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Book of the Christian Religion had been translated into the Greek and Perfan Tongues, in his Life-time. The Gospels, and the Arts of the Apostles, translated into the Malayan Tongue, were reprinted at Mr. Boyle's Charge, at Oxford, MDCLXXVII. In America, it is notorious, that the Christians are sufficiently numerous, and have fufficient Opportunities to instruct the Natives, if they were but as careful to improve them to fo good an end, rather than in pursuit of their own Gain. The whole Bible translated into the Indian Language, was order'd to be Printed, by the Commissioners of the United Colonies in New-England. And at the Charge, and with the Consent of the Corporation in England for the Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England, was Printed at Cambridge, A.D. MDCLXIII, and dedicated to King Charles II. by the Commissioners of the United Colonies. The Proceedings and Success of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, which

was incorporated A. D. MDCCT, are to be feen in the Books publith'd by Order of that Society:

The Sumpf all is this : Before the Flood, Revela tions were lo frequent, and the Lives of Men so long, that no Man could be ignorant of the Creation, and of the Providence of God in the Government of the World, and the Duties requir'd towards Him. . And in the first Ages after the Flood, God's Will reveald to Noah, and the Precepts given to him at his coming

, viving World, and as soon as the remembrance of them began to decay, and Men to fall into Idolatry,

Abraham and the other Patriarchs were sent into divers Countries, to proclaim God's Commandments, and to testifie against the Impiety of Idolaters, where ever they came. For, to publish the Reveald Will of God, and make it generally known in the World, God was pleas'd to chuse to himself a pecular People, and to send them first out of Mesopotamia into Canaan,


and, upon occasion, back again into Mesopotamia; and then several times into Ægypt; and from thence, after they had dwelt there some Hundreds of Years, into Canaan again; at what time he appointed them Laws, admirably fitted and contrivd for the receiving of Strangers and Profelytes.." After many signal Vigo ries, and after other Captivities, they were carry'd away Captive to Babylon, and were still deliver'd and restor'd by a wonderful and miraculous Providence, and had vaft Numbers of Profelytes in all parts of the known World, and many Footsteps and Remainders of the true Religion are found in the remoteft Parts of the Earth. : And when, by the just Judgment of God upon the Jews, for their Sin, in reje&ing the Messias, they were rejected byHimfrom being his People, they were dispers'd throughout the World, for a Testimony to all Nations that Moses and the Prophets deliver'd no other thing than what God had reveal'd to them; since they continue to maintain and asfert those very Books which plainly foretel all that Ruin and Destruction that has befallen them for their Infidelity and Disobedience ; and still remain a distinct Nation, according to an exprefs Prophecy, (Jer. xxxi. 36.) notwithstanding their many Dispersions for fo many Ages. They are 'a standing Evidence, in all Parts of the World, of the Truth of the Christian Religion, bearing that Curse which their Fore-fathers lo many Ages ago imprecated upon themselves and their Polterity, when they caus'd Christ to be crucifiedi And the Gospel has, by its own Power and Evidence, manifested itself to all People dispers’d over the facę of the whole Earth. To which miglit be added, That the Mahometans owning so much of the Religion reveaľd both in the Old and New Testament, afford fome kind of Testimony to the Truth of it, in those vast Dominions of which they are pofless’d. All the most remarkable Dispensations of Providence, in the several Changes in the World, have had a parti


cular Influence in the Propagation of the True Reli-
gion.... Cyrus, Alexander the Great, divers of the Roman
Emperors, and of latter Times, Tamerlain, and leve-
ral other Princes, were great Favourers of it, and the
worst of Men, and the most unlikely Accidents, have
contributed towards the Promotion of it.
w If it be obje&ted, That notwithstanding all which has
been said, great part of the World are. Unbelievers. Let
it be consider'd,

