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cantonment and our new position, and Supplement to the London Gazette of one thousand or one thousand five hunTuesday, April 14, 1818.

dred horse moved down for the parpose.' India Board, April 18, 1818.-Dig. I renewed my assurances of our wish patches have been received at the East for peace, and said that if his Highness India House, addressed to the Secret moved to his army I should withdraw to Committee by the Governor in Council at camp; that if he remained quiet or receBombay, enciosing reports of the com. ded we should still consider him as a mencement and progress of hostilities friend, and should be careful not to cross between the British Government and the the river that separates our camp froin the Peishwa, of which reports and dispatches town, but that if his troops advanced tothe following are copies and extracis : wards ours, we should be obliged to

attack them. The Peishwa left the town Extract from a Dispatch from the Hon. and withdrew to Purbutta, and within

Mounstuart Elphinstone, Resident at less than an hour large borlies of troops the Court of the Peishwa, to the Gover. began to move in the direction of our nor-General, dated Camp at Kirky, camp, and in such a manner as to cut oft Nov. 6, 1817.

the Residency, I had withdrawn a comThe pressure of business for these pany that had been left in the old cantonseveral days, and the uncertainty of the ments, and as soon as it reached the result, have prevented my hitherto re- Residency the detachment there marched porting to your Excellency; but as we off to camp, keeping a river between are now in a state of war with the Peish them and the Peishwa's troops, who wers wa, it is necessary to acquaint you with moving in the saine direction. The Rethe manner in which the rupture was sidency was immediately plundered and brought on, leaving all detail for a sub. burned. sequent dispatch.

The great military preparation of his Copy of a Report from Lieut.-Col. Barr, of Highness the Peishwa, his distinct refusal

the Bombay Establishment, to the De. to send any part of the force he had col.

puty Adjutant General of the 4th divi. lected away from Poona, the threatening sion of the army of the Deccan, dated position he had occupied in the neighbour. Camp, at Kirky, Nov. 6, 1817. hood of our camp, and above all, his unremitting endeavours, to corrupt the

SIR~My letter of yesterday's date will fidelity of our native troops, rendered it have informed you of my baving removed absolutely necessary, in my judgment, to

the whole of the stores, treasure, and remove the brigade from the rery bad provisions from our late cantonments to position it occupied at the town to that

the village of Kirky, and of their being selected for it by General Smith. This lodged in secnrity therein; and of tiie circumstance, and that of our canton

brigade being in a state of preparation to ment being on the alert on the 29th, the

move as circumstances may require, vight before the arrival of the European information of the General Officer com

I have now the honour to report for the regiment, reinovod the appearance of confidence, which had, in some measure,

manding this force, that soon after I had been kept up between us and the Peishwa. dispatched it, I received an intimation The appearance had afforded us no ad

from the Resident of the probability of an vantage, except that of protracting an

immediate rupture with the Peislıwa, fol. open rupture, for his Highness proceeded, attack the Mahratta force, which was

lowed by a requisition to move out aud in all respects, ás if he were at open war, and all his subjects spoke of his declaring then visible and advancing to the attack of war against us, as an event in which

our camp. nothing was uncertain but the time.

I in consequence formed the brigade, The effect of our withdrawing was to

and leaving the head-quarters of the 2d encourage the Peishwa's people, who

batt. 6th reg. who were previously weakenplundered our contonment without any

ed by several strong detachments, in charge obstruction from their own Government,

of the post of Kirky, together with the and who talked openly of the impending drill, sick, unfits, and two iron twelvedestruction of our detachment. Au ofti

pounders, under the command of Major cer, on his road to Bombay, was also

Roome, adranced to meet the enemy, a attacked, wounded, and plundered, in party of whose horse horered near the open day, about two iniles from Poona,

column and preceded our march. and as far from the Residency; and the

Having chosen a situation in advance of language of the Peishwa's Ministers was

our position, at the distance of about one that of perfect estrangement and disre mile, we formed line, waiting the juncgard. His Highness also continued to

tion of the Dapore * battalion, under the push his troops up towards ours, as if in

command of Major Ford, with three field clefiance; it was announced that he intended to form a camp between our old

Part of a brigade raised by the Peishwa, but officered and disciplined by Europeans.

pieces. At this period I was joined by battalion and his field-pieces from Dathe Resident, who most gallantly exerted pore, joined us, and formed line on our himself throughout the day, in setting a right, when we again immediately ad. distinguished example of zeal and anima. vanced near half a mile, the left of the tion to the iroops, t.icouraging the men line being thrown back to check any wherever it became necessary, and by his attack of the enemy's horse, who were suggestions and information, aiding my iu great force between them and the river, jadzment in the execution of the measures while the light companies of the 1st. batt. it became nece-sary to adopt.

