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usual sources of supply may fail; and that all claim on the military branch of the whenever any of the prescribed articles Service, the following promotion to supply shall be procurable in the country adja. the vacancy : sent to where the troops are serving at Sen. Assist, Surg. W. Ainsley, to be the rates specified in thie foregoing table; full surgeon from the 5th May 1817, vice such articles are not to be furnished froni James Campbell, deceased. the public depots, it being the duty of cominanding officers, in such cases, to take August 12.-By direction of the most measures for providiug their bazars with noble the Governor-General, the hon, sufficient supplies.

the Vice President in Commcil is pleased Nu articles except those mentioned in to appoiut the following officers to be the table shall be supplied from the pub à committee for the establishment of lic stores, and it shall be optional with a telegraphic. communication between the commissariat to serve out rice justead Fort William and Nagpore, of Aour, when the state of the public President. Lieui-Col. C. M'Kenzie, supplies may reuder such a measure ue. Surveyor-General of India. cessary.

Meinbers.--Lieut.-Col. J. Paton, Quár.

ter-master General of the army; Lieut.The Hon. the Vice President in council

Col. J. Nicol, Adj.-General of the army ; is pleased to direct all officers in command

Major C. Stuart, Deputy-Adj. General, of posts, garrisons, and posts where: Presidency ; Captain G. Swiney, Artillery; depôts of provisions, grain, liquor, &c. Captain W. D. Playfair, Superintendant may he established, to furnish the milia Military. Roads ; Capt. R. C. Faithful, Matary board with regular quarterly returns

jor of Brigade, Cuttack. of all stores in the depots under their

Major H. Faithful, of the Regt. of Arcommand, commencing with the Ist of tillery, is appointed Secretary and AcAugust next.

countant to the Committee, on a salary of

sicca rupees 600 per mensein. August 4.-The Hon. the Vice Presi

The Vice President in Council is pleas. dent in conncil is pleased to authorize an

ed to direct, that all letters addressed to cstablishinent of fifteen trumpeters to be

or by the secretary and accountant, on

business connected with the establishi. entertained for the corps of irregular horse, commanded by Lieut. Col. Skinner, mitted free of postage. Such letters shall

ment of the telegraph, shall be transon a monthly pay of twenty-eight rupees eacli, and with a staff allowance of five graphic communication, and have also

bear on the envelope the words “ Télerupees for a trumpeter major. The establishment of Naggarchies, at

the official signature and designation of tached to the above-mentioned corps, is

the writer, reduced to fifteen.

5.-The Hon. the Vice President in 12.-It having been ascertained that council is pleased to appoint Mr. Assist.

Lieut. Alex. Spiers, of the 23d regt. of Surg. Savage, at present attached to the Nat, lof., is not entitled to take rank with civil station of Midnapore, to perform

the Marlow Cadets of the season 1802, the medical duties of the civil station of but with those of the season 1803, the Tumlook.

hon. the Vice President in Council is Ordered, that the following copy of a pleased to cancel that part of the Geneparagraph, which will be inserted in the ral Orders by Government, dated the 14th next general letter to Bengal, be publish- of March last, which pronzoted Lieut. ed in general orders :" We have per. Spiers to be a Captain by brevet. mitted Lieut. Col. Jas. Garner, of your es Aug. 19.–Capt. James Young, of the tablishment, to remain in England until Artillery, to be secretary to governmeut the departure of the first Company's ships in the military department, in the room of next season, (1817-18)."

of Mr. C. W. Gardiner.

Major. W. Mitchell of the Artillery, to 'The Hon. the Vice President in council

be agent for the manufacture of gun caris pleased to notify in general orders, that riages at Cossipore, in the room of Capt. the corps of irregular cavalry, command

Young. ed by. Col. Gardner, has been temporarily

The above appointmeuts to have effect transferred from the judicial to the mili.

from the 27th ultiino. vary department, and that the expenses of that corps will be charged to the latter The Vice-President in council is pleased department, from the coininencement of to resolve, that the official rank of Lieut:the official year 1817-18.

Colonel, shall be conferred on Capt. Young, 12.--Mr. T. Rutherford, assist. surg. at and on any military officer wlio may herethe civil station of Moradabad, having after be appointed to the situation of sereported his wish to decline promotion on cretary to government in the military dethe prescribed condition of relinquishing partment.

