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23d Dec. At a Court of Directors held less than 50 sail had arrived from that this day, William M‘Culloch, Esj. was quarter at Suez, since the recommenceappointed Examiner of India Correspond- ment of this profitable intercourse. ence in the room of Samuel Johnson, Esq. deceased.

Gencral Yermaloff, the Russian am

bassador to the court of Persia, arrived On Wednesday the 24th instant a Court at Tittis on the 16th of October. His of Directors was held at the East-India return to the capital of his government House, when the undermentioned ships is said to have occasioned great joy among were thus stationed, viz.-For Bengal the inhabitants. aod Bencoolen, Northampton, Capt. C. Teebutt ; and Lord Keith, Capt. J. Freeman.- For Bengal and Bombay, Hemy Asiatic Company has acquainted the go

Petersburgh, Oct. 8.—The Russian Porcher. Capr. J. P. Anst'ce; and Fairlie, vernment, that its ships which lastie Capt.: T. F. Ward.-For Bumbay direct, turned from China have brooghi the ac. Lady Lushington, Capt. T. Dormer.

count, that the emperor of Ch na wishes The following captains were sworn into

to constitute res deut at his cour ambas. the command of their respective ships, sadors from foreign powers, ou the same viz.- Lady Lushington, Capt. D. Dormer, footing as at the courts of Europe, in for Bombay direct.- Heury Porcher, Capt. order to keep up constant diplomatic reJ. P. Anstice, for Bengal aud Bombay: : Jations with them. The emperor Alex

On the same day the despatches were ander has seized the occurrence, it is closed at the East-India House, and de- added, and lias named a minister pleniJivered to the pursers of the following potentiary. The commercial relations of ships, viz.-Canning, Capt. W. Patter

the two empires are said to increase ar.. son; and Thomas Courts, Capt. W. Mar

nually. joribanks, for Bombay and China.

Pussengers per Canning, for Bombay. -Messrs. Harding and Lewis, aud Major of the States General of the Netherlands

A law has passed the second chamber Geu. J. Bailie.

Pussengers, per Thomas Coutts, for with respect to the Tea trade, by the opeBombay.--Mrs. Alrares, and family'; and ration of which the import duty upon Mr. J. R. Duncan.

teas into Holland will not exceed one lialt The despatches were also closed at the per cent. and the export dnty will amount East-India House, and delivered to the only to one-fifth. The following is a copy pursers of thie following ships :-For Bom

of this important document. bay and China : Duke of York, Capt. A. H.

“ We, William, by the grace of God, Campbell ; Earl of Balcarras, J. Jame- &c. &c. having taken into our considerason ; Marquis of Huntley, D. M'Leod; tion the existing differences in the laws Buckinghamshire, F. Adams.

respecting the Tea Trade, as they apply Passenger per Marquis of Huntley, for to the two principal divisions of the kingBombay.- Mr. John Pyne, writer.

dom, judge it expedient that the same Per Buckinghamshire, for Bombay.- ought to be uniform; and seeing that the Mr. William Grix.

law of the 23d of March, 1815, for the Per Earl of Balcarras, for Bombay. establishment in our Northern Provinces - Mr. Hughes and family, Mrs. Wood- of an exclusive Company for the trade to house, O'Hamilton, and Hawkins ; Mes. China, bas not been attended with the dames F. M. A. and J. Goter, J. Wyse, results which were expected : but that so C. F. West, J. C. and C. E. Williams ;

far from our mercantile or trading subMr. Wallace, Mr. Craw, and Lieut. Gil jects having subscrihed for shares in the lum, free mariners.

said Company, in the books which have

now been fully two years open for ' that Dec. 22. A detachment of the 47th and wish that the trade in the article of Tea

purpose, they have expressed a general 65th regiments has marched from Chat, should be thrown open. So We, having ham barracks to embark at Gravesend heard our Council of State, and with the for India ; a small detachment of dragoons common consent of the States. General, has also marched from Maidstone, to

have thought proper, and resolved, and by embark for the same destipation. De- these presents do think proper and retachments of the 17th and 56th regiments solve, and a small party of dragoons are now at “1. That all the laws vow in being reGravesend to en bark for India.

