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riod of my departure approaches, I think Mactwolter, are said to have produced a of the friends from whom I am so soon fund of entertainment. to be separated,' -a sentiment quite cha. This little theatre is said to be fitted up racteristic of that warmth and goodness with an uncommon degree of elegance, of heart which endeared Mr. Seton to all and to reflect no little credit on the taste who had the honor and happiness of his of the Amateurs, whose intention it is, acquaintance. In recalling the delight we understand, to carry it on by subscripenjoyed in the society of one who com tion. bined such various powers of pleasing, it is impossible to avoid feeling on his de August 21, 1817.-"Last week we met parture.

the ambassadors of the King of Jobanpah Quanto minus cum reliquis versari,

at the house of a common friend, who has Quam Illius ineminisse!

been acquainted with them in their own country. They are both civil and easy in

their manners, their politeness having no. The illness of Sir Thomas Hislop we tincture of servility, and their freedom are concerned to find was very severe, and never bordering on indecent familiarity. serious apprehensions were entertained at · Both talk broken English and French, one time for the event, but we are now but do not mix the one with the other, happy to state that our last advices froin and make themselves perfectly intelligible his head quarters report him to be in a in the two languages ; which, considering fair way of recovery.

the few and short opportunities they have had to converse with occasional visitors of

the two nations, gives no bad idea of their We regret to state that a violent epide intellectual powers. Adiniral Siboo is mic has been committing great ravages about forty years of age, of a middle amongst the native inlrabitants of Jessore

stature, and of a very dark complection, and the adjacent villages. The disorder with a great deal of fire and animation in began to prevait about the 20th of Aug.

his eyes. Duke Abdoolah looks ten years Twenty persons died in the course of one

younger, is taller and less dark, possesses day, and a considerable part of the inha more gravity, and, from a circumstance bitants, becoming seriously alarmed for

which occurred, appears to be the learntheir safety, immediately left the town. ed man of the two. They had been very Several persons in the full enjoyment of inquisitive in the course of a long converhealth had been suddenly attacked while sation, and having politely asked for pen, walking in the streets or roads. Some ink, and paper, Duke Abdoollah took notes are described to have the worst symptoms of the information they had acquired in a of cholera morbus, and others a burning language, which a young Orientalist in our fever and excessive thirst; the pulse not company ascertained to be a corrupt Aramuch quickened, but full and oppressed, bic. Their attachment to the little island and the eyes suffused with yellow. A which gave them birth, agrees with the free use of calomel and opium appears to patriotic feelings of all natives of poor have relieved the symptoms.

couptries, from King Ulysses of old times We are happy to learn that tolvards the to a modern Swiss peasant. They had end of August, the casualties had con

seen and admired this great city ; but on siderably decreased. Among the pri. being questioned whetlier they would be sovers in the jail, only two cases had glad to remain in it they both answered proveď fatal. In consequence of the alarm inmediately in the negative, and expressed that was spread from the virulence and a lively desire to return to their own activity of the discase among the officers country; and for this a great anxiety for and vakeels of the Zillah court, the judge the quick dispatch of the business they and magistrate had been under the neces

have been sent upon, which is to sosity of suspending the transaction of pub licit the protectiou and assistance of the lic business for seven days.

British government against their cruel enemies, the barbarians of Madagascar.

Besides the attractions of habits aud faA new private theatre has been set up mily connections pleaded by both, one of in Bondfield's Lane, where the farces of them, Admiral Siboo most emphatically • Bon Ton’ and “The Review,' are said professed a longing to rejoin his beloved to have been got up on the 28th ultimo, king, and perceiving that the peculiar ferby a party of young gentlemen, with great vour of his sentiments excited some sur.. spirit, before a numerous and respectable prise, added with an archness, implying audience, and the performance to have that he well knew the practice of the afforded much amusement. In the former piece Colonel Tivy, Sir J. Trotley, and

kings of Europe : “ what can we do other

wise than cherish a king who requires no Miss Tittup, were well supported, and taxes from his subjects, and maintains. attracted universal applause. In the lat himself by the proper manageinent of his ter Deputy Bull, John Lump, and Loovy own estate an


this time he was perceived by two of the On Sunday, the 13th July last, an in- witnesses to be in the act of untyiug a quest was held at Mirzapore, situate on cord, with which the deceased had been the Circular Road, over the body of a suspended round her neck to a beam of Mussulman boy, who pertinaciously per the hut. No other person was with him, sisting in leaping upon the limber of a and all was done in silence within. The rolling stone whilst drawn along the two witnesses immediately proceeded to road, slipt at length upon the ground, report the circumstance at the Tauuah ; when the machine went over and crush. while the Burkuodoss took the opportued his leg ; after lingering eighteen days, nily and fled, nor Jas he since been heard the boy died of a mortification. The of, although every precaution was adopta verdict was cousequently, “ Accidental ed on the instant, to have him stopt at Death."