7th regt., which had at first preceded the On the approach of Alajar Ford's divi- line, were sent to the rear to keep in sion, au ! being re.iofoiced by the Resi- check a large body of lorse, who lack dent's escort and troops which had been been watching Major Ford's movement, stationed at the Sunguru,* under the to our support, and who uow came down command oi Major Cleilaud, who had in rear of our right Hank. hanisomely offered his services to me; I Soon after the enemy withdrew the ordered the line to advance, which we greater part of his force to a listance, continued doing for half a mile.

retiring and drawing off his gaus towards The Mahrat a army, which was drawn the city; aod, as we advanced, the up with its left resting on the heiglit of greater part of his ivfantry also, computed the front of Geuness-Cundy, where a at eight thousand (part of whom had been large body of the Viuchoor Rajah's of posted in advance of his guns and centre horse were posted, extended its right to in the bed of a nullah,* and in walled She Montah river, in which direction the gardens, extending along the front of our principal masses of their cavalry were position), now sent out their skirmishers, formed, the total amouut of which is sup- which, with others, on the right of the posed it wäre been fifteen thousand; the line, and rockets from both front and intermediate undulating plain being occu rear, continued to occasion us a few pied by a long line of infantry and guns, casualties. The light infantry of the live, supported by successive lines of horse, as however, under the command of Capt. far as the eye could see, who, seeing us Prestou, easily drove them off and occupied advance, mureri forward from their posi- their ground, and it being nearly dark I tion, and at the very moment we were submitted to the Resident, as the enemy unliud ring for action, commenced a were evidentiy in full retreat, the expebrisk camonade from their centre, while dieney of withdrawing the troops to camp the illa-ses of cavalry ou both their flanks as soon as it was dark, having fortunately endearoured to turu ours, and succeeded succeeded in our principal object, meeting in getting in our rear.

and driving the enemy from the position The action now became very interesting, they had originally taken up; this was a body of Guklali's regular iufantry made accordingly done, and the wirole returned an attack, in solid coluimi, on the 1st

tu camp soon after eight o'clock. bat. iti reg. NI, which was on the left I am happy to say the casualties during of the line, and who had scarcely suc the action have been less than could have ceeded in repelling it and a number of been expected; the greater pars have horse, when a select body of the enemy's fallen on the 1st batt. 7th regt. : only one cavalry seeing their infantry repulsed and European officer, however, Lieut. Falpressed by the battalion, who could with coner, of the 2d batt. 1st. regt, is ainongst difficulty be restrained from pursuing the wounded. Accompanying, I have the them, made a determined charge on the honour to forward a return of the number. corps, some of the men wheeling round I have not yet heard' a correct statethe flanks, repeating their attack in their ment of the loss the enemy suffered ; rear; the bravery of the meu, liowever, I should imagine that it could not be less compeusate'l tor i ne disorder into which than three or four hundred killed and they had been thrown by the previous wounded ; native reports make it treble attacks, and enableit them, under circum that u imber ; ainongst the latter are said stąuces of great difficulty, and with the to be the Minister and some officers of powerful co-operation they derived froin distinction. ile lett brigade of guns, and a part of A more pleasing duty now arrests my the Bomhay regiment, to beat of the as attention, the rendering that tribute of sailants, who left mauy men and horses grateful acknowledgement due to the on the ground, withdrawing to a distance, exertions of the gallant force I had the

pever after hazarding a repetition of honour to command, and of those indiviiheir attack.

duals, to whose official rank and situatiou By this time Major Ford, with his I feel so much indebted for their cheerful

support and devotion to promote the suc. The Residency,

cess of the action. + This person is one of the Peishwa's principal The Bombay and Dapore artillery, officers, and on former occasions had been conspicuous for his aitacunent to the British in

A rivulet,

under the command of Capt. Thew and 21 Bat. 6th N. reg.-4 privates killed ;
Lieut. Lawrie, rendered the most im 10 privates wounded.
portant services; and the spirited manner ist bat. 7th reg.-1 havildar, 1 vaique,
in which the guns were served greatly 1 drummer, 9 privates, killed; havil-
contributed to the rapid success of the dar, 3 naiques, 34 privates, wounded.

