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ligible and perspicuous. The latter ap. thousand two hundred and forty-one. pearing to be the sole and exclusive de From the numbers that have gone thither sign of the queries proposed by the Rev. since, I suppose there are now at least Mr. Milne, nothing contained in them eight thousand. In point of education can be considered as precluded by the and morals, I think them considerably prohibition of note and comment.

behind their brethren in Java and MalacWhile the committee give this opinion, ca. The settlement of Penang is comand express their high approbation of the paratively new. In Java and Malacca conduct of Mr. Milne, they recommend Chinese have been settled for hundreds of to his attention, and that of translators years, and there are many families of long in general, the English Version, with standing. inarginal renderings and references; as A very large proportion of the Chinese affording a correct examble of ihat sort in Penang are merchants, mechanics, and degree of explanation which it may and day labourers, who have gone thither be permitted to introduce into those with no other view than that of making copies of the Bible which answer to the a little money in a few years, after Society's definition and requirement, of which they intend to return to China, their being without note or commeat. and then set up in life. There is a much Extracted from the Minutes. smaller proportion of schools for youth

among the Chinese in Penang, than From the Rev. William Milne. among their countrymen settled in other Mulacca, Dec. 31, 1816.-The situa- parts of the Archipelago. In distributtion of Malacca affords frequent opportu- ting the New Testaments among them, nities of communicating with all other when I visited that island, I observed the settlements in the Archipelago, where

same rules to which I adhered in Java the Chinese reside. To each of these I in 1814. All the largest Chinese families have sent copies of the sacred scriptures. in George's Town have a New Testament, In the course of every year, there are op

and in the course of distribution I did portunities of communicating with three not meet with a single Chinese who did provinces of China ; viz. Canton, Fo not thankfully receive ii; and in converKien, and Qnang-see; and also with the sing with them, I found them all disposed various ports of Cochin China and Siam, to listen. The words of eternal life are where multitudes of Chinese are settled. now in their hands. Thus, though we are not at present

I feel grateful to God, and to the Bible allowed to settle in China itself, a variety Society, for the opportunities afforded me of channels are opened to us, in the good of putting the Sacred Scriptures into the providence of God, through which the hands of a people who never before had sacred scriptures may be introduced. heard of them Several China-men and merchants have I have opened two schools in Malacca very readily sent parcels to their friends for Chinese children, in which the average and corresponents in other places, and number of boys who have attended is have brought their acquaintances, when about fifty-five; some of whom have passing from port to port, to converse, learned to repeat portions of the word and get books.

of God. At seven o'clock every morIn June 1815, the registered number ning, they all, together with the schoolof Chinese in the Island of Penang, masters and other Chinese, attend prayer (Prince of Wales' Island), was seven and reading the Holy Scriptures.


that we


the hostile demonstrations of the Peishwa In a late number of our Journal, we rendered it necessary for us to march a expressed our doubts as to the stability force of 4,000 men from the Bombay of the treaty that had been concluded

army to oppose his meditated attack. with the Peishwa, and events have proved Against this body of troops, however, the

were not mistaken in his cha Mahratta chief brought ten times the l'acter. That lawless despot has again number, attacking us with 40,000 men; provoked the vengeance of our arms, and yet notwithstanding the numerical, dishis total discomfiture has been the just parity of the forces he was totally routeil, consequence. Despatches announcing the after having fought two battles, one on renewal of hostilities between him and the 5th and the other on the 7th of Noour government were brought overland vember. The loss sustained by the Peishfrom Bombay by Capt. Moore, and are wa in the first engagement was considera dated 24th November. It appears, that able, but not such as to deter him from Asiatic Journ.- No. 28.

Vol. V. 3 G

hazarding a second battle, when his arms Two Cornets reported to be taken priexperienced a complete overthrow. Fly- soners. ing from Poonal with the greatest pre Capt. Vaughan and his brother shot by cipitancy, he took refuge in one of his order of thc Peishwa. strong forts, while our troops entered his We regret that the details of the actions capital in triumph.

are not yet inade public, further than we Marquis Hastings had concluded a treaty have been enabled to give them as above. with Scindiah, by which it was provided Capt. Moore, the bearer of the overland that the British troops might pass through Packet to the Secret Committee at the his territories, to punish the Pindaris. India House, brought no other letters or It is not, however, supposed that a sub papers of any description. sidiary force will be fixed upon Scindiah, The latest papers which have arrived who seems anxious to maintain an ami. from India, are not of a date recent enough cable understanding with the Company,

to embrace the preceding important deand willing to assist in suppressing the tails, and relate chiefly to the prepararobbers. Holkar submits ju every thing tions and movements which were making to Marquis Hastings. The troops of the by our troops against the Pindaris. Peishwa hung, some accounts say shot,

