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Lieut. and quarter master D. M'Queen Lieut. T. Jackson, 17th N. I, will join to be adj., vice Smith.

and do duty with the infantry recruiting Infantry.-Major G. Keates, 7th N. I. depot. to be lieut.-col., vice Munro deceased. Lieut.-col. G. Keates (late promotion)

5th N. 1.-Captain W. Woodhouse to is posted to the 20th N. I. and 2d bat. and be major, capt. lieut. P. Fraser to be capt., is struek off the strength of the 2d N, Y. lieut. E. Fitzpatrick to be capt. lieut., and batt. ensign M. K. Young to be lieut. in suc Major J. C. Stokoe, 9th N. I. is posted cession to Keates promoted.

to do duty with ihe 2d N.V. batt. 6th N. 1.-Ensign R. Brady to be lieut., 28.–Lieut.-gen. Sir Thos. Hislop, Bart. vice Maule deceased.

having assumed the immediate and perJune 9.-Lieut. J. Smyth, 7th N. 1. to sonal command of all the troops serving be adj. to the 2d bat. of that corps, vice in the Deccan, is pleased to publish the folFitzpatrick, promoted.

lowing list of the officers of the general Lieut. W. Strachan, 19th N. I., to act and personal staff who will accompany as field assist. quarter master gen. with the head quarters of the army, and forna the Hyderabad subsidiary force, during his excellency's suite. the absence of lieut. Stewart on sick cer General Stuff. --Lieut.-col. T. H. S. tificate.

Conway, adj. gen. of the army.--Lieut. Capt. C. Wilson, 12th N. I. to be assist. G. Jones, and cornet W. Barlow, assist. com. gen. vice Harvey.

adj. gen. of the army. - Lieut.-col. V. Mr. sarg. J. Wyse to be garrison surg, Blacker, quarter master gen. of the army. of Cannanore.

-Capt. C. C. Johnston, assist. quarter 12.-Mr. assist. surg. R. H. Stewart, to master gen, of the army.--Lieut.-col. M. afford medical aid to the corouer, when Murray, (king's troops), deputy adj. gen. required in the execution of his duties. -Lieut. col. The hon. L. Stanhope, (king's

19.–Capt. lieut. W.M. Burton, artil- troops), deputy quarter master gen. lery, to act as com. of stores at Bellary, Lieut. col. Morison, commissary, gen.daring the absence of capt, lieut, Cullen. Lieut. Ffrench, post master.

Lieut. J. Riddell, 10th N. I., to receive Suite of his excellency. - Capt. H. charge provisionally of the survey depart- Scott, military sec.-Capt. J. T. Wood, ment remaining at Fort St. George, on private sec. and first aid-de-camp.-Lieut. the departure of the surveyor general for T. Van Bnerle, 2d aid-de-camp.-Lieut. Fort William.

H. E. Fitzclarence, additional aid-deLieut. S. W. Steele, 12th N. I., to act camp.-Lieut. J. Eden, 2d addit. aid-de. as field assist. quarter master gen. with camp.-J. Annesley, Esq. surgeon. the Hyderabad subsidiary force, during His excellency the most noble the Gothe absence of lieut. O'Donoghue. vernor General in council has been pleas

Lieut. A. Anderson and ensigo J. W. ed to appoint col. John Doveton, Sir John Nattes of the engineers, to join the Hyde Malcolm, K.C.B. and K.L.S. and Sir Aurabad subsidiary force, and to place them gustus Floyer, K.C.B. of the Madras arselves under the orders of the superintend. my, and Col. Lionel Sunith of H. M. 65th ing engineer lieut. Davies.

foot, to be brigadier generals pending the 4th N. I. ensign J. Metcalfe to be lieut., duration of a special service, beyond the vice Carter invalided ; capt. W. Clapham territories of the hon. Company. to be Major, capt. lieut. J. Dalziel to be Col. Hewett, C. B. to command the 1st captain ; lieut. A. Stock, to be capt. lieut., brigade, and lieut. •col. H. Fraser the 2d and ensign G. B. Wardell to be lieut. in brigade of infantry with the field force succession to Moore deceased.

under the command of col, Pritzler. 9th N. I. ensign T. Clemons to be lieut. to complete the establishment.

