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dren have born all sorts of Torments s with wonderful Courage and Patience.

Several Kings of Japan have been converted: And in China, many of their principal Mandarines, or Governors, have been eminent for their zeal in the Chriftian Religion'; and though the Chineses are naturally very timorous and cowardly, yet in all times of Persecution, they have been observed to continue firm and stedfast in the Faith. We are told, that the Mother, the Wife, and the Eldest Son of the Emperor of China, were formerly converted, and that there is lately 'an Edie publish'd in favour of the Christian Religion in China ; that a Prince of the Blood is become a Christian ; and that the Emperor himfelf has caused a Church to be erected in his Palace, and lodges the Miffionaries near his own Person. And in the WestIndies, Cortés wrote to the Emperor, That the People of Mechoachan fent to him for an Account of his Relion, being weary of their own, for its cruel and bloody Rites.

It is obfervable; That Christianity has been still profeffed in those Parts of the World where there has been moft Learning and Commerce ; where they have been moft able, and have had mort Opportunities to instruct other Nations. To which end, the vast Extent first of the Greek, and Latin, and Syriack, and since of the Perfick, and Sclavonian, and Arabick Tongues, has been very advantagious ; the Scriptures of the New Testament being written in the first, and tranNated into all the rest. And though, by the Juft and Wife Providence of God, Mahometans and Idolaters have been suffer'd to possess themselves of those Places in Greece, Asia, and Africa, where the Christian

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Religion formerly most flourish'd ; yet there are still fuch Remainders of the Christian Religion amongst them, as to give them Opportunity to be converted ; and when their Sins shall not hinder, to restore the Gospel to those Countries, as before. For, by Mr. Brerewood's Account, w in the Dominions of the Turk in Europe, the Christians make two third parts at least of the Inhabitants; and in Constantinople it felf, he reckons above Twenty Christian Churches, and above Thirty in Thesalonica, where the Mahometans have (or had) but Three Mosques. Philadelphia, now callid Ala-shahir, has no fewer than Twelve Christian Churches. y The whole Island of Chio is govern'd by Christians; there are above Thirty Latin Churches, and more than Five hundred Greek. And in some other INands of the Archipelago there are none but Christians. Which, by z Sir Paul Ricaut's Açcount of the present Sate of the Ottoman Empire, has not been without very considereble Effect : For a Sect among the Turks, calld Haietti, hold that Christ is Eternal, that he was Incarnate, and that he shall come to Judge the World at the Last Day. The Students in the Grand Signior's Court generally maintain, that Christ is God, and the Redeemer of the World; and this is a common Tenet in Constantinople ; the Profeffors of it are stiled Chupmelahi, or, the good Followers of the Messiah, and some have suffer'd Martyrdom in maintenance of this Do&rine. And the Turkish Soldiers, in the Confines of Hungary and Bosnia, read the Gospel in the Sclavonian Tongue.

a Bernier writes, that in Mogul, though the Missionaries make

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some progress among the Gentiles, yet they do not in Ten Years make one Christian of a Mahometan : But he says, that the Great Mogul, Jehan Guire, Grandfather of Aureng-Zebe, consented that Two of his Nephews should be Christians ; and declares, that the Mahometans have venerable Thoughts of our Religion ; that they never speak of Christ, but with great Reverence; that they never pronounce the word Aysa, i.e. Jesus, without adding that of Azaret, which lignifies Majesty ; that they agree with us, that he was miraculously born of a Virgin-Mother, and that he is the Kelum-Allah, and the Rouh-Allah, the Word of God, and the Spirit of God. All which is no more than the Alcoran teaches them, nor than the Mahometans of Perfia and Morocco profess to believe. b The Perfian Mahometans receive among their sacred Books, the Pentateuch, the Psalms, all the Books of the Prophets, and the Four Evangelists : And the Reading these Books of Scripture, has been the Means of which God has been pleas’d to make use for the Conversion of many Persons of great Eminency. In the Kingdom of Morocco, they receive the Books of Mofes, the Psalms, and the four Gospels, and observe the Festival of St. John; tho in the Gospels they follow the false Glosses of Sergius and the Alcoran. d'Sir Thomas Roe observes, that the Great Mogul, Erbar Sha, gave the Miffionaries all manner of Encouragement and Assistance, with full Liberty to all sorts of his Subjects to become Christians, even to his own Court and Blood; and that neither Jehan Guire, to whom he was sent Embassador, nor any of all the Seats in his Kingdom, utter'd any disrespe&ful Words of Christ, as they did not forbear to do of Mahomet; which,

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Løtt, Octob. 30. 1616,


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says he, is a wonderful secret working of God's Truth, and worth observing. It is also observd lately bý a

learned Author, that the Christians had better Terms from Mahomet himself, than any other of his Tributaries ; and that there is no Mahometan Country where. the Christian Religion is not esteem'd the best, next their own; and the Professors of it accordingly refpe&ted by them, before any other fort of Men that differ from them.

In Africa, besides the Christians living in Ægypt, and in the Kingdom of Congo and Angola, the IMands upon the Western Coasts are inhabited by Christians; and the vast Kingdom of Haballia, or Abafinia, supposed to be as big as Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, taken together (according to Mr. Brerewood's Computation) is possess’d by Christians. And 'till less than Two hundred Years ago, Nubia, a Country of a great Extent, lying between the Æquator and the Northern Tropick, continued, as it's believ d, from the Apostles times, in the Christian Religion. In Afia, he says, most part of the Empire of Russia, the Coun tries of Circassia and Mengrelia, Georgia, and Mount Libanus, are inhabited only by Christians, besides the Dispersion of them into other Parts, under the Denomination of Nestorians, Jacobites, Marionites, and Armenians, the last of which are a People exceedingly addi&ted to Traffick f, and have great Privileges granted them by the Turks, and other Mahometans ; they are found in Multitudes in most Cities of great Trade, and are more dispers'd than any other Nation but the Jews. Their Patriarch of Mosul, or Babylon, is faid to have had more than a Thousand Bishops under him, and is therefore stiled Catholicus, or Universal

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Bishop. The Jacobites are reported to be dispers’d into Forty Kingdoms. In the Promontory extending it self into the Indian Sea, are the Christians of Saint Thomas : so callid, because first converted by him, who is believ'd to lie bury'd at Maliapour, and they have continued in the Christian Religion from his time.' It must be confess’d, that in Mengrelia, and other Countries, the Doctrines of Religion are much corrupted, and their Prađice very different from the Profession of Christians but however, they retain the Gospel among them; and it is every Man's own fault, if he make not a good Use of those Means of Salvation, which God in his Providence has afforded him... Of late, the New Testament, in the Malayan Tongue, which is so famous throughout the East, and Grotius's excellent Book of the Truth of the Christian Religiọn, in Arabick, haye been Tranflated and Printed at the Charge of the Honourable Mr. Boyle ; and the first dispers’d over all the East-Indies where the Malayan Language is used, and the latter, into all the Countries where Arabick is spoken. He also contributed to the Impreffion of the New-Testament and Catechism, which was made by the Turkih Company, in the Language of the Tuxks

. The New Testament was Printed in the Malayan Tongue, by Order of the Dutch Eaft-India Company, in Latin Characters, A.D. 1668. And a Translation of the Four Evangelists

, and the Acts of the Apostles, and the Psalms, into that Tongue, has been Printed by the Dutch, in Malayan Characters, who have likewise appointed a Sermon to be preach'd once 4 Week at least, in their Colonies; and the Church built for this Use in Batavia is calld the Malayan Church. The New Testament was long ago Printed in the Japonese Tongue. And Grotius's

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