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to the Rev. Mr. Hutchins the highest cre designs, which bring distress upon them

selves and their families, and that the act in proposing and furthering this philan of clemency which has been extended to thropic institution. The committee con. him in this instance will supersede the sisting of the chaplain, and some of the necessity of any future example of seveprincipal gentlemen of the Settlement, aré rity, and secure the allegiance and duty of uuremitting in their labor, and anticipate the chiefs by sentiments of voluntary and with pleasure the impulse which the ac sincere attachment to a government in tive mind of the new Governor, Colonel which punishment is ever regulated by Bannerman, is so well calculated to give justice and tempered with mercy. to every nueasure for ameliorating the " I have also called under review the condition of the natives.

general list of unfortunate persons who The erection of a church at this Presi are suffering the sentence of the law in dency is proceeftiug with the utmost ex these provinces, and have thought fit to pedition, and is expected to be kit for the grant pardon to a few, who from the na. performance of divine service by the arri. ture of their offerices may in my judg. val of Governor Bannerman,

ment be discharged without public detriment, but I have perceived with regret se

veral other more atrocious delinquents, CEYLON,

whu have been convicted of culpable ho.

micide and robbery, and of wantonly inColombo, August 16th, 1817.-- We Aicting torture on suspicion : to such perhave the pleasure of laying before our sons, how much soever I commisserate readers a copy of his Excellency the Co their unhappy lót, the public interests vernor's address, to the chiefs of the Kan- which are committed to my charge, imdyan provinces assembled at the hall of periously require that no pardon should audience in Kandy, on Tuesday the 12th be conceded till the measure of their pu. instant, the anniversary of his Royal Dishment shall have been fulfilled. Highüless the Prince Regent's birth-day, os I have further to acquaint you, that and also the first day of the great Cinga. I have received instructions from his Ma{ese feast called Perehayre.

jesty's ministers, to transmit for the in“ After an absence from the capital af formation of his Majesty's government in these provinces, which has been protract-, England, a faithful report on the institued beyond my expectation and wishes by tions and customs of the Kandyan prothe urgency of other important public vinces, with the view of framing such re. duties, I am anxious to express the plea- gulations as may tend to promote the gesure which I experience in seeing you neral prosperity of the country and the again in the enjoyment of health, and the welfare of its inhabitants. It will therehigher gratification which I derive from

fore be a principal object of my attention observing the manifest increase of agri- during my present residence amongst culture and trade throughout the country, you to obtain accurate information upon and the flourishing condition of its inha this important subject, and I entertain bitants.

no doubt, that in the prosecution of this “ I have peculiar satisfaction in meet. design I shall experience your cordial asing and addressing you expon au occasioit, sistance and co-operation. which is celebrated in a joyful and public “ I shall be happy at all times to remanner by all British subjects, as being ceive your free conmunications upon all the anniversary of the birth of his Royat points connected with the government of Highness the Prince Regent, and the re the country, and in return I now offer my turn of the auspicious day, which is also

assurance, that nothing shall be wanting the first of your ancient public festival of

on the part of the government under my, Perchayre, it is my intention to distinguish adıninistration, to adopt measures, which by exereising acts of clemency, which are

appear best calculated to promote the pubmost congenial to the benevolent disposi- lic welfare, to protect your religious estation of his Royal Highness.

Ķlishinents, and above all to encourage the “ I have therefore to announce to you extension of agriculture and conimerce, the pardon of a prisoner nearly connected from wlrich I entertain a confident hope with some chiefs now enjoying office and of seeing the prosperity of the Kandyan the confidence of government, who has provinces advanced beyond the example of long been suffering the penalty of his former times." crime ; Madugalla Jate Uda Gabadda Ni. lame, the period of his sentence is unex

CIVIL APPOINTMENT, pired and its completion far distant, but instruetions have been sent to Jaffna, di

J. W. Bennett, Esq. to be second asrécting him to be discharged from con sistant in the chief secretary's office.' finement on this day, he will again be restored to his relations and friends, and I COLOMBO GENERAL ORDERS. trust the exataple of his punishment will 1st Ceylon regt... Second lieut. Wm. operate to deter others from undertaking Driberg from the 3d Oeylon regt. to be Asiatic Journ.Na. 26.