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. Mr. W. M. Sutherland is admitted an assist. surgeon on the establishment. July 4th.-Mr. Teed was admitted an Surgeon W. H. Jones is posted to the

attorney, solicitor and proctor, in the horse artillery, vice Wyse; and surg. G.

sapreme court of this presidency; and Briggs is appointed to the 5th light cav.

Mr. Poe of this court has been appointed vice Jones.

solicitor to the government of Bengal, in June 19:-Capt. Walker, 1st bat. 8th

the room of Mr. Taylor, who lately pro.. N. I. will join and take charge of the de

ceeded to England. tachment of that corps at Vellore.

Captain John Evelin Gassoigne has Assist, surg. C. A. Price, doing duty

been appointed deputy master attendant with H. M. 53d regt. will immediately and boat paymaster at Madras, in the join and do duty with H. M. 34th regt.

room of Mr. Bird. Lieut. H. Bevan Ist bat. 14th regt. is removed to the 1st bat. pioneers, vice.


21st June.- Arrival.The Sir Stephen Lieut. H. L. Harris, 24th N. I, is to do Lushington, Capt. Chivers, from London, duty with the 1st bat, 15th regt.

Madeira, and Cape of Good Hope.- Pas


séngers for Madras.Mrs. Church and For Bengal.-Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Tys child, Mrs. Smith, Miss Smith,' Major ler, Miss Parker, Miss Long, Miss HutLambert, Rev. Chas. Church, Mr. Ford, chins, W. Parker, Esq. Messrs. Wrough, Mr. Smith, Mr. Kelly, and Mr. De Silva. ton and Glegų, cadets, Mr. Bambridge

For Bengal.--Mrs: Denty, Capt. Denty, Young, nnd 150 recruits for the H. C. 27th regt. N. I. and Mr. R. Hampton. service. From Cape of Good Hope for Bengal. July 8th.-Company's Brig John Shore Sir Jolin D’Oyly; Bart. John D'Oyly, Capt. J. Campbell, from Batavia. Esq.

Passengers. — Per Jolin Shore.-For June 24th.--Arrived H. C.'s ship Atlas, Madrás. - Mrs. Jourdan, Capt. Forbes, Captain C. O. Mayne, and General Kyd, and Lieut.,Jourdan, Madras establishCaptain Nairne.

Per General Kyd, Mrs. Burrowes, For Bengal.-Mrs. Burges, Lieut. Cotes, Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs. Walter, Misses Walter, Mr. Burges, Mr. J. Martin, Mr. R. Watson, MacLeod, Douglas, and Cassi Brietäcke, Mr. N. Baillie, Mr: T. A. dy; Major Johnson, Capt. Stuart, Lieut. Vickers, Mr. J. Smith, Mr: T. Radcliffe, Burrowes, Capt. Cassidy, Lieut. Fraser, Mr. W. Medes. Lieut. Adair, Capt. "Cavanah, Surgeon The ship Kent, from England and the Leohe, Lieut. Higginson, Lieut. Waller, Cape, anchored in the roads on Thursday Lieut. Nicholson, Ensigns Bingham and lasi. Henley, Hon. Mr. Westman, Mr. J.

Passengers.- Per Kent.- Mrs. Ireland, Campbell, Mr. Thomas Gray, Mr. J. F. Miss Jiffiers, Mr. Robert "Rumley, and May, Mr. J. Williams, Mr. Johnson, Mr. J. Smart, free mariners, for Calcutta Mr. Stuart, Mr. J. Watson, Mr. J. El July 8th.- The Rose, Streatham, and liot, Mr. J. Wright, and two Masters Princess Charlotte, anchored in the Roads. Wallis.