lative to the Tea Trade shall be, and the

same are hereby withdrawn and abolished. According to the latest accounts from 2. That the holders of shares in the Alexandria, received in Holland, the Pacha aforesaid exclusive Company shall be imof Egypt persisted in his efforts to revive mediately reimbursed the amount paid on the commerce formerly carried on between their respective subscriptions, together that country and the ports of India. No with the interest, at the rate of five per Asiatic Journ.-No. 25.


per 100lbs.

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cent, per annum, from the day on which ported on or before the 15th of October, they were received until that of repayment. 1818, shall be delivered into the uncon

's That under the following regulations trolled possession of the consignees or the general law of the 3d Oct. 1816, for importers, upon payment only of the same the levying of duties on imports and ex. duties, which, by the present law, are to ports, shall from herceforward apply to he levied on Tea imporred direct from Tea, and that every individual shall be Chiva, or from the Dutch Settlements in permitted to import Tea into this king the East-Indies, in Dutch built ships, foi dom, and have the uncontrolled posses account of resident subjects. sion thereof, immediately after the pay « On the payment of the same duties ment of the duties thereon, that is to say all Teas already imported, and remaining on Bohea and low Congou Tea, eight flo unsold in the warehouses of the Departrins per 100lbs., on all other kinds of Tea ment of Trade and Colonies, shall be delisixteen florins per 100lbs.

vered to the importers. "s4. That all Teas of which proof shall “ 10. That Tea exported shall be subbe given that they are imported direct and ject to the duty (called Tabelle Regt.) uf ju entire cargoes from China, or the Dutch one-fifth per cent. on the value, or 3 stipossessions in the East-Indies, for the ac vers per 100lbs. at the option of the excount of resident subjects, in ships built porter. in this kingdom, the duty shall be only on “ 11. That transit of Tea through the Bohea and low Cougou, two florins ten st. kingdom shall not be allowed. per 100lbs., on all other kinds, five florius «12. That in computing the duty upon

Tea, the tares to be allowed, provider 6 5. That Bohea and low Congou Tea the packages are of the usual description, shall only be denomioated such as are im shall be, upon chests weighing 110lbs. ported unmixed and in whole chests, and and upwards, 18 per cent. Upon chests in which smaller chests or packages are weighing under 110lbs. 25 per cent. not included.

“With reservation, however, of the same “6. That low Congou Tea, even in remedy as is prescribed in the sixth artiwhole chests, shall be denominated such, cle of the law of the 3d Oct. 1816, in the if its current value bere at the time of its case of inadequate tares." entry shall be, or exceed one guilder per pound; and that all Tea for which entry is made at the low duties, may be taken BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. over by any Officer the Revenue at one

HOME LIST. florin per pound, adding twelve per cent. and the duty of the Tea thereto, in conformity to the 223:and 224th articles

BIRTHS. of the Law of the 3d of October, 1816, as

Dec. 1$. Al Staughton House, Huntingdonshire, far as these are applicable to the case. the lady of Lieut, Gen. Onslow, of a daughter. 7. That with reference to direct impor

in Hans Place, the lady of Capt. S

Hurd, of a daughter, tations of 'Tea from China, or from the At Brighton, the lady of Col. Sir Edw. Kerrison, Dutch settlements in the East-Sudies, his of a danghter. Majesty shall have the faculty of ex

At his house in Connaught Place, Hyde Park, the

lady of Robert Wigram, Esq. M. P. of á sun, tending the privileges of Dutch-built ships Dec. 8. At his hous. in Gloucester Place, the to foreign bottoms, which, after strict in. lady of fol. Hughs, M. P. of a daughter. vestigation, shall appear to be Dutch pro

-20. At his Lordship's seat, Thorudon, Essex,

the lady of the Right Hon. Lord Pet're, of a son perty, at the time of the promulgation of and heir, this law, and have since continued to be so.

