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tire movements; I am likewise much in fifteen to'twenty bullocks, and some pri. debted to Capt. Lucas Grant, and Nixon, vate baggage also. In the course of the and to Lieut. Davidson, Fenwick, and day's skirmishing, the enemy lost about Sheriff, who volunteered their services on twenty nien and horses ;, our loss was this occasion; of Major Addison's valu two auxiliaries killed and four wounded. able service, I was unfortunately deprived I crossed the Nura the same evening, and by severe indisposition,

on the 26thı, reached the bottom of the Before I conclude this dispatch ( beg Salpee Gliaut. On the 27th we halted leave to mention, for H. Exy's further in to refresh, the enemy threatening to deformation, that the Resident having previ- feudi the pass. ously requested that his brother, Maj. Jen The following morning we ascended kins, commanding the infantry of the Ra the Ghaut, aud perfectly unmolested unjah’s contingent, might attend me as an ex til we reached the top, when the enemy tra aide-de-camp on this occasion, it he- shewed about six hundred horse, and comes a pleasing part of my duty to express threw a few rockets. The advance drove how much I was indebted to that officer thein back with loss, but they gathered for his uncommon exertions, nor cau I strength as they retired in our front, aud pass over in silence the merits of Lieut. towards the close of the march sliewed Bayley, attached to the Nagpore contiu- about three thousand, while a larger body, geut, who, though suffering under a severe which had ascended by another pass, hung wound received in the attack of the 26th, upon the rear ; the-borse artillery galovolunteered his services, and, from his lo- pers drove them from the front with great cal knowledge, was of great use to me. effect. The rear guard, consisting of the

His Highness the Nizam's troops, un 2d batt, 9th regt., under Major Thatcher, der the command of Major Pitman, having took an opportunity of masking a galloper, been previously detached to bring on the under a division of the auxiliary, which baggage, were prevented from being pre- the enemy threatened to charge, which sent in the action ; but I am thoroughly did considerable execution ; we had no convinced, that had it been otherwise, casualties. On the 29th, 'the enemy was they would have distinguished themselves cautious and distant till the close of the

equally with the other troops. I enclose march, when he shewed about five thoufor H. Exy's information a return* of the sand borse, formed as if disposed to stand. killed, wounded, and missing of the divi. The advance was thrown forward, and sion have the honour to command, as also the enemy slowly retired to keep out of of the ordnance, &c. captured from the range. The nature of the ground, 'howenemy.--I have, &c. &c. &c.

ever, enabled me to push upon them ra2. DOVETON, B, G. pidly, and unperceived, wlien all the galCamp, near Nagpore, Dec. 19, 1817. lopers, and a five and half-inch howitzer, "Abstract Return of the Ordnance and Am- they immediately dispersed in confusiou,

opened upon them with great 'effect, and munition captured from the Enemy at

and retired for several miles. Nagpore, on the 16th inst.

They disappeared altogether from the Total number of guns--75.

30th Nov. to the 6th inst., when they

.came upoa vur rear again at Inoze in conExtract from a Report from Brig.-Gen

siderable strength, but were bafiled in Lionel Smith, C. B. commanding the every attempt upon our baggage by the Poona Subsidiary Force, to the Hon.

rear guard, under Lieut.-Col. Cox, of the Mountstnart Elphinstone, Resident at first batt. 8th regt. the Court of the Peislwa, dlated Camp, On the 7th, during the march upon this at Punderpoor, 9th Dec. 1817, with

town, he again shewed from six to seven one Enclosure.

thouşavd hurse in our rear, and seemed I avail myself of this opportunity to

inclined to attack, but afterwards kept in report occurences siuce the force left Poo- very dispersedd order, The rear guard ira on the 22d ult. ; here he shewed from was strenghtened during the march, and four to five thousand horse in front and towards the close of it the enemy annoyrear of our column; we pursued one body ing us with rockets, I directed three troopis in advance, of about two thousand, with

of the second regiment of cavalry, and a with the 2d regt. of cavalty and liorse ar

few infantry of the rear-guard, with a galtillery gallopers, but with no great effect, loper, to drive them off, which was im-tlie 2d regt. of cavalry being a good deal mediately accomplished. broken down by their recent forced march. Extract from a Report from Brig.-Gen. es. The second and larger body of the