Detachments of, troops for the several Per Atlas.- Mrs. A. Lisson, Mrs. Mc regiments on this establishment were Lachlan, Mrs. Baxter, Miss S. Young, Miss landed from them on Wednesday and Maria Macnagtten, Miss Anna M. Carr, Thursday, and inarched to the depots at Miss B. Taylor, Miss C. Bladen, Thomas Poonamalee and the Mount. Lisson, Esy." H. C. service, Major Henry Passengers. Per Streatham. Mrs. Bellingham, J. 'Langstaff, Esg. Lieut. and Miss Travers, Miss Carruthers, Miss Col. X. Macleod, Lieats. John Cowper, Ferryman, J. B. Travers, Esq. Lieut. T. N. Chadwick, L. Carmichael, Henry Hart- Carmichael, Assist. Surg. Maccosh. For ford, and Wm. Pittman, Ensigns Henry Bengal : Miss Rutledge. Miss D. Rut, Kane and Bloomfield, Paymaster John tedge, Rev. J. Hawlayne, Assist. Surg, Wight, Mr. Robert Moore Cathcart, Mr, Henderson, R. Elley, Esq. Mr. H. S. G. Ernish Britaid, Mr. John S. Savery, Gale, fifty recruits, four women, and one cadet, Mr. Rob. Richards, Mr. Rob. child. Freeman. — Non commissioned and pri Per Rose.—Mrs. and Miss Maclean, vates two hundred and sixty-four-women Miss Cathcart, Miss Grant, two Miss twenty-nine-children'thirteen-Lieut. F. Browns, Col. Maclean, Capt. Gore, two Malling, and Lieut. Barter, H. M. 26th Lieutenants Taylor, and Ensign Smith, regt. foot. children: Master Edward H. M. 89th regt. Lieut. Moore, Ensign Wight, Misses Jane Maclachlan, Mary Blacklin, and Surgeon Coulthard, H. D. Boucher, and E. Hodgson, for Bengal. 17th regt. Mr. Grant, Mr. Davidson,

27th June.-Brig. Gen. Sir John Mal. Mr. Patullo, Mr. Gordou, Mr. Lamb, colin, K. C. B. landed from the H. C.'s and' Mr. Campbell, surgeons, Mr. Wylcruizer Sophia, on his return from Bengal: lie, cadet, Mr. Strong, free mariner.

29th June.-The H. C.'s ships Miner Per Princess Charlotte of Wales.-30th va, Capt. G. Richardson, and Marquis of regt. two officers, sixty prirates, ten Wellington, Capt. Robert Johnson, an women, two children - 34th regt. five chored in the Roads. The following pas- officers, sixty-two privates, five women, sengers have arrived by these opportu one child—87th regt. sive officers, thirty. nities.

five privates, seven women, four, chil Per Minerva.-For Madras.--Mrs. Ca. dren-two cadets for Madras--two cadets zalet, Mrs. Maclean, Miss A. Wahab, and a free mariner, for Bengali Miss S. Hickey, Miss H. Chinnery, Mr. July 9th.-The Volunteer, Captain A. Willcock, writer, Mr. H. S. Ford, Waterman, arrived on Wednesday, from cadet, Mr. B. G. Elliot, proceeding to Bushire. The Joassime Pirates continue his father at Java via Madras.

to infest the Gulph. Many of their ves. For Bengal.--Mrs. Swiney, Capt. Swi- sels are said to exceed four hundred tons, ney, Mr. James Mathew, Mr. Joseph and to be well mapined and armed; and Allaway, and Mr. Johụ Coulson, free they are moreover said to sail 'sp, extremely mariners.

fast, that no ‘véssel 'can overtake them. Per Marquis of Wellington-For Ma- They attack, everything that passes dra-Mrs. Harris, Miss Kinchant, Mess, without convoy. Budd and Owen, cadets,

The port of Batavia swarms with


American ships. Their principal object

Surveyor in the Department of the surveyor

General. was, coffee, which had risen in conse

June 1. At Malyal near Hydrabad, Mr. Nicholas quence to thirty-two dollars per pecul. Louis. The Americans had imported an immense

At Bimlipatam, Major James Monre, lale

commanding the 1st Balt. gth N. 1. ou Feld quantity of dollars, of which their car

Service in Gunsosur. goes were principally composed.

-15. Arabella Joanna, daughter of Mr, J. Adams

--23. At Vellore, Capt. Alex. Davison, H. M. July 10th. The Victory, free trader,

8+1h Regt. cane in from England, whence she sail


Ai Vizagapatam, Lieut. S. Roll-ston, Car. ed on the 1st of February. She is one of alic Europ. Vet. Batt.

At camp in Candisli, Lient, and Brevet Capt. those vessels called Packets, and brouglt

Bothamley, A. M. Royal Scots, as usual some old letters. · We received -6. A! Tanjore, the infant daughter of Lieut.