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Mr. Assistant Surgeon Gray, having, Aug. 19.-The hon. the Vice-President forwarded a medical certificate from the is pleased to appoint Lieut. R. Dickson of Isle of France, the permission granted' to His Majesty's 67th regt, to be a superou him in government general orders 'under merary aid-de-camp from the 1st inst. date the 19th of December last, is extend.

Aug. 19.-The hon. the Vice-President ed to six months beyond the time tlierein in Council is pleased to make the follow, mentioned. ing promotion.

August 19, 1817.-Lieut. T. H. Coles, 200h Regt. of N. I.-Senior Ensign of of tric Hon. Company's European Regt. the Army, John O'Driscal MacGrath, is permitted to proceed to Europe on furfrom the 10t11 regt. of N. I. to be Lieut. jough for the recovery of his health. from the 28th July 1817.

Augi 28.-Lieut. K. Burney, 8th N. l.

bas permission to proceed to Europe on Sept. 8.- The hon. John Fendall, Esq. Furlough. late Lieut.-Governor of Java, having re Aug. 29.--Capt. John Johnson, 30th turned to the Presidency, a salute of se N. 1. is permitted to proceed to Europe on venteèp guns was fired from the raniparts furlough, for the recovery of his health. of Fort William, in honor of that occa. Sept. 2.-Capt. G Warden, 2d batt, siou.

2. th N. I. is permitted to proceed to Eu

rope on furloughi, on account of his pri. FURLOUGHS.

vate affairs. Capt. G. Swiney, of artillery, on this Lieut. M. Ramsay, 8th N. I. is permite establislıment, has been permitted by ted to proceed to Europe on furlough, for the hon, the Court of Directors to return the recovery of his health. io his duty without prejudice to his Lieut. R S. Brownrigg, 10th N. I., and rank.

deputy assistant quarter master general, The following officers are permitted to is permitted to make a voyage to sea, for proceed to Europe on furlouglı, on ac the benefit of his health, and to be ab.. count of their private affairs : Major Sir sent for ten monilis, T. Ramsay, Bart, of the Hon. Company's. European Regt.-Capt. O'Shea of the 8th

N. I.
July 29.-Mr. Surg. J. Langstaff has

Serj. C. Housden, Bazar Serjeant at been permitted by the Hon. the Court of Kurnaul, to be a sub-conductor of orda Directors to return to his duty on this es:

nance, vice Humphreys, transferred to the tablishment, without prejudice to


his rank.

Serj. T. D'Arcey, of the commissariat,

to be a sub.conductor in that department, Maj. Gen. Sir G. Wood, K. C. B. who stands appointed to the Benares division of the army, having furnished the pre ADMINISTRATIONS TO ESTATES. scribed certificate from the medical de August 1817.-Mrs. Cox, alias Bebee partment, is permitted to proceed to the Munnah,--Administrator, D. Heming, Cape of Good Hope, and eventually to Esq. Registrar. Europe, for the benefit of his health.

Lieutenant Charles Cricliton : Esecu. Capt. G. H. Gall, commanding the Go tor, Alexander Colvin, the younger, of vernor General's body guard, having for Calcutta, Esq. warded a medical certificate from the Mr. Crichton Ramsay, Assistant Sur, Cape of Good Hope, the permission grant: geon on the Bengal Establishment: Exed to him in government general orders, ecutors, Maciutosh and Co. đated the 4th of February last, on account Captain Alexander Mall Rowland : Ad. of his health, is extended six months be ministrator, D. Heming, Esq. Registrar. ybrid the period therein mentioned.

Mr. Thomas Casey, Assistant Surgeon Ens. R. Bell,of the 17th N. I. who now on the Bengal Establishment: Executor, tonusands his Highness the Nizam's ar John Campbell Bu ton, Esq. tillery in Berar, is permitted, at his own Mr. John Dixon : Executrix, Mrs. request, to resigu the Hon. Comp uy's Sarah Dixon. service, and to return to Europe.

Mrs. Anne Green : Executor, Arthur Aug. 19.- Capt. Lieut. E. Browne, 2d Jacob Macan, Esq. bat. 30th N. l. is permitted to make a Mr. Joseph Seaward, Administrator. voyage to sea for the recovery of his health, D. Heming, Esq. Registrar. and to be abseut from his corps for six Mr. Bellington Loftie, Surgeon on the months.