Major Ford's bat.-private killed;
The detachment of his Majesty's 65th jemedar, 1 havildar, 5 privates, wounded.
regt. and Bombay European regt., com Total-1 harildar, 1 naique, 1 drum-,
manded by Major Wilson and Lieut. mer, 16 privates, killed; 1 lieut. I jemie-
Coleman, honourably maintained, by their dar, 3 havildars, 4 naiques, 2 lascars, 1
cool and steady conduct, the long-es- bheastee, 55 privates, wounded.
tablished reputation of those valuable Name of the officer wounded.—Lieut.
corps, and the zealous oficer who com-

Falconar, severely in the shoulder. nianded ; while Captains Mitford, Don

C. B. Burr, Lieut. Col. nelly;* and Whitebill, at the head of their P.S. I am sorry to say there is very respective battalions, were anxious to little liopes of Lieut. Falconar's surviving, afford to their deserving corps an honour and several of the wounded will either able example, which was nobly emulated die, or require amputation. by the Resident's escort, commanded by Major Cleiland.

Extract from a Dispatch from Mr. ElphinTo my Brigade-Major, Capt. Halifax, stone to the Gorernor-General, dated to my Quarter-Master of Brigade, Lieut. Camp, Kirky, Nov. 11th, 1817. Inverarity, and Lieut. Ellis (the Bazar Since the brigade has been in this posiMaster), and the other staff officers at. tion we have experienced the good effects tached to the brigade, I feel extremely of the forward movement made by Col. obliged for their exertions during the Burr, on the 5th; and of the impression whole of the action. Lieut. Grant, of the he then struck, in the timidity and inertgrenadier battalion, attached to the Resi. ness of the enemy, and the tranquility dency, most handsomely volunteered his which we have in consequence enjoyed. services to communicate my orders, and The Peishwa's army appears to have particularly distinguished himself through- been in great confusion. On the 6th out the action. Capt. Gordon and Lieut. Moro Dickshut* was certainly killed, as Dunsterville, were also cheerful assistants was Sirdar Klían, a Patan Chief, who on the occasion; the latter does not be had been discharged from the Nizam's long to this division of the force.

reformed horse, and whom the Peishwa To Major Ford, and the officers and ordered to raise two thousand men for men of his fine brigade, I feel the greatest his service; Bulwent Row Rastia Nana obligations for the cheerfulness and anxie Kookera, a relation of Goklah's,t and ty they evinced to contribute to the gene Narraen Diekshut, the brother of Moro ral success of the day, while it afforded Dickshut, were wounded, and Abba me much pleasure to witness the anxious Poorundery had a horse killed under him. and humane aitention of Dr. Meek and The Vincloor kur was suspected of the medical gentlemen, to the important treachery. The Peishwa himself set off for duties devolving on them at this interesting Poorunder, and was, with great difficulty moment.

persuaded to remain in canıp by Goklah, On my return to camp, finding Lieut. who declared that his flight would be Col. Osborne had arrived, I delivered followed by the dispersion of his army. over charge of the brigade under my com In the course of the succeeding days the mand to him, having solicited his per Mahratta army was concentrated on the mission to express my acknowledgments, side of Poona, most removed from our in orders, to the gallant force which I had

camp : and his Highness encouraged the had the distinguished honour of com Sirdars, I paid for the horses that had manding, on an occasion of such particu- been killed in action, and bestowed prelar interest.

sents and distinctions on such men as had I have the honour to be, &c. been wounded. Yesterday evening the

C. B. BURR, Lieut. Col. whole army moved out from behind the Return of the killed and wounded of the

town, and encamped to the east of our Poona brigade, under the command of old cantonment, 'in open view of this Lieut. Col. C. B. Burr, in the action

camp, at the distance of about four miles. near Poona, 5th Nov., 1817.

The only signs of activity which the Artillery-2 lascars wounded.

enemy has displayed have appeared in liis H. C. Bombay European reg.- private attempts to cut off supplies, and to shut billed; } private wounded.

the roads ; in this he has in some manner 2d bat. 1st E. Reg.-1 private killed ; 1 Lieut., 1 havildar, 1 uaique; 1 bheastee,

One of the Peishwa's Ministers who generally 5 privates, wounded.

transacted business with the British Resident. Capt. Donnelly commanded 300 men of the

† One of the Peishwa's officers, who has obad batt, 6th regt, who joined from the Sungum.

tained an ascendancy in his counsels.