the different Chokies. The Jemidar and On Wednesılay, the 30th July, an in- others, on receiving the information went quest was held at Coolootolah over the to the spot; the former stepping into the body of a Christian woman, by the name but, placed his hand upon the body of the of Louisa Peris, who after a period of deceased and found her quite dead and many years derangement, finally hung cold: this was about half an hour only herself-Verdict returned, Lunacy." subsequent to the relief to the Burkun

On Monday last the 11th August, an doss. Stroug suspiciou being attached to inquest was held at the old Hurriug- the Burkundoss, and more particularly baurree, situate in the Loll Bazar, over from his flight, and his vot standing an the body of one John D'Cruz, who it investigation, the Jury after being sent appeared upon evidence, bad swallowed into an inner room returned into court at poison in a fit of despair, owing to the

about miquight with a verdict of Wildeath of a favorite Dulcinea, -a verdict ful Murder against Meer Peer Alli Burwas returned in consequence of Suic kundoss." eide.' On Thursday, the 14th, another in.

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. quest was held at Soortee-baugun, situate in Coolootolah, over the body of

Aug. 30.--Mr. H. J. Chippendale, 2d Gungaram, an Ooreah bearer. In this Deputy Collector of Government Customs case, an attempt was made to implicate and Town Duties at Calcutta. the wife of the deceased with his death,

Mr. J. H. D’Oyly, Head Assistant to but after a long and tedious investigation, the Collector of Government Custoins and there was not the most distant cause for Town Duties at Calcutta. such a coujectare, and a verdict was re

Nathaniel Wallich, Esq. M. D. to be turned of-Natural Death.

superintendent of the Botanical Garden. On Monday last, the 18th inst, an Inquest was held at Seebtulla, situate in the Loll bazar, over the body of one Roza Go July 4.-'The most noble the Governormes, a Christian woman, wlio in a dis General in council, adverting to the equippute with an Americau sailor twenty-one ment and clothing of the Cuttack Legion, days before received a blow on the left which differ in description and cost from side of the head from a piece of brick those of other troops in service, is pleased thrown at her. The contusion in itself to suspend that part of the general orders was of a trifliug nature, and had proper of the 16th ult. which relates to the offcare been taken of the wound, a speedy reckonings of this corps, until esperience cure would have followed : but owing to of the actual expense of the clothing shall neglect, suppuration had formed both enable his lordship in council more satisabove and under the dura-mater, which factorily to ascertain the proper amount appeared on taking off the crauium. Ver- that should be established for this purpose. dict--Accidental Death.

The rules which prevail in the regular On the 20th inst., an Inquest was held N. I., regarding the amount of annual balf at Munwar Khan's Buggeccha, situate in mounting stoppages, and the periods of the Tannalı division, No. 11, off the Cir- deducting the same, shall be 'extended to cular Road, over the body of Chooneah, a the Cuttack Legion, commencing from Moor woman. In the course of evidence June 1818 for new levies, but from June it appeared, that the deceased had been 1817 for drafts from other corps. These on terms of intimacy with one Mee: Peer

stoppages are to be specified on the face Alli, a Burkundoss, belonging to the Tan of the abstracts, and the amount withheld nah division aforesaid. The Burkundoss by the paymaster and a corresponding arriving at a late hour upon guard was credit given to the Clothing Boarıl. The reprimanded by the Jernidar, and he then regular deduction of six rupees, at the accounted for his tardiness to a dispute rate of three rupees per month from eacha that he had that morning at home; he new levy, is to be made, agreeably to the now was ordered to his post, from which rules in force, from the 2d month of the he was relieved at ten o'clock, and about recruit's drawing full pay; but this sum,


instead of being stopped by his command- rupees a horse is authorised to be drawn ing officer for half nounting to be sup- for the repair of those articles of equipplied by him, is to be deducted in abstract ment, which are to be considered subject. as above directed, and the amount regu to the provisions of the general orders of larly credited to the Clothing Board. 19th January last, on the subject of the

