states which little management will cause the con form the residence and homes of these federacy, which has been so long the unprincipled rnthians, before any advance scourge of the adjacent countries, to fall can be expected in the progre33 of civili.. to the ground. It will be long, however, zation and humanity. To a life of plunder before the inhabitants return to peaceful and depredation they attach no disgrace habits. The subjects of the Berar Rajah, or dishonor, and they cannot comprehend along the banks of the Nerbudda, are to the nature of that policy, and those ties


of more refined existence and moral ob- deemed it expedient to require only that ligation, which by imposing and securing the agent, Trimbucjee, should be deliver the due observance of impartial law, cou ed up, to which after much difficulty bis solidate the general good. Personal gra more criminal master consented. The tification or aggrandizement, by any acquiescence of the Peishwa in this demeans of stratagem, cruelty, or opprez maud, was considered a great act of sion, appears to be their sole aim.”. weakness among his owu people, I mean “ What a glorious place to pillage !” said among such of them as had been abettors a chieftain who accompanied Sir J. Mal of the assassination. But the culprit was. colm to see the wealth and wonders of not long in custody wheu le contrived to Calcutta. “ How," said another, who effect his escape from Jannah, a fort on had heard in astonishment the rigour of Salsette, near Bombay ; assisted by his the English laws agaiust those practices master, who perlaps thought that such a which his countrymen esteemeil so iu- proceeding would restore to him all the nocent, -" How, if there is no plan- consequence he liad lost in the estimadering, do you support your numerous tion of his followers. Trimbucjee being and warlike population ?"

once more at large, appeared in arms,

infesting our territories, plundering and Extract of '& letter dated Camp at

burning the villages, and menaciug the Leolura, two miles from Jerode, 21st

positions of our troops. The Peishwa May 1817.

himself began to assume a hostile atti

tude towards us, and ten thousand horse The plans of the Marquis of Hastings hung on the Aanks of Colonel Smith's are not yet developed, and consequently force when he changed his position in the I cannot exactly inform you what politi- neighbourhood of Poonah. cal measures are likely to be adopted. Matters remained in this state waiting The defence however of this rich pro the orders of the Governor General, but vince against any incursion of the Pin

the communication having been intercepdaris, is, I conceive, one of the first

ted and twelve posts become due, Mr. objects which the government will be Elphiustone determined to act upon his auxious to secure, A considerable sensa

own respousibility, and invested Baje. tion has been excited in the Deccan ju

Row (the Peisliwa's) capital, marching consequence of an atrocious affair of detachments at the same time by several which I shall now endeavour to give you avenues towards his palace, which so intiSyme account.

midated the treacherous sovereign that You have heard, I presume, that a la sent to entreat a parley, offering to ac. Brahmin, commonly called the Shastry, cede to ang terms that might be proposed. has been assassinated at the court of the

Mr. Elphinstone accordingly withdrew Peishwa. This Shastry was a inan of no his forces, stipulating however for the ordinary endowments :-raised from a low condition by Colonel Walker late forts, which he particularized, and which

surrender into our possession of four resident at Baroda, he recommended were said to contain immense treasure. himself upon every occasion by his assi

He also obliged the Peishwa to pledge duity and acuteness, and was employed himself that before a month should bave to transact all the business of our govern- elapsed Triumbucjee should be again put ment with that of the Guicwar. His

into our hands. These stipulatiouş being talents for negotiation being found very agreed upon, three hundred men were disatle, and his fidelity devoted, he was sent

patched to take possession of each fort. to Poonah about three years ago as our ac Here the matter rests at present, but credited agent, or rather as embassador what the Marquis of Hastings may do of our ally the Guicwar or Rajah of remains to be seen. For my own part I Güzerat. But, poor fellow! he was not think it only justice to the best feelings. long allowed to enjoy this distinguished of human nature that this ferocious appointment, for the Peisliwa, with a

despot should no longer be suffered to treacherous and vengeful malignity, em coutinue his outrages with impunity. His ployed three ruffians to murder him as he

treasures are incalculable, and such is was coming out of the temple where he

his insidious cruelty, that the men emhad been performing his devotions. This ployed in burying them are said to be atrocious act was contrived and perpetra- invariably murdered by his secret manted under the direction of Trimbucjee, a date. To give you an additional instance creature of the Peishwa ; but as it was of the infamy of his government. The clcarly ascertained that the latter was the ruffians who had murdered the Shastry principal instigator, a culpable lenity was

turu surprised by order of imputed to the Marquis of Hastings for Trimbucjee immediately after the con. not hurling him from that throne to

mission of the deed, when two of thevn which he alone had raised him. But the were killed, but the third having escaped motives of the Noble Marquis før adopt proceeded directly to Mr. Elphinstone anu ing a different line of conduct will doubt.