MARRIAGES. “ 8. That in case ships of the above

Der, 22. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, W. A two descriptions should not offer in suffi

Venour, Esq. of the Bengal Medical Establishcient number, his Majesty may license ment, tu wélen, daughter of R. Davidson, Esq.

of Findhorn, North Brilain. for one voyage to China, or the Dutch

At Marylebone Church, Capt. Knox, to Jane Settlements in the East-Indies, for the Eliza, youngest daughter of the late G. Grant importation of a cargo of Tea, but within Gordon, Esq, of Anjigua, and nie ce to the late

Sir Willoughby Ashton, Bart. the period of four years from the promul Nov. 27. Ai St. George's, Bloomshury, Capi. gation of this Law, any foreign built Chanival, of the Hon. East India Company's ships, which, at the time of commence

Service, to Charlotte Eliza, eldest daughter of ment of such voyage, shall fully appear to

Gen. Watlington, Esq. of Upper Bediord Place.

A few days ago, Lien, Col. Horace Churchill, of be the property of Dutch subjects.

the Grenadier Guarus, only sun of the late “9. That the holders of licenses grant

General and Lady Mary Churchill, to Emma

Anne, daughter of the late Capı. Finucație., el in consequence of the Resolutions of At Stokenchurch, by the Rev. the Archdeacon the 12th of April, 1815, on the importa

Heslup, Joseph Warnir Henley, E q. of Watertion of Tea for the periodical Public Sales,

perry House, in Oxtordshire, to 'Géorgiana,

fourth daughter of J. Fane, Esq. 1. P. for that which were intended to have taken place county, and nicce to the Earl of Macclesfield. before the close of the present, or during

At Paris, the Hour. Col. Pakenham, brother to

the East of Lungtord and her Grace the the course of the next year, the Tea so Duchess of Wellington, to the Hon, Emily already imported, or which may be iin Stapleton, daughter of Lord Le Despencer.

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Diamond Harbour, liaving put back with loss of Dec. 2. At Hamble, Hants. at the house of his

windlass. On the 27th, passed the Atlas, Molison-in-law Capt. Bradby, R. N. Admiral Billy

caise, of Whitby, at Kedgeree, having lost three Douglas, in his 67th year,

anchors on her way down, but was then ready for

sea, Nov. 27. In Burton Street. Albert Gledstanes,

On the same day the Victory, of Whithy, Esq. lale Commander in the East-India Com.

passed Kedgeree upwards. On the 28th, the

George Canning. of Greenock, passed upwards, pany's Service, Dec. 7. In Broad Street, Vice Adm. W. Bligh,

On the ed of August, off "Palinira3, spoke the F. R. S. of Faringham House, Kent, aged 03.

Orient, of London, to Calcutta. On the 4th, off At Knowle Parm, near Tonbridge Wells,

banjamee, spoke ine Sir Wm, Bensley, from

London and New South Wales, 90 days from Port Stephen Reid, the youngest son of Major Gen. Beatrow, aged 6 months,

Jackson, for Calcutta. On the 6101, passed two Company's ships standing up the Bay, On the 12th October spoke the Asirea, of Stockholm,

Wilson, from Simon's Bay, for St. Helena, out LONDON MARKETS.

seven days, informitd 11s the Harnal), from Liver.

