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munication received from Brig. Gen. Sir third divisions of the army I have the Johu Malcolm, dated the 26th Novem. honour to command. ber, your hon. committee will be infor This result has grown out of the failure, med, that a party of Mysore horse, un of our negociations with the government der the command of Capt. Grant, belong. of Hulkar, and of the repeated acts of age' ing to Sir John's divisiou, had surprised gression and insult which we have exTalym, a post of the Pindarris, in which perienced since our advance from Ougein Walub Khan, the adopted son of one of on the 14th instant. the principal chiefs, was taken prisoner. Brig.-rlen, Sir John Malcolm is now in (Enclosed in the preceding.)

full pursuit of the fugitives, with the great

er part of the cavalry. The camp of You will be glad to hear I have com Holkar, and a number of his guns, repletely succeeded in my little enterprise main in our possession. against this place. Capt. Grant, with Our loss, I fear, has been considerable, twelve hundred Mysore horse, after a though, I trust, not greater than might march of thirty-four miles, surprised it have been expected on such an occasion. yesterday a little after day-break. On No officer of rank has been killed. my arrival at Shujahalpore, I sent a rein I shall to-morrow have the honour of forcement to prevent the escape of any of transmitting to your lordship the details the garrison, and particularly of Walub of the action, with returns of killed and Khan, one of Setoo's favourites and wounded, so far as it may be practicable adopted son. On my coming here this to collect them. moruing I found the party, which, inclu In congratulating your: lordship on the ding the Kohur, were ten or twelve important issue of this day, I can only horsemen, and between fifty and sixty add, at this moment, that the conduct of infantry, had opened the gates of the the gallant troops who have gained the Gurry, and surrendered at discretion. I victory has been such as to realise my have, after disarming them, released them

most sanguine expectations.--I have the all except the Kohur and two Jemmadars.

honour to be, &c. Chectoo is now beyond Najghur, but I

T. HISLOP, Lieut-Gen. have a report that he has left his families in the vicinity of that place; if this is To his Excellency the most noble the confirmed, I shall move in that direc

Marquis of Hastings tion.

Copy of a Report from Lieut.-Col. Scott, Extract from a Dispatch from the Go

cominanding a British Detachment at vernor in Council at Bombay, to the

Nagpore, to the Adj. Gen. of the Army, Secret Committee, dated 2d Jan. 1818.

dated Camp at Nagpore, Nov. 30, We have great satisfaction in transmit

1817, with an Enclosure, also trans

mitted with the Dispatch from the Go. ting to your hon. committee, a letter en

vernor in Council at Bombay, of Jan. closing a transcript of a dispatch from H. E. Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Hislop, to

1, 1818. the most noble the Governor-General, con

Sir-I had the honour to report, for taining information of a signal victory the information of his excellency the obtained over the army of Mulhar Row

Commander in Chief, on the 26th instant, Holkar, on the 21st of December, by the that the troops under my command had first and third divisions of the army of left their cantonments the day before at the Deccan, under the personal command

the requisition of the resident.--They of the Lieut.-Gen. This intelligence was

took post on the hill of Seetabaldy, which communicated by Major Agnew to Major- overlooks the residency and the city of Gen. Sir Wm. G. Keir, and by him trans

Naypore, at the same time taking posmitted to the resident at Baroda. On session, with the 1st batt. 24th regt. N. this important event we take the liberty of

1. of a hill, about three hundred yards offering to your hon. committee our most

on the left of this position, and to retain sincere congratulations.

