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4 125

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per maund

per do

Ks. As

Rs. As. Nails, (Europe) per maund ' 38 0

Dammar (boiled).... per do.. 3 8 Slab

48 0 Elephant's Teethi, Ist sort, perdo, 110 Japan

49 0 2d ditto....

per do.... 100 € Iron (Swedish square) per do..., 4 10 3d ditto.i..

85 (ditio flat)..

per do....

5 10 (Englislı, square) per do.... 3 0

Price of Bullion. (ditto, flat) per do....

3 8 Bolt · per do....

Spauish Dollars, Sicca Rup.207 4 per 100 3 0

ditto Zechins,

450 0 Nails, 2 to 3 inch per do.... 8 0


ditto ditto, 4 to 10 do: per do.... 6 0


425 0 ditto

German Crowns, ditto 1994 Hoops

ditto Lead (Pig)

8 8 (Sheet).

8 4

SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. Red Lead, (tirst sort) per do.... 10 (2d do.) per do.... 9 12

Nov. 5.-Arrivals.-Bounty Hall, W. White do...

per do....

13 4

Hammill, from Liverpool, 17th June; Steel (Swedish)

11 0

Lord Sheffield, R. Brown, from London Tin Plates, (14 ky 10) per box 21 8 30th May; Ship City of Edinburgh, W. Tutevague

28 0

Lock, from England 17th Juve.

Departures. - Ship Ganges, J. ChapRui Silk. Silk Filature, (Rani poorbaulealı,

man, for Liverpool ; Ship Caledonia, A.

Wales, for London ; Ship Heywood, W. Europe market) 1st sort in

Harmsworth, for Loncion. bazar

. per seer ..

10 8

Passengers proceeding to Europe on 2d do.

10 4

board the following private licensed ships. do. Company's C.. per do.... (none)

By the Charles Mills, Capt. John CharCommercolly Ist sort per do (ditio) ritie.-Mrs. Bartram, Capt. Lieut. Dalzeil, (Radnagora) Ist do. per do.... (ditto)

of the establishment of Fort St. George, (Rampoorbauleah, Bombay

Mr. R. Beecher, jun., Mr. William Lin. market, 3d sort....

per do...,

9 8

ton, Master Frederick Wilson, Misses 4th do. · per do....

E. and M. Stafford, Miss Cecilia Bertram, Silk Chowjah, (Madras inarket,

Miss E. Helen Dennison. I sort).

per do....

8 3

By the Sir James Henry Craig, Capt. 2d do..


B. Brown.-Mrs. Babington, Capt. W. Spices.

Flint, R, N., Masters Jas. Lumsdain, Cardinums, (Malabar, good)

C. Rutledge, J. R. Abbot, G. W. H. Ba. per seer .. 3 12 bington, C. M. Babington, Miss M. S. (country) per inaund 18 0 Abbott. Cassia

per do.... (none) By the Minstrel, Capt. Bristow.-Mr. Buds.

per do.... (ditto) H. Whitecoambe, late of the R, N., Mr. Cinnamon. per do.... (ditto)

Thos. Parter, late surg. of the country Chillies, Ist sort.... per do.. 3 14 ship Castlereagh, Mr. John I. Reade, Mr. Cloves, good, small.. per secr ..

3 2

G. Arthur. Large... · per do....

3 0 By the Marquis of Wellington, Capt. J. Ginger, dry, (1st sort, Rang

Nichol.-Mrs. Macpherson and lier infant pore

- per maund

7 4 child, Miss M. Smith, Sir T. Ramsay. (1st.do. Patna). : per do.... 6 0 By the Barrosa, Capt. J. L. Garrick. Mace, good

per seer

7 8 Lieut. 7. H. Coles, hon. Company's EuNutmegs, good..

7 0 ropean Reg., Master H. Maling, Miss. Pepper per maund 19 8

Henrietta Maling. Long Pepper.... per do.... 22 0 By the Richmond, Capt. W. Clark. Do. do. Root......

per do.... 18 0 Capt. Johnstone.