Smith, to Lieut.-Geni. Sir Miles Nightenemy huug upon the rear, and the march being very long (twenty-four miles), and

jugall, K.C. B. dated Camp, four miles winding through hills, they sncceeded, to

north of Ahmednuggur, 24th Dec. 1817. wards the evening, in carrying off from

In a letter I addressed to the Adj.-Gen.

from Seroor, I begged him to acquaint Not transinitted.

you, that nothing whatever of interest had


occurred since my report* to you from

9. Mr, J. D. Powles, of Devonshire-square, 10

Emma, eldest surviving daughter of Col. Ogle, Punderpore.

of the Hon. East-India Company's service. The enemy appeared in greater force than At Kensington, Wm. Chatfeld, Esq. of the MaI have ever yet seen, since he broke up from

dras Cayairy, to Miss C. A. Duncombe.

DEATHS. Gorpurat, at our passage of the Göre river, but he attempted nothing, except keeping May 3. At the Adelp!i, a few weeks after his

return from India, Capt, J. Douglas, of H, M. up an incessant fire of matclilocks, scarce Navy, formerly commander of the fox frigate, ly within cannon range. We had not å Suddenly, 'at Kensington, 'f, C. Chase, Esq. of

the Madras Civil Service. man touched, and I never returned his

Al his house in Portman-street, Dr. Wm. fire in any way. Gokla's, the Vinehoor Oord, late of the Hon. East-ludia Company's kur, and Narroo Punt Apty's divisions ap

Service, Madras Establishment.

In March last, at St. Helena, E, Watson, Esq. of mis pear to have united at that time, and the Bengal Civil Service.

amounted probably to about ten thousand At Bath, May ist, Mrs. Lawtie, widow of G. U. horse; they left a small body when I halt Lawtie, Esq, tale of Calcutta.

Lately, at his father's house, 'at Helmsley, in ed between Seroor and Poona, and then Yorkshire, Mr. R. Sandwith, universally rea followed the Peishiwa, who, 'by our latest

spected. He was nephew of the lare Win.

Sandwilli, President of the Medical Board at accounts was near Nassick. His"Alighuess

Bombay. marched himself through the strong-hilly country of Kulliain and looner, having been previously joined by Trimbncjee with INDIA SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. about one thousand Bheels and Arab in.

Arrivals. fantry from Sungumnier ; he had been al

April 27.— Portsmouth, Barton, Nelson, from so joined ou the Beemah by some iufantry Batavia. and four or five guns, under Bapoo "Sin "May 1, Gravesend, Paragon, Miller, from diah, the late chief of Darwar. I have Bengal,

2.--Moffat,' Lee, from Bengal, not yet heard how he disposed of those Tame, Dale, from Bengal. guns, but conclude he has not taken them William Prit, Graham. from Bengal,

Riclimond, Clark, from Bengal. with him in the very difficult strong coun

Streatham, Dale, from Bengal. try he has entered, which indeed deter 3.-Hadlow, Anderson, from Bengal. mined me on my present route, and will Portsmouth, Alexander, Surfim, from Cey

lon, also enable me the better to keep him

April 30.- Plymouth, Heywood, Harmsworth, from passing into Khandeislı. If I could from Bengal. have possibly persuaded his Highness to

Muy 7.-Gravesend, Ajax, Soames, from Ben

gal. any particular route for our advantage, he Waterloo, Birch, froin China. has brought me in that I should have Inglis, Hay, from China.

Deal, Brothers, Stamp, from 'Bengal. named, and which has enabled me to pro

Gravesend, Tiaveller, Hutchinson, from Pevide supplies for our bazar, and every nang thing we required.

