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Mr. Win. Can my Harriet entertain so humiliating an opinion of me, as to suppose I would be actuated in so dear a concern as that by any influence but the impulse of my own affection?

Miss Her. Take care, Mr. Wingrove-take carethere is nothing so tempting, I admit you, as those pretty words that fall gracefully in to close the procession of an ambitious sentence; but let me ask you plainly, sir, Whether, if your father should now, even now, lay his commands upon you to relinquish the passion with which you affect to regard me, you would not instantly obey him, and leave me forsaken and forlorn, to transfer your obedient ardours to any new lady of his choice?

Mr. Win. 'Tis true, I feel the most sincere respect for my father; yet had he thought proper to interpose his influence in a case where nature claims a paramount authority, I had renounced a submission which I should have held to have been unjustly exacted.

Miss Her. Are you sure of it?
Mr. Win. Quite sure.
Miss Her. Dear Mr. Wingrove. [Taking his hand.]

Mr. Win. [Kissing it.] My lovely, my adorable Harriet !-Sure of it! am I sure of my existence? Am I sure of your being the most lovely of your own sex-or I the happiest of mine? [Kisses her hand ) Am I sure that we shall never exchange another harsh word, or another unkind look? Am I sure

Miss Her. Nay, now, sir, you are fairly caught.
Mr. Win. Hey-day! what frolic is in the wind now?

Miss Her. If all this be true, Mr. Wingrove, tell me, sir, what it is that constitutes the offence of

sister? Why is she driven out a disgraced wanderer, to encounter all the unknown bazards of a merciless world, when one of her persecutors not only acknowledges that he shares in all her guilt-if guilt it be-but glo. ries in the sympathy he feels in her disobedience, because he considers it as a just tribute to the object of his affections, and a proof of his independence?


Mr. Win. My sister, ma'am, is a woman-andand

Miss Her. My sister, ma'am, is a woman-andand-that is, my sister is an interdicted being-disinherited by nature of her common bounties-a creature, with regard to whom, engagements lose their faith, and contracts their obligations. In your fictitious characters as lovers, you endeavour to make us believe that we are exalted above human weaknesses; but, in your real characters, as men, you more bonestly demonstrate to us, that you place us even below your own level, and deny us the equal truth and justice that belongs alike to all intelligent beings. This language, sir, is new, at least in the vocabulary of love; I wish I could say the sentiments it conveys were equally so in the hearts of your most imperious sex.

Mr. Win. Before I was interrupted, madam, by this torrent of modest rhetoric on the merits of your most unimperious sex; for so, in particular, I am bound to think them, I meant merely to have said, that I can aggrandize the woman with whom it may be


fate to be united-whereas, if my sister joined herself with an inferior, she would have become necessarily degraded to the rank of her husband. But I find, madam, these insults are calculated merely to gratify your pride, by proving to what extremity of meanness your power can reduce me. I blush at the servilities to which it has already exposed me, and now throw off the yoke for ever.

(Going Miss Her. Stay, sir ; before you go, let me beg you to favour this letter with a perusal-read it at your leisure. And now_" a long farewell to all my great



Mr. Win. D-nation ! laughed at too !-Farewell, madam, and I swear

Miss Her. Nay, sir, don't swear; or if thou wilt swear-swear by thy gracious self! Win. [In a fury of passion.] Madam, I go-for ever.


[Erit. Miss Her. To have convinced me of that, your congè, my rebellious .captive, should have been taken with somewhat less disturbance. I am glad I had recollection enough to give him Lord Dartford's letter of proposals before he went. He was in a terrible rage, to be surem-so inuch the better--while a woman retains power enough over a man to make him lose his temper, he is not yet in that state of healthy indifference that entitles hím to bid defiance to a relapse of affection. (Erit,


Scene I.-- The Admiral's Garden.