Cocoanut Oil, 1st sort, per maund 12 0

Coffee, (Mocha)
. per do.... 30 0

Sept. 1. At Balluah, the lady of John Eales, Esq. (Bourbou, good) per do... (none) of a danghter. (Java)

per do.... ditto) 20. At Keita, the lady of Capt. Hugh Wret(Sumatra)... . per do.... (ditto)

tesley, 28th N. I. of a son. Cotton, Jaloon, (unscrewed)per do. 16 12

21. , At Barrackpore, the lady of Capt. Claye

Watson, of a son.
Bandah, (ditto) .. per do.... 17 12 3. Mrs. Daniel Templeton, of a son.
Bheerghur, (ditto) per do.... (none)

7. At Ausseinabad, the lady of Capt. J. Caul.

field, 5th N. C. of a sou. Bheemurghur, (do.) per do.... 17 4 15. At Aligurh, the lady of Capt. H. P. Davies, Cutchowra, (ditto) per do.... 15 12

11th N. l. of a daughter. Thread, (Luckipore)per do...,' 29 0

At Quilon, the lady of Lieut. King, 19th N. I. of (Futtyghur) ...per do....

23 0 17. At Bhaugulpore, the lady of Fred. Nepean, (Patna) ........ per do..., 20 0

Esq. Civil Service, of a son. (Cawnpore)

At Gazeepore, the lady of Major Beck, H. M. per do.... 23 0

17th Foot, of a son.

· per do....


per do....

a son.


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29. Mrs. Ede, widow of the late Mr. Evans Ede, 10. At Patna, the infant son of Joshua Carter, Pilot Service, of á still-born son.

Esq. of the Civil Service. 30, At Chowringhee, the lady of H. Alexander, At Chandernagore, Mr. Francis Durup de Doma Esq. of a son.

bal, aged 38. Mrs. N. M. A. Moratcan, of a daughter.

11. At Barrackpore, the infant son of Lieut, At Chowringhee, the lady of the Rev. D. Currie, and Adj. S. Hawthorne, vith N. I. of a son.

Lieut. Brook Watson, 24th N. I. Oct. 1. At Futty Ghur, the lady of Lieut. Oakes, 16. At an advanced age, Mr. Simon Cardozo, an 4th N. I. of a daughter.

old inhabitant of Calcutta. Sept. 3. The lady of Capt. J. Ross Parish, of a

19. Mr. Thos, Watley, Printer of the Caleutta daughter,

Gazette, aged 43. 1. Mrs. C. 4. Pratt, of a son.

20. Mr. Philip Rebeiro, aged 59. Mrs. T. Christie, of a son.

23. Mrs, Anna de la Cassa. Aug. 31. Mrs. M. Angier, of a daughter.

At Arrah, John Deane, Esq. Civil Service. 27. Al Sulkea, Mrs. J. Anderson, of a son. 27. Of the Cholera Morbus, Chas. Wm, Gibson, 26. At Burdwan, the lady of W: Wollen, Esq.

Esg of a son.

30. Mr. P. Gotting, son of Capt. J, L. Gotting, 21. At Monghier, the lady of J. E, C. Suther aged 23. - land, Esq. Of a daughter.

Oct, 1,

At Allahabad, James, infant son of Sept. s. at Saukaripovket. Mrs. T. Roberts, of Lieut. James Fagan, Adj. of Ñ. Invalids. a son and heir.

4. Capt. Francis Ringrose, late Commander of Aug. 17 At Rewarrie, the lady of Capt. Bishops the Ship Bombay, 6th N. I, of a daughter.

Mis, in Fiëld, the lady of Capt. R. P. Field. Sept. 9. The lady of G, Mercer, Esq. of a daugh: 5. Near Berhampore, of a severe and lingering

illness, which lie bore with Christian fortitude, - The lady of Licut. and Adj. Steele Hawthorne, Captain Samuel Tickell, of the 8th regiment of 11th N. I, of a son.

