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Itm. a payer of tables of bone with chestmen belonging to the

same. Itm. a case of leather with lyames' of Carlisle making. Itm. a long case for plattes 2 covered with vellat. Itm, a paier of beades of bone. Itm. a little folding table with a glasse and an ymage. Itm. lxv lyames and collors of dyvers sortes. Itm. xviij lures enbrawdered, and xvj other lures playne. Itm. a combe case of white bone, unfurnished. Itm. twoo Combe cases of woodd, unfurnyshed. Itm. a Diall of bone. Itm. two boxes with the picture of the frenche King and the

ffrenche Quene. Itm. Ix hawkes whoddes embrawdered hanging uppon the walle. Itm. dyvers candells and peces of candells of waxe, whereof three

be paypted and gilte. Itm. foure olde banners clothes of silke, and an olde pece of a

cusshion of clothe of golde, and a Cassak of crymsen and grene

silke. Itm. a smalle cheste of white bone.—f. 54 to 56.

In the kinges withdrawing chambre. Firste one faire instrument being regalles and virgynalles . Itm. a hanging clocke* closed in glasse with plomettes of leade

and metalle belonging to the same. Itm. a greate writing table of Slatte. Itm. a table with the king's picture and other pictures. Itm, a skrene of wycker. Itm. a plate of latten for a candlesticke in th' entree. Itm. twoo Cuppbordes with ambries, ij tabells with trestells, one

forme and one stoole,

1 A leash or string to lead a hound. It may be inferred from this entry that Carlisle was celebrated for the manufacture of them.

2 Plans of places or towns. See a long note to the Privy Purse Erpenses of Henry VIII., p. 343.

* For « Regalles” see a former note. Virginals is thus explained in the volume whence that note.was copied : « The Virginal was that which afterwards took the name of spinnet, and differed from it only in shape. The spinnet was triangular, the virginal oblong, like our small piano fortes.” Two pairs in one coffer, with four stops, cost, in April, 1530, 31.; and at the same time the price of a little pair was 205.- Privy Purse Erpenses of Henry VIII., p. 37.

4 Henry the Eighth indulged to profusion in the purchase of clocks; and numerous entries occur relative to them in the work just cited.

5 Upon the precise meaning of Laten or Laton our best Antiquarians are divided. It is generally supposed to be brass : a long note on the word will be found in the Privy Purse Expenses, p. 333.

6 Ambries wcre a kind of recess in cupboards for the deposit of valuable articles.-Ibid. .

In the closet next the bedd chambre. Firste twoo patternes for bridges'. Itm. a square coffer with tilles, having a standishe furnysshed for

ynk duste and counters, with a boke conteyning the ymage of both churches, with allso one payer of Sissors, twoo paire of

compas, twoo Drawing Irons, and a penne of stele. Itm. a greate booke called an Herballe. Itm. twoo greate bibles in latten. Itm, one booke of Aristotle. Itm. a massebook covered with black vellvet. Itm. vj other smalle bookes. Itm. a great clocke closed in glasse with plometts. Itm. iij rounde clockes of metalle, whereof twoo be cased in leather.

f. 56. In the kynges gallery. First a fayer steele glasse covered with white velvet enbrawdered. Itm. a payer of virgynalles. Itm, a table with the picture of the frenche king.

In one chambre within the gallery. Itm. an ymage caste in metalle.

In the next gallery. First in a lobby in that Gallery a mappe of England, twoo cheyres and one table, a Cuppborde, and a barbe' for a horsse.

[To be continued.]

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An account of early libraries is always an object of interest to literary men ; and we shall therefore endeavour, from time to time, to present our readers with a series of such catalogues as are extant. The following is a list of the books belonging to Gerald Fitz Gerald, ninth Earl of Kildare, ancestor of the present Duke of Leinster. It is copied from the Harleian MS. 3756, which is described as “ The Rental of Gerald Fitz Gerald, Earl of Kildare, Ao. 1518, together with a catalogue of his plate, library, horses, and harness given away, and an obituary of the Geraldys. This is a very large volume, of 226 folios of paper, not all written upon, very old and much damaged. On a leaf of parchment, at the beginning and end,

· Evidently models of bridges.