His excellency the Commander-in-Chief duration of cavalry sadlery and harness. is requested to give directions to tlie Clo The saddles and horse equipment of the thing Board, as to the vature and descrip rest of the corps being intended to be of tion of half mounting proper for the Cut an inferior description, the Governor Ge. tack Legion in his Excellency's opinion, neral in Council restricts the allowance to and that board will without delay cause be granted for the repair of those articles the agent for the 2d division of army clo to eight annas for each horse, which is to thing to prepare a complete set of half incluile the supply and repair of all artimounting for the whole corps, which will cles required for the drill. be transmitted to Cuttack as soon as pos An allowance of two rupees for each sible. The Clothing Board will make an gun horse, and of one rupee for each troop accurate report to government of the pre horse, is authorized to be drawn on accise cost and charges of this muster set of count of shoeing, head and heel ropes, half mounting, and an advance on account curry combs, iussalah, &c. &c. will be issued to the Clothing Board for The following provisional establishment this service, on their requisition, to be ad of syses and grasscutters is authorised for justed after the completion of the half the Cuttack Legion, viz: mounting, and the receipt of the regular For each gun horse, one syse and one stoppages for August, of the drafts, and of grasscutter, on the usual rates of pay. the six rupees per man, for all recruits For each troop horse, one grasscutter enlisted between Juve 1817 and June only, one syse's monthly pay of fuur ru1818, when the regulated stoppages for pees in cantonments, and five rupees when the whole commence.

marching; the additional pay authorised The officer commanding the Cuttack for the grasscutters of troop horses, is inLegion, the 2d in command, and the ad- tended as a remuneration for the addijutant, are all to draw the respective pay tional duty that will be required from and allowances of their regimental ranks, them in assisting the troopers in taking as if they were officers of regular cavalry. care of the horses, as it is not considered

The following additional allowances are necessary to attach any syses to troop to be drawn by the commanding officer, in horses of the description allotted to the lieu of those specified in the general orders

Cuttack Legion. of the 16th ultimo, and not including a GENERAL ORDERS, July 7th 1817.sum for compensation in lieu of off-reckon- The most noble the Governor General in ings, which will be fixed by the Clothing Council, is pleased to direct, that the Board, as soon as the amount of off rocket troop shall hereafter consist of the reckonings shall be ascertained and de- following establishment, viz. clared in general orders.

Europeans, 4 commissioned officers, 1 Allowances for commanding the . assistant surgeon, 1 deputy commissary, corps..

Son. R. 120 I conductor.-Total 7. Established allowances for the repair 10 non-commissioned officers, 2 trum

of arms and accoutrements, wri peters, 1 effective farrier, 60 troopers, 16 ters, stationery, &c. &c. for five ditto for cars, 9 spare ditto.-Total 98. troops and coinpanies, at fifty ru.

Natives attached to camels, 1 jemapees each..

230 dar, 2 first duffadars, 2 second ditto, 71

shuter sowars, including 5 for the 10 reTotal Sonaut rupees...... 370 serve camels.-Total 76.

Gun Lascars' detail, 1 serang, ļ first From the above allowance of two liun- tindal, 1 second tindal, 24 gun Lascars. dred and fifty rupees, it is to be under

-Total 27. stood that the commanding officer is to Non-commissioned staff, I non effective provide iron, steel, charcoal, and artificers, pay serjeant, 1 ditto, European saddler, I not only for his accoutrements and arms, native doctor, I'native farrier. Tocal 4.. but likewise for all trifling repairs, as well Artificers, 1 mistry sinith, 3 smiths, 1 as tar, grease, &c. for the two guns and mistry carpenter, 3 carpenters.-Total 8. tumbrils attached to the corps ; all re Horses, 10 for non-commission, 2 for pairs of importance, and all necessary trumpeters, 1 for European farriers, 16 supplies of ammunition and stores, will for spare cars.-Total 37. be furnished from the nearest magazine, 37 syces, 37 grass-cutters.—Total 74. on requisition, in the usual form,

Camels, 60 for troopers, 10 for reserve As the gnn horses attached to the Cut- ammunition, 1 for native doctors, 1 for tack Legion will be provided from the native farrier, 9 spare.- Total 81. public stores with suitable sadlery and The quarter master's establishment to harness, the established allowance of two be the same as authorized for a troop of

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horse artillery, with one store cart; the number and description correspond with bullocks of which are to be furnished by those of the horse artillery, with some the commissariat.

trifling alterations in the helmet, which The following allowances are authorized will hereafter be made known to the clotlıto be drawn by the officer commanding ing board by his excellency the commander the rocket troop, for the purposes set

in chief. forth, viz.