Nov.l.-Our letters from the Dukhin two British officers whoin they had made mention, that Sir John Malcolm was near captive.

to Husseinabad, and had intimated that

he should arrive there on the morning of In addition to the above accounts we

the 19th. The Nerbudda continued un-, have been favoured with the following usually full, there being on the 15th, particulars by a correspondent.

eighteen feet of water, where it was most “ The present Peishwa Bagee Row is a shallow. Should this continue, it would son of Ragabah or Raganauth, of in occasion some difficulty in crossing the famous memory. He succeeded Madhu

troops. There was not a sufficient numRow, the infant Peishwa, who died sud ber of boats to make bridges, but rafts denly on the 27th of October 1795. His were constructing, and it was espected abilities are moderate, his temper fero they would all be over by the 5th instant. cious and tyrannical, easily duped by his They would then proceed by the Chowkee, favourites, and subject to the most violent pass towards Bopal, and leaving it on gusts of passion; these irregularities have the left advance to Bliilseah and Burseah, brought him into many difficulties since the Jaghire of Khurreeni Khan; from that tiis accession to the empire, and he had to Seronge, which belongs to Wassee! been repeatedly driven -from his throne Mahomed. By the time these morements and capital by the contending Mahratta were executed, it was expected Majorfactions, from the commencement of his Gen. Marshall would have advauced reign till 1802, when the treaty of Bas through Bundlecund, on Sagur and Bas. sein, which engaged him in close alliance saudali, which last is a Jaghire of Sheik with the British, firmly established his Delloo. The Jaghire of Setoo is to the power and government. The restless west of Bopal, and would be occupied by spirit of his ministers, at the head of the 3d Madras brigade', under Sir Johu włom was the exile and murderer Trim- Malcolm. According to the Guallor Ukbucjee, has again plunged their master bars, three durrahs of Pindarees, of ten into open war with the British. After

thousand horse each, are now lying hepractising in vain a thousand arts and

tween Patgur and Grosseah, and, after subterfuges to avoid the fulfilment of the the Dussarah, it was expected part of late treaty, he threw off the mask, and them would start for Surat. A bridge on the 5th November, opposed to ten of boats was in preparation for the pastimes their number, the British troops sage of the grand army over the Jumna: were triumphant. On the 17th another when it might move for Secundra, seemed action took place, when the Peishwa and uncertain. The general opinion is, that his army of 40,000 men were routed, and no resistance will be attempted on the Poonah abandoned to the conquerors. part of Scindia. Trimbucjee, who is supposed to be the

Major-Gen. Donkin arrived at Agra on abettor of these desperate measures, is the 14th. It was expected that that distill at large. I am concerned to add, vision of the army would march for Dhalthat two of our gallant countrymen, Bri- poor, on the Chumbul, immediately after tish officers, have been hung by the Peislı- the 20th. wa's orders in cold blood; the day of The Western Division of the Army of the retribution, however, cannot be far dis Dukhin has been brigaded as follows : tant."

Light Artillery Brigade, to consist of No officer was killed in either of the the troop of Horse Artillery, Gallopers inactious of the 5th and 17th of November. corporated with it, and the Rocket troop.

Capt. Prestou wounded in the foot by a Cavalry Brigade, to consist of 4th Light cannon ball.

Cavalry Detachment of his Majesty's 22d Lt. Falconar wounded in the shoulder. Light Dragoons, and 8th Light Cavalry.

Light Brigade, to consist of the Rifle of the train of foot and horse artillery, Corps, 1st bat. 16th or Trichinopoly Light together with the 1st battalion 1st native Inf. 2d bat. 17th, or Chicacole, and 1st infantry. The cavalry brigade, including bat. 3d, or Palamcottah.

the horse artillery, ascended the Ghaut, First Brigade, to consist of Flank Com and reached Punnah yesterday ; and one panies of his Majesty's Royal Scots, Ist of the brigades of infantry came up to bat. 7th Nat. Regt. and Madras European the same ground this morning. The reregiment.

maining brigade under the Brigadier-Gen. Second Brigade, to consist of 1st bat. is to-day employed in bringing the heavy 14th N. 1. 2d, 6th N. I.