2 The complete armour, or rather, in this instance, trappings, for a horse, which appear to have been made either of cloth of gold or silk. -Ibid.

is written, ‘xxvii April, 1640, I receaved this booke from Mr. R. Dowles,' and under the former are the arms of John, Duke of Newcastle, &c. from whom many of the MSS. came." The rental of the Earl, his plate, and the notices of his horses and harness given away, are not sufficiently curious to be extracted, though the number of horses given to people, of all ranks, from the king to the peasant, is extraordinary. The obituary of the family has, however, been transcribed, from its utility for genealogical purposes. BOKIS REMAYNING IN THE LYBERARY OF GERALDE FIT2 GE

RALDE, ERLE OF KYLDARE. The sv. day of Februarij. Ao. Henrici viijl. xvijo. First, LATIN BOKYs.-Inprimis Hugo de Vianna sup' librū Mathei ; Hugo de Vienna sup' spalteria ; Tria volumina op'is S'cti Anthonij cũ tabula ; Tria volumina Cronice Anthonini; Quatuo' volūina de Lira; Diallag' S'cti Grigorij ; Tabula utilissima sup' Liram; Wirgilius cu glosa ; Jacobi locher philomusi poete epigramata ; Opus Cornelij Urtelli poete ; Virgilius cũ quatuo' comenť; Vocabula Juris ; Juvenalis cū glosa ; Theodotus cũ comento; Boecius de còsolacione Phylosophye; Ortus Sanitat ; Therencius; Faciculus tempor'; Dediu'sitate Avium; Liber cronice in p’gameno; Liber Alixandre manque ; Ordinale; Sūma Angelica ; Caliopin'; Ortus vocabulor" et medulla gramatici ; Comentaria Sesaris ; Vegesius ; Uthopia Mori; Hympni Andree poete ; Novem Testamentiū; Cambrenc' de topogralfia; Laurencius valla ; Biblia ; Cronica Cronicarum.

YETT BOKIS IN THE LIBERARY: FRENCU BOK18.–Scala Cronica in Kyldare ; Frossart, iiij volumis; Anguiran, ij volumis ; Le illustracions de Gaule et singularites de Troy; Launcelott du Lake, iij volumis ; De la terre saincte; Ogier le Danois; Larbre des Bataillis ; Ung autre libre en Frauncois, en p'shemyn ; Ung p'tie de la Bible ; Leis Cronikis de France; Mandevile; Lalace damore de vine; Le brevier des nobles, le catir chosis, en ung volume; Le triumph des dames; Ung liber de farsis ; Le legent de towť Sainct ; Leze triumphis de Petrake; Le Geardyn de Plesence ; Le Romaūt le la Roise et Mathiolus ; Ung abreviacion de la Bible ; Le Swonge du Virgier; Ercules ; Encheridion ; Vincent isstoriall. v. volumis ; La j. volume de la Biblia ; Saynt Austen de Civite Dei ij volums; Polipominon saint Jerome en parchement; Les Croniques de la grand et petit Bretaine ; Le Methemorphoze; Jozaphus de la baittalle Judick ; Oraste le ij volume; Le Graunte Boece ; Le ij et iij decade de Titus Livius; j Cronike de Fraunce en parchamyn; Les Comentaris de Sesar.

YET BOKIS ENGLYSH BOKIS.-Furst, Policronycon; Bockas; Arthur; The Sege of Thebes ; The Croniklis of England; Cristian de Pise ; Camberens; The Distruccion of Troy; The Sege of Jerusalem ; The Enaydos; Charlamayn; The Shep'dis Calender; Gesta Romanor'; Troillus; Caton de senectute et de aicisia; The Ordre of the Gartre; The Kyng of Englondis Answre to Lutter; The Sege of the Roodis ; Littilton is Tenors; Sir Thomas Moore is booke agayns the new opinions that hold agayns Pilgremages; Regimine Sanitatt; An olde booke of the Croneklys of Englond.

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The correction of, or addition to, pedigrees of noble or other distinguished families, is a subject to which some attention will be given; and a small portion of each number will accordingly be devoted to that object. In all cases these statements will be supported by evidence : hence, they will, it is hoped, be valuable memoranda to those who interest themselves in genealogical studies.

Few houses equal, in antiquity or rank, the illustrious family of Vere, Earls of Oxford; but, as in others of far less importance, errors of some consequence occur in the histories given of it both by Dugdale and Collins. The former writer informs us, in his " Baronage,” on the authority of the Pipe Rolls, 2 Ric. I., that Alberic, the third Earl, “ paid a fine to the king in the 2nd Ric. I. of marks, for the sister of Walter de Bolebec, to make a wife for his son ; and that Robert, his second son, the third Earl, married Isabel, the daughter of Hugh, and sister and heiress of Walter de Bolebec, Rot. Pip. 9 John; that she survived her husband; and in the 6th Hen. III. paid a fine to the king, and afterwards re-married Henry de Novant, and died on the morrow of the Purification of our Lady, 29 Hen. III.i.e. Ist February, 1245.” When treating of the family of Bolebec, he says, that Isabel, daughter and heiress of Walter de Bolebec, was nine years old in 1186; that, in the 9th John, 1207, “ Robert de Vere, son of Earl Alberic, afterwards Earl of Oxford, gave the king cc marks and three palfreys, for leave to marry her; and in the same year she gave ccc pounds and three palfreys, that she might not be compelled to marry, and that she might enjoy what was in arrear of her own and her sister's

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