The following rates of off- reckonings : 1. Monthly allowance for repairs of arms are established for the non-coinmissioned and accoutrements, and for stationery, as officers and privates of the rocket troop, in a troop of horše artillery. St. Rs. 60

snbject to the approbation of the honor2. For slioeing horses, head and able the court of directors: heel ropes,' horse clothing, curry Serjeant St. Rs. 5 i 5 per mensem. combs, brushes, Mausalah and ne Corporal

4 10 6 ditto. dicine, for each horse ..

2 Gunder Matross

3 10 li ditio. 3. For repairs of saddles, bridles Trumpeter 3 13 31 ditto. and their appurtenances, per hörse or Farrier".

3 10 6 ditto. set

1 As the non-commissioned officers and 4. For repair of harness and its ap men of the rocket trooplave been effective purtenances, per set, for one horse.. 1 during the whole of the year 1816, and

5. For grain pots, and bags for consequently are entitled "10 a pair of horses and camels..

20 woollei pantaloons from the off- reckoning 6. For tar, grease, iron, charcoal, fund for that year, and as the coats now in aud all contingencies of the carts, wear with the men are considered ca palile bouches, a few tripods, &c...... 30 of lasting till the 1st of Javuary 1818, 7. Annually for target .

25 when the troops in regular course will be The periods for the duration of accou furnished with new clothing; the governor trementä, saddlery, and harness, with general in council does not consider it nethe rocket troop, to be the same as those cessary that bounty coats and pantaloons fixed-on for the siniilat description of

should be authorized to the non commis. articles with the horse artilicry, and sioned officers and privates of the rocket native cavalry.

troop. An allowance for the repair of the The undermentioned articles of bounty double camel saddles, jhools, and gear, equipment, being considered immediately, will hereafter be notified in general orders, and indispensibly necessary for the nonuntil, which period the officer commanding commissioned and privates of the troop, the rocket troup will maintain those arti are accordingly anthorized to be furnished cles' in repair, and charge the actual ex riz. helmets, leather pantaloons, gloves, pense in monthly contingent bills.

boots, spurs, and cloaks. The governor general in council autho Bounty clothing is also authorized to be rizes an allowance of paulins being sup- granted to the native details of the troop, plied to the rocket troop, for the protec which in regard to the gun Lascars, and tion of the horse saddlery aurd harness, in quarter-master's establishment,' is to be the proportiou fixed for the horse ar the same as supplied to corresponding tillery ; also two additional paulins, with descriptions of persons in the horse arthe requisite carriage, for the camel appur tillery; and the rates of off-reckonings for tenances.

whom, and also fixed on the saine'scale, The European officers and men, and the Thc off-réckoning stoppages fixed on for detail of gun Lascars, attached to the the jemadar, dutfadar, shuteršowars of rocket troup, are authorized to draw the tire dromedary corps, are to be considered same pay and allowances as are granted applicable to the similar classes in the to the corresponding ranks and classes in rocket troop, and’ the clothing to be of the horse artillery.

the same description, with the exception The services of the deputy commissary of white, instead of yellow lace. The and conductor, attached to the rocket jackets and pantaloons to be issued bientroop, being constantly required for the nially in interniediate years. purposes of drill and exercise in canton The governor general in council direcis, ments, the governor general in council that a pair of woollen pantaloons, instead authorizes those persons to draw the esta of a coat, be issued as bounty clothing to blished allowance for one horse in all situa. the jemadar, duffadars, and shutersowars tions, instead of that indulgence being re

of the rocket troop. stricted to their employment in the field.

The feeding of the horse and camels at July 22.–To enable the Military Board tached to the rocket troop is directed to to give due effect to the orders of Governhe supplied by the commissariat.

ment of the 6th of April 1790, the Hon. The governor general incouncil is pleased the Vice-President in Council is pleased to to direct, that the clothing and equip direct, that the monthly reports of the ments, for the non-commissioned officers progress of public works, required to be and privates of the rocket troop, shall in transmitted to the Military Board by the Asiatic Journ, No: 28.