gave a full detail of the whole transacless appear in the course of time. He tion. A crore or one hundred lacks: of


rupees are said to have been intercepted were blown aivay can testify, Major, on their way to Scindea from Poonah. . I Clarke's detachment is expected in a few hope the result of this rupture with the days, and by the middle of July it is hoped Peishwa will be an accession of territory most of us will be housed. The detadi. tn Bombay, the expences of which presi ments at Jubbulpore and Garrawarra are dency at present amount to £1,000,000 ordered to concentrate at Suhagpore, thir-, more than its revenue, which is only half ty-five miles from hence, under Lieut.-Col. a million sterling, the deficit being sup. Macmorine." plied from Bengal. I am persuaded that the circunistances I have now communica

General Orders, by the Government of ted to you will satisfy your mind as to the justice of humbling the Peishwa, aur must

Bengul; May 2d, 1817. - The Goo!

vernor General in Council cannot direet also silence the clamorous commisera.

the succession in the regiment of artillery, tion of those persons in England who are

without expressing his decp conceru at so ready to descant on the wrongs of

the loss which the Hon. Company's serAsiatic despots.

vice 'has suffered by the death of Major

General Sir Joun Horsford, K.C. B. We copy from the Bengal Harkaru The ardent spirit, the science, and the the following particulars of local intelli

generous zeal of that adınirable officer, gence :

were in no less degree an advantage to the Extract of a Letter from Husseinubad. public interests, than an honour to himn

" The raius set in here on the 5th June. self. It is consolatory to think, that when Till the 11th we had gales of wind and siuking under the malady which so early torrents of rain night and day. We were deprived his country of an energy, incesobliged to abandon our attempts to get santly devoted to her glory, be had the under shelter, and happy he whose tent consciousness of having just displayed was not' blown about his ears. Such wea. with signal triumplı,* the skill and supether I never before esperienced; but the riority of the corps which he hall so wanatives say we shall probably have sis terially contributed to fashion and perweeks of it. If so, we had better at fect." tempt building an ark than bungalows; General Orders by the Commander-intfor the half of forty (lays of this will set Chief, June 18th, 1817.-la publishing us afloat. On the litu the Nerbudda rose

the following order to the army, the comtwelve feet. The Pindaris are now all

mander-in-chief considers it due to the snug on the other side till October. In

memory of a deserving public servant to consequence, the detachments are recall

record the high seuse entertained by ed, who for some months hare undergone his excellency of the merits of the late such laborious duty in watching every Major James Gordon, Deputy-Adjufurdable point, in a line of seventy miles tant.General, and of the loss which on the Nerbudda, to prevent the Pinda the service has sustained by the premaris from crossing, and which service they ture decease of an officer who in the early have effectually perforined.

part of his life was distinguished by his All the troops from Jubbulpore and professional gallantry and exertions, and furrawarra have been ordered up to So-' who when subsequently placed iu a public hagpore, fuur niarches from this. They station; by his conduct invariably main. are composed of the 1st Rohilla cavalry, tained the reputation of the fimy of which one troop 6th Nat. cavalry, and 2d bat he was a member. In an early period of talion 23. Nat. Inf. from Jubbulpore; his service, Major Gordon's abilities and and of the 1st battalion 10th Nat. Inf. character obtained for him the gratifying with a squadron of the 6th Nat. Cav. from

distinction of being appointed to a situaGurrawarra, which is six or eight inarches tion in the adjutant-general's department, in the rear of Sohagpore. You may ex where actuated by the purest principles ercise your ingenuity in conjecturing for and the warmest zeat for the interests of whạt purpose the troops are to be thus his employers, he devoted his talents to assembled."

the successful discharge of an important Extraci of another Letter from Hus and laborious office, until compelled to seinabad, dated 14th June : The raios

relinquish his official 'avocations by that commenced here on the 4th, with a vio state of health, which ultimately deprived lence which would induce one to believe

the country of his valuable services. that Macbeth's witches had certainly taken

As every instance of acknowledged me. up their abode in the hills to the northward of us. Such a hurly-burly from

rit must prove a powerful incentive to

each honorable mind, ainbitious of diseaşt, west, north, and south, might be

tinction, the commander-in-chief is sengratifying enough to read of under cover of a good pucka roof, with lustres and

sible that iu doing justice to the character wall-shade around; but not so desirable.

of the late Major Gordo. he is holding tu experience in half rotten tents, on

* Major-General Sir John Horsford command. ploughed fields of soft clay; as those who ed tlie artillery ai the sicge of Haitrass.

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out the strongest encouragement to the

MILITARY APPOINTMENT. officers of thie army, in whatever situation

July 14.-The hon. the vice president in they may be placed, to acquire, by an able, council is pleased to notify in general zealous and faithful performance of their orders, the appointment, by the most duties, that public acknowledgement of noble the Governor-general, of Capt. J. desert, which a soldier prizes as the best L. Stuart, of the hon. Company's Euroreward for a life spent in the service of his

pean regt., to be aide-de-camp ou his country.

lordship’s staff. General Orders, by the Hon. the VicePresident in Council, August 14, 1817.

SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE, The hon: the vice-presivient in council

July 25.--Arrired the ship Palmer, has received with the deepest regret inti

from the Cape of Good Hope 21st of mation of the lamented decease of the

May.- Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Rattray, hon. Mr. Dayot, intendant of Chanderna

civil service, Lieut. R. R. Bruce, Ist N.I., gore and its dependencies, which melan

Cornet R. A. Stedman, 7th N, C., Cornet choly event took place at this presidency

J. R. Roberdeau, 4ih ditto. in the afternoon of yesterday, the 13th instant. As a tribute of respect for the

Aug. 6.-The following ships arrived high situatioù held by the late Mr. Dayot,

during the past week, viz. the Victory, on and as a mark of esteem for his personal

the 29th, and the Plænix, on the 30th ; character, the vice-prisident in council is

and the Volunteer, George Canning, Tipleased to direct that a funeral party, con

tus, and Dragon, on the 3d instant, and sisting of three hundred men of H. M.

the Indian Oak, at Cooley Bazar, on 59th regt. be appointed to attend the in

the 3d instant. The Neptune and Cale. terment at six o'clock this evening, and

donia, and Condé de Rio Pardo, are on That fifty-two minute guns, corresponding

their way to town. with the age of the deceased, be at the

The Cumbrian, and Atlas, outward, same time fired from the ramparts of Fort

bound, passed Kedgeree on the 29th ult, William.

and the Good Success, and Laurel on the

30th ult. the Minstrel, on the lst, and the Aug. 14.-On the 4th instant, the Mar- Phæuix, and Mary Anu, for England, left

Hashmy on the 2d instant. The Brilliant, quis of Hastings and suite arrived at PatOur latest letters observe that his

town during the week.

Passengers by the Caledonia, from Lon, Jordship enjoys excellent health, and that the party are in bigh spirits.

don, Mr. Robert Fletcher, Cadet.-By the Sept. 3.-His Excellency the Governor

Volunteer, from the Persian Gulph, J. Geueral and suite were at Ghazepore on

Russ, Esq. M.D. from St. Petersburgh. the 23d ult. It is said he intends pro

By the Rio Pardo, from Bombay, Mrs.

Carter ; from Madras, Mr. Barret, Mr. ceeding no further than Cawupore in his boats': the rest of the journey is to be

W. Whitehead, and Mr. Chasteen; from prosecuted by land.

Numsurcottah, the Rev. W. Lee and family.

-By the Titus, from Bordeaux, M. Guil. The Lord Bishop of Calcutta has been

laume Amant Roguet, Merchant, M. Jeau pleased to appoint the Rev. John Haw

Boye, ditto, and the Rev. Marie Magditayne, M. A. of Exeter College, Oxford, via, T. Abraham, Esq. Col. Vule, Major

nier.-By the Phænix yacht, from Batato be his lordship's domestic chaplain.

Campbell, D. J. Fallowfield, Mr. Begie,

Mr. C. Harvey, and Mr. Robertson.-By CIVIL APPOINTMENTS.

the George Canning, from Greenock, Mrs. July 4.-Mr. C. R. Barwell, judge and Learmonth, Miss M. Scott, and Mr. T. magistrate of the 24 Pergunnahs.

Mercer. Dr. A. I. Colvin, register and joint The French ship Titus arrived at Calmagistrate of the suburbs of Calcutta, cutta, touched on her passage at the is2.29.—The hon. W. H. L. Melville, assist. land of Johanna, where she found Capt. to the superintendant of police in the Brash, and the officers of the ship Admilower provinces.

ral Gambier, which had been lost on the Mr. D. Dale, register of the Zillah island of St. Christopher, in the Mosamcourt at Nuddeah.

bique Channel. They have all arrived in July 31.--Mr. B. Babington, assistant the Titus. under the sec, to the board of revenue. Sept. 3. — Arrived the William Pitt,

Mr. J. Vaughan, head assistant to the Graham ; Carnatic, Blanshard ; Paragon, collector and magistràte of the Zillah of Miller; Thomas Granville, Alsazer; Nellore.

Lord Castlereagh, Younghusband; Lady Mr. W. D. Adamson, register of the Borringdon, Lethbridge; Woodbridge, Zillah court of Guntoor.

Munings ; and Egfrid, Kirby, from Lon. Mr. W. Hudleston, Assist'. under the don. Also the Bombay, from Bombay, -Register to the Court of Sudder and Fouj- and Nearchus, from Batavia. darry Adawlut.

Passengers, per Paragon, Mrs. Miller

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