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Wellasse and to try his fortunes by joining Capt. Reed was sent on the 19th ul. ihe rebels in Weyaloowa. If this be the limo from Badulla, with a small detachcase, which although we will not venture ment to make a movement through the positively to affirm, various informations country in the neighbourhood of Talconcur to render highly probable, there is denia. On the morning of the 20th as some reason to look forward to the most the troops marched through a thick favourable and decisive consequences. The Jungle, Assist. Surg. M‘Nulty was about rebels of Wallapana seem emboldened by twelve or fifteen yards in advance of the the lenity hitherto 'shewn them, and they party, when in the act of putting his arm perhaps attribute to our weakness of into the sleeve of his great coat, he was force a forbearance that arose entirely struck by an arrow just below his right from motives of humanity. They have breast, which penetrated into the back retired from the west side of the province bone, and he fell almost instantly dead and collected in considerable numbers in the arms of his servant. The cowtowards the Eastern limits of the De- ardly ruffians set up a shout of triumpha savony in that district which is called on seeing him fall, but ran away the Weyaloowa. Here it is reported the Pre moment the soldiers appeared. tender bus joined them, and here they Mr. M.Nalty is greatly regretted. He have boasted they will make a staud. was skilful and attentive in his profession,

Lieut. Col. Hook with a considerable and there was a kindness and frank simforce has marched upon Weyaloowa from plicity in his manners, that greatly ens the West, a strong detachment is ad deared him to all who knew his chavancing to co-operate with him from Ba. racter. dulla, and Lieut. Col. Kelly has most A Cingalese boy has lately come to judiciously anticipated orders sent from Kandy who was kept a prisoner by the head quarters to attack the rebels in that rebels in Wellasee for more than a month: quarter from different points on the East. He does not appear to be above thirteen

Dec. 6.-We have not received any or fourteen years of age, but he is very intelligence of importance lately from the intelligent and his accurate recollection troops in the field or from Badulla. By of all that happened from the time that the last letters it appears that the de he fell into the hands of those merciless tachment under the command of Capt. wretches, makes his account curious and Pike is still in pnrsuit of the Pretender, of interesting. He belonged to one of the whose movements he has received very persons who attended Mr, Wilsou on that exact information. The detachment had unfortunate expedition in which he lost provisions for several days, and great his life. When Mr. Wilson was killed, hopes are entertained of success. Capt. this boy was not present, but he conPike's knowledge of Cingalese must be of tinued with Lieut. Newman's detachment much use in procuring inteiligence from upon their retreat, till after halting for the natives. The Pretender was re the night at Illashapalassa they came to ported to be about thirty miles from Dayo- Pulwatta, where they buried the Lasgamme (in the forests of Bimtenne) which coreen who there died of his wounds, he had quitted on the approach of our Here they were attacked by the Vedahs, troops. A Vedah whose family are kept who were easily repulsed by a few shot, as hostages lias offered himself as a guide but the boy, Mr. Wilson's Mohandiram, to the place of his present retreat, and Goontenue Vidabn, some Lascoreens and voluntarily suggested a plan for his sur others, in all eight, were frightened and prise.

ran into the Jungle. The Mohandiram In Ouvah, detachments are also in and the Lascoreens threw away theis; pursuit of the treacherous Desave, who has cloths, except a single cloth, and the not been able to excite the people to re better to disguise themselves smeared bellion,, except in the thinly inhabited themselves with mud and water. They districts on the east, south and west of all got safe to Comarika in Ouva, when the that province.

Mohandiram was recognized by two of In Walapana no hostilities have lately the inhabitants, who under pretence of been committed, but the people have not kindness and hospitality inveigled them shewn any inclination to return to their all into a house when they shut them up duty and submit to the newly appointed and basely betrayed them to a party of Desave.

armed Vedahs. The Mohandiram deLieut. Col. Hook went on the 28th fended himself with great spirit and, ult. to take the command of the forces in knocked down the two first who ats that province, wilich it is hoped he will tempted to seize him ; but he was soon soon reduce to obedience.

overpowered by numbers. They were all The weather has now for several days carried the next day with their arms been remarkably five every where, and bound behind their backs to their re. we are happy to add that the troops sidence of the Pretender at Oosanwelle. enjoy a most excellent state of health in Huts were all round the house for the the field, as well as in Kandy and Badulla. Vehah guards, and the boy with his com

panions was brought up before a window an inch long. He wore a liandsome white which had a curtain that was drawn and gold turban, a gold bordered inuslin aside, and the Pretender's head appeared. shawl thrown over one shoulder, and a

Kiwulegeddra Mohottale stood by the great bulk of very fine white clothis roundside of the window, and put to the pri- his waist. The boy was taken to Hasouers the questions dictated in a loud manawa, where he was kept a month voice by the Pretender. The Mohan in the stocks, and made his escape, when diram was first examined, and upon his the people all ran away on the approach avowing in a manly way his having been of Capt. Jones's detachment. with the English troops, the Pretender The particulars relating to the unordered him to be taken away.