which was of the utmost consequence to

our retaining possession of Seetabaldy. Camp, on the Sipoora, opposite Mahei- Having made all the arrangements that I

poor*, Dec. 21, 1817, five p. m. thought necessary during the 26th, at six My Lord I write this from the field of p.m, of that day I was posting sentries, battle, ou which I have the satisfac- accompanied by Capt. Bayley, on the face tion to report, for your lordship’s infor of the hill, and in front of the Arab vilmation, that the army of Mulhar Row Tage at the foot of the hill, into which we Holkar has this day been completely de- had, during the day, observed large bodics feated and dispersed, by the first and of Arabs with five guns to be sent to reiu

force a party for the Rajah's infantry, Mahcipoor is situated on the river Siffra, or

who had been previously posted there, Sipoora, and is about twenty-five miles north of

when the Arabs in the village opened a Ougein, Sindia's capital,

fire on our small party, althongli prc

viously informed that it was merely a Arabs beginning to collect in considerable matter of military precaution, customary numbers in front of the hill, and the with us (to which they had asssented), cavalry having by this time 'returned with and that it was not my intention to mo their captured guns to the residency, a lest them. Seeing their determination to charge of a troop of cavalry, led by Corcommence hostilities, and the small party net Smith round the base of the hill, in with me having shewn the utmost for which he cut up numbers of them, bearance, and until this time not having seemed so totally to dispirit them, that fired a shot, I directed them to fire å from this time their attacks in every volley, and retreated to the top of the quarter began to slacken, and at twelve hill under the fire of all the troops posted entirely ceased. in the village.

I can never sufficiently express my adThe action immediately commenced on miration of the conduct of the troops on both sides, and continued incessantly, this occasion. To Major M‘Kenzie, seuntil twelve o'clock the following day, cond in command, and to every officer and when it ceased. In consequence of their individual engaged, I have to offer my great loss and fatigues, I found it neces- thanks, which are feebly expressed in my sary to withdraw the 1st batt. 24th reg. orders issued on the occasion, and of which together with a party of the 1st batt. 20th I enclose a copy. Mr. Jenkins, Resident, reg. by whom they had been reinforced' was present during the whole of the acduring the night, at five a. m. of the 27th tion, and his animated conduct tended instant, and to confine the defence of the in a very considerable degree to excite the hill on our left (which had been strength- troops to their duty. I have to deplore ened during the night by a breast-work of the death of Mr. Sotheby, his first assist bags of grain), to the immediate posses- ant, a gallant gentleman, who had also sion of the top. For this purpose I had been present from the first, and exposing detached Capt. Lloyd with one hundred himself in every situation was severely men of the resident's escort, and fifty wounded towards the close of the action, men of the 1st batt. 20th reg. N. I. un and died in the course of the day. der an European officer. A body of Arabs I shall, by to-morrow's tappal,* forward gained possession of this post, at eight regular returns of the killed and woundä, m. by the charge of an overwhelming ed, which I am sorry to say is consideraforce up the face of the hill; after Capt. ble, amounting to 14 officers, and 333 Lloyd had displayed the utmost gallantry killed and wounded of all other ranks.in endeavouring to keep his men to their l have, &c. &c.

H.C. SCOTT, duty, and to maintain the post. At this Lieut.-Col. commanding at Nagpore. moment Capt. Fitzgerald, reinforced by Camp, Nagpore, 29th Nov. 1817. a native officer, and twenty-five troopers

P.S. From the best information I can of the Madras body guard, cliarged an immense body of the enemy's best horse, obtain, and my observations, the enemy and having captured their guns, which opened upwards of 35 guns upon us. The were immediately turned upon them, he number of their cavalry is said to amount remained in possession of the plain, 3.500 of which are Arabs, from whom we

to 12,000, and their infantry 8,000, covered in every direction with the flying enemy. Whilst we were waiting for

met our principal loss. spikes to send to Capt. Fitzgerald to spike Orders by Lteut.-Col. Scott. the enemy's guns, it being iny intention