Native: Insantry, Anan endowed with many 27. The lady of Col. Thomas McMalion. Adj. eminent qualities; his “pięty, was warm but unGen. of His Majesty's Forces, of a son.

affected; his actions guided by principle and Aug, 27. At Cawnpore, the lady Alexander

justice. In all the relations of husband, father, Orr, jun. Esq. of a son.

friend, he could be equalled 'by few, but exSept. 10. At Chwringhee, the larly of E, Mo py ceeded by none. His virtues will long be re. lony, Esq. of a danghter.

corded in the hearts of those who knew him 16. Át Patna, the lady of W. Lambert, Esq. of best; while his unfortunate widow will ever á daughter.

have to deplore the dire mandate, which has At Garden Reach, the lady of W. S. Green, early robbed her of an affectionate, indulgent Esq. of a daughter.

husband, and his children of the best and ten2. The lady of Robert Barlow, Esq. of a soul, derest of fathers, Nov.9. At Kishnaghur, the lady of H. Imlach,

8. At the Presidency, Major Wm, Mitchell, ArEsg. of a son.

tillery, aged 45. 12. The lady of Lieut. Col. Young, of a daugh 7. Capt, Wm. Friend, aged 43. ter,

Sept. 24. Aged 65, the Hon. Sir John Royds, - The lady of Lieut. George Gladwin Denniss, Knt, late one of the Judges of the Supreme Artillery, of a daughier,

Court, 13. The lady of Capt. Francis Balston, of a 9. Capt. W. Henderson, of the Country Service, daughter.

16. Capt. James Webster. 6. The lady of John Smith, Esq. of a daughter.

4. At Hazrapore, Mr. J. A. Deverell, indig, Oct. 19. The lady of Rohr, Merlin Biru, Esq. planter, Civil Service, of a son.

24. Drowned in the Hoogly River, in his 16th 91. At Conte in Tirhont, the widow of the late year, Mr. John Bowinan, Midshipman of the Geo. Neville Wyatt, Esq. Medical Service, of a Hon. Company's ship William Pitt,

12. Lieut. Thos, Fraser, H. M. 67th regt. MARRIAGES.

17. Near Berhampore, Thomas Murray, Esq.

aged 24. Sept. 22. Mr. S. Gonsalves to Miss A. Manthroe.

Nov. 10, Mr. John Meller, aged 23. 26. Mr. J. W. King to Mrs, Emma Morrison.

is. Mr. Wm. Ward, Pensioner on the Military 30. Mr. Henry Mansell to Mrs. Margaret Ma. Establishment, aged 45. carty.

16. The lady of Capt. Jaines Hyde, Engineers. Oct. 2, Lieut. W. Newton, H. M. 21st Light Oct. 8. At "Banda (Bunulecund), Ensign J, Y. Dragoons, to Miss A. Armstrong.

Watson, 26th N. I. 10. Mr. Chas. Greenwaller to Miss Amelia Horn, 30. In his boat, on the river near Rajmaul, 21. Lieut. John Walker, Ist N. I. to Miss Eliza Lieut. Anthony Carroll, H. M. 87th Foot, Fraser, daughter of Lieut. Col. Fraser.

Thos. Palin Calvert, Esq. Acting Collector of the Sept. 4. Capt. Edw. Studd, Country Service, to District of Sah irunpore, Miss Harriet Murplıy.

Lieut. Col. Francis Rutledge, 30 N.I. 12. Capi, John Greighi, to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Lieut. James Hay, H. M. 95th Light Dragoons.

Hodges, eldest daughter of Capt. Jos. Houlges, Lieut. John Edward Lodge, 6h N. I. Aug. 25. Ensign Chas. Fitzgerald, 30th of No.1.

Capt. James Macarthy, Country Service, to Miss Conradine Prinziing, daughter of C.H. On the banks of the Poorna, Colonels Walker G. Prinzling, Esq. Judge and Magistrate of and Thompson, of the Mauras army.