VOL. V. 2 E

second lieutenant, vice Fleming who ex been opened to mark thei' sense of his changes-dated June 25th 1817.

conduct. The commander of the forces is pleased We are persuaded oat we speak the to grant two years leave of absence to sentiments of all the inhabitants of Port Col. Kerr, of the 2d Ceylon regt., and Louis who were witnesses of the conduct commandant of Colombo, to proceed to of the garrisou on this melancholy occaEngland, to commence from the period of sion, when we express our admiration of his embarkation. In announcing to the their zeal and activity, particularly in sa army the approaching departure of this ying the surrounding buildings from the meritorious officer, the lieut.-gen. has imminent peril that menaced them. So pleasure in recording his sense of Colonel conspicuous and general was self deroKerr's able services for a series of years tion, that any onission in an attempt to in this colony, and his public acknowledg. particularize individuals might be ascribed ments for the advantages he has individu. to an invidious motive. Their own apally derived from them.

proving minds and the couviction that The commander of the forces is pleased they have individually excited the admirato appoint Col. Brooke Young, of the royal tion and gratitude of their fellow subjects artillery, to the command of Colombo in will be to them the most grateful recomthite room of Col. Kerr. This appoint- pense. meut to bear date on the 1st of July next. However limited the destruction in this

instance, we sincerely regret to add that

this unfortunate accident has involved in MAURITIUS.

distress a worthy member of society, and July 5.--Between one and two o'clock

in almost entirely annihilating the fruits of the morning of Tuesday last the 1st in of tweyty-five years industry in a foreigo.. stant, the towu' was alarmed by the ring- clime, has blighted the expectations of a ing of the great bell on the tower of the family of ten children, six girls and four Roman Catholic church, to announce a

boys, of the former of whom two are just fire that had burst out it is said) in a

entering the eventful stage of life. large magazine belonging to M. Delaleu situated in the street leading from the

MARRIAGE, Champ de Mars to the Champ de Lort.

July 17, Mr. Lðuis Augusta Carrie to Miss Anne Prompt assistance immediately came to Charlotte Maniciaux. the spot, but such was the violence

DEATHS. of an easterly wind, which had blown all night, that the flames instantly

June 16. Mr. E. Adam, Master Carpenter.

20. Mrs. Anne Remquet. spread froin the magazine to the out 23. Mr. M. J. Janvier offices adjoining it, belonging to M. Le 25. Mrs. Anne Zalmy: maric, and rapidly communicating to

26. Mrs, E. Curae, wife of Mr. C. Latour. his dwelling house, which formed the an. gle of the buildings on that line of the NAUTICAL INTELLIGENCE. street, the whole in a short space of time became one irresistible blaze, and it re

The following letter has been published quired the utmost efforts to prevent its

by the Madras government : extending its career.

Madras, 28th June 1817. To the PreThe alacrity of the civil magistrates sident and Members of the Marine Board. and military anthorities, with the troops - Gentlemen : Being commander of the in garrison, in support of the company of private ship: Hibernia, of London, and firemen under theable direction of Messrs. lately arrived in the roads, I beg leave to Piston, Lacombe, Poujade, &c. &c. and make known to you, that on my late pas.* their strenuous exertions to arrest the sage from England I touched at the island progress of the destructive element, most of Tristran de Cunha to get water, on fortunately for the remainder of the town, the 9th of April last; and that after tak-. was, beyond all hopes, crowned with suc ing our departure from there on the 12th, cess ; for the high wind continued until at half past eleven, A. M., having run 357 the buildings in the immediate reach of miles per log on a E. by S. course, with a the fire entirely became its prey, and all free wind all the time, fell in with three minds were in constant alarm that the sunken rocks, one of which we very nara. flaming particles which the wind continu. rowly escaped being on; there appeared ally wafted in its course would augment to be about nine feet water on the one we the disaster.