Cleaveland, 19th N.I. several dated January, and endorsed per

Jnly 9. A! Vizaga patam, Cap. J, Wilson, BriHerefordshire, for which we have paid

gade Major, N. D. a heavy postage, and which are rendered useless to us by this inattention of

BOMBAY. the post-office at hone, in not sending them by the ship mentioned.

We learu by letters from the Gulph of Persia," that a serere action had taken

place between the Wahabee troops, comBIRTHS.

manderd ist " person by Abdella ben Suud, June 1. At the residency, the lady of G, Moore,

and tire Turkish troops under the command Esq. of a son. May 28. Mrs Win, Grant, of a daughter. of Abrahime Pacha, the son of Mohumed -13. The ady of Capt. Elphinstone, quarters Ali Pacha, the viceroy of Egypt, in which

master of brigade, of a daughter. May 3. At Cnchin, the lady of Major Ives, 14th

the former met with a severe defeat. The N, I. of a manghier.

action took place at Mauwialı, seven stages -19. At Bolauvuin, near Hyderabad, the lady of

from his capital, Deriah. Abdella hal Mickle, Esq. Surgeon to H. H. Nizam's Russell Brigade, oí' a daught T.

since falled back to the fortress of BoriJune 2. Ai B llary, the ladv of Lieut, Spotiswood, dalı, in the district of Kassime, four stages H, M, 841h Regt, of a daughter,

from Deriah, where he was agaiu assemAt Secunderabad, the lady of Major H. G. A. Taylor, of a son.

bling his troops, in the hopes of retriev-6The lady of K. Dalrymple, Esq. of a son. ing the credit he had lost by the defeat; At St. Thomé, the lady of Capt. Cunning.

whicti was so complete, that it is stated, ham, H. M. 89ih Regt. of a daughter. -10. The Lady of the Rev. Mr. Render, Mission. that if Abrahine Pacha only follows up aty, 24 a daugliter,

his success, the Wahabee power will be 300. The lady of Major de Havilland, of a son. July 24. The lady of Capt. Gray, of the 30th totally aunihilated. Foot, of a son: MARRIAGES.

June 18.-In pursuance of a requisition May 15, J. Ranean, Esq. to Miss Felicite De

to the slieriff of Bombay, a ineeting was braude. June 1. Lieut. G. Norman, gth N. 1. to Miss held at the court-house for the purpose of Anne Betham, daughter of the Rev. W. Bc considering the best mode of representing tham of Stoneham, Suffolk.

the serious inconveniences to which the Mr. Daüd Ross, Assist. Revenue Surveyor, tu Miss Amelia French.

British inhabitants are subjected by the At Franquebar, Capt. R. B. Pavin, of the

last India ship better açt. The sheriff, : Country Service, in Miss Anna C. Meinhardt,

Mr. Woodhouse, having been unanimous. daughter of 6. Meinhardt, Esq. Mast. Ait, of - that place.

ly called to the chair, Mr. Crawford read At Madura, G. F. Cherry, Esq. Civil Ser

the draft of a letter, which he proposed vice, 19 Charlotte Sophia, 'second daughter of the late Capt. A. Hughes.

should be addressed to the Post Master -12. Choultry Plain, A. D. Camphell, Esq. to General in London, setting forth the va. Matilda, second daughter of the late J. W.

rious excessive grievances 10 which the Thurshy.

India ship letter act, as it was carried July 11. At Bangalore, Robert Greig, Esq. M.D,

Acting Surgeon, H. M. 220 Dras. to Cainilla into exécution, subjected the British inAnne, second daughter of John Underwood,

habitants of this presidency and its ouiEsq. Sargeou, June 5, Af Berhampore, the lady of Lieut, Byrn, stations.' A committee of the gentleinen of the ad regi. N. I. of a daughier.

present was then appointed to prepare ą, DEATHS.

letter to the above effect to the Post Master May 30 Mr. Assist. Surgcon Jordan.

General, which when ready will be left +18. At Masulipatam, Col, Rubt. Munro, 20th

for siguatures at the court-house. N. 1. lately in command of the Masulipatam and Ellore districts. 18. At Nellapil y, the lady of Capt. C. f. Da

There appeared lately in our paper, : vies of H. M. 'storeship Reliance.