He was fortunate fate of the late Mr. Wilson, are removed to a little distance, but full in detailed in the following acocunt. the sight of the window, and thrown upon Nov. 4.-On the 10th of Sept. last, the ground. Kiwulegeddra then cut off Mr. Wilson, assistant resident at Badula, his hair, and the poor fellow said in a received information that a stranger with jocular manner, “do you want to give two old and six young: priests had re

my hair to your wife?” The savage Kiw. cently taken up their abode in the jungle ulegeddra replied, " I want none of your

in Wellassee. “ familiar jokes, you are one of those The singularity of the circumstance in: " who sent me to Kandy, where I was duced him to dispatch confidential persons "6. kept a long time,” and after killing hin to make further inquiries, as the place with the blows of a hammer on his breast was described to be distant from a village, le cut off his head. The next examined and bordering on that part of the country was Guntonnie Vidahn, who was asked lying between Badula and Batticaloa, in the same manner, why he had warned which is inhabited by the wild Veddahs. the people in Wellassy not to send the In the mean time similar information Pretender any gifts, telling them he would reached Kandy through a different quarter, bring the troops upon them from Ba and two persons were rispatched by the dulla if they did ; upon his admitting resident to co-operate with a party from that he had so cautioned them, he was Badola, whom Mr. Wilson was desired to asked if he thought it would be any sin to send to apprehend the stranger. put him to death, he replied,

" he did

Hadje Mohandiram, a Moorman of not know whether there was any sin in Matura, who had been appointed chief murdering people, but he was in their over the Moors of Wellassee, and who power and they could do with him as had shewn great zeal and activity in the they pleased.” The inhuman monster service of government, was selected for. who aspires to the Kandyan crown then the occasion; he took his brother with prescribed, in a very loud voice, all the him, together with a pariy of Wellassée tortures which should be jutlicted upon Moors,and being joined by the two persons this poor wretch, and Kiwulegedera pre from Kandy, proceeded to execute his sided over the performance immediately,

mission. On arriving at one of the passes in his presence. It would shock Onr

into Wellassee lie was met by a party readers too much to detail the abominable of men belonging to the Rattle Rale of craelties practised upon this uuhappy. Bootale, who attempted to prevent his man, before death put an end to his suf- penetrating further ; a scuffle ensued and ferings. They were all that barbarous Hadje Mohandiram succeeded in seizing ingenuity and savage insult could devise, four, aud sent them prisoners to Badula: and expressly directed by tlie upstart kiug He then proceeded, but was again opto his internal agent, whom he always posed by a more considerable party armed called Watepana, Dessave.

with bows and arrows, who, after woundOne of the prisoners was pardoned on ing his brother in the land, succeeded in account of his skill in medicine, becausė apprehending Hadje. The rest of the one of the Pretender's people was sick, party effected their retreat to Badula, and he undertook to cure him. A priest where, as might be expected, the ciralso, who knew him, vouched for his cumstance occasioned a considerable senknowledge of medicine, and intercerled sation ; it was not, however, suspected for him. The boy saw from ten to twenty that any attempts at insurrectiou was in priests with the Pretender.

contemplation, and it was at first only in. The rest of the prisoners were ordered tended to send a small military party to away, and as it was reported put to death require the Rattle Rale to give up Hadju at different places, all except the boy, Mohandiram and to come to Badula to who was escused on account of his youth. answer for his conduct. He describes the Pretender, whom he Mr. Wilson, however, finally deteronce saw come out of the house in great mined to proceed himself and endearour state, to be a young man rather above the to ascertain what were the real circummiddle size, of a thin visage and brown stances of the case : the affair with complexion, with a beard that had been Hadje Mohandirani tvok place in the not long ago shaven, and was about half direct road from Badula to: Batticaloa, Asiatic Journ.No. 30.