artillery up the Ghaut. The whole can The infantry guns are to be formed in scarcely arrive at Punnah before the battery, to which the Company of Foot 19tlı." Artillery and Gun Lascars will be attached. Major Lushington, of the 4th Light Ca

The following is an extract of a letter valry, to command the Cavalry Brigade ;

from an officer in the Company's service, Lieut. Lyon, of the 8th Light Cavalry, to

dated Merut, Sept. 14th, at which time it be Major of Brigade to the Cavalry Bri

would appear that formidable preparations gade; Lieut.-Col. Deacon to command

were making against Scindiah with whom the Light Brigade ; Lieut. W. Low to be however, according to more recent acBrigade Major to the Light Brigade;

counts, a treaty has been concluded. Lieut.-Col. Thompson to command the The army is to be assembled in five di. Ist Brigade of Infantry ; Capt. Hunter to visions, commanded and disposed of as be Brigade Major to the Ist Brigade of follows; the grand division under the Infantry; Lieut. Colonel R. Scott to com Marquis of Hastings in person, with Gemand che 22 Brigade of Infantry ; Capt. neral Browne of the cavalry under him as Napier, of the Ride Corps, to be Brigade second in command with the undermenMajor to the 2d Infautry Brigade; Major tioned troops. Three troops of horse arNoble, C. B. to command the Artillery of tillery, H. M. 8th and 24th light drathe Ist division, in conformity to his ap- goons. Dromedary corps, Pioneer corps, pointment, G. 0. 22d ultimo; Lieut, H. M. 87th regiment, the European Flank Bonner of the Horse Artillery, to be brigade, and three brigades of native inMajor of Brigade to the Artillery; Lieut. fantry; one of which we take up with us Poggonpohl, to act as Adjutant of the at Coel (2nd brigade 1lth regt). Horse Artillery ; Captain Rudyerd, senior The 2nd division under General Marofficer in charge of the Artillery, and shall assembles in Bundlecund with the Rocket troop, will command the Light battering train with him, several brigades Artillery Brigade, Lieut. Davies, Field of infantry, &c. Engineer, with the lst, 2d, and 3d divi. The 3d division under General Donkin sions.

assembles between Etawah and agra, he will have the 3d and 7th regiments of ca

valry, some irregular horse, H. M, 14th Extract of a letter from Bundlecund

regt. and some brigades of Native Infancamp, at Punnal, October 16, 1817 :

try. « On the 30th ult. the 4th company, The 4th division under Sir David Ochte 2d battalion of the 28th, and ist batta. terlony, G. C. B. on the army covering lion 26th native infantry, marched from Delhi will have the 1st and 2d regt. of caKeitah towards Bandalı, under command valry; 1500 of Skinner's irregular horse ; of General D'Auvergne. On the 6th curt. H. M. 67th regt. several brigades of nathis detachment reached Bandah, after tive infantry, &c. &c. having lost many camels, from the roads The 5th division or the army in advance having been rendered almost impassable will be situated between Muttra and Delhi in consequence of the corrents of rain commanded by brigadier Arnold, subject which fell during the march. The Kei to the general control of Sir David Ochtah detachment was joined at Bandah by terlony ; it will consist of some of Skinthe 1st battalion 14th native infantry, ner's irregular horse, and a brigade of and a battalion of the 7th native infantry, native horse artillery with the light troops from Delhi. Brigadier-Gen. D'Auvergne of infantry, &c. &c. at the same time departed from the centre The whole of the above force is to be in division of the army, and Gen. Marshall position by eight o'clock in the morning took command of the left division on the of the 10th of October, so that a simul7th curt. On the 8th curt. the above taneous movement will be made against camp left Bandah, and arriver at Kallin- Scindiah ; we have nineteen marches and ger on the 10th, where they were join three halting days to bring us to our point, ed by Capt. Cunningham, witth six Russa and whatever may happen, in spite on lahs of Rohilla horse; and on the 4th, weather we are off. the army concentrated at the bottom of The Madras and Bombay armies, the the Bisram Gungee Ghaut, by the junction Poonah aud Nagpore subsidiary forces

move at the same time, so that the co-ope. The Moltan Ükhbars of 15th June anration may be sudden and complete; ere nounce that the Seik army hall at length long you may therefore expect to hear of left the boundaries of Mooltan and ena crash on our froutiers. The Governor camped at Kote Calja. General was at Allahabad on the 3d inst The Peshour Ukhbars to the 3d June where he was detained on account of the mention that Vizier Futteh Khawn had death of the younger Fitzclarence, Aid- left Pesliour for Cabul, but not until he de-Camp to General Hislop. The rocket had received repeated orders for that purtroop will join us at Secundra also. The pose from the king Mahmood Shah. The Pioneers have marched direct to Etawah