Madras Establishment; Executrix, Mrs. Capt. W. H. Frith of Artillery, com Leonora Brown, (late Mrs. Leonora manding the corps of Golundauze, is per- Loftie). mitted to proceed to the Cape of Good Mr. James Sutherland : Executor, Rev, Hope for the recovery of his health, and Dr. James Bryce. to be absent for that purpose for ten Mr. Fidello Filose, formerly in the wonths.

military Service of Dowlut Rao Sciudiah

Maharaj : Administrators, Messrs. Eorbes been able to learn the fullest extent of and Co.

the injury, or whether any lives had been Lieut. Heury Finch: Executor, Gen. G. lost on this occasion. Martindell.

Sepi. 1. — The H. C. ships Thomas Mrs. Elizabeth Potter, Administrator, Grenville, Capt. R. Alsager, and Lord D. Heining, Esq. Registrar.

Castlereagh, Capt. W. Younghusband, both from Englaud the 23d April, and

Cape of Good Hope 21st July, arrived at SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.

Kedgeree. The pursers of these ships Extract of a Leiter, dated Batavia landed on the following morning, witha Rouds, June 25, 1817.

tlieir respective packets. 66 For the information of those çon Passengers per Thomas Grenville.cerned and employed in the Eastern or Mrs. B. Buller, Miss S. 'Taylor, Lieut. Malay trade, I have to state that the Col. R. Houston, C. B. 6th N. C., Lieut, Coriozo, a new brig from Manilla, of 240 J. Taylor, 7th Madras N. I. Corvet A. tons burthea, coppered, &c. has been cut Taylor, H. M. 22d Light Drag., Mr.G.F. off through the machinations of the Sul- Franco, writer, Mr. J. Alsager, Mr. J. tan of Sambas at an island called by them Cullen, cadet, Mr. J. C. Faithful, Mr. J. Sarrassali, the St. Naturas. The con Cox, free mariner. mander Captain Mitchell, Mr. Matthias, Sept. 25.- The Union, Tweedy, and Supercargo, and about 25 of the crew Princess Charlotte, M`Kean, dropped killed.

down the river, the former for the Isle of « The Sultan has sivce armed the ves

France, the latter to complete her lading sel with 10 guns, and mauned her; and

for Penang. will it is expected, cruize off Sambas, and

The under-mentioned vessels left Cal. Slacco rivers, to take and plunder what

cutta.--Mary Anu, Webster, for Malta ; ever he can master, The Coriozo did and Robert, Quale, for Liverpool. belong to a Mr. Augustine Scarella, and

The Honourable Coinpany's ships Lord was only a few days from Manilla.” Castlereaglı, Thomas Grenvillo, William Aug.7.-We håre to notice this week

Piit, Carnatic, True Briton, and Ganges, one arrival more from Europe, that of

were at Diamond Harbour ; the extra the French ship Titus. She left Bordeaux ships Northumberland and Union, at Ked the 12th of March, and Corunna the 8th

geree; Princess Charlotte of Wales, Mar. of April, and stopped at the island of quis of Wellington, Streatham, Minerva, Johanna, where she took the commander

Ros Moffat, and Cornwall, at the New and crew of the Admiral Gambier lost in

Anchorage ; and the ship General Kyd,

below Sauger. the Mosambique channel, and two Am

Oct. 30.-Arrived the Lady Borringbassadors of the king of Johanna, Adiniral Siboo and Duke Abdoollah.* The

don, from the Cape and Isle of islanders are a mild and hospitable race,

France : -Woo: bridge, G. G. H. Munwho most chearfully assist with all the mings, from London, and the Isle of means in their power the navigators of all

France 27 th July ;--and the Paragon, R. nations by whom they are occasioually Miller, from London 19th March, and the visited. But they are often annoyed by

Isle of France 27th July. the barbarians of Madagascar, who, for

James Stuart, Esq. and Charles Milner the sake of plunder, carry fire and sword Ricketts, Esq. have reached the Presidence into their peaceful habitations; and the bythe Lady Borringdon. object of the embassy is, we uuderstand, ler and son.

Pussengers per Parugon.-Mrs. Mil. to solicit the protection of the British governinent against their cruel enemies.

The Paragon grounded on Diamond Messrs. Guillaume Amant Roquet, and

Harbour Sand, but came off without daJean Boye, Merchants, and Pierre Marie

mage, and reached town on Tuesday last, Magdinier, a clergyman, have arrived from France on the Titus.