#Military Chiefs.

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succeeded, as some officers and some con under date of the 1st inst, will have exvoys were advancing on the faith of our plained the circumstances under which alliance, with little or no escorts. Cor- I had determined to concentrate the fourth nets Hunter and Morrison, escorted by a division of the army on the south bank of havildar * and twelve sepoys, had arrived the Godavery, and which was effected on at Woorlee, within twenty miles of Poona, the morning of the 3d inst. when they were surrounded by some hun I shall now, as briefly as intervening dred horse and some Arabs, and, after circumstances permit, report to your a fruitless resistence, were compelled to Excellency my further proceedings. lay down their arms; the sepoys were On the morning of the 5th inst. I renot detained, and one of them has arrived ceived a dispatch from the Resident at in camp, but the officers were made pri-. Poona, recalling the troops in that direcsoners, and are stated, by one report, to with all possible haste, his Highness the have been murdered in cold blood-but Peishwa having assembled a large army more authentic accounts represent them which threatened to attack the British to have been carried into Poona. Capt. cantonment. Vaughan and his brother were seized at I arrived at Ahmednuggur on the 8th Tullygoing, on their way to Bombay, and immediately took possession of the and, although they offered no resistence, pettah,* which had been ceded by the they are stated, by a negro servant who late treaty, but not given up to the Hon. brought the account of their capture, to' Company. have been put to death in the most igno From hence I took up my battering minious manner. The negro is so distinct train, and large supplies of grain and in his relation of their execution, that stores, both for my own troops and those there is no reason to doubt the fact, åt Poona. On my march between Ahexcept what arises from the atrocity of medouggur and Seroor, I became acthe action.

quainted through the reports of the counThe Peishwa's conduct has in some try with the actual state of hostilities at instances borne more of the character of Poona. It appeared that his Highness civilized war. A conductor and a naik’st the Peishwa had directed a very desperate party belonging to the Peishwa's bat., and sudden attack by all his army present, that were in charge of some stores in a amounting to about 25,000 men, on our litsuburb near the Residency, were induced tle force stationed at Poona,on the 5th inst. by assurances of safety to quit a defensi- in its position at Kirky, in the hope of ble house which they occupied, and the annihilating it before it could receive any promises made to them were faithfully succours; he had also burnt the Residency observed. Mahommed Hurriff, the moon and the old cantonments. The discipline shee 1 of the Residency, had also defen and gallantry of the troops at Poona, ded his house with Arabs, was invited to under Lieut. Col. Burr, of the 7th Bom. quit it, and sent out of the city unmo bay infantry, not exceeding 2,800 men lested. He had an interview with Goklah engaged, enabled them to resist and drive before he came, which was interesting in the enemy back. I have the honour to many respects, especially from Goklali's enclose Lieut. Col. Burr's report of the producing a paper under the Peishwa's action, with a list of the killed and seal, investing him with all the powers of wounded, and would beg to draw your the Government, and from the avowal of Excellency's notice to the very meritoWittojee Naick that the Residency and rious conduct of that officer. cantonments were burned by the Peish My march from Seroor to Poonah bewajs own orders. I had before supposed came extremely difficult and harassing this wanton outrage to be the work of from the want of cavalry. some of the rabble that compose his The enemy's horse constantly surroundHighness's army. On the other hand ing my line and camp, compelled me to Goklah had sliewu the utmost activity in shorten my marches and to preserve the seizing and plundering all persons who closest order, and I could not reach Pooare themselves or who have relatious in na, in consequence, before the evening of our service.

the 13th. In this situation, I must not

omit to report the gallant exertions of Copy of a Report from Brigadier-Gen. Capt. Spiller, with about 400 of the

Lionel Smith, C.B. commanding the auxiliary horse, f who succeeded in attackPoona Subsidiary Force. to Lieut. Gen, ing and defeating a more numerous body Sir T, Hislop, Bart. Commander-in of the enemy's horse, in which they lost Chief of the army of the Deccan, dated a Sirdar of rank, and about 50 men killed Camp before Ponna, Nov. 20, 1817. and wounded, with a very trifling loss SIR_My letter to your Excellency, among the auxiliaries.

* A native Serjeant. † A Corporal.

Native Secretary,

# The town,

+ A body of troops raised in the Peishwa's dominions, and officered by Europeans.

