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Page Lines written in an Album at Malta 543 To Florence

ib. Stanzas composed during a Thunder-storm ib. Stanzas written on passing the Ambracian Gulf

544 The Spell is broke, the Charm is flown! ib. Written after swimming from Sestos to Abydos

545 Lines in the Travellers' Book at Orchomenus

ib. Maid of Athens, ere we part

ib. Translation of the Nurse's Dole in the Medea of Euripides

546 My Epitaph

ib. Substitute for an Epitaph

ib. Lines written beneath a Picture

ib. Translation of the famous Greek War Song, “ ASŪTS Taides," &c.

ib. Translation of the Romaic Song, “MASYW μες τσπεριβόλι,” &c.

547 Or Parting

ib. Epitaph for Joseph Blackett, late Poet and

Shoemaker Farewell to Malta

- 548 To Dives. A Fragment

ib. On Moore's last Operatic Farce, or Farcical Opera

ib. Epistle to a Friend, in answer to some

Lines exhorting the Author to be cheer-
ful, and to “ banish care

ib. To Thyrza. “ Without a Stone," &c. 549 Stanzas. “ Away, away, ye Notes of Woe" 550 Stanzas. “ One Struggle more, and I am

ib. Euthanasia. “ When Time," &c.

ib. Stanzas. “And thou art dead, as young as fair"

551 Stanzas. “If sometimes in the Haunts of Men"

ib. On a Cornelian Heart which was broken 552 Lines from the French

ib. Lines to a Lady weeping

ib. “ The Chain I gave," &c. From the Turkish

ib. Lines written on a Blank Leaf

« The Pleasures of Memory

ib. Address, spoken at the opening of Drury Lane Theatre, October 10. 1812

ib. Parenthetical Address, by Dr. Plagiary - 553 Verses found in a Summer House at Hales Owen

554 Remember Thee ! Remember Thee !

ib. To Time

ib. Translation of a Romaic Love Song 555 Stanzas. “ Thou art not false,” &c.

ib. On being asked what was the “ Origin of Love"





The Adieu. Written under the Impression
that the Author would soon die

534 Toa vain Lady

- 535 To Anne

ib. To the Same

ib. To the Author of a Sonnet beginning “ Sad

is my Verse, you say, and yet no Tear" ib. On finding a Fan

ib. Farewell to the Muse

• 536 To an Oak at Newstead

- 536 On revisiting Harrow

537 Epitaph on John Adams of Southwell, a

Carrier, who died of Drunkenness ib. To my Son

- 537 Farewell ! if ever fondest Prayer

ib. Bright be the Place of thy Soul

ib. When we Two parted

. 538 To a Youthful Friend

ib. Lines inscribed upon a Cup formed from a Skull

- 539 Well, thou art happy!

ib. Inscription on the Monument of a Newforundland Dog

ib. To a Lady, on being asked my Reason for quitting England in the Spring

540 Remind me not, remind me not

ib. There was a Time, I need not name ib. And wilt thou weep when I am low ? ib. Fill the Goblet again. A Song

541 Stanzas to a Lady, on leaving England 542 + Lines to Mr. Hodgson. Written on board the Lisbon Packet


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Page Stanza. “ Remember Him," &c.

555 On Lord Thurlow's Poems

- 556 To Lord Thurlow

ib. To Thomas Moore. Written the Evening

before his Visit to Mr. Leigh Hunt in
Horsemonger-Lane Gaol

ib. Impromptu.“ When from the Heart where Sorrow sits"

557 Sonnet, to Genevra

ib. Sonnet, to the Same

ib. From the Portuguese.“ Tu mi chamas” ib. Another Version

ib. The Devil's Drive ; an unfinished Rhapsody ib. Windsor Poetics

558 Stanzas for Music. “I speak not, I trace not," &c.

ib. Address intended to be recited at the Caledonian Meeting

ib. Fragment of an Epistle to Thomas Moore 559 Condolatory Address to Sarah, Countess of

Jersey, on the Prince Regent's returning
her Picture to Mrs. Mee

ib. To Belshazzar

560 Elegiac Stanzas on the Death of Sir Peter Parker, Bart.

ib. Stanzas for Music. “There's not a Joy the World can give," &c.

ib. Stanzas for Music. “ There be none of Beauty's Daughters"

561 On Napoleon's Escape from Elba

ib. Ode from the French. “We do not curse thee, Waterloo"

ib. From the French. “ Must thou go, my glorious Chief?"