Sept. 16. Lieut, Samuel Clutterbuck, H. M. 59th

Foot;" to Sarah, second daughter of the late
Rev. Hugh Dickson, of Tipperary, Ireland.

MADRAS. 6. Mr. Wm. Börrington to Miss Mary Gill. 4. Rawson Hart Boddam, Esq. Civil Service, to " Extract of a letter from Meerut, Miss Hungerford, eldest daughier of the late

dated the 12th Sept. John Hung erford, Esq. Solicitor tu the Hon. Company at Bombay.

“ All the troops in this part of the 94. Capt. Landall, of the Ship Jessy, to Miss

world will soon be in motion : some have Dow. 19. Mr. R. W. Allan to Miss Mary Smith. already moved with secret orilers. The Nov. Mr. F. Paschaud to Miss E L. Smith.

Horse Artillery and

8th Drag ons are 11. Mr. J. F, Twisden, Pilot Service, to Miss Frances Kerr.

under orders to march from heuce on the

19th, and to be at a certain point, nine, DEATHS.

teen marchies off, on the Jumna, by nine Sept. 10. At Chinsurah, Mr. A. A. Ezhardy, aged 61.

A. M. on the 10th próximo. 11. At Dacca, aged 35, W. Gordon, Esq. indigo "A battalion of the 7th, under the

planter. Ai Coolbáreah, Dr. James Robertson, lately Su

command of Major Dare, marched from perintending Surg. at Dinapore.

Delbi, on the 10th ult., with orders to Asiatic Journ. No. 29.


3 U



at their station on the Jumna, on the 1st

MARRIAGES. instant.

Aug. 12. Robert Waller Poe, Esq. Solicitor to

the Supreme Court of Judicature at Bengal, to ~ Colonels Hardyman, of His Majesty's

Anne, eldest daughter of Wm. Harington, Esq. 17th regimeut ; Watson of the 14th regt. ; of the Madras Civil Service. Toone, C. B.: D'Auvergne ; Frith, and

Oct. 28. David Malcom, Esq. of Bombay, to

Miss Anna Maria Hughs. Arnold, C. B. were appointed brigadiers Sept. 22. Capt. G. J. Gillespie, 4th Light Cav. on the 14th ulcimo.

to Miss Ansell, “ It is stated, that His Majesty's 24th

Oct. 4. Mr. John Massey to Miss Mary Herst.

At Velinre, Lieut, Simkins, H. M. 34th Foot, foot, the 2d battalion 4th N.l., and a to Mrs. Sophia Mackenzie, detachment of Artillery, had received or.

Sept. 17. Mr. G. D. M'Carthy to Miss M. E,

Urquhart, ders to be in readiness to march from Di.

DEATHS, napore, on the 1st instant.

Aug. 11. At Vellore, Cotton Bowerbank Dent,

Esq. the oldest Civil Servant of the Hon. Com

pany on the Madras Establishment.

Sept. 13. At the Garden House of Capt. Ran. NAUTICAL INTELLIGENCE.

dall, Lieut. James E. Brunton, H, M. 25th The followiug letter has been published

Light Dragoons, aged 22.

Oct. 14. Col, Patrick Walker, of the Light Ca. by government, and gives information im

valry. portant to nautical men.

25. At his house on Choultry Plain, Lieut. Gen.

John Pater. To the President and Members of the

14. At Hydrabad, Capt, C. C. Johnston, Assist.

Quar, Nast. Gen.
Marine Board.

Sept. 22. Ann, the infant child of Mr. Josepła

Wiltshire. Gentlemen,-Being commander of the

Mrs. Tozer. private ship Hibernia, of London, and 21. Ann Isabella, the infant child of Capt. C. lately arrived in the roads, I beg leave to F. Tolfrey, N. I. maké known to you, that on my late

Oct. l. Mr. Thos. I'inter, late Chief Officer of

the ship Reliance. passage from England I touched at the Sept. 28. Near Poonah, Lieut. Col. F. Thomp. island of Tristan de Cunha to get water

son, of the Madras European reg. ou the 9th of April last; and that after taking our departure from there, on the 12th, at half past 11 A.M., having run

BOMBAY three hundred and fity-seven miles per log

Nov. 5.-Letters from the Head Quaron a E, b. S. course, with a free wind all

ters of his Excellency, the most noble the the time, fell in with three sunken rocks, one of which we very narrowly escaped reached us to the date of the 24th Oct.