8.- Marquis Camden, Larkins, from China.

Palmers, K-mp, from Bengal.
By "his having taken' up infantry also

10.- Lady Borringdon, Lethbridge, from Ben(and no other troops cau defend him in

ga the Ghaut), I carnestly hope I may be

14.-Jemima, Danby; from Bombay.

- Winchelsea, Adaintson, from China, able to get up with him. I should be at 19.-Stuckton, Harrison, 'from Bengal. Nahoorie to·morrow, on the Moola Ghaut, 20,- Bombay, Hamilton, from Chiua.

Charles Grant, from China. and shall have turned all the (hants to the westward, and be prepared to act ei

Departures. ther with or without light guns.

May 3.-Gravesend, Lady Lushington, Dormer,

for Bombay. Not published, as it merely narrates the ope

Minstrel, Bristow, for the Cape of Good rations repo.itd in the foregoing extract.

Hope and India.

Brilliant, Young, for the - Cape of Good Hope.

Northampton, Trebbutt, for India. BIR’IHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS,

Lord Keitli, Freeman, for India,

4.---David Scoit, Humter, for Madras and Bengal. HOME LIST.

5.-Castle Forbes, Fraser, for Bombay.
11.-Deal, Mulgrave Castle, Ralph, for Bengal,

13.-Gravesend, Mary Ann, "Warrington, for BIRTH.

Bengal. May 16. In Ploomsbury-square, the lady of 15.-Qureen Charlotte, Taylor, for the Cape of - Júhn Thornhill, Esq. Ofason,

Good Hupe,

17.--Pivinouch, Cytis, Fleek, for Ceylon. MARRIAGES.

21.- Regret, Welibank, for Java, May 18. H. H. Munro, Esq. nephew to Lieut. cana

aromadora General Munro, of Eutham House, Dorset, to C. M. Mason, widow of R. Mason, Esq.

SHIP-LETTER MAILS FOR INDIA. 26. E. J. Troughton, bsq, of. Beckford Place,

Kennington Common, to Mary, eldest daugh Ships' Mames. Tons. Probable Time of Sailing.
ter of the late Thos. Baker, Esq. of the India

Madrus and Bengal.


Junie 1
G, de Visme, Esq. of Bryanston-street, Port-


Jutie 15
man-square, to Eliza Ella, eldest daighter of
Major Torriano, of Kensingtori-square.

Bencoolen and Bataria.
G. R. Smith, Esq. eldest son of G. Smith, Providence ........,

June 5
Esq. M. P. of Upper Harley.street, 10 Jane,
eldest daugliter of J. Maberiy, Esq. ot Grus.

Isle of France and Bombay,

Triton .................... 422.. - June 5



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TIMES appointed for the EAST-INDIA COMPANY'S SHIPS of the SEASON 1817-18.

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27 Mar.
31 Miar.
21 Apr.

16 Apr.
19 Apr.
21 Apr.
26 Apr.

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I George Canning. 1326 Company's Ship Wm. Patterson R. Glasspoole W. R. Blakely K. MacDonald Amb. Rivers.. Rob. Simmons S. James Lee

1817. 1817. 1 Thomas Coutts .... 1334 S. Marjoribanks W Marjoribanks Alex, Chrystie Rich. Clarke.. E. M. Daniell Fred. Madan . James Grani.. James Dunn..