On the afternoon of the 13th instant, a Aug. 9.–A letter dated or the Ganges native boat was crossing the river from Zungera near Moonglyr, states with re

the Sulkea side to Calcutta, with about ference to the progress of the fleet, that thirty natives on board. It had nearly it could not reach the latter place on that

reached the Burra Bazar Ghaut, when it day as was expected, owing to contrary

was carried by the rapidity of the ebb winds; and that 13 boats, containing arti- tide, athwart the hawser of one of the Free cles of consumption belonging to the most

Traders, and melancholy to relate, coming noble the. Governor Geveral, from the

in contact with the ship's jron cable, it boisterousness of the weather, had been

was immediately upset, and swept with carried adrift, and totally lost. Some many of those on board under the ship's portion of the articles however, is stated

bottom. Eight or ten lives were lost. It so have been recovered, but we have not

was lucky that many kept fast hold of

the cable, and by that means saved themSee page 412 of the present number. selves.

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Brigadier General Malcolm assisted by Nov. 26. At Masulipatam, in the house of G. E. Colonel Walker.' The fourth by BrigaRussel, Esq. R. C. Ross, Esg. Collector of the

dier General Smith, and the fifth by ColoZillah of Cuddapah, third son of the late Gene. ral Ross of this establishment, in the 34th

nel Adams, commanding the Nagpore year of his age, after a short but severe illness, subsidiary force. The troops have not

yet begun to move, and perhaps their-ad

vance may be protracted a month or six MADRAS.

weeks longer. On the Bengal side the Sept. 30.--By letters from Hyderabad,

Governor General has proceeded on a'tour dated the 20th instant, Sir T. Hislop was

to the western provinces, and it is said, not expected to leave the Residency before

will fix his head quarters at Cawupoor. this date. In the mean time the differeut Graiu has been collected and stored alovg columns are on their march to form their the frontier, but the troops still remain

juactive in their cantonments. The obrespective divisions of the army in the field. From the bauks of the Beeinah ject of these preparations is the annihiWe have soine accounts of the movements

sation of the Pindaris in Malwa, a work of troops. A vast quantity of rain had

which would have been performed five fallen in that part of the Deccan. The years ago if the government had consulted river had risen considerably, and a great

the welfare of our native subjects; for by number of cattle had perished from the putting off the evil day we gave them op. inclemency of the weather.

portunities of making incursions into the

Company's unprotected districts, where Madras was visited, early on Tuesday they have committed every atrocity and morning last, by one of the most awful

caused a scene of devastation, the paral. and tremendous thunder storms we ever

lel of whicle is to be fouod ouly in the remember to have observed. The light- annals of the Buccaneers. In this work uing was extremely vivid, but we are

I can only say every British officer will feel happy to state that, as far as our inquiries that his sword guarautees security and go, no material damage was occasioned happiness to millions.” by it. A tree at the St. Thome Tank was struck and shivered. An immense quan

Bombay Marine.-Rauk assigned to tity of rain fell during the storm. The

officers of Bombay Marine corresponding weather has since been serene, but ex.

with those of the military by General Ortremely sultry.

ders, 3d May, 1798. Oct. 7.-Letters of the 8th ult. from the The commodore to have equal rank most noble the governor general's fleet, with colonels in the arsny. lead us to believe that head-quarters would Captains of larger vessels of 28 guns be established at Cawupore on the 10th and upwards rank with Lieut.-Col. ult. The third division of the Bengal Captains of sinaller vessels undar: 28 army had received orders to hold itself in guns rank with Majors. readiness to take the field hy the 15th. First Lieutenants rank with Captains. An army of reserve was to form at Calpee, Second Lieutenauts rank with Lieute. where the Marquis of Hastings will fix nants. his head-quarters during the time the Superintendants in civil rank next to arıny is in the field. His lordship had en the members of souncil. joyed the best health during the voyage.

The Master Attendant civil rank next
The gallant veteran General Sir D. Och. below the superintendant.
terlony is to command the third division. 1794. Hon. Company's ships and vessels
We are happy to hear that the sickuess at on the marine establishment to be con-
Jessore las considerable abated. The ducted and disciplined as nearly as possi-
tipidemic is said to have been occasioned ble agreeably to the rules of the royal
principally by an immoderate use of sable navy.