Vakeel of Runjeet had accompanied the from Delhi and one or two other brigades Vizier to Cabul. It is said that the King have likewise moved off; we have farther intends to move the royal camp towards to proceed than any other detachment be. Herraut, with a design of attacking Cafore we get into position. Four compa- char. nies of the 2nd brigade of Nat. Inf. ac

The accounts from Jaypore state, that company us as far as Ally Ghur and re

Motaub Khawn is encamped between Selieve the corps now there. All artillery cundera and Bherman, and that Rajah officers on comúmand at the outposts are called in and directed to join head quar- Madhogurrah. The Rajah of Jaypore was

Loll Sing was distant about (oss from ters of artillery in the field. Four com

unwell, Ameer Khawn was still before panies of European artillery and six com

Madhorajpoorah. panies of Gohundanze are ready at Cawnpore for field service, the greater part of

Aug. 13-We have perused letters from whom will move with the train and General the camp at the Gongparrah Pass, dated Marshall. By looking at the map of Hin

the 3d instant. The rebels occupied the dostan you will see how Scindiah will be

Underrahı Stockade, against which Capt. hemmed in by the different forces, and of Kennett was to advance at daylight on course the Bhautpoče Rajah will be great

the 4th instant, at the head of six comly alarmed likewise ; however the latter is panies. A detachment of 80 men under safe at present, I believe, and there is no

Lieut. M'Kenly, was to advance on the intention of attacking him. Treasure is

afternoon of the 3d, to endeavour to get collecting for the payment of our troops into the rear of the Pikes, who were not on service, thirty lacks of rupees have left expected to stand Capt. Kennett's attack. Calcutta for the upper provinces, and The rains have been most incessant, and money is collecting in other points.

the roads are very bad, and in some places A telegraph communication is in pro- scarcely passable. Several unsuccessful gress between Fort William and Nagpore, attempts have lately been made to surbut when it will be in sufficient forward- prise parties of Pikes, and some detachness to open I cannot say; I rather think ments of Sepoys on this duty have been it will not answer as the country is too

exposed to the rain for nine hours conmuch enclosed by wood and other obsta

tinuance without any covering. cles. The 21st dragoons from the

In the Belsah Ukbar of the 25th AuCape under Colonel Pigott are expected gust, it is mentioned that Scindia had diin Bengal this month, for the purpose of rected all the Pindaree chiefs to assemble relieving the 24th regt. of dragoons, how- after the Dassarah with their adherents at ever the latter cannot be sent away imme. a fort in his country not far from Narwar. diately or until the campaign is over, which Buskh Khan one of the chiefs had sent a is not likely to be very soon. We expect to rich present to the Malia Raj, a splendid be out long and a good deal harassed, saddle set with gems, together with five particularly the cavalry and our corps.

lacks of rupees and an elephant. Ourletters from the Dukbiu mention that the Pindaree

chiefs are sending off their families for Aug. 4.-Holkar's camp on the 11th of the Seekh country, and making great preJuly was at Bhagee. A letter had been

parations to enable them to take the field received from the Vakeel, stationed at the early; that they are buying up every camp of Ranah Zalim Sing of Kotah, matchlock all over the country. His Exstating, that the Ranah had prevailed on cellency Lieutenant General Sir T. Hislop Guffoor Khan to return to his allegiance with the general staff of the Madras and rejoin Holkar's camp. 50,000 rupees

army had arrived at Jaulnahı. Letters is to be paid on account of arrears due to from officers in that quarter mention, it Guffoor's solders.

was expected they would take the field by Raolpunily Ukhbars of the 11th of

the 1st September. In the Madras army June state, that Nabob Khawn had as it was wderstood that a division of their sembled 4,000 men with an intention of force would proceed to Nagpore to relieve attacking Mahomed Khawn. The Amretsir Ukhbars to the 30th of the temperature is said to be very mode

the Bengal division. Throughout Berar June state, that Runjeet was then at Lahore.

rate during the rainy season ;-the thermometer ranging froin 76 10 82.