pool, was at the Cape when he saited, On the Friday, Dec. 26, 1817. 12ih, spoke the Cinthia, of Southwold, from the Cotton.-There is some appearance of a revival Cape of Good Hope tv London, out nine days, in in the demand for every description of Cotton, lat. 27. 36. S. lon. 11. 25. E On the 22d, was with the exception of Bengals, which are still

boarded by His Maji sty's Brig Leveret, off St. very heavy ; and, as the supplies are expected to Helena, wio informed u: the Lord Catlicart, of be very extensive, it is generally believed that London, from Calcutta, was put in there for a Bengal Cotton will rate low. The accounis re

supply of water and provisions, ont 93 days, ceived this morning, from Liverpool and from having made the eastern passage. On the 27111, Manchester, are very favourable as to Cottons. called at Ascension Island, and spoke the French

Sugars.-In consequeirce of the alteration in ship, Sheopolie, for the 1: le of France. On the the Impor -duty on Muscovades, which will take

9'h December, spoke the big Neptune, of Lonplace early next month, Sugars were on show on

don, for Newport, out 23 days, is lat. 49. 17. N. Tuesday and Wednesday last; the sales were very

lon. 11, 40, W. considerable; and, in several instances, rather

Departures. higher prices were obtained; generally, however, the market could not be stated at any advance, as

Nov. 30 From Deal, Busiris Balston, for the holders continued anxious to effect sales.

Bengal and Madias. In Refined goods there is little variation in price ;

Dec. 20.-from Deal, Surat Castle, Walker, the holders are, however, less inclined to sell;

for Bombay, and, from the general appearance of the market

Noc, 28.-From Plymouth, Redpole, (s. W.) and the linited supplies, an improvement is ex.

for St. Helena, and the Cape of Good Hope. pected aster the holidays. Molasses are in more

Dec. 4.- From Columbia, Webb, for Fort St,

George, Fort William, &c. request.

22. --From Golden Grove, Steele, for the Cape of Coffee.-There have been no public sales of Cof. Good Hope. fee ihis week; the demand by private contract 4 --Frum Porisinouil, Mary, Lusk, Bengal. continues very considerable; muciu speculation 6.-Malia, Lindsay, for the Cape of Good Hope. has taken place at Liverpool, in anticipation of

10.-Froin Falmouth, Cornwallis, Huntley, for an advance; the greater proportion of Coffee in

the Cape of Good Hope. this market has been held" for some time by spe 23.-Betser. Duncan, for Madeira. culators.

17.-Fort William, Innes, for Bengal and Ma. dras,

6.--From Gravesend, Jane, Granger, for MaINDIA SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.


9.-From Deal, Partridge, Clarkson, for the Arrirals.

Cape of Good Hope. Nov. 30.–At Gravesend, Lord Cathcart, Ross,

20.-From Plymouth, Lord Wellington, Hill, from Bombay.

for the Cape of God Hope and India. Deal, Woodford, Brady, from the Isle of

16.-Frim Gravesend, Lord Lyndochi, TempleFrance, aud St. Helena.

ton, for Rin Janerio, and Bengal, Dec. 2.-Eliza, Oliver, from Bengal, Madras,

20,-Fromlorismouth, John Palmer, Saunders, and St. Helena.

for the Care of Good Hope and Bengal, - Phenix, Thompson, from Bengal, and Cape

15,- Cæsar, Taylor, for Madras and Bengál. of Good Hope.

17.- rom Gravesend, Andersons, Sayers, for

Madeira. 6.-Gravesend, Sisters, Douthwaite, from the Cape of Good Hope.

20.-Vittoria, Dudman, for Ceylon, Madias, &c. Dublin, Siaffa, Stirling, from Madeira. - Moira, Hornblow, for Bengal and Madras, 7. -Deal, Malabar, Ascough, from Bombay.

15.-From Deal, Standard, Siepliens, fur Batao'

via, 11.-Dover, Venus, Kilgour, from the Cape of Good Hope.

19.–From Gravesend, Melpomene, Maughan, 15,-Portsmouth, H. M. S. Melville, from Bom

for Bombay. bay, the Cape, and St. Helena.