Parole, Seetabaldy. to recal him to support an attack of the

The commanding officer congratulates infantry on the hill in the possession of the troops on the happy results of their the Arabs, an explosion was observed to gallant conduct on the 26th and 27th in, take place in the midst of them, and the

tant. The detachment of three troops troops with one accord rushed forward to of the 6th regt. Bengal cavalry have cothe attack. It was with the utmost difa vered themselves with glory, in charging ficulty that they had been prevailed on to

so greatly a superior body of the enemy's wait for the cavalry, and I found my ut- cavalry; and, in the capture of two of most exertions necessary to prevent the their heavy gims, have secured a trophy hill we were on from being deserted. On of their gallant conduct on the occasiou ;' the near approach of our troops the and the commanding officer will consider Arabs fed, leaving two guns. Capt. it a most pleasing part of his duty in renLloyd took possession of the hill, sup- dering to Capt. Fitzgerald, for his prompported by Capt. Macon and J. Macdonald, titude and decision in seizing the critical Lieut. Watson, W. Macdonald, and Camp- moment for making his attack, and to the bell. Lieut. and Adj. Grant, 1st batt. officers and every individual of his de. 24th reg. N. I. who had been twice woun- tachment, that degree of praise which he ded during the night, in the defence of considers their conduct entitles them in, the hill, was here killed; and I beg leave in his report to his superiors. to express my regret for the loss of a most gallant officer. Shortly after the

* Post,

The numerous list of 149 killed, aud tion every individual to whom he acknow. wounded ių the. Ist battalion 24th N, L. ledges commendations are due. sufficiently marks the arduous task that Present state of corps and detachments, corps bad to perform in the maintenance as they stood on the 26th inst., previous of their post ou the night of the 26th inst, to the commencement of the attack, as The.commanding officer bas to, deplore also the returns of the killed and woundthe loss of Capt. Sadler, the officer who er, specifying the names of otficers, 10 commanded the corps in the earlier part be sent to the Major of Brigade as soon of the night, and Capt. Charlesworth as possible. being woupded who succeeded him ; but Capt. J. Charlesworth to assume the imhe can never sufficiently admire his cool, mediate charge of the 1st. batt. 20th N. I., determined, and officer-like couduct, when from the 27th inst., vicë Capt. Sadler, he had an opportunity of observing him The three troops 6th regt. Bengal Ca. in the command of the corps, as well as valry, to join the head-quarters of their that of Capt. J. M‘Donald, on whom this corps with Lieut.-Col. Graham's detachimportant charge devolved afterwards, and ment. has fixed those officers in his high estimation as worthy to hold so important a

Copy of a Report from Lieut.-Col. Scott trust.

to Mr. Jenkins, the Resident at the The gallant enthusiasm of these officers

Court of the Rajah of Berar, dated and men of the different corps (particu

Camp Nagpore, Ist Dec. 1817, with larly those of the 1st battalion 24th regt,

four Enclosures. N. I.) who were first to rush forward in Sir, --Enclosed I have the honour to the charge to recover the hill in the tem transmit a return of the killed, wounded porary possession of the Arabs, will ever and missing, and ofthe ordnance and am remain impressed on his mind as worthy munition taken from the enemy. of his lasting admiration, and the snbject I have, &c. &c. H. S. SCOTT, of his praise in his report to the comman. Lieut.-Col, commanding at Nagpore. der-in-chief, in which he will not fail to

Return of the Killed, Wounded, and Mis. record the name of Capt. Lloyd, and those oflicers who accompanied the attack.

sing in the Action on the 26th and 27th

inst., at Nagpore. With respect to the artillery, he needs merely to say, that Lieut. Maxwell and

Detachment 3 troops Bengal cavalry the men conducted themselves, as the

1 quar.-master-serj,, 21 rank and file, i coast artillery are every known to do, as

horse-keeper, 20 horses, killed; 2 lieuts., gallant and steady soldiers in the execu

I adj., 1 subedar, 3 bavildars, 18 rauk tion of their duty ; and he has to regret

and file, 14 horses, wounded; 11 horses the numerous casualties in that corps. To

inissing. Major Jenkins he offers his thanks for

Detachment Foot Artillery.-1 jemedar, his exertions while in the command of 2 rauk and file, 2 gun lascars, 1 serj. kilthe artillery.

led ; 1 lieut., 5 rank and file, 8 gun lasTo Lieut. Dunn, the pioneers, and men

cars, I serj. wounded.