VOL. V. 4 K

by which the supplies of the garrison found a young man had been seized, who had for some time been brought up, from stated that the Rattle Rale Irad got inthe facility of transport afforded by the formation that a party was comivg from cattle of the Moor inhabitants of Wel Badula to look for Hadje three days lassee, who are a peaceable industrious before, and had assembled the country by body of men of the same description with beat of tom tom, and thrat those who had the Moors of the maritime provinces, and conducted Hadje to the stranger bad who having always been treated by the that moruiug returued. He spoke of the late king's government as foreigners, at stranger as a “ Déyo" (a God); an aptached themselves to the British imme- pellation given to the king's relations. diately on our entering the coulitry.

Mr. Wilson and the detachment remain The news of Hadje Moliandiram's cap ed that night at Bootale, and on the morrtore reached Bad ula on the 12th instant, ing of the 16th proceedel on to Kottera. and on the 14th Mr. Wilson set out with welle, and on the other side of a plain oba party, consisting of one oflicer, two served a large body of Kandyans assemserjeants, two corporals, and twenty Ma. bled armed with bows and arrows; after lay and Caffree soldiers, attended by an an hour Mr. Wilson succeeded in holding interpreter and a few native Lascoréens. a contereuce with them, advanciug for The party reached Aliput that afternoon, the purpose in front of the military party and learnt that there had been no com (who kept out of siglit) with his interpremunication with the Wellassée country ter and some Lascoreens. The result of for three days. The following morning, it was, that it was deened adviseable by at five, the party proceeded towards Mr. Wilson and Lieut. Newman to reWainawelle, and on the road, at nine turn to Badula, as nothing could be effect. a'clock, learnt from à Kandyau headman ed with the small party they had ; and as whom they mct, that some people whom it was considered probable tlie country he had sent towards Wellassee had been through which they had advanced might stopped at the Kanokanaar river hy an have been raised against them, they decid. armed party.

ed to return by a different route. At three Mr. Wilson proceeded on with the de- P. M. they reached Etangewatte Déwale, tachment, but met with no obstruction for the statements are not rery clear, that at the place mentioned, and reached Wai- Mr. Wilson went to the river with his nawelle at 3 P. M.; there he found all the Lascoreens to wash himself, and while juhabitants had fed, except two Moors, at the river an armed party appearwho recited the particulars of Hadje's ed on the other side, and demanded á capture, and that he had been tied and conference, Mr. Wilson, with his former flogged and then sent prisoner to the intrepidity, advanced to them, but when stranger. The party proceeded on their within a few yards, a rolley of arrows route, and at 5 P. M. reached Bootale, the was treacherously discharged at him, and residence of the refractory Rattle Rale, Mr. Wilson and one of his Lascoreens Near to his house, at the distance of a fell, the other two rau back and informed quarter of a mile, a body of thirty men, Lieut. Newman, who advanced with armed with bows and arrows, were twelve men, and was beckoned by the posted. Mr. Wilson requested Lieut. Kandyans to approach ; they however kept Newman to halt the party while he went å meuacing attitude, and he judged it ex. forward to have a cominunication with pedient to fire upon then, wlien they fled them ; it was preconcerted that if danger into the jungle, and as he adraniced he appeared Mr. Wilson was to wave his met the Lascoreen who had fallen coming handkerchief. The signal having been towards him with two bad arrow wounds: given, Lieut. Newman advanced with a he pointed out the fatal spot where Mn serjeant and corporal, but missing the Wilson fell, but after an ineffectual search path in the jungle which Mr. Wilson had for his body till it was dark, it was contaken was some little time in r

reaching cluded the Kaudyans had carriert it off. the spot to which the latter had gone, The detachment returned to Badula, baand when he arrived at it found no one ; rassed for some distance by the Kandyans. on proceeding, liowever, by a path into the The interpreter, the Appohamy, aud two jungle he reached an open space of ground remaining Lascoreens who had accompabehind the Rattle Rale's house, where he nied Mr. Wilson, frightened, as is conjec, saw a body of men armeil with bows and tured, quitted the military detachment arrows, who, ou perceiving his approach, and fell into the hands of the rebels. Subshot their arrows at him and retreated sequent accounts slate that several of the into the jungle ; on following them Lieut. petty chiefs between the place of rencontre Newman met Mr. Wilson, who informed aud Badula liave joined the rebels or ffed him that those who had tired at him were into the jungle. No chief of rank appears thé Rattle Rale's people, with whom he to be connected with them, and the insurwas in conference: the result of the con rection, as far as can be judged, is confined versation he stated to be unsatisfactory. to a few of the petty Kandyan chiefs of On joining the detachment again they Wellassee, and the district of Ourah bor