562 On the Star of “The Legion of Honour." From the French

ib. Napoleon's Farewell. From the French 563 Endorsement to the Deed of Separation, in the April of 1816

ib. Darkness

ib. Churchhill's Grave

564 Prometheus

565 A Fragment. “Could I remount," &c. ib. Sonnet to Lake Leman

ib. Romance muy Doloroso del Sitio y Toma de Alhama

566 A very mournful Ballad on the Siege and Conquest Alhama

ib. Sonetto di Vittorelli. Per Monaca.

568 Translation from Vittorelli. On a Nun. ib. Stanzas for Music. “Bright be the Place of thy Soul"

ib. Stanzas for Music. “They say that Hope is Happiness"

ib. To Thomas Moore. “My Bark is on the Shore"

ib. On the Bust of Helen by Canova


Page Song for the Luddites

569 To Thomas Moore. “ What are you doing now?

ib. So, we 'll go no more a roving

ib. Versicles

ib. To Mr. Murray. “To hook the Reader" ib. Epistle from Mr. Murray to Dr. Polidori ib. Epistle to Mr. Murray. “My dear Mr. Murray,” &c.

570 To Mr. Murray. “ Strahan, Tonson," &c. ib. On the Birth of John William Rizzo Hoppner

- 571 Stanzas to the Po

ib. Sonnet to George the Fourth, on the Re

peal of Lord Edward Fitzgerald's For-

Epigram from the French of Rulhières ib.
Stanzas. “ Could Love for ever," &c. ib.
On my Wedding Day

573 Epitaph for William Pitt

ib. Epigram. “ In digging up your Bones, Tom Paine," &c.

ib. Stanzas. “When a Man hath no Freedom to fight for at home," &c.

ib. Epigram. “ The World is a Bundle of Hay" ib. The Charity Ball

ib. Epigram on my Wedding Day

574 On my Thirty-third Birth Day

ib. Epigram on the Braziers' Company

it. Martial, Lib. I. Epist. I.

ib. Bowles and Campbell

ib. Epigrams on Lord Castlereagh

ib. Epitaph on Lord Castlereagh John Keats

ib. The Conquest. A Fragment.

ib. To Mr. Murray. “ For Orford and for Waldegrave," &c.

ib. The Irish Avatar

575 Stanzas written on the Road between Florence and Pisa

. 576 Stanzas to a Hindoo Air

• 577 Impromptu, “Beneath Blessington's Eyes" ib. To the Countess of Blessington

ib. Stanzas inscribed — “ On this day I complete my Thirty-sixth Year "




588 PREFACE to Cantos VI. VII. VIII.

666 Letter to the Editor of " My Grand. mother's Review"

798 Some Observations upon “ Remarks on the

First and Second Cantos of Don Juan"
in Blackwood's Magazine




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3. Proceeds by sea to Prevesa. - 10. Driven on the Jan.

coast of Suli. - 12. Writes, in passing the Ambran. Born, in Holles Street, London.

cian gull, Through cloudless skies, in silvery 1790 - (ætat. 2).

sheen.'--13. Sails down the gulf of Arta. - 14. Taken by his mother to Aberdeen.

Reaches Utraikey. - 15. Traverses Acarnania. 1798 -(10).

21. Reaches Missolonghi. - And, 25. Patras.

Dec. 4. Leaves Patras. - 14. Passes across the gulf of May 19. Succeeds to the fanılly title.

Lepanto. – 18. Visits Mount Parnassus, Castri, Made a ward of chancery.

and Delphi. - 22. Thebes. — 25. Arrives at Athens. Removed from Aberdeen to Newstead Abbey. Placed under the care of an empiric at Nottingham

1810 – (ætat. 22). for the cure of his lameness.

Spends ten weeks in visiting the monuments of 1799 — (11).

Athens ; making occasional excursions to several Removed to London, and placed under the care of

Jan. parts of Attica. - Writes, “The spell is broke, Dr. Ballie.

Feb. the charm is flown l'-Lines in the Travellers' Becomes the pupil of Dr. Glennie at Dulwich.

Book at Orchomenus.'- And · Maid of Athens,

ere we part.' 1800 - (12.)

March 5. Leaves Athens for Smyrna. -7. Visits ruins the Is sent to Harrow School.

of Ephesus.-28. Concludes, at Smyrna, the second 1803 — (15).

canto of Childe Harold.'

April 11. Leaves Smyrna for Constantinople.- Visits the
Passes the vacation at Nottingham and Annesley. -

And forms an attachment to Miss Chaworth.

May 9. Writes · Lines after swimming from Sestos to 1805 – (17).

Abydos.' - 14. Arrives at Constantinople. Oct Leaves Harrow for Trinity College, Cambridge.

June Makes an excursion through the Bosphorus to the

Black Sea and Cyanean Symplegades. 1806 – (18).


