Health Reinsurance Legislation ... Hearings ... on H.R. 8356 ... March 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, April 1, 2, 5, 8, May 5, 6, and 7, 1954


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332 페이지 - Administrator shall conduct a study and shall submit a report to the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the United States House of Representatives...
8 페이지 - Administrator deems necessary for the conduct of its business ; and (9) shall determine the character of and the necessity for its obligations and expenditures, and the manner in which they shall be incurred, allowed and paid, subject to provisions of law specifically applicable to Government corporations.
11 페이지 - HR 8356, a bill to improve the public health by encouraging more extensive use of the voluntary prepayment method in the provision of personal health services.
6 페이지 - Treasury shall determine the applicable interest rate annually in advance, such rate to be calculated to reimburse the Treasury for its costs in connection with such unrepaid advances, taking into consideration the current average interest rate on outstanding marketable long-term obligations of the United States.
112 페이지 - I recommend the establishment of a limited Federal reinsurance service to encourage private and nonprofit health insurance organizations to offer broader health protection to more families.
8 페이지 - ... wholly owned Government corporations by the Government Corporation Control Act, as amended ; and (2) maintain an integral set of accounts which shall be audited annually by the General Accounting Office in accordance with the principles and procedures applicable to commercial transactions as provided by the Government Corporation Control Act, as amended...

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