Sept. 17.-Ukhbars from Holkar's 85. Such were the outcry prices at a camp, at Ramba, of date the 22d of July, late sale at Hussingabad. mention the death of Meena Bhaee, the mother of Scindiah ; and state, that a letter had been received by Bapojet, con

According to the Ukbars, several of the taining orders from his master not to in- Rajahs tributary to Runjeet Sing had reterfere with Holkar's concerns. Holkar's quested permission of that chief to wait principal army was encamped within ten

upon and pay their respects to the Gover

nor-General. Runjeet Sing had assented cosses of Dukbiak; and Homah Bhaee

to their wishes, and had sent to Umritsir was before Assir, the Kiladaur of which

for khelauts, to present to them previous had sustained a complete defeat, and was

to their departure for head-quarters. compelled to take refuge in his fortress.' By the orders of the Bhaee (Holkar's mo

Private letters mention the reduction of ther), Homah Bhaee was about to with- Heraut, by the army of the king of Perdraw her army, in order to avoid any sia; but the Ukbars do not corroborate misunderstanding with Scindiah.

this intelligence. The Moutan Ukhbars notice a conspiracy on the part of Khorda Yar Khan and

An envoy from the court of Nepaul some Sirdars, to seize the person of Hafiz paid a visit of ceremony to the Marquis Ahmed Khan; but Hafiz having been

of Hastings, near the mouth of the Gogapprized of their intentions, frustrated

His name is Gooroo Guzrag Misser. them, by securing the conspirators.

He was attended from Khatinandoo by Mahmood Shah was at Cabul, and his Mr. Wellesley. We are informed his asVizier, Futty Khan, at Manee Lollah. tonishment at the splendour of the scene, The army of Cachar was investing Her. on the occasion of his visit to the Goverrant, and Prince Camran had proceeded nor General, amounted to real agitation, to its relief, leaving his sou to defend Candahar. In addition to this information, the Peshawur Ukhbars state, that the

The Honorable Archibald Seton emCachar cavalry before Herraut amounted barked on the Sophia, Pilot Schooner, on to 60,000, and had a complement of the evening of the 18th instant, under the artillery of 70 guns. Several skirmishes salute due to his rank, and would proceed had taken place, and Prince Ferozuldeen in that vessel to Madras with the view had put to death his counsellor, Aka of returning to Europe by the earliest Khan, for having attempted to negociate opportunity. By this departure India is with the Cachar chiefs. It is added, that deprived of one, who for a long period has Nabob Asud Khan had set out for Tur

formed at once the delight and ornament kistan, with two lacs of rupees, for the

of her society. The lately delicate state purpose of raising an army in that pro

of Mr. Seton's health adds anxiety to vince.

those feelings of regret, which under any circumstances must have been experienced

in losing an individual so richly endowed Letters from Nagpore mention that the with all the charities,—with all the amesubsidiary force was comprehensed in the nities of life, - with all that endears man command of his Excellency Sir T. Hislop.

In the moment of departure it It was expected that a fortress within is on these that we dwell withi fond rehalf a mile of Hussingabad would be gret, rather than on the brilliant career of placed in possession of the troops at Mr. Seton in public life, and the loss that station. It would require not more, which the state sustains on the retirement than half a battalion to defend it, and of so invaluable a servant. To attempt it would prove useful as a depot on the more than to express our participation in troops marching in October. It seems the sentiments of regret common to all on to be the opinion in that quarter, that this interesting occasion were in us--not the Pindarees will now find no chieftain less presumptuous than vain. Of him it desperate enough to attempt affording

may be truly said them shelter or assistance, and that they

With softest manners, gentlest arts adorned ! will quickly be rode down by the cavalry of

Bless'd in each scie .ce-bless'd in every strain ! the two presidencies. Recruiting parties from the Madras army were in the camps He who attempts even a sketch of such a of the Bengal division, and some incoli character should possess some portion of venience was occasioned to individuals that rare felicity of expression, which by their Clashees and Sweepers enlist from the lips of him, wliose departure ing. The pay of a Madras Seapoy in the we now lament, has so frequently charmed field is nine rupees.

and delighted this society. But a few All European articles in that quarter weeks ago Mr. Seton remarked in converfetch very high prices — Port wine 71 sation" Till lately I used to dwell on rupees per dozen, beer 37, brandy 80, the pleasure which I anticipated in returna square of pickles 35, two pine cheeses ing to my natire land-Now, as the pe

to man.

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