had close alongside, latitude 37, 31 south, No lives were lost on this occasion, but 4 42 west ; the three rocks form almost a we regret that a sérjeant of His Majesty's triangle, and all within the bounds of a 12th regiment (Mackenzie by name) liad cable's length. Being so much alarmed his leg broke by the fall of part of a raf at the time, and the ship going at the ter. The gratitude of the inhabitants has rate of seven knots, had no opportunity directed itself towards this victim of a of sounding on them. I am fully coon zeal so laudable, and a subscription has vinced to the facts before stated, as well

as, my first officer, and several of the

small and very dangerous shoal, about watch on deck at the time; and am, &c. . 100 yards long, upou which the boat

John Lennon. found two fathoms water about the mid .

dle of the rock, and it is situated in lat. Cumbrian's Reef, or Gadd's Rock. 21 43 N.* bearing $. 2 E, from the highThe shoal named Cumbrian's Reef, or est part of Little Botel Tobago Xima. Gadd's Rock, is no longer doubtful, Lieutenant D. Ross, marine şurveyor to • Or only half a mile different from its situathe Hon. East-India Company in the East tion as stated in page 332 of Vol. 11, of Hors. ern Seas, having examined it on the 9th

burgli's India Directory, 2d edition, from obser

vations of Lieut. Wm. Smyth. of January 1817. He found it to be a


---Dec. 23. Court of Directors was ships, viz. Capt. T. H. Harris, Prince held at the East-India House, when the Regent, for Madras and Bengal; and undermentioned ships were thus station- Capt. T. E. Ward, Fairlie, for Bengal ed, viz.--Northampton, Capt. C. Tebbat, and Bombay. and Lord Keith, Capt. J. Freeman, for Bengal and Bencoolen ; Henry Porcher, Jan. 7.-A General Court of ProprieCapt. J. P. Anstice, and Fairlie, Capt. T. tors was this day held, pursuant to adE. Ward, for Bengal and Bombay ; and journment, to confirm the Resolutions of Lady Lushington, Capt. T. Dormer, for the General Court of the 17th ult. apBombay direct.

proving and confirming the Resolutions The following captains were sworn into of the Court of Directors, granting penthe command of their respective ships, sions, partly from the. Company's cash, viz.-Capt. T. Dormer, to the Lady Lush and partly from the fee fuud, to several ington, for Bombay direct, and Capt. J. persons. P. Apstice, to the Henry Porcher, for The following grants were put' from Bengal and Bombay.

the chair, seriatim, and unanimously The dispatches of the following ships agreed to, viz. were also closed, and delivered to the To Mr. George Dominicus £650 pursérs, viz.Canning, Capt. W. Patter To Captain John Coggan . 400 son, and Thomas Coutts, Capt. Wm. Ma To Mr. John Holland..

..600 joribanks, for Bombay and China.

To Mr. Peter Frost...

.. 600 Passengers per the Canning: for Bom To Mr. Robert H. Peart..

...300 bay, Major-Gen.-J. Bailie and Messrs. To Mr. J. M. Neale

........ 300 Harding and Lewis; per the Thomas To Mr. Wm. Marter

.. 300 Coutts, for 'Bombay, Mrs. Alvarez and To Mr. William Coward .. 350 'family, and Mr.J. R. Duncan,

To Lady Winterton

. 300

The Chairman (J. Bebb, Esq.) then Dec. 29.-The Melville, 74, Captain moved, “ That this Court do confirm Pemberton, lately built at Bombay, came the Resolution of the General Court of into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off. the 17th ult. approving and confirming

She has brought the teak frame of auo the Resolution of the Court of Directors ther ship of the line.

of the 28th August, 1816, appointing

Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Bryce, on 31 Jan. 6.-A Court of Directors was held the retired list of the Fort St. George at the East-India House, when the fol Establishment, as a Military Assistant -lowing ships were thus timed, viz.--Fair to the Auditor, at a salary of £300 per lie, Capt. T: E. Ward, and Henry Por aunum." cher, Capt. J. P. Anstice, for Bengal and Mr. Howorth and Mr. Hume impressed Bombay, to he afloat 10th Feb. and to on the executive body the justice and sail from Gravesend 22dMarch. Lord propriety of couferring on the servants of Keithr, Capt. J. Freeman, and Northamp- the Company, reared up from infancy in ton, Capt. C. Tebbut, for Bengal, to be that house, all offices of inportance, reafloat 22d March, - and to sail from quiring ability and integrity, and they deGravesend 1st May. Lady Lushington, precated that system of innovation which Capt. T. Dôrmer, for Bombay, to be introduced individuals not previously afloat 22d March, and to sail from known in the house. Gravesend 1st May.