Enter Julia (in boy's clothes, looking back.). Yonder is my brother, and his servant, as I live; perhaps in pursuit of me! I dare not meet them—Yet sure they cou'd not know me- -I hardly know myselfTheir eyes seem directed this way I'll shut the gate till they have pass’d. Ha! who comes here? perhaps the owner of this place. From my long residence with my aunt, I am almost a stranger in my native village

he has a stern countenance! I had best con, ceal myself till he quits the garden.

[Retires, Enter ADMIRAL. Adm. Why what a pack of idle fellows I keep about

When I'm laid up with the gout these rascals do nothing-See what a fine jessamine here is almost spoilt for want of tying up-let's try what I can do. [Goes to tie it, Julia shifts her place.] What's that shakes the

Bless me,


leaves 80-Hey, is not that a man: Oh! oh! there's the way my nectarines fall so short. [Goes und brings Julia forward.] Here! here! no resistance-Come out, and let us see what we can make of you. Well, young graceless, and what do you do here? Come, let's hear what account you can give of yourself.

Julia. I do assure you, sir, I came in by accident.

Adm. By accident? Well that's a good beginning enough; what do you shut your eyes as you go along,

; that you can't tell the highway from an enclosure?

Julia. I mean, sir, I just stepp'd in to avoid a person I wish'd not to see me.

Adm. Very like, sir; but pray, sir, will you have the goodness to tell us who you may happen to be, sir?

Julia. Pray, sir, excuse me.

Adm. Indeed, sir, I shall do no such thing-Come, sir, who's your father?

Julia. I cannot tell yom, indeed, sir.

Adm. Indeed, sir— Well, after all, it might puzzle a wiser head than your's to do that; but possibly you may have better luck with regard to your mother--who is she?

Julia. My mother, sir, is dead.

Adm. Dead, is she? But had she no name when she was alive? Egad you shuffle so, that I fancy you've been longer at the trade than I at first imagined. You're a gay spark for the profession too-If Rachel had been a young woman, I should have suspected something else; but perhaps the coat may have been stolen too; these gentry now-a-days think nothing they can get too good for them, and the finger is only an accomplice to the felonious pride of the back," win gold and wear it” -Hey, is that your maxim, my young poacher: Gadso, now I remember, I have seen Sam. Welford in those very clothes-I shall secure you, my lad; you shall answer all this.

Julia. I beseech you, sir, not to expose me.

Adm. Not expose you—What! do you think I shall connive at felony? Here, Tom, Simon, Ralph-attempt to move, and you're a dead man. Here, will nobody help me to secure this villain?

Enter Mrs. Rachel and Servants.

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Adin. Here, seize that fellow, and tie his hands behind him-Keep off, Rachel, I dare say he has got pistols in his pockets-Lead him directly to a magistrate, I'NI follow.

Julia. Dear madan, I implore you to plead for me to that gentleman-your looks speak benevolence-I entreat you, madam, to have pity on me!

Adm. There's a young artful dog now, beginning to coax and flatter Rachel about her good looks ; aye, that's the way with these handsomer sprigs of the fraternity, they are sure to attack the women ; but 'tis such a snivelling puppy-why hang it, my lad, you must expect these rubs in the



your business, its only a misfortune in trade-Come, man, behave yourself a little more like a rascal of spirit. Mrs. Rach. Brother, I entreat you to send

your sers vants in.

Adm. Send 'em in, Rachel, why how's this? Do you want him to make his escape? Has he softened you with his whimpering? You know if he takes to his heels, I can't follow him.

Mrs. Rach. I have particular reasons for my request.

Adm. Well, be it so then-wait in the house till I call you. [Exit Servants.] Don't you think to get off tho' if

you attempt to stirJulia. You may rely upon it, sir, I will not move. Oh, madam, may I hope that you will befriend me in this dreadful exigency? Adm. No, no, my lad, you are dipping into the

wrong pocket there; Rachel is not like most of her sex, to be

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