The officers of His Majesty's civil ser-
Extract of a Letter from an Officer dated

vice in this islaud having voted his ExNagpore, the 8th Sept. 1817. cellency Governor Farquhar a piece of

plate, of the value of five hundred guineas, « Affairs in this country bear a warlike went up with the following address, which appearance. Sir T. Hislop, the Com

was read to his. Excellency by Colonel mander-iu-Chief of the Madras army, has Barry been at Hyderabad for some time and has “Sir,-With no ordinary sensations assumed the command of the troops in of regret at your excellency's approachthe Deccan. He has formed them into 'ing departure, the civil servants of his five divisions. The first, or advanced, he Majesty's government at Mauritius beg commands in person. The second is under to express those feelings towards you, Brigadier General Doveton, the third, which are the genuine results of an inti

mate acquaintance with your excellency's “It will be my duty, on my return to the high and valuable qualities..

presence of our gracious sovereigu, to tes. * It is not for us, Sir, to expatiate upon iify the valuable assistance I have received the benefits which have accrued, and from you, together and individually, in the which are yet derivable to Mauritius, execution of the great task entrusted to from the system you have acted upon and us, during the eventful period of my admi. the measures you have adopted; those nistration, from the conquest of the colo-. will be better declared by the flourishing, ny to the present day. state of the island, even after the awful “From the perils and depression which visitation of last year, and your praises were the cousequences of the awful visitaon these points best sounded by the in tion of last year it required no commonhabitants themselves, who, happy under · talents and industry to emerge. Those that beneficent rule of government which, talents I found amongst you, united to an has - conciliated the best interests of the ardent zeal to promote the best interests crown with those of the colony, can of the crowu and colony, by the most disnever cease to remember you with grati- interested, assiduous, and indefatigable tude for the enjoyment of those advan. exertion. tages which your paternal solicitude has “Should his Majesty's ministers in their obtained for them.

wisdom accept my humble services for “ To us, however, is permitted the ex. completing thie fabric of policy on which pression of seutiments which, it different the prosperity of our island depends, I in their nature, are in their kind equally shall feel myself siugularly fortunate in pure, strong, and sincere, those of perso- being again surrounded, at my return ual affection, esteem, and regard, arising amongst you, by men undaunted by diffiout of that connexion which the discharge culty, ever ready to carry into execution of our several official duties here has the beneficent intentions of our gracious formed between us; and it is to mark prince, and to lighten the labour by that affection, to evince that regard, and that cheerful co-operation, which is not to record that esteem, that we request less conducive to the juterests of the your excellency's acceptance of a piece of service than the happiness of each ivplate.

dividually. Deeply indeed should we lament your “ Accept, gentlemen, the assurance of departure had we not the prospeet be. my inviolable attachment, and believe, fore us of your speedy return; during whatever my future destiny may be, that your temporary absence our fervent wishes I shall never cease to wish you the undisfor your welfare, and the health and hap- 'turbed enjoyment of all possible happi. piness of your family, will attend you : ness and prosperity, and the entire acconsoon may we again receive you amongst plislıment of all those fair objects in the us, permanently to establish the colony service, to which you are entitled by long according to those enlightened views, and tried, honorable, and distinguished pubon that firm basis, which will equally re lic conduct." fect honour upon his Majesty's government and your excellency's name.

Major General Hall, on assuming tise (Signed) “ G. A. Barry, Chief Sec; temporary government of this island aud

Ğ. Dick, Aud. Gen.; T. E. Hook, its dependencies, has issued a proclama.
Treas. and Acct. Gen.; T. Webster, tion, stating his intention to act iu every
Paym. Gen, ; R. Barclay, Bt. Col. respect conformably to the principles of
of Int. Rev.; E. A. Draper, Sury. the British constitution.
Gen.; R. Jones, Chaplain ; T. Brad-
shaw, Regist. of Slaves .; W. Burke,

M. D.; A. W. Blane, Der. Sec.; C. Mr. F. Chrestien to be civil commis.
Royer, W. Madge, R. Suffield, P. sary of the district of Flacq, vacant by
Salter, R. Chaillet, C. Mylieus, N, the death of Mr. Boullé.

James Blanch, Esq. to act in the situda To which his Excellency made the fol tion of deputy registrar of slaves in the ·lowing reply :

absence of Sir Arthur Forbes, who has *." Gentlemen,- It is a great source of obtained his Excellency's permission to satisfaction to me, at the moment of proceed to England,

parting from this government, to receive His excellency the Governor has beer from you the expression of those senti- pleased provisionally to 'appoint Mr. ments of cordial regard which have mu Jaines Blanch to the duties of the situa. tually actuated us, and contributed so much tion of deputy harbour master, vacant to our success in the discharge of our - by the death of Mr. Burch. several duties in public and private life Major General Hall, acting governor, during the last seven years ; as a memo has been pleased to appoint Lieut. Co. rial of that constant attachment the piece Leitch to be his private secretary:--The of plate which you offer me, and which appointment to take date from the 19:19 I accept with unfeigned pleasure.


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