Governor General, at Secundra, hare being on; there appeared to be about nine They speak with confidence of the speedy feet water on the one we had close along. pacific termination of his lordship’s measide, latitude 37 31 south, 4 42 west ; the ihree rocks form almost a triangle, and Upper India. It is impossible to do jus

sures, in regard to the wative powers of all within the bounds of a cable's length; tice to the wisdom and vigour which being so much alarmed at the time, and have hitherto guided his excellency's pothe ship going at the rate of seven knots, licy, in accomplishing measures the most halt no opportunity.of sounding on them. important to the peace and prosperity of I am fully convineed of the facts before British India, of any that bave been stated, as well as my first officer and se

adopted since the treaty of Bassein. A veral of the watch on deck at the time,

termination, the most honorable to the And amr, &c. &c.

British character, and tending to conso(Signed) Joux LENNON.

lidate our interests on the most safe and Madras, 28th June 1817.

permanent foundation, will soon, it is e.

pected, reward the noble marquis's exerBIRTHS.

tions, and enable his lordship to return At Allipore, the lady of Mr. J. H.. to the seat of government, and the galFaylor, of a son.

lant and highly equipt divisions of the Ang. 5. 'At Bangalore, Mrs. Boxley, of a daugh army, now in the field, to their respective 29. The lady of N. B. Edmonstone, Esq. of a

cantonments. daughter. Oct. 27. The lady of Capt. Hugh Scott, of a

It is stated in an Ukhbar from Holkar's 16. The lady of the Rev. W. Walker, of a son, 4. The lady of G. J. Hadow, Esq. of a son.

camp that Mr. Elphinstone the resident 20. The lady of Lient. Cecil, of a son,

at Poonah had informed the Peishwa, Mrs. Joseph Wiltshire, of a son.

that the British government intended to Sept. 30. 'The lady of Capt. Ewing, 24th regt.

restore the provinces, which had been 17. The lady of Lieut. S. Manfell, 19th N. I. of lately ceded by him. It is also stated,

a still-born child. Oct. 9. The lady of Major 'Broome, H. M. 220

that Kureem Khawn, a celebrated PinDragoons, of a son.

dari chief, had been set at liberty, and had 10. The lady of John Goldie, Esq. Superintend. commenced his wonted devastations. The

ing Surg. of a son, 14. The lady of C. Fullerton, Esq. of a son.

British government had consequently ex8. The lady of John Hay, Esq. of a daughter, pressed its displeasure at this act on the 15. The lady of S. Lazar, Esq, uf a son. part of Holkar ; but the vakeel attempt

Sent. 21.




of a son.


ed to exculpate his master, by alleging political life, and can only be duly apprethat Ghaffoor Khawn, a rebellious com ciated by those who know the difficulties mander, had liberated the robber. The which his Lordship had to encounter in Jaypoor Rajah had demanded the Rajah restoring the superiority of Britislı power of Kalsee to deliver up that fortress, over states which have for a long time which was refused: the parties were been suffering all manner of political evils. therefore expected to come to a battle. Letters from Hussingabad state, that Ameer Khawn is still before Madharj- Sir John Malcolmn had concluded treaPoorah.

ties of amity and friendship with several

chiefs on the Nerbudda. The Peishwa by the last accounts was continuing his retreat to the southward, closely pursued by Brigadier-Gen. Smith, lown, Nov. 1.-“ On the 25th, the divi

Extract of a Letter, dated Camp Jalwho was on the 26th November at the foot of the Saulpah Ghaut. There had

sion marched to Ooriah, a village situated been some skirmishing with broken par

higher up the Juinna. During the 27th ties of the Peishwa's army, in which

and 28th the troops crossed the Jumna about two hundred of the latter had been

by a bridge of boats constructed at killed or wounded.