The Deputy Chairman and Mr. Grant

answered, that the Directors were anxJan. 7.-A Court of Directors was held, ious to give eucouragement, and to pay when the following captains were sworn every mark of respect, to the gentlemen into the comunand of their respective educated in the India House : and never

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looked for persons out of doors, except Constantinople, Dec. 10.-Accounts where circumstances compelled them. received from Persia inform us, that the

The resolution was then agreed to, and late Russian embassy to the sovereign of the Court adjourned, sine die.

that country has not been attended with A full report of this interesting debate the advantages which had been expected will be given in a future number of the from it; and that the Persians, unable to Asiatic Journal.

forget the cessions made at the last peace,

try every imaginable means to recover the On the 8th January, Joseph Hurne, çeded provinces, in order by this to réco Esq. was elected a member of the Royal ver from the precarious situation in which Society.

they are placed, by the proximity of the

Russian frontiers to the royal residence of Jan. 14.-A Court of Directors was Teheran, which is scarcely fifty German held at the East-India House, when Capt. miles distant from them. J. Stewart was sworn into the command of the ship Lady Melville, consigned to Vienna, Dec. 31.-We have now more. China direct ; as was Capt. B. Kay, into particular accounts of what has passed on the command of the Marchioness of Ely, the frontiers of Persia. The attack made destined to Madras and Bengal.

upon the Torkish frontier forțreșs of Ba

jazid, by a body of Curdes, was not led Jan, 21.-A Court of Directors was by Abbas Mirza, whom his father has held at the East-India House, when the destined for his successor to the throne of following commanders took leave of the Persia, but by Ali Mirza, an elder son, court, previous to departing for, their

whom the father has passed over ip respective destinations, viz. --Capt. Ha- choosing his successor, and also on this milton, of the Dunira, and Capt. Ą. account lives at variance with him. It is Drummond, of the Castle Huntly, for further confirmed that this inconsiderate Bengal and China ; Capt. Campbell, of proceeding, in consequence of the declathe London, and Capt. Balston, of the rations made by the Schah, will not be Princess Amelia, for Madras and China. attended with any interruption of the

The ship Perseverance, of 1,200 tons, good understanding between the two emwas taken up for one voyage in the Com- pires. A courier lately dispatched by the pany's service.

British Resident at Bagdad, overland to

Constantinople, has been murdered near Professor Christian has resigned his Mossal, and robbed of his dispatches. Professorship of the Laws of England in the East-India College, near Hertford, and Welch Order.-The following is given the Honourable Court of Directors have in a morning paper as the promised list been pleased to grant him a pension for of the new knights :--The Sovereign ; 1. life.

and 2. to be filled by two Princes of the

Blood Royal ; 3. Marquis of Anglesea ; The Favourite, Capt. Robinson, is ar 4. Viscount Bulkeley ; 5. Earl of Cardirived from Deptford at Portsmouth, for gau; 6. Viscount Dungannon; 7. Sir her crew to be mustered and paid wages, Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart. ; 8. Lord preparatory to proceeding to the St. He Milford ; 9. Earl of Powis ; 10. Lord lena and Cape station, from whence the Kenyon ; 11. Lord Gwydir ; 12. Lord Phaeton, Capt. Stanfell, may be shortly Dynevor. Prebend of the Order, Bishop expected to arrive. Governor Farquhar; of St. Asaph; Chancellor, Bishop of Banfrom the Mauritius, comes home in her. gor; Registrar, Rhys Jones, Esq.; Ge

nealogist, R. Richards, Esq.-PoursuiThe Emperor of Russia has invited vant, Heralds, Gentleman Usher, &c. at Sanscrit and Persian scholars of all na the disposal of the Earl Marshal.-Ribs tions to Petersburgh, for the purpose of band, Light green edged with white, cultivating those languages; the court of Motto, Creantur fortibus et bonis. Petersburgh seem to be turning a large portion of their attention towards the The following is an account of the pileast.