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18th October a party of about the lassee.' While their several detacliments

dering on it, together with a Moliottale, through Dombere, crossing the river Tuayho had been confined at Kandy on a rie. "This circumstance was highly favorcharge of murder, and had escaped from able to Binteone, as a depot for provisions; fris:in.

for the people of Pombere are extremely Military parties have proceeded from well disposed towards our goverument, Kandy to co-operate with others from and the road perfectly sate.-When the Badula, to quell the insurrection.

melancholy news of Mr. Wilson's murder, The Dessave of Wellassee and Bintenne, on the 16th, reached Kandy late on the . who is firmly attached to tie British go 20th, Colonel Kelly, whose active and vernment, has proceeded also into his De provident zeal had been at work to preSavonly, and letters from Bintenne announce pare for every possible emergency froin his arrival there, and that he had been the moment of the first disturbance, gave joined by the inhabitants who had not orders for a reinforcement to Licut. Tay.connected themselves with the insurgents. -loe, which marched early the next inorn

The 1st Adigar, though extremely ill, ing. On the 22d, Capt. Fraser, of the has desired to sliew lis zeal in the ser 1st Ceylon, with 60 rank and file, a few vice of government, and is also proceed artillery men, and a cohoru, proceeded ing into the revolted districts, and it is to Gonagamier, about fourteen iniles from trusted that the disturbance will be spee Kaudy, with orders to march towards dily crusked, and the deluded followers of Kirivelgedera in Walapana, (the village the Malabar stranger meet their due pu of a head-man who load been imprisonnishment.

ed in Kandy for murder, but had made his Nov. 8,-It will be remembered that escape, and became an active leader of the Hadljee Muhandiram, who had been seut jnsmigents), and Major Macdonald, comintu Wellassee for the apprehension of the nandant of Badula, was also directed to Malabar Stranger, was himself taken pri move a detachment into that quarter to soner by a number of Vedhas arned with co-operate with Capt. Fraser. Major Mac'bows and arrows, and it was afterwards donald accordingly marched on the 25th known, barbarously irdered,

from Badula with two divisions; the This intelligence was to sooner received one commanded by himself took the road at Kandy, than it appeared highly proper by Kapatagame and Balagodda, and the to the Hon. J. D’Oyly, resident, and Colo. other, under Capt. Ritchie, that by Taldvel Kelly, commandant, that a small force nia, both to meet at Gowanally in 'Welin

thirty were proceeding to penetrate by different men was sent there under Lieut. Tayloe routes into the disaffected provinces, Col. of the 19th reginient; this position was Kelly had communicated with the coni. most judiciously, closeu, ou several ac mandant of Colombo, and reinforcement's counts.

were on their way to replace the troops Bintenne, in the province of the same which had been chus drawn from the name, situated on the right bank of tlie garrison of Kandy; Mr. Sawers also, the Malaville Gauge, about thirty miles in a agent of revenue, went from Kandy on straight line almost due east from Kay'. the 24th, by Hangeranketty, with a small dy; many of the people iu its immediate escort, to take charge of the civil governneighbourhood are noormen, and all are inent at Badula. well affected to the British Government, Such nearly was the state of affairs but it is a very little disiance from the con when his excellency the Governor was fines of Wellassee and Walepane, and from drawing near to the evd of his journey the very part of the former province, which from Trincomalee to Kandy. He had lett was the centre of the disaffected; it was Trincomalee on the 20th, and it was on therefore necessary to give security to the the 21st, at Palliancadavette, he had the inhabitants of Binteme, and prevent their first accounts of the disturbances in Welbeing compelled to join a party through lassee, which rifterwards spread into Binfear which they would have rejected from tenue, Walepane, and part of. Ouwah, choice. The result corresponded with this On the 23d, at Minery, he leard of the expectation; the people of Biutenne aud disastrous fate of Mr. Wilson, and it may the neighbouriug villages remained faithful, be well imagined that his mind was in a and they confessed themselves that they most anxious state of solicitude during must have united with the rebels to save the remainder of the journey, every post their lives and property if they had not bringing fresh accounts of the progress of been protected by a military force. Be the insurrection and the movements of tween Kandy and Binteune the Mahaville the troops. The province of Matele, Gange makes a little bend to the south through which his Excellency passed, exward, so that, although they are both on hibited all the common symptoms of pera the soutli bank, the shortest line between fect tranquillity; the inhabitants were would be almost entirely on the other or every where quietly employed in their dó. Northern side of the river ; in fact the mestic or agricultural occupations, the common road is on that side, and lies men were in the paddoe tields, and the