Shurghur near Qoriah, and encamped The forces under the Marquis of Has

about a mile and a half from the right tings on the one hand, and Sir Thomas

bank. A stockaded work was thrown up Hislop op tke other, were approaching whilst two 18-pounders iron were placed

to cover the bridge on the right bauk, each other in opposite directions towards the seat of the Pindari association.

in position on the left bank, which is The Rajah of Berar had taken up arms

high and steep, one on the right and the against the Subsidiary force established in

other on the left of the bridge. These his dominions, which is in effect, a de

measures being taken for the defence of claration of war against the Company ;

this important pass, tlie dirision marched and could never have been thought of by

in a southerly direction about twelve miles the Berar, though a powerful Mahratta

to Loharee, on the 29th and on the 30th state, unless in concert with Scindia, Hol.

(still in a southerly direction) eleven miles kar, and the Peishwa. The last chief,

to this place, which is a large and popu.

lous town. though obliged to quit Poonah, is able to keep the field.

“ Nothing has transpired in regard to The Peishwa being in alliance with the

our future movements, although Gohud British in 1804, Severn Droog was taken

and Gwalior seem to be their object. If in the naine of his Hightiess hy Colonel

we may judge from the circumstance of Grant, the fortress was then hield by a

the brigades, composing the light field most atrocious Maharatta rebel, Hurry

train, being constantly on halting days Bulla).

out practising a new set of manœuvres

adapted to the most rapid movements of The Head Quarters of the Most Noble

the line on any kind of ground, whether the Governor General and Commander.

of a hilly or level feature, and said to be in chief were at Godowsa on the 6th Nov.

taken from the system in use with the

Bararian artillery, doubtless some very Nov. 19.-Treaty with Scindinh.--A

active service is expected in soine quarreport has reached us, and we have rea

ter or other. son to believe a well founded report, that

“ The weather until very lately bas Sciņdiah has acceded to all the terms,

been unusually hot for the season of the proposed to him by the most noble the

year ; however, from the westerly winds Marquis of Hastings. We are not of having of late prevailed, we are in hopes course as yet acquainted with these terms;

soon of enjoying a more congenial tembut it is said, among others, that Scin

perature. diah has agreed to fix his future residence

“ N. B. The maps of India now exat Gualior, from which he is not to de.

tant are so very incorrect in l'espect to part without permission of the B;itish

the Upper Provinces, that it will be very

difficult to trace on tliem the differeut government; that he is to aid and assist this government against their Pindarię

routes pursuing by the grand army." enemies, and as a guarantee of his abiding by the terms of the treaty, is to deliver Ukhbars. -Holkar's camp was at Seover to the hon. Company five of his prin- wasah on the 24th Sept. No settlement cipal fortresses, among which Nurwar had been made with his mutinous troops; and Assecr Gliur are wamed. This in but Ameer Khawn was expected soon 10 portant measure, so necessary to thic pay them a visit. peace and security of the British territo: Runjeet Singh, wlio was at Lahore on ries, reflects a lustre on the most noble the 3d of September, has ordered his arMarquis who has accomplished it, not tillery to march towards Ramnaghur, surpassed by the most brilliant acts of his wliere he would soon follow with luis ory


camp. The object of these movements is . Sir Gabriel Martindell detached Capt. not known,

Simpson with two companies by water to King Madmood Shah is at Cabul, and open it. The Rajah having suffered sehad received letters from Prince Feerozul- verely on the 16th and 18th, delivered 'men, stating, that Mudud Khawn had

himself up on the 19th, and brought in gone over to the Prince of Gourban, by prisoners two of his principal advisers, whom he was received with much res who are now in irons, and will, I conpect.“ Sliah Zemann, and his sons, were clude, be hanged immediately. Every also at Gourban, aud in a few days iu- thing, by the last accounts from that quartended to proceed to Harraut. On re ter, is settled. ceiving this information, Mahmoud de « Citizen Jugbundoo, who looked to a sired the prince to use every endeavour to powerful diversion in that quarter, must detach these chiefs from the Gourban have been in despair when he heard that interest.