grim lately arrived in England from

St. Petersburgh. He is a native of the Lieutenant-General Sir G. Lowry Cole, kingdom of Cabul, and a merchant of the G.C.B. is appojuted to succeed the late town of Gurned, and in the habit of takSir John Floyd as Governor of Gravesend ing his merchandize to buchaura. Upon and Tilbury Fort.

one of these excursions, in company with

eight other merchants, near the town of The Gazette of January 24 offers a Balkh, they were attacked by eighty Tarreward of £50 for discovering the person tars, who inhabit the mountains of the who wrote an anonymous letter to Lady Hazarehs, in the neighbourhood of Balkh, Nepean, threatening to murder her and 19 aud plundered ; on which occasion this burn her house,

man, baying lgst an arm, and received a

cut in the head, was left nearly liféless on the spot. Four of his companions were killed, and four made their escape. He

INDIA SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. was, however, able to reach his house,

Arrivals. where he lay fifty days before he recover Dec. 28.-Portsmouth, Cornwall, Jordan, from ed ; aụd, during his illness, made a vow

Isle of France and Cape of Good Hope. that he would undertake a pilgrimage

Liverpool, Bridget, May, from "Bombay.

Jan, 1. - Gravesend, Borodina, Spurs, from through Russia, and, by way of England, Cape of Good Hope. to Mecca, should the Almighty restore

Dec. 28. – Dover, William and Jane, Miller,

from China for Amsterdam. him to health. He has three wives and

30.- Portsmouth, Astrea Transport, Wilson, two children alive; ten are dead. It is from Cape of Good Hope. his intention to stay thirty days in Mecca,

29.-Deal, Thomas, Jackson, from Cape of

Good Hope. whence, after offering his thanks to the Jan. 8. --Portsmouth, Albeona Transport, frona Almighty, and fasting, he returns to his Cape of Good Hope. wives and children. He is sixty years

7.-Deal, Edward, Johnson, from Bombay,

8.-Deal, Hyperion, Horn, from Bombay. old, and states himself to have been in 12.-Gravesend, Byne, Ferguson, from Bengal, good circumstances; he seems very intel

10.-Deal, Minstrel, Bristow, from Bengal,

12.-Deal, Glory, Pounder, from Bengal, ligent, and perfectly acquainted with the

- Deal, Cape Packet. Cornfoot, from Cape of geography of Cabul, and the empire of

Good Hope. Russia ; speaks only his own provincial

12.-Swansey, La Mère de Famille, Gogen,

from Isle of France. dialect, and very little Russian and Per

16.-Gravesend, Orion, Worth, from South

Seas. sian, and is perfectly satisfied with his

17. — Portsmouth, Cornwallis, Brown, from undertaking, with the only exception Madras. that he dreads the sea, suffering extreme 17.-Deal, Cadmus, Dent, from Isle of France, ly by sea-sickness. His name is Musra

18.-Deal, Charles Mills, Charretie, from Ben

gal, Kallm Mahomet. He also says he has Deal, Mary Ann, McClure, from Bengal. been very kindly received by the metro Deal, Brilliant, Fenn, from Bengal.

19. - Liverpool, John Tobini, Kennan, from polite, and different priests of the Greek

Bengal. church iu St. Petersburg, and has a re Passengers per Cornwallis. -Capt. T. Brown, commendation from the Asiatic Society,

Capt. Grant, Capt. Cunningham and family,

Capt. Shea, Major Andrews, ī ieut. Craufurd and who kindly paid his passage to this coun

family, Lieut. Prideau, Lieut. Molson, Ensign try.