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women and children came out of their provisions and ammunition it would villages only to see the cavalcade as it therefore have been the first object to passed. The governor, his lady, family, clear the Walapane roads of this vexaand suite wete attended only by four tious obstruction, but the most serious dragoons, and his road was in some part of the insurrectiou being in Wellassee, places not more than forty or fifty miles where it was encouraged by the presence from the middle of the insurrection. It is of the pretender and fomented by the true that the mountains of Matele and priests in attendance upon him, the poDombere aud the river Mahavillagonga, sition of the various detachments in Binlay between, but in fact the rebelliou ·teune and Wellassee, and above all the had no footing whatever but in one spot, expected arrival from Batticaloa of Capt. the confines of Wellassee, Bintenne, Wa. Jones, who could not be left on that side lapra, and Ouwba. On the 26th his without co-operation, prevented an inExcellency arrived at Kandy; the wea mediate attention to this important obther had been for some days extremely ject, and necessarily drew all the military bad in the Kandyan provinces, and the operations to one point, the centre of the flouds between Colombo and Hanwelle rebellion in Wellassee. higher almost than ever were kuown.

His excellency the Governor being now These were very inconvenient circum- himself in Kandy, and Major Macdonald stances, for, the great inundation near

laring arrived at the head of the troops Hanwelle completely stopped the rein.

iu Wellassee, it was thought that an offiforcements from Colombo, while the

cer of Col. Kelly's judgment and expebroken up roads and swoln torrents

rience would be more advantageously extremely retarded the progress of the detachments through Walapuua, Bintenne, posted at Badulla, which was nearer the

scene of action, and at this iustant withand Wellassec. Soon after the Governor's arrival in Kan- ingly marched with an escort for Badulla

out any field officer; Col. Kelly accord. dy the weather cleared up ; for on the

on the 30th justant. 29th there was very little rain, aud uone has fallen since.

On the 20th Major Macdonald reached While his Excellency was on the road, Hewulgedera, after sustaining a smart atdirections were sent to Trincomalee for a

tack from the Veddahs in a narrow road a reinforcemeut to be dispatched to Bat

and close jungle near that place. He bad ticaloa in the Hebe, whicii sailed on the before met with no opposition, but here a 26th, and carried orders to Capt. Jones

shower of arrows poured in upon him from of the 19th regiment commanding there

the jungle, without a twig being seen to to advance with a detachment into Wel move or a bush beard to rustle-one prilassze ; Capt. Jones left Batticaloa on the himself and two soldiers slightly wound

vate of the 73d was killed, the. Major 28th in the evening, and might be expected at Kataboa, about thirty miles from ed, and Assistant Surgeou Stevensou seBadula, on or ahout the 3d instant.

verely; the rebels were soon repulsed, and While news of importance was daily

no damage was done to the village, exespected from the various detachments

cept burning the house of the headman, which had penetrated into the disaffected

who it may be remembered was stated to districts, much inconvenience was ex

lave escaped from gaol ju Kandy and beperienced in Kandy from the insurrection's

come a leader among the insurgents. In spreading tliroughout the province of Wa

the afternoon Major Macdonald joined Japane, through which all the roads pass

Captain Ritchie, as had been concerted, to Ouvah. The insurgents blocked up

and on the 27th he fell in with Captain these roads in such numbers, that all or.

Fraser, on the bauks of the Badulla Oya. dinary communication was completely. The first Adikar and the Wellassee Disave stopped. The Tappal could no longer

were now with Lieut. Tayloe at Bintenne, pass; some of the Tappal Peons were

and Major Macdonald judging their preseized, and it is feared barbarously mur

sence to be necessary, and desirous also dered ; some small convoys of provisions of communicating with Lieut. Tayloe, were intercepted, and a very few of the directed Capt. Fraser to proceed to Pauescorts killed and wounded. When the grave on the way to Bintenne, and to re. nature of these most difficult roads is turn to him on the 29th at Ahaapola Kaknown, it is not surprising that they dewetty, on the borders of Wellassee. should be completely commanded by a few

The Major himsclf marched by the way of armed men, and as, whatever may have. Polwatte, and on the 30th, at 8 in the þeen the number of rebels of Walapane; morning, arrived at Ahaapola, where he it appears that but few of them were found Capt. Fraser with his detachment. armed, a very small party of soldiers fin On the 31st they advanced to Oosanwould easily force their way through them wella where they encamped upon an exall; but the difficulty lay in protecting tensive plain surrounded with numerous alonz a narrow steep rva', through close villages ; and to this place Lieut. Tayloe jungle, the line of coolies, who carried had been instructed to proceed, bringing

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