1: That there is no Nation but has great. Opportunities of being Converted, and it is evident, from what has been produc'd concerning the Chinese and the Americans themselves, that the Christian Religion had been preach'd among them; tho’the Knowledge of it was loft, through their own fault, before the late Dif coveries of thofe Parts of the World. And as Christ came into the World in the fulness of time; so, in the fulness of time, that is, at the moft fitting Seafon, he reveald himself to the several Nations of it. God, who is infinitely gracious to all, and knows the Hearts and Dispositions of all Men, "might defer the Resto ring his Gofget to the Chinese, for instance, 'till that very time when he saw them beft prepared for it : And it is remarkable, That the Discovery of the Indies happen'd about the time of the Reformation; that those poor People might have the Purity, as well as the Truth of Religion, if Christians had been as little wanting to them in their Charity, as God has been in the Disposals of his Providence. He stays 'till they have filled up the measure of their iniquities, before he punishes a People: And for the same Reasons, of Mercy and Goodness, he waits for the most proper Seasons to impart his Reveald Will to them; and to have it preach'd to them before, would be only to encrease their Condemnation. And it is not only Just

, but Merciful, for him to with-hold the Knowledge of his Revealed Will from those who he foresees would reject it, and abuse the Opportunities which, should be


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offer'd them, to the Aggravation of their own Guilt and Punishment. Especially if it be observed,

2. That as to particular Persons, we have reason to believe, that God, who by so wonderful a Providence has taken care that every Nation under Heaven might have the True Religion preach'd in it; and who has the whole World at his dispofal, and orders all things with great regard to the Salvation of Men; we have abundant cause to think, that he would, by some of the various - Methods of his Providence, or ever by Miracle, bring such Men to the Knowledge of the Truth, who live according to their present Knowledge, with a sincere and honest endeavour to improve it. When St. Peter was by Revelation sent to Cornen lius, he made this Inference from it, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons : but in every nas tion, he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him, A&. X. 34, 35. From whence, what less can we conclude, than that every Man, in any part of the World, who is fincerely good and pious in the Practice of his Duty, so far as it is known to him, shall rather, by an express Revelation, have the rest discover'd to him, as in the Instance of Cornelius, which gave occasion to thefe Words of St. Peter ; than he shall be suffer'd to perish, for want of a true Faith, and sufficient Knowledge of his Duty? And it is just with God, to punish those Heathens who fin without any Revealed Law, for their Sins against Natural Reason and Conscience, and for neglecting to use and improve their Reason, and to embrace the Opportunities afforded them of becoming Christians. We may likewise be certain, that besides Natural Rear son and Conscience, God, in his Goodness, is not wanting to afford such Inward Motions and Convi&tions of Mind to such of the Heathen as áre not wilfully blind and stupified by their Vices, as may prepare them for the reception of the Gospel, which, by his Providence, he gives them so many Opportunities of



becoming acquainted withal : And if once they do discern the Defeats and Faults of their own Religions, which are so grolly against Natural Reason and

Conscience, they may make enquiry of Christians, concerning their Religion, as some of the Americans did of Cortes's; and the Christians (fome of them at least) however negligent they be in propagating it, would never refuse to instruct them in it. And it must be remembred, that among those who have not received the

True Religion, yet many Points are taught and believed which had their Original from Revelation, as is evident, not only of the Mahometans, but of several Heathen Nations; which Points are so many Steps and Preparatives towards the reception of the whole Truth, if they be not wanting to themselves in pursuing them in their immediate Tendency and Consequences.

I shall not fay, that the Merits of Christ, and the Salvation of the Gospel, do extend to those who die under invincible Ignorance of it, having in the Integrity of their Hearts, dived according to the best of their Knowledge: I believe rather, that God suffers no Man so qualified and disposed, to remain in invincible Ignorance. But it is sufficient to vindicate God's Justice and Goodness, that all Nations have had such Opportunities of coming to the Knowledge of the Truth; and great AHowances may be made at the Laft Day, for the Ignorance and unhappy Circumstances of particular Men. It was well faid, That when God hath not thought fit to tell us how he will be pleased to deal with such Persons, it is not fit for us to tell him how he ought to deal with them. But if it be difficult for us now, to think how it will please God to deal with the Heathen; it would be a thousand times more difficult to conceive how the gracious and merciful God could Govern and Judge the World, ifall Mankind were in the state of Heathens, without any Divine Revelation.

What will become of the Heathen, as to their Eternal State, is not the Subjea of this Discourse, nor

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