Duke of York ..... 1327 S. Marjoribanks A. H. Campbell Charles More JohnShepherd Rob. Lindsay W. P. Moffatt Whitm. Smarı Jos. W. Rose 2 Eurl of Balcarras 1417 Company's Ship James Jameson. D. R. Newall.. Philip Baylis.. John Hillman A. Broadhurst Henry Arnot.. Wm. Bruce

Bombay & China 26 Oct. 27 Dec. 4 Marquis of Huntly 1200 John Campbell.. Don, MacLeod .J.S. H. Fraser John Thacker H. H. Sumner Geo. Chennell John Simpson Robert Hogg.. ! Buckinghamshire.. 1369 Company's Ship Fred, Adams .... James Head .. Tim. Smith .. !'. B. Penfold Thos, allchin Wm. Hayland J. W. Graham

1325 George Palmer.. Mont. Hamilton James Barber A.T. Chatfield John Allen.... J.CWhiteman A:.d. Kedslie Benj. B. Lord 1 Dunira


Beng. 8. China 1200 John Paterson .. H. A.Drummond Alex. Morgan Thos. Dunkin JCruickshanks Jas. Stuart.... David Irving.. John Stewart 3 Castle Huntly.

8 Dec. 8 Feb. i London

1332 Company's Ship Walter Campbell B. Broughton. W. Longcroft Wm. Pullham WK.Packman D. Mackenzie John D.Smith
.. 1200 Robert Williams Edw. Balsion ... Samuel Lyde.. Jas, Kellaway Wm, Pitman Charles Penny Nath. Grant . Jas. Thomson

Mad. f: China
6 Princess Amelia.
4 Marchioness of Ely 932 Sir R. Wigram.. Brook Kay.... kich; Chufford, w. Dalrymple Dav. Sampon Se Mangles L.M. Bennettom. Millett.. } Madras & Bengal 21 Jan. 12 Mar.
1 Orwell.

1335 Matthew Isacke T. Wats. Leech Wm. Cousens T.W.Andrews Wm. Haviside Thos. Welsh Wm.Brenner Richard Prince
3 Lady Melville 1200 Sir R, Wigram.. John Stewart.... Thos, Tapley.. Robt. Clifford Hen. C. Smith Hen. Sterndale D.Camuan,Ju. Jas, Goddard
Jas. Dalrymple C.W.H. Sewell G. G. Jarman Rich. Card.... E.M. Boultbee Gco, Waddell S. H. Ayers .. Chira

20 Feb. 11 April
4 Cabalva

1200 John Card. 6 Scaleby Castle 1242 Company's Ship Jolin B. Sothebu T. W. Barrow Robert Lnwis. Jas. Murdoch Jolin Griffith Jas, Halliday Cras. Jobling

1271 Henry Templer Henry Templer Hen. Clement James S. Biles W. Ticehurst H. Galway.... Thos. Godwin Jos, Hodson.. 7 Persererance

820 George Gooch Fran.Cresswell . William Evans Alf. Chapman Thos. A. Davis John Sprott .. Ws.Cumming Wm. L. Grave 5 Astell .....

Madras & Bengal 6 Mar. 27 Aprit 6 Phoenix

818 Robert Williams Thomas White Telem.Musson Wm. Carter .. R. B. Shittler H. B. Ayarne Thos. Ranken Harry James

894 Company's Ship Peter Cameron, James Pearson Rees Toomas Alex. Beli .... F. G, Moore.. Edw. Turner . D. Leighton.
2 General Hewitt
5 Warren Hastings.. 1000 John P. Larkins Thomas Larkins J.P. Hackman George Mason George Cowan Fran. Catiley T. B. Horsley J. W. Pears.. Bengal 8 Madras 6 Apr. 26 May
4 Asia
958 Henry Bonham .T.F. Balderston J. T. E. Flint Thos. Davey..

Rob. H. Rbind John Gisborne J. M. Hodges James Gardner
698 David Gordon .. Thomas E, Ward Thos. D. Burn W, Powditch Tho, Clarkson P. Backerville J. Johnstone T. Stephensou
3 Fairlie.

Bengal & Bombay 10 Feb. 22 Mar. 1 Herry Porcher .... 465 Joseph Graves James P. Anstice Pat. Wallace Hen. Simpson

Edward Watts

J. Austin.. H. S. Graves 4 Lady Lushington.. 594 Nath. Domeit.. Thomas Dormer Henry Bird . Jas. Dudman Dav. Urquhart

P, MacMillan Charles Burt.. Bombay

John Edwards 545 George Palmer . Charles Tebbut John Vincent Henry Lee

22 Mar. 7 Northampton

John Coulter D. H. Renny... } Beng. Benc.