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I made a disposition on the evening of The enemy having thus disappeared, the 14th to attack the enemy, who was I lost no time in recrossing the river to encamped on the opposite side of the occupy the most favoura'ile ground for Mootah Moola, occupying the ground of bombarding the city; but every, jutcrest the old British cantonments, having his and policy, as well as considera ions of right upon a mangoe grove, with a deep humanity, marle me most anxious to nullah crossing the extremity, and his unite wy exertious with those of the Hou. left streiching along the enclosures of the Mr. Elphiust: ne, the Resident, to avert porthern front of the officers' lines of the destruction wbichi uow threatened it, houses, extending towards the suburbs of either by bombardinent or sioral; aud the town. He had eleven guus in batterythe enemy having suckily fled in an oppoou his left, and a few others more scat site direction, and left the defence of tered along his front and right. I was, the city to only a few hundred Arabó, however, disappointed in the state of the these were, by Mr. Elp'instone's influYellera Ford, which proved extremely euce, prevailed upon to withdraw; I difficult, and by which I had hoped to have the pleasure to acquaint your Expass my whole line over the Mootah cellency our guards took peaceable, possesMoolah; this obliged me to relinquish sion of the city in the course of the attempting its passage by night, and the evening of the 17th, when the British troops were theu too much exhausted tag was hoisted on his Highness's palace, from the harrassing nature of their duties, under a royal silute. 10 justify my attempting any inore dis Although the troops, both Native and tant ford.

European, were exasperated to the utinost On the evening of the 16th, all the dis at the pertidious conduct of the enemy in posable corps, after providing for the burning the Residency and their cautoncamp and the position of Kirky, were ments, and in the most barbarous execufornied in divisions* of attack; the first, tion of Capt. Vaughan of the Madras under my personal command, was des 15th N.I. and his brotlier, travelling tined for the enemy's left, and to cross under the belief the peaceable relations of the river at the Sungum : and the second, the two Governments, stili no excesses under Lieut. Col. Miines, his Majesty's have been committer agaiust the city, the 65th regt., was directed to act upon the resources of which are invaluable in the enemy's right, and to cross the river by calculatiou of our future operations against the Yellera Ford before sun-set. A batta- his Highuess the Peishwa, lion, with a company of Europeans and I shall be unavoidably detained bere, two field-pieces, under Major Thatcher, aiding in the establishment of order and of the 2d batt. 9th regt., was ordered to

military security to the city, till the 22d precede the first division by a different

inst. Wien I propose marching again upon route, to prevent the enemy opposing my the enemy in his retreat to the southward. passage. The first and second divisions, lying in assuring your Excellency of the zeal and

I cannot close this Despatch without position after the passage of the river, gooi discipline of all the troops, and of were appointed to march at a given time

the cheerful aid I have received from all from equal distances, so as to join in

the Staff. attack at the dawn of day, by which I hoped to throw their cavalry into confu

The enemy confidently calculated he had sion, or at least to prevent their forming large rewards, to desert our ranks; and

succeeded in seducing the Sepoys, by to charge in any regularity. The junction of these divisions was perfectly effected as

if any thing can add to the reputation of designed. But the enemy having taken

the Bombay army, it should be recorded, alarm in the course of the night at the

as a proof of their incorruptible fidelity, fruitless, though obstinate, opposition

that not a Sepoy has left his colqurs since which he made to Lieut. Col. Milne's di.

the Peishwa became our enemy.

I enclose a list of killed and wounded in vision in the passage of the river at Yel. lera, and against which he appears to

various skirmishes with the enemy, but have thrown out all his infantry, as well principally in the passage of the Moottah as large bodies of horse, precipitately the eveniug of the 16th inst. which ac

Moola, by Lieut.-Col. Milne's division on drew off, leaving a great part of liis camp standing, and considerable quan

quitted itself with great spirit and steadi. tities of ammunition on the field.

ness during a long and severe fire both of His Hig, iness the Peisliwa is said to

masquetry and cannon. have fled about two o'clock in the morn

From 40 to 50 guns, with a considering of the 17th. The enemy succeeded able quantity of military stores, are reiu carrying off all his guns but one; and ported to be taken in the city, returns of I had no means of pursuing him beyond which I shall have the honour of transthe fire of my artillery.

mitting hereafter.

I have the honour to report, that the
See the close of this letter.

2d reg, of Caralry, under the command

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