the insurrection was quelled. ja a few It appears that Prince Camran, anxious days : he has not above 400 with him, to repair the breach betwixt him and and the majority of these, except the Vizier Futteh Khawn, had requested the proscribed Sirdars, will quit him the molatter to forget past offences, promising ment the state of the country will adinit to be guided by his councils for the fu

of our moving. At present the whole is tuite. The vizier, however, reproached a sheet of water towards Rameesur." the prince with having, through the advice of flatterers, attempted to take

APPOINTMENTS. away his life, and refused to trust in his promises of future safety.

Mr. John Elphinstop to be chief judge A great death of grain has been felt in at Surat, and of the court of circuit and Moultan : on the 6th October wheat was

appeal. selling at the rate of 13 seers for a rupee.

Mr. John H. Pelly to be resident at

Bancoole. Ameer Khawn has withdrawn his army from the Fort of Mudharajpoorah.

Mr. James J. Sparrow, to be military

pay-master at the presidency. Extract of a Letter from Khoordah.-

Mr. Richard J. Goodwin, to be wareThe following extract affords hopes of a

house keeper and commercial accountant. speedy termination of the disturbance

Mr. T. Gardiner, deputy warehouse at Cuttack :

keeper. Camp Khoordan, Oct. 8, 1817.

Mr. J. R. Snowv, sen. magistrate of 66 On the 2d ult. we lost a inost va

Polia. luable officer, Capt. Armstrong, 2d batt.

Mr. J. H. Little, acting assistant to the 18th regt. He commanded five companies

Polia magistrate at Surat. at Rameesur, and was most active in driving Jugbundoo and the confederates

BIRTHS. from their several posts in the jungles. Sent. 2. The lady of Ensign Henry Donnithorne, Capt. Rennett of the 18th, with five con 65th Font, of a son and beir.

Aug. 16. At Meerut, lady Rumbold, of a son. paules and two three-pounders, left Cut

MARRIAGES, tack by water to quell the rebellion in Coojung. He sailed on the 14th, and came

Sept. 8. At Baroda, V. C, Kemball, Esq. to Miss to Parrah Deep on the morning of the 29. Major Ford, tu Miss Eastwick, eldest daughte 16th, when observing a strong stockade ter of Robert Eastwick, Esq. of Warfield,

Berks. at the landing place, he directed his boats full against it, landed his men and guns,

DEATHS. and after some firing the rebels filed; he Aug. 22. Brevei Col. W, East, C. B. Command. dashed into the village, where the fellows

ing Officer of His Higliness the Guicowar's

Subsidiary Force at Baroda. had guns, one and three-pounders, mount.' Sept. 13, At Baroda, in her 21st year, Mrs. Ri. ed at the head of each street; these he


24. At Cambay, the Rev. J. Rawlins. nstantly captured and took several of the Rajah's wives and children, -the Rajah: himself narrowly escaped.

JAVA. “ On the 16th the Pykes attacked him Extract of a Letter.-Wę have had in force, but were defeated with heavy. very late intelligence from Amboyna, that Joss; the head molungee, or port-ad. the people of Saparos, 0.16 of the neighmiral, one of his principal advisers, was bouring islands close to Amboyna, rose wounded and taken prisoner. Capt. Ren and murdered the resident and fanıily, nett was wou:ded near the groin by an with the people there at the time.-A arrow, and 4 sepoys were slightly wound- party of troops, an hundred and fifty Eued. He took here 8 guns, several stand l'opean and fifty natives, with seven offi. of arms, 2 elephants and 10 horses. cers, six of whom, it is said, were of the

The communication with Cuttack best families in Holland, were sent to. being shut up by a body of Pykes, and no quiet the business; they were attacked advices reaching us from Parrah Deep, immediately ou landing, and all fell, ex


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