1 May Lord Keith

599 Robert Morris .. John Freeman .. John Shute .. . George Lamb (FChristophersoal


1 Apr. {

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..lb. 0

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L. S. d. L. S. d. Cochineal ..................lb. 0 5 0 to 0 6 6 Cotfee, Java .. ....... cwt. 6 70 6 16 0 Cheribon

6 0 0 6 4 0 Bourbon

5 18 0

6 6 0 Mocha

6 17 0 7 70 Cotton, Surat...

1 1

0 5 Extra fine.

0 1 6

0 1 7 Bengal

0 010

0 1 1 Bourbon

0 2 6

0 3 6 Drugs, &c. for Dyeing. Aloes, Epatica.......cwt. 5 0 0

8 0 0 Anniseeds, Star.... 4 15 0

5 5 0 Burax, Refined...

7 7 0


0 Unrefined, or Tincal 9 10 0 Camphire unrefined..... 10 10 0 13 0 0 Cardemoms, Malabar..Ib 3 10 0 6 6 Ceylon.....

0 30 Cassia Buds..........cwt. 18 0 0 20 0 0

Lignea................ 12 0 0 15 10 0 Castor Oil..............lh. 111

0 3 10 China Root..........cwt. 2 0 0 Coculus Indicus..

28 0 2 15 Columbo Root....

2 15 0 2 18 Dragon's Blood.

30 0 0 35 Guin Ammoniac, lump.. 12 0 0 15 0 Arabic....

5 0 0

6 0 Assafætida..... 7 0 0 -20 0 0 Benjamin

8 0 0 38 0 Animi...... ...cwt. 8 9 0 - 10 0 0 Galbanum...

34 0 0 Gambogium

16 0 0 13 0 0 Myrrh......

90 0 - 10 0 0 Olibanum.....

7 0 0

8 0 0 Lac Lake.......

I 6

0 3 0 Dye.......

0 5 9 0 7 0 Shell, Block..

30 0 7 0 0 Shivered

0 900 Stick......

0 0

5 0 0 Musk, China..........02. 1 6 0 1 7 0 Nux Vonica.........cwt. 1 5 0

1 10 0 Oil Cassia.......... ..07. 0 1 10

0 30 Cinnamon

0 15 O
Cloves....... ....

O 3 6

0 1 0

0 1 6 Nutmegs

0 10

0 1 6 Opium...

... lb. 1 6 0 1 10 0 Rhubarb

0 4 6 0 12 0 Sal Ammoniac ......cwt. 5 5 0 Senna....

.lb. 0 1 4

0 2 6 Turmerick, Java ....cwt. 1 5 0

1 8 0



L. S. d.

L. S. d. Turmerick, Bengal..cwt. I S 0

5 0 China

1 18 Zedoary Galls, in Sorts........... 9 10 0 -10 0 0 Blue....

11 0 0 11 10 0 Indigo, Blue

Bine and Violet.....
Purple and Violet Q 9 3

0 g 7 Good Ditto...

0 8 10

0 9 0 Fine Violet..

0 8 6

0 8 Good Ditto...

0 8 1

0 8 Fine Violet & Copper 0 7 9 08 0 Fine & Good Copper 0 7 6 0 7 9 Middling Ditto... 07 0

0 Ordinary

0 5 6

06 Fine Madras

0 5 0

0 8 6 Manilla Rice ....(wt. 0 17 0

1 30 Safflower.... .......cwt. 5 5 Sago .....(wt. 1 11 0

1 18 0 Salt petre, Refined.....cwt. 27 0

28 0 Silk, Bengal Skein ......lb. 1 4 5

1 4 8
Ditto White

1 28 1 14 5 Organzine Spices, Cinnamon

09 9

0 14 2 Cloves ...