VOL. V. 3 H

general orders of government of 2d Ja- the Commander in Chief, to appoint' nuary 1810, and of the Commander in Lieut. Col. T. Shuldham, of the 20th N. l. Chief of 15th February 1817, shall, for to command the troops in the district of the future, be transmitted as follows, viz. Dacca, with the usual allowances attache

All reports of work performed in the ed to the situatiou of a brigadier uomiengiveer department through the chief nated to a frontier command. engineer, and all reports of the progress of public works in the barrack, and cio July 22d, 1817.-The hon. the Vicetil departments, through the superinten. President iu Couucil is pleased to direct, dents of civil and military buildings in the that the new road, which has lately been Epper and Lower Provinces respectively: constructed trom Gyah to Patna, as well

It will be the duty of these officers to as that from Gyah to Sherghattie, shall lay the reports above referred to month be placed under charge of the superinly' before the Military Board, accompa tendent of the military road from Forz nied with their remarks upon each ; not William to Benares, who, for keeping ouly with regard to the exterrt of work them in a state of constant repair, is au: performed, but of the workmen employ- thorized to draw an additional allowed and materials provided, so as to enable ance of Sicca rupees 5,000 per annum. the Board to form an accurate judgment The roads now placed under charge of of the exertions and industry of execu Capt. Playfair, are to be considered in all tive officers from the progress made. respects subject to the same regulations

Jn cases where officers employed as are prescribed for the repair of the in the execution of public works are per roads hitherto under that officer's charge. witted to draw a monthly salary, ou certificates furnished by the chief engineer, July 29.-As circumstances connectof either of the superintendents, it is to ed with operations in the field frequentbe clearly understood that those certifi. ty render it necessary that provisions cates are only to vouch for the time ac- should be issued to troops on service tually, and in the judgment of those otfi- from the public stores, the hon. the cers necessarily occupied in performing Vice President in Council considers it exthe work, without taking into conside. pedient, that a fixed rate at which arti ration äný iv terroptions, the circum cles of supply shall be charged to natire stances attending which are to be sepa troops and followers, when issued from rately stated for the consideration of the the public stores, should be determined oti, Military Board.

aud is accordingly pleased to direct, that

the scale of ratious and provisions with The Hon. the Vice-President in Coun. the rates to be charged for such supplies, wil is pleased to direct the followiug aug as exhibited in the following table, shall mentations to be immediately wade to be adhered to in every situation, where

the troops are furnished from the public 1. The undermentioned corps to be stores. augmented to ninety men per company,

Table of daily rations of provisions, auviz. Ist batt. 9th N. I. 2d ditto, 22d dit thorised to be served out to native troops to; Ist ditto, 30th ditto ; 2d ditto, 4th and followers when on service, or in si. ditto ; Ist ditto, 21st ditto ; Ist ditto, tuations requiring to be supplied froin the 16th ditto; Ist ditto, Ilth ditto ; 2d public stores, with the rate at which each ditto, 14th ditto.

article is to be paid for : 2. One company of the present strength

To Native Troops and Daily -- Rale at whickr. to be added to each of the provincial Wheat, Flour,or Rice, 1 Seer... at 20 seers

Public Departments. Rations. be paid for." battalions at Dacca and Chittagong. 9. The Sylhet corps' to be augmented Dholl..

per rupet. and formed into six companies, each com

2 Chts... 16 do. Ghee,

I do, pany to consist of the following detail ;

2 do. í subadar, 1 jemadar, 5 havildars, 5


I do.


8 do. waicks, 90 privates, with 8 drummers for the whole


$ do.

i. 8 do. An adjutant and a quarter master ser

To private Serrants'anat

Camp Followers. jeant to be appointed, as a temporary inea- Wheat, Flour,or Rice, : Seer... at 20 seers sure, to the Syllet corps.

per rupee. 4. The Chumparun light infantry and Dholl....

2 Chts... 16 do. Rungpore Jocal battalions to be augmented The Seer in the above table to be the by ten men in a company.

Company's factory weight of 80 siccà ruHis Excellency the most noble the Com pees, or two pounds for rough calculation ; mander in Chief is requested to issue the aud, to render the receipt and stoppage becessary subsidiary orders, for carrying equal in all situations, the rate is to be the above arrangements isto effect. charged in.sonaut rupees.

It is to be clearly understood, : that raThe Vice Presidc:it in council is pleased, at the recommendatiuo of his Exitlleucy

tions are never to be issued from the public stores except in situationis here the

the army.

5 do. :

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