Ist batt. 20th. regt. N. I.-licut., 15 employed in strengthening the bill on the

rank and file, killed ; I maj., 1 capt., 1 Jeft of the position, the commanding offi

lieut., 1 suhendar, I havildar, 44 rank and çer considers great praise is due for their

file, wounded. exertions.

Ist. hatt. 24th reg. N. 1:-1 capt., 1 To Capt. Stone, Lient. Richie, and Dr. lieut., 1 adj., 1 subedar, 4 havildars, 1 Gordon, le offers his best thanks for their drummer, 49 rank and file, 1 recruit boy, gallantry in the attack, capture, and spik- killed ; 1 capt., 1 lieut., serj.-maj., 1 ing of two of the enemy's twelve-pouude quar. master-serj. 2 jem dars, 7 havil. ers, defended by a body of Arabs.

dars, 89 rank and file, wounded. To the officers who acted on his imme Resident's Escort.-- subedar, 1 havil. diate staff, Captains Taylor, Stone, and ‘dar, 8 rank and file, killed ; 1 capt., 1 Hindley, he offers his sincere thanks for havildar, I drummer, 31 rauk and file, their indefatigable exertions under the wounded ; 3 rank and tile, missing. fatigue they had to endure, and to Capt. Major Jeukins's batt.--1 subedar, 1 Bayley, who continued those exertions havildar, I corporal, 5 rank and file, kileven after he was severely wounded.

led ; 2 capt., 1 adj., 13 rank and file, It is the intention of the commanding wounded. officer that every corps, officer, and indi Unattached.-l assist.-surf., killed. vidual present at the defence of Seeta Grand total.- major, 6 capt., 7 lieut., baldy, shall be considered as participating 3 adj., 1 assist.-surg., 1 serj.-major, 2 in the praises and thanks conveyed in the quar.-master-serj., 5 suberlars, 3 jemeabove orders, which is to be fully explain- dars, 18 bavildars, I corporal, 2 drumed by Dlajor M‘Kenzie to the Ist batt. mers, 303 rank and file, 10 gun lascars, 20th N. I., as the commanding officer 1 recruit boy, 1 horse-keeper, 2 serj., 15 could not so extend his orders as to inen horses. Asiatic Jour.No. 30.

Vol. V.

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Names of the officers killed aud We offer to your hon. conimittee our wounded.

hearty congratulations on this happy and Killed.-st. batt. 20th regt. N. 1.- complete termination of the contest at Lieut. Clarke.

Berar, the effects of which can liaruly be Ist batt. 24th regt. N. I.--Capt. Sadler, estimated at this interesting crisis. lieut. and adj. Grant.

Letters froin Lieut.-Col. Burr, and Lieut. Unattached.-Mr. assist.-surg. Niven. Robertson, of the 1st of this month, acWounded.-Detachment 6th regt. B. C. quainted us that the Peishwa had re

Lieut, R. W. Smith, Lieut. and adj. appeared with his troops in the vicinity of Hearsey, severely.

Poona, with the supposed intention of Detachment of Foot Artillery.--Lient. attacking the British detachuient, under Maxwell, slightly.

the command of the first-mentioned off. Ist batt. 20th regt. N. I.-Major Mac and the city. kensie, slightly ; Capt. Pew, severely ;

The second batt. of the 1st regt. of Lieut, Dunn, slightly.