04 1 04 9 Bourbou..

0 8 10

0 9 10 Nutmegs. ........

0 7 0 0 7 2 Ginger ...cwt. 1 15 0

118 0 Pepper, Company's Ibo o 9


White... Sugar, Yellow ......... cwl. 2 10 0 2 12 0

15 0

5 0 Brown .........

1 17 0

1 o Tea, Boliea..

0 2 4 Congou ......

2 10

0 3 5 Sonchong

3 7 0 4 9 Campoi

S 1

0 S 7 Twankay

2 11

0 3 2 Pekoe

4 0

0 5 0 Hyson Shin


0 4 9 Hyson

4 6 0 $ 10 Gunpowder Tortoiseshell

1 8 0

1 18 0 Woods, Saunders Red..tun 10 10 O -1100



4 10


a ono



Private-Trade, - Teas-Soy-Rhubarb-Cassia Buds--Raw Silk-Nankeens-Grass Cloth-Coral Beads-ink-Fish Lines-Table Mats - Mother. o'-l'earl Shells-Madeira Wine.



For Sale 2 June-Prompt 28 August. Taa, Bohea, 500,000 lbs. - Congou, Campoi, Pekoe, and Souchong, 5,050,000 lbs.-Twankay, 1,100,000 lbs.—Hyson Skin, 100,000 lbs.-Hyson, 250,000 lbs. Total, including Private-Trade, 7,000,000 lbs,

For Sale 15 June-Prompt 18 September. Company's. - Madeira Wine, pipes 37 - Cape Madeira Wine, pipes 202.

For Sale 16 June-Prompt 4 September. Company's, --Damaged Bengal White and Prohibited Piece Goods,

Company's.-Bengal Piece Goods, viz. - Callidoes and Prohibited Goods. - Coast Piece Goods, yiz. Callicoes and Prohibited Goods-Surat Prohibited Goods.

For Sale 26 June-Prompt 25 September.
Licensed.Cotton Wool.

For Sale 29 June-Prompt 16 October.
Company's.-Bengal and China Raw Silk.


Tuesday, May 26, 1818. Cotton.-The Company have declared 11,700 bags Bengals for the 26th June; from the distant day fixed upon, it is anticipated that the quantity bronght forward will be very extensive. The purchases last week have been very limited.

Sugar.-The supply of new Sugars towards the close of last week became rather plentiful; a great proportion was however of ihe inferior brown descriptions, and as the importers appeared anxious to effect sales, the purchases were very considerable at prices a shade under the currency of Tuesday last.

Coffee. There were great fluctuations last week, On the Wednesday accounts were received from Hamburgh of a considerable advance in the prices of Coffee at that market; immediately the demand by private contract became general and extensive. This forenoon the market is particularly heavy, though no depression in the prices can be stated; if offers were made in the present state of the market, Coffee might be purchased a shade lower; the holders however still evince considerable confidence, and would not submit to any considerable reduction to facilitate sales.

Custom Duties, -The consolidation of the Cus. toms Act has been postponed inntil the next Session of Parliament; the Import Duties, of course, remain unaltered.

Indigo.—There is little doing; the prices can. not be stated at any variation since the late public sale at the India House.


NY'S SHIPS LATELY ARRIVED. Cargoes of the William Pitt and Streatham. Company's.-White and Prohibited Piece Goods -Raw Silk - Cotton Hemp Saltpetre- Jaya Coffee-Keemoo Shells.

Private-Trade.- Raw Silk - Bandannoes--Cot. ton-Indigo-Ginger-Rice-Galangal Shellac Paper-Madeira Wine-Pearl Necklaces-Rubies and Sapphires. Cargoes of the Marquis Canden, Inglis, and

Company's,-Tea-Raw Silk-Nankeens.

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Daily Prices of Stocks, from the 26th of April to the 25th of May 1818.

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