Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 5권


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96 페이지 - Scripture, that the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children, even to the third and fourth generation...
226 페이지 - Of Law there can be no less acknowledged than that her seat is the bosom of God ; her voice the harmony of the world. All things in heaven and earth do her homage ; the very least as feeling her care, and the greatest as not exempted from her power.
97 페이지 - Besides, independently of that delight and vanity which I have described, it is the peculiar and perpetual error of the human intellect to be more moved and excited by affirmatives than by negatives; whereas it ought properly to hold itself indifferently disposed towards both alike. Indeed in the establishment of any true axiom, the negative instance is the more forcible of the two.
225 페이지 - Yet are thy skies as blue, thy crags as wild; Sweet are thy groves, and verdant are thy fields, Thine olive ripe as when Minerva smiled, And still his...
261 페이지 - New England Congregationalism in its origin and purity; illustrated by the foundation and early records of the First Church in Salem, and various discussions pertaining to the subject. By DA White.
427 페이지 - Boston. 1861. Report of a Committee of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, on the Alleged Dangers which accompany the Inhalation of the Vapor of Sulphuric Ether.
377 페이지 - DANIEL TREADWELL, of Cambridge, for improvements in the management of heat, embodied in his investigations and inventions relating to the construction of cannon of large calibre, and of great strength and endurance.
265 페이지 - SURYA-SIDDHANTA (Translation of the): A Text-book of Hindu Astronomy, with Notes and an Appendix, containing additional Notes and Tables, Calculations of Eclipses, a Stellar Map, and Indexes. By WD WHITNEY.
34 페이지 - Untersuchungen über die Richtung und Stärke des Erdmagnetismus in Nord-Deutschland, Belgien, Holland, Dänemark im Sommer des Jahres 1858, Ausgeführt und auf Oeffentliche Kosten Herausgegeben von Dr.
254 페이지 - Reduction of the Observations of the Moon, made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1831 to 1851 : computed under the Superintendence of George Biddell Airy, Esq., MA, Astronomer Royal.

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