Bombay N. I., which Col. Burr had orIst batt. 24th regt. N.l.-Capt. Charles

dered to join him from Seroor, has been worth, Lieut. Thuillier, severely.

attacked and surrounderl by large bodies Resident's Escort.-Capt. Lloyd, se

of the enemy, and has suffered considerverely.

ably. It hall reached the town of GoreMajor Jenkins's Batt.--Capt. Robison,

gaum, within about fourteen miles of slightly ; Capt. and Adj. Bayley, severely. Poona, and we hope it may be enabled to H.'S. Scott, Lieut..-Col. commanding protect itself against further loss until at Nagpore.

succours may be sent to it. List of Guns and Ammunition captured The only further account we have re

from the Enemy, on the 26th and 27th ceived from the head-quarters of the army Nov. at Nagpore.

of the Deccan with Sir T. Hislop, reports, Guns.—2 brass nine-pounders, 2 brass

we regret to say, that upwards of thirty four-pounders, carriages unserviceable ; 2 European officers and seven hundred men brass twelve-pounders, spiked.

were killed and wounded at the battle of Ammunition. - 25 iron nine-pounder

the 21st Dec. About two thousand inshot, 40 iron four-pounder shot, 55 iron "fantry of the enemy had been killed in

the field and during the pursuit, and uptwo and half-pounder shot. 60lbs. of gunpowder (country).

wards of sixty cannon bad fallen into our

hands. The names of the officers advert. N.B. Four jingals taken, but are not of order for service.

ed to are not mentioned. J. MAXWELL, Lieut. commanding

The last accounts from Major-Gen. Sir detachment Artillery.

W. G. Keir, are cated at Rutlaum, the

25th Dec. The Bonibay divisiou was Extract from a Dispatch from the Go- moving in the direction of Rampoor, 10

vernor in Council, at Bombay, to the wards which place the enemy is reported Secret Committee, dated Jan.5, 1818.

to have fled after the action of the 21st. Since our last letter to your hon. com Accounts lave been received from Lieut.. mittee, dated the 2d inst. was closed, we Col. Burr, dated the 3d, intimating that have received, through the Resident at Capt. Staunton, commandiug the second Nagpore, the copy of a dispatch from Brig. battalion 'Ist regt. of Bombay N. I had Gen.Doveton, to the Adj. Gen. of the army been fortunately able to commence bis of the Deccan, dated the 19th of last march back to Sernor, with 125 wounded, month, a transcript of which we have liaving buried about 50 at Goregalim, and the honour to enclose.

left 12 or 15 there very badly wounded ; On a perusal of that dispatch, your that the Peisluva liad proceeded southhon. committee will learn, that after the ward, Gen. Smith being in pursuit, which arrival of the Rajah of Berar at the Re- has probibly saved the battalion. sidency, and a compliance on the part of his highness with all the conditions which Copy of a Report from Brig.-Gen. Dore. had been demanded of him, the Brig.

ton, commanding the 2d Division of Gen., in proceeding to take possession of

the Army of the Deccan, to the Adj.. the artillery and to disperse the Rajah's

Gen., dated Camp, Nagpore, 19th troops, was attacked by a large body of

Dec. 1817, with an Enclosure. the enemy, on the 16th Dec., which he Sir, I had the honour of reporting, completely defeated, and no less than se for his Excellency the Commander-inventy-five pieces of ordnance fell into his Chief's information (through the quarterhands, with the loss of one hundred and master-general of the army), my arrival thirty men killed and wounded ; the return at this place with a part of the force referred to was omitted to be forwarded ; highly equipped, on the morning of the but we understand, by a letter received 12th, and my expectation of being joined from Lieut.-Col. Burr, that no officer was by the remainder on the following dar. among the number of either.

These troops did join me on the evening

of the 13th, and I determined to allow genpohl, and cavalry in parallel regimental them sufficient time to recover their fa columns of divisions under Lieut.-Col. tigues after so long a march, previous to Gohan, supported by their reserve of galthe resident making known to the Rajah lopers and cavalry under Capt. Smith, the terms which it was proposed to grant were fired upon at the same time, and him, in order that I might have it in my having made a detour round a tank impower to attack his troops immediately mediately in front of the Sucker Durry in the event of his not agreeing to them. gardens, charged and carried instantly the I accordingly, on the afternoon of the batteries opposed to them in a most dash13th, ordered the whole of the stores and ing style, driving at the same time before baggage of the force to proceed and take them an immense mass of the enemy's post under the Sntabulder Hill, where cavalry, which they routed and pursued they would be protected by the 1st batt. as long as there was a chance of doing 20th and ist batt. 24th regt, and a bat them any mischief. tallion of his higliness the Nizam's in A few of the enemy's guns, which had fantry. I haring placed the troops in the been charged by the cavalry, but which order I intended they should attack, the had re-opened their fire upon the latter, whole slept upon their arms to be in rea advancing in pursuit of that of the enediness to commence hostilities at half