14. Departs from Constantinople. - 19. Reaches Jan. Prepares a collection of his Poems for the press.

Athens.- Visits Corinth. Nor. Prints a volume of his Poems; but, at the entreaty

Aug. 7 Makes a tour of the Morea, and visits Velay Pacha. of a friend, destroys the edition.


Returns to Athens.

Oct. 1807 — (19). March Publishes • Hours of Ideness.' See Fac Similes,

1811 - (23). No. I.

Jan. Takes up his residence at the Franciscan Convent, Oct. Begins an epic, to be entitled • Bosworth Field.'

Athens. - Writes . Dear object of defeated care!' And writes part of a novel.

Feb. Writes' Sons of the Greeks, arise !'_' I enter thy

garden of roses.' - And. Remarks on the Romaic 1808 – (20)

or Modern Greek Language.' Jaa. Passes his time between the dissipations of Cam March 12. Writes • Hints from Horace.' - 17. 'The Curse Aug. bridge and London.

of Minerva.' - And • Lines on Parting.' Sep. Takes up his residence at Newstead. - Formas the May Leaves Athens for Malta. - 16. Writes . Epitaph for design of visiting India. - Engaged in preparing

Joseph Blackett.' - And, 26. * Farewell to Malta.' Bnglish Bards and Scotch Reviewers' for the July Returns to England. press.


1. Death of his Mother. 1809 – (21).

Oct. 11. Writes Epistle to a Friend, Oh ! banish care22. His coming of age celebrated at Newstead.

such ever be.'- And Stanzas to Thyrza, “Without March 13. Takes his seat in the House of Lords.

a stone to mark the spot.'
16. Publishes - English Bards and Scotch Re Dec. 6. Writes' Away, away, ye notes of woe l'

May Engaged in preparing a second edition of English

1812 -(24). Bards' for the press.

Jan. Writes 'One struggle more and I am free.'-When 11. Leaves London on his travels, accompanied by

time, or soon or late, shall bring.'-'And thou art Mr. Hobhouse.

dead, as young as fair.' 30. Writes, on board the Lisbon packet, · Huzza ! Feb. 27. Makes his first speech in the House of Lords. Hodgson, we are going !'

29. Publishes the two first cantos of Childe HaJuly 2. Salls from Falmouth.

rold. 7. Lands at Lisbon. - 17. Leaves Lisbon for Se March. Commits a new edition of English Bards,' &c. to ville and Cadis.

the dames. Writes, .If sometimes in the haunts Aug. 6. Arrives at Gibraltar.- 19. Takes his departure

of men.'' On a Cornelian Heart which was for Malta.

broken.' - Lines to a Lady weeping.' - And, Sep. 1. Lands at Malta. - 14. Writes · As o'er the cold

• The Chain I gave!' sepulchral stone.'_.Oh, Lady! when I left the April 19. Writes Lines on a blank leaf of The Pleasures ahore.'- 21. Leaves Malta.-29. Lands at Prevesa.

of Memory.' Oct. 1. Proceeds to Solara, Arta, and Joanninl. - 9. Sep. Writes · Address on the Opening of Drury Lane Leaves Joannini for Zitas. - Composes, during a

Theatre.' thunder-storm, . Chill and mirk is the nightly Oct. Writes • The Waltz ; an Apostrophic Hymn.'- And, blast.'-11. Reaches Tepaloen.- 12. Is introduced

• A Parenthetical Address by Dr. Plaglary.' to Au Pacha.- 26. Returas to Joannini.-31. Be. Nov. Writes • Address to Time - And Thou art not glas the first casto of Childe Harold.'

false, but thou art fickle !!

1813 – (ætat. 25). Jan. Writes. Remember him whom passion's power.' March. Publishes • The Waltz' anonymously. May. Publishes 'The Giaour.' See Fac Similes, No. II. July. Projects a journey to Abyssinia. Sep.

Writes. When from the Heart where Sorrow sits.' Nov. Is an unsuccessful sultor for the hand of Miss

Dec. 2. Publishes · The Bride of Abydos.' –

-13. Writes · The Devil's Drive.' - 17. And Two Sonnets to Genevra.'-18. Begins. The Corsair.'-31. Finishes · The Corsair.'

Feb. Apr.


1814—(26). Writes. Windsor Poetics.' 10. Writes · Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte.' - Re

solves to write no more poetry, and to suppress

all he had ever written. Begins · Lara.'- Writes • I speak not, I trace not.'

- And · Address to be recited at the Caledonian

Meeting.' Publishes · Lara.' -Writes 'Condolatory Verses to

Lady Jersey.' Makes a second proposal for the hand of Miss

Milbanke, and is accepted. Writes · Elegy on the Death of Sir Peter Parker.'

- And Lines to Belshazzar.' Writes Hebrew Melodies.'