20.-John, Popplewell, Madeira, Deal, Bombay Nerchani, Clarkson, from

21.-From Portsmouth, Lady Castlereag h, WeltBombay.

den, for New South Wales. 14.- Plymouth, Eurodino, Transport, Spars,

19.-From Cowes, Jane, Ossart, for Bengal. from the Cape of Goud Hupe, and St. Helena.

23.-La Seine, Haussen, lor Bengal. 13.-H. M, S, Iphigenia, from Ceylon. 14.-Liverpool, Stentor, Harris. froin Bengal. Ceres, Brown, from Bengal and Isle of

SHIP-LETTER MAILS FOR INDIA. France. 22.-Gravesend, Gertrude, Longridge, from the

General Post Office, Dec, 27, 1817. Cape of Good Hope.

Packet Mails will be dispatched to the Cape of The Stentor, Harris, arrived at Liverpool from Bengal, whence she sailed the 21st July, reports

Good Hope and Calcatta, by the Norfolk, Capt.

Edwards. The detention at the Cape not to ex. that the John Tobin, Kennan, for Liverpool, had

'ceed seven days. Leiters will be in time on the been repaired, and new coppered, and

was to sail

5th Jan, in three weeks. The Wilion, Gritter, of Huil, and the Mary Ann, M'Clure, of London, were

Packet Mails will be dispatched to Madras diready for sea. The Monarch, Gascoyne, for Lon.

rect, by the Wanstead, Capt. Young. Letters in

time on 30th inst. clon, would be ready for sea in a week. The True

Packet Mails will be dispatched to Bombay, by Briton, Head, of Liverpool, and the Princess Charlotte, of Whitehaven, were in Dock, repair

the Hon. Company's ship Canning, Capt. Pattere

son.-Sailed from Gravesend 24th inst. for the ing, and loading for Liverpool. On 22d of July, passed the Minstrel, Bristow, of London, at Mea Downs. pore, having been on the Meapore Sand, but got

His Majesty's ship Favorite will take Packet off with little damage. On the 23d, passed the Mails to the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena. Sir Jaines Henry Craig, Brown, uf London, at Letters in time on 30th inst.


TIMES appointed for the EAST-INDIA COMPANY'S SHIPS of the SEASON 1817-18.

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08 3
0 8 0
0 7 6
0 7 6
0 7 3
0 6 9
0 0 0
0 8 8
16 0
6 jo 0
1 16 0

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L. S. d. L. S. d. Cochineal

....lb. 0 5 6 to 0 5 9 Coffee, Java .. .cwt. 5 5 0

5 15 0 Cheribon

4 14 0 5 0 0 Bourbon

4 14 0

5 5 0 Mocha

6 0 0 6 10 0 Cotton, Yurat............lb. 0 1 2

0 14 Extra fine.

0 1 5

0 1 7 Bengal

0 011 0 Bourbon

0 2 0 02 8 Drugs, &c. for Dyeing. Aloes, Epttica.......cwt.

5 0

10 0 0 Auniseeds, Siar....

4 15 0

5 5 0 Burax, Retined...

5 0

5 10 0 Unrefined, or Tincal i 10

6 0 0 Camplire unrefined

15 0 0 Cardemoms, Malabar..lb 0 S 0

0 6 0 Ceylon.....

0 9

3 O Cassia Buds..........cwt. 16 10 -17 10 0 Lignea

10 0

13 0 0 Castor oil............lh. O


4 0 China Rot..........cwl.

2 0 Coculus Indicus.......... 2 8

2 15 0 Columbo Root........ 2, 13

2 15

0 Dragon's Blova....

28 00

31 0 0 Guin Ammonjac, lump.. Arabic........

4 0

6 0 0 Assafoetida....... 7 0 0 15 0 O Benjamin ...

8 00 69 00
Animi...........cwt. 8

0 10 0 0
Galbauum... ...

15 0 0 18 0

6 10 0

0 Olibanun..

6 5 0

0 Lac Lake,.....

0 1 O

2 O Dye......

0 5 6

6 6
Shell, Block.....
Shivered .......