my, were charged and carried again in a past four o'clock the following morning, very spirited manner by five companies previous to which time the Rajah's de from the reserve, under Lieut.-Col. Stewtermination would be knowi). Early in art, by the artillery of reserve, and a the morning I received information from party of reformed horse, under Capt. Pedthe resident that his highness had agreed lar, who distinguished themselves much to the terms proposed, and was hourly on the occasion; and by half-past one expected at the residency; the time fix. o'clock the whole of the enemy's guns and ed however elapsed, and the resident was camp equipage were in our possession, totold that the troops could not well be gether with upwards of forty elephants. further delayed in their moréments should H.Ex. the Commander-in-Chief will be the Rajah not soon inake his appearance : gratified to find, by the accompanying list with his approval therefore I shortly after of killed and wounded, that our loss has not moved down; I took up the position from been so considerable as might have been exwhich I intended the troops should com pecied; from the great superiority of the mence the attack. Soon after my reach enemy's cannon ; the ounds, however, ing it, I was informed of the Rajah's ar I regret to say, are generally severe, being rival at the residency, of his having given chietly from cannon shot. -orders to put in my possession the whole It gives me much satisfaction to assure of his artillery by twelve o'clock, and H. Exe. the Commander-in-Chief that the that the agent from him would arrive in whole of the troops who had the good foriny camp for that purpose. I accordingly tune of being engaged on this occasion, bewaited the arrival of the agent, and ac haved in the most gallant manner; and I am compauied by him, proceeded with the happy, after bearing this general testimony whole of my force in battalion columus to the merits of the officers and men of the -of divisions, followed by the different re division under my con mand, to mention serves in line.

more particularly for H.Exy's information, On my approach to tlıe first battery it those of Lt.-Cols. Gohan, M'Leod, Scott, was drawn out iu line ready to oppose us, Mackellor, and Crosdile, commanding bri. but having come rather unexpectedly up- gades of cavalry, infantry, and artillery, on it, the enemy quitted their guns and and of Major Munk and Capt. Western, retired; having taken possession of these, commanding corps of cavalry, and of and left the division under Lieut.-Col. Scott Lieut. Col. Stewart and Fraser, Majors in charge of them, I continued my ad- Pereira, Pollock, M‘Dowal, Wildon, Macvance in the same order, when, shortly bian, and Garner, commanding corps of inafier, a heavy fire was opened on us by a fantry and artillery. I must also bring to H. Jarge body of troops posted in the Sucker Exy's favorable notice the merits of Lieut. Durry gardens, which was followed by a Poggenpohl, in command of the horse argeneral discharge from the whole of their tillery, and of Lieut. Hunter, of that corps, batteries ; the infantry cousisted of the the latter of whom having been attached divisions under Lieut.-Col. M‘Leod and to the column where I myself was, affordMackellor, supported by a battery and a ed me an opportunity of witnessing perreserve of infantry under Lieut.-Col. Cros- sonally his uncommon exertions; to Maj. dile, and a reserve of infantry under Lieut. M'Leod and the officers of the General Col. Stewart, continued their advance Staff, and to Capt. Morgan and Edmonds, until the ground could admit of a fornia my personal staff, I am quite at a loss to. tion in line, when the enemy's batteries express how much I feel myself indebted; in the front were carried in a most gallant nor must I omit to mention the uncommanner at the point of the bayonet. mon zeal and activity of Lieut. Davis, seThe horse artillery under Lieut. Pog- nior engineer in the field, during the el

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