23. At l'ondicherry, Frederick de Casseli, Esq. the particulars of a melancholy acciApril 24. Off Cochin, on board of H. M. sloop

dent, which happened at Colombo 10 a Challenger, Mr. Robert Seppings, Midshipman. May 24. At Trichinopoly, the intant daughter of Mr. May, who was attacked and kile Mr. J. Robinson.

led by a shark as he was hathing. About -. Mr. Alex. Barr, garrison Sergt. Major.

the time we received that account, a At Julnah, Elizabeth, wife of M, Duarter. Master Henderson, Horse Artillery:

distressing occurrence of a similar nature -25. Al Colombo, Mr. Isaac Watkins.

took place in this barbour ; peculiar cir98. Mr. Wm. Labtwar, son of the late Capt. Lantwar, of the Coast Artillery, and Assistant cumstances induced us to postpone the Asiatic Journ.No. 25.




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public notice of this imhappy catastrophe ; exerted his whole strength for his own but as these circumstances no longer ex safety and fortunately succeeded in getting ist, we feel it our duty to comply with on board the Portuguese frigate. The the reqırest of our correspondent, fully alarm was given, and the boats of the agreeing with him, that, as an erroneous frigate and Charles Grant were instantly idea has been prevalent among seafaring lowered into the water, but unfortunately people that sharks are never seen in mud without preventing the fatal catastrophe. dy water, and particularly not in Bombay The shark passed Mr. Anderson, then harbour during the S. W. monsoon, it is turned round and took him under the incumben on us now to publish the par water, which was immediately discolourticulars of this shocking event, and thus ed with his blood. He rose again, but be instrumental in preventing the recur was then attacked by five or six more of rence of similar disasters.

these voracious animals, and he was gone On the evening of the 15th Juve, Mr. in an instant. One shark was observed to Anderson, the fourth officer of the H. C. be making afier the forecastle man, on ship Charles Grant, was swimming a short which a sentry on board the trigate, with distance from the ship, accompanied by a grtat presence of mind and coolness, lequarter-master and forecastle man, - Mr. velled his musket and shot the fish, thereAnderson struck out and swam towards by preserving the life of the sailor. The a Portuguese frigate then lying at about next day a large shark was caught by the half a cable's length from him, and he people on board the H. C. ship Vansittart, was followed by the two men. As they measuring upwards of 12 feet.-Bombay approached the frigate, Mr. Anderson was Courier, July 19. heard to say,

« don't drowo me;" on this exclamation, the quarter - master The following is a Census of the Islands turned round, and to his unspeakable of Bombay and Colaba taken during the horror and alarm, saw an immense shark year 1816, which cannot fail of proving dirting at Mr. Anderson. He immediately interesting to our readers.

[blocks in formation]

The above statement neither includes some native inhabitants of Bonibay. Soon temporary sojourners or visitors, vor the after the fire broke out, the explosion of a Europe and Native troops, Bor the small quantity of guupowder, which had British subjects on this Island. The been deposited in one of the lower apartnumber of persons who periodically visit ments, put to flight the greater part of this presidency for the purposes of tratfic those who had come from curiosity, but may vary probably from sixty to seventy luckily did no further harm. Captain five thousand annually. The present cen Lawrence of the Marine, Captain of the sus shews an increase of no less than four Mazagou Docli-yard, with a party of his hundred and tifty houses on the Island, men from the Duck-yard, exerted them-sinc the enumeration by the assessor a selves with great spirit and success, assisfew years ago, and the result gives some. ted by the magistrates of police with parthing less than eight persons to each tjes of the police rounds. The fire engines family,

from the Mazagon Dock-yard, and from

the powder works, were instantly procured On Monday July 14, about ten o'clock, a

and worked with great success ; and the fire broke out at Mazagon in a large range

progress of the flames was put an effectual of warehouses not far from the dock-yard.

stop to before sun-rise, though not before The warehouses were chiefly filled with

about a third part of the range was cordage, sail-cloth, dammer, and other na

burnt down. The fire engines from Bomval stores, the property of Arabs, and of bay also came at an early hour under the

direction of Captain Barr. Some parties was a good man and a just."-At her fect were left to complete the estiuction of are two volumes inscribed “ Mal sbar! the dames, and to remove from the house and “ Benares," and three scrolls inarked such articles as still could be saved About “judicial and revenue"-"Gwicowar trcanine o'clock in the morning, on removing ty”—and “ Travancore treaty." On the a sail which was partly consumed, and on left of the pedestal is an erect figure of which the engines had been playing, two a Bramin, four feet high coutemplating small barrels of gnnpowder blew up and with pious reverence the urn of one who burned, rather severely, four of the native was so truly the Hindoo's friend. lascars employed near the spot.