1815—(27). Jan. 2. Marries Miss Milbanke. See Fac Similes, No. III. Feb. Writes. There be none of Beauty's Daughters.' Marck. Writes · Lines on Napoleon Buonaparte's Escape

from Elba.' July. Begins · The Siege of Corinth.' And writes

• There's not a Joy the World can give.' - And

• We do not curse thee, Waterloo.' Aug

Writes • Must thou go, my glorious Chief?' - Star

of the Brave.' - And Napoleon's Farewell.' Dec. 10. Birth of his daughter, Augusta Ada.

1817- (ætat. 29). Feb. Finishes. Manfred.' March. Translates, from the Armenian, a Correspondence

between St. Paul and the Corinthians. April. Visits Ferrara for a day. - 20. Writes · The Lament

of Tasso.' May. Visits Rome for a few days.-5. Writes there a new

third act to Manfred.' June, Begins, at Venice, the fourth canto of Childe Harold.' Oct. Writes · Beppo.'

1818 — (30).
July Writes. Ode to Venice.'
Sep. Finishes the first canto of Don Juan.'
Oct. Finishes Mazeppa.'
Dec. 13. Begins the second canto of Don Juan.'

1819-(31). Jan. 20. Finishes the second canto of Don Juan.' April. Commences an acquaintance with the Countess

Guiccioli. -Writes Stanzas to the Po.' Aug. Writes "Letter to the Editor of My Grandmother's

Review.' - And' Sonnet to George the Fourth.' Nov. Finishes the third and fourth cantos of Don Juan.' Dec. · Removes to Ravenna.

1820 – (32.) Jan. Is domesticated with the Countess Guiccioli. Feb. Translates the first canto of Morgante Maggiore.' March. Writes • The Prophecy of Dante.' - Translates

• Francesca of Rimini.'- And writes. Observations

upon an Article in Blackwood's Magazine.' April 4. Begins · Marino Faliero.' July 16. Finishes Marino Faliero.' Oct. 16. Begins the fifth canto of Don Juan.' Nov. 20. Finishes the fifth canto of Don Juan.' - And writes 'The Blues ; a Literary Eclogue.'

1821 — (33). Jan. 13. Begins • Sardanapalus.' Feb. 7. Writes 'Letter to John Murray, Esq., on Bowles's

Strictures upon Pope.' Mar. 25. Writes Second Letter to John Murray, Esq.,'&c. May 17. Finishes 'Sardanapalus.' June 11. Begins. The Two Foscari.' July 10. Finishes • The Two Foscari.' - 16. Begins

• Cain ; a Mystery.' Sep. 9. Finishes · Cain.' – Writes · Vision of Judgment.' Oct. Writes • Heaven and Earth ; a Mystery.' Nov. Removes to Pisa. - 18. Begins · Werner.' And • The Deformed Transformed.'

1822 - (34). Jan. 20. Finishes. Werner.' Feb. Writes the sixth, seventh, and eighth cantos of 'Don

Juan.' Aug. Finishes · The Deformed Transformed.' – Writes

the ninth, tenth, and eleventh cantos of Don Juan.' Sep. Removes to Genoa.

1829 – (35) Jan. Writes. The Age of Bronze. Feb. Writes The Island.' - And more cantos of . Don

Juan.' April. Turns his views towards Greece. May. Receives a communication from the Greek Com

mittee sitting in London. July 14. Salls for Greece. Aug. 2 Reaches Argostoli..Makes an excursion to Ithaca Dec. S Waits at Cephalonia the arrival of the Greek fleet.

1824—(36). Jan. 8. Arrives at Missolonghi – 22. Writes · Lines on

completing my Thirty-sixth Year.' -30. Is appointed

commander-in-chief of an expedition against Lepanto. Feb. 15. Is seized with a convulsive fit.

See Fac Similes, No. IV. April 9. His last Illness. April 19. HIS DEATH.

1816—(28). Jan.

Publishes 'The Siege of Corinth.' Feb. Publishes · Parisina.'- Lady Byron adopts the re

solution of separating from him, March 17. Writes · Fare thee well! and is for ever.'- And,

29. A Sketch, ‘ Born in the garret.' April 16. Writes · When all around grew drear and dark.'

25. Takes a last leave of his native country. - Proceeds, through Flanders and by the Rhine, to Swit.

zerland. May. Begins the third canto of. Childe Harold.' June. Writes The Prisoner of Chillon' at Ouchy, near

Lausanne. - Takes up his abode at the Campagne

Diodati, near Geneva.
July. Finishes the third canto of Childe Harold.'

Writes Monody on the Death of Sheridan.'
Stanzas to Augusta, · Though the Day of my
Destiny.' • The Dream.' • Darkness.'
• Churchill's Grave.