Musk, China..........Oz. 0 18 0

1 90 Nux Vomica.........cwt. 1 4 0

1 10 0 Oil Cassia.....

OZ. 0 1 6

0 1 8 Cinnamon

012 0

0 14 0 Cloves..........

0 3 0 Mact...

0 1 4

0 1 6 Nutmegs


0 16 Opium...

Ib. Rhubarb

0 4 6 011 6 Sal Ammoniac ......cwt. 5 5 0 Senna....

....Ib. 0 1 6 0 2 6 Turmerick, Java ....CWI. 1 15 0 1 18 0

L. 8. d.
Turmerick, Bengal..cwt. ! 5 0

1 15 0
Galls, in Surts......

0 0
Blite ...

19 10 0
Indigo, Blue .........lb.
Blue and Violet

09 6
Pu ple and Viol: t ... 0 8 6
Fine lis et........ 0 8 3
Good Dito.......

0 7 9
Fine Vivlet & Copper 0 7
Good Ditto.....


7 3 Finie Copper .........

0 7 9 Good Ditto

0 7 0 Ordinary Ditto

0 6 Ordinary

05 6 Fine Madras

0 6 Rice

......cwt. 1 1 Safflower................cwt. 315 Sago


110 0
Saltpetre, Refined.....cwt. 2 8
Silk, Bengal Skein ...... Ib. 1 7 2

1 12 0
Ditto White

1 5 7
- Organzine

2 10 0
Spicts, Cinnamon....... Ib. Ol! 4
Cloves ....

0 3 3

08 8

0 5 11
Ginger ...... .cwt..2 5
Pepper, Company's.. 0
*Privilege ..........

0 0

0 1 0 Sugar, Yellow ......... cwl. 2 2 White

2 8 Brown

1 15 Tea, Bohea.... ........ Ib. 02 6 Congou

0 2 11 Souchong.............

0 3 8 Campoi

0 2 Twankay


0 Pekoe ....

0 4 0 Hyson Skin

0 3 0
- Hyson

0 1

1 16 0
Woods, Saunders Red..ton at 0 0


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0 3 7 0 3 6 05 O 0 4 2 0 5 9

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Goods declared for Sale at the East-India House. On Friday, 9 January-Prompt 10 April.

On Monday, 2 February-Prompt 24 April.

Private-Trade. - Bandannoes - Callicoes--Ro. Licensed. -Cotton-wool, 9,789 bales.

mats-Taffaties–Naukeens-China wrought Silks Or Thursilay, 15 January-Prompe 20 February.

-Madras Handkerchiefs - Longcloths – Sallam. Prohibited Goods in Baggage by sundry Ships pores, arrived in 1814, 1815, 1816, and 1817; also sun

On Tuesday, 10 February-Prompt & May. dry Luts of ditto sold in former Sales and remain


Cinnamon - Nutmegs Maco ing uncleared, and sundry unclaimed Luts.

Cloves-Oil of Mace and Nutmeg: — Black and On Monday, 19 January--Prompt 17 April,

White Pepper. Company's.-Raw Silk, 1,822 bales.

Private-Trade and Licensed, --Cinnamon-Gin. Licensed.-Raw Silk, 296 bales.

ger-Sago-Oil of Cassia-Indian Ink --Lac Lake

-Lac Dye-Shellack-Cardemoms-Aloes-AssaOn Thursday, 22 Jannary-Prompi 24 April. foetida-Tamarinds – Chillies - Tincal - Buffalo Company's. --Java Coffee.

and Deer Horns-Red Saunders-Rattans-Black Licensed.-Curfee and Sugar.

and White Pepper-Cocoa-nut Oil.

Cargues of East-India Company's Ships lately arrived.

CARGO of the Mary, from the Cape of Good Hope.

Company's.--Cape Madeira Wine, 120 pipes,

Indian Securities and Exchanges,

No alteration since our last.

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