Beneatlı this group and in front of the principal pedestal is the following inscrip

tion. “In memory of the honorable BOMBAY SESSIONS.

JONATHAN DUNCAN, Governor of Bom-' July 5th.-The attention of the Re- buy, from 1795 to 1811. Recommencorder's Court has been occupied from

ded to that bigh office by his talents and Monday to Thursday last in a cause

integrity, in the discharge of various imwhich, from its involving points respect- portant duties in Bengal and Benares, bis ing the power of commanders of mer

purity and zeal for the public good were chant-ships over the conduct and persons equally conspicuous during his long and of their passengers, excited more than - upriglit administration at this presidency, usual iuterest. It was an actiou brought

With a generous disregard of personal by Lieut. Farewell, R. N. a passenger on interest, his private life was adorned by board the H. C. ship Marqnis Camden, the most muniticent acts of charity and against the commander Captain Larkins, friendship, in all classes of the comfor damages for fulse imprisonment.

munity. To the natives in particular, he The verdict was for the plaintiff, damages was a friend and protector, to whom 5,000 rupees.

they looked with unbounded confidence, On July 16, the court was occupied and never appealed in vain. He was born in the trial of Nagoo Puut for perjury. at Wardhouse, in the county of Forfar, The trial of this Bramin unfolded a cu

in Scotland, on the 15th May 1756; rious and complicated scheme of fraud

came to India at the age of sisteen; and and villainy. The jury without retiring,

after thirty-nine years of uninterrupted returned a verdict of guilty, and the Ho- service, died at this place on the ilih nourable the Recorder immediately passed August 1811.” the judgment of the court on him. He

Beneath the inscription are two infants, stated that from the high rank or caste of supporting a scroll inscribed with the folthe prisoner, the punishment about to be tuwing words—“ Infanticide abolished in iudicted on hin would most probably Benares and Kattywar.” attract the notice of the watives of his

And at the base of the monument the class, and the example now ma:le of him following—“ Several of the British ininigbít teach them that art and cupning habitants of Bombay, justly appreciating were not true wisdom, as the scenes of his distinguished merits, in public and swindling fraud in which the prisoner had private life, have raised this monument, been engaged, had led bin to the highest as a tribute of respect and esteeni, and most disgraceful punishment that could 1817." be inflicted on a Bramin :-that he was not fit to live in society, and should therefore

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS. be excluded from it. The sentence of the

June 16.-Lieut. J. Carr, Ist bat. 8th court was that he be transported to Prince

N. I. on his own solicitation transferred of Wales Island for life.

to the invalided battalion, and ensign T.

Marshall, to be lieut., vice Carr. A very beautiful monument the work of Major G. Mackonochie, to be major, Mr. Bacon, has just been erected in St. capt. G. Grant, to be capt.; capt.-lieut, W. Thomas's Church. It is placed in the Miles, to be capt. lieut. J. W. Falcuner, to corner of the church corresponding with be lieut., vice Watson retired. that in whiclı Captain Hardinge's monu Corps of Engineers.--Capt. lient. s. went is erected. Its height is fourteen Goodfellow to be capt. ; lieut. and brevet feet, exclusive of the sub plinth; and the capt. John Hawkins to be capt. lieut.; breadth of the base six feet nine jnches. ens. George R. Jervis to be lieut., anii The whole is composed of the most beauti. acting eus. Stephen Slight to be


vice ful white marble, with the exceptions of Rebenack deceased. the Doric border.

July 31.--Ens. Dashwood of the engiThe principal design of the monument neers is appointed to the office of dranghtsrepresents an urn on a pedestal under man, vacant by the promotion of capt. the shade of a Banyan tree. On the right Goodfellow. of the pedestal is seated a heautiful figure Lieut. Gerrans of the grenadier batt, is of justice with her arın raised inscribing appointed linguist in the Hindustani lanou the ai'n the following words-" He guage to that battalion.

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