Hayes, Assist. Surg. Reid, De achment of H. Ñ,

troops, Miss Cross. Danamonsaarna

Passengers per Minstrel.-Misses Reid, Arthur, Whitecombe, Porter, Surgeon.

Passengers per Charles Mills. – Mrs. Steele, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. Pierce, Charriti , Capt. Dalziel Duncombe, Lieut.

Allan Casey. Mr. R. Becher, jun. Lieut: Leigh. DEATHS.

Children, Miss Steele, Pierce, E. Stafford, M. Dec. 6. On his voyage from Madras in the ship

Stafford, Dennison, Master Pierce, T. Pierce, A. Boyne, Major-gen. A dwell Taylor.

Steele, P. Wilson, 48. At Oakley Park, near Ludlow, Lady Clive,

Departures. in the 84th year of her age, relict of Robert, first Lord Clive, the founder of our empire in

Dec. 29.-Gravesend, Leda, Lamb, for Madeira

and Bombay. Bengel. Lady Clive was in various parts of

27.-Gravesend, Sarah Ann, Wilson, for Cape India when her husband commanded the army

of Good Hope. there. She joined liim in Calcutta after the

24.-Falmouth, Duke of Wellington, Hill, for re-taking of that town, and the decisive battle

Madras. of Plassey. The death of Lord Clive took place

20.-Scilly, Prartridge, Flaxson, for Cape of in 1774. After that tragical event Lady Clive

Good Hope and Bombay. retired to the country, and contined herself to

5.-Gibraltar, Augustus, –

for China. the society of her near connexions; above 40

Jan. 1. – Gravesend, Intrepid, Johnson, for years of her blameless and exemplary life were

Bengal. thus passed in widowhood and seclusion,

3.-Gravesend, George III, Fisher, for Bengal. -7. At Hampstead, aged five months, Stamford

8.-Gravesend, Wanstead, Young, for Madras Rafties, son of T. Browne, Esq. and nephew of

and Bengal. Sir T. S. Raffles.

Gravesend, Ann, Reynolds, for Bombay. -27. At Southampton, aged 77, Sir R. Onslow,

9.-Falmouth, Pallas, Jacks, for Isle of France. Bart. G.C. B. Admiral of the Red and Lieut.

18.-Falmouth, Java, Muller, for Batavia, gen. of the Royal Marine Forces.

11.--Gravesend, Lady Campbell, Marquis, for Jan, 13. At Cuinells, the Rt. Hon. Geu. Rose,

Madras. Treasurer of the Navy. &c. 10. At his house in Mansfield Street, London,

Gravesend, Norfolk, Edwards, for Madras.

Sheerness, Tottenham, McDougall, for New Gen, Sir John Lloyd, Bart. Col. of the 8th

South Wales. Light Dragoons and Governor of Tilbury Fort

14.-Gravesend, Eclipse, Winter, for Isle of and of Gravesend, The General has left both in

France. India and Europe, a large circle of friends by whom his death will be deeply regretted.

16.-Gravesend, Medway, Wright, for-Madeira

and Bengal. 15. Griffith Jones, Esq. of Cardigan, late of

21,-Gravesend, Juliana, Ogilvie, for Batavia. Calcutta in Bengal. - 12. At the house of her son, Capt. Gooch (formerly commander of the Sir Stephen Lushington, East Indiaman) Mrs. Gooch, in the 86th SHIP-LETTER MAILS FOR INDIA. year of her age.

Ships' Names and Probable Time of Sailing. -15. In Mount Street, Grosvernor Square, Alex.

For Cape of Good Hope.---Alacrity, Feb. 6. Brodie, Esq. Father to the Marchioness of

For Calcutia. --Stentor, Feb. 20,-Wm. Dawson, Muntley:

Mar. 1. -7. At the house of W. Venam, Esq. in Wo For Madras and Bengal.-Recovery, Feb, 20.

burn Place, after a short illness, Wm. Bruce For Madras, General Graham, Feb. 3. Smith, Esq. of Stai borough Castle in Surrey, For Bombay, Elizabeth, Feb. 10,- Woodford, and late of Natpore in the East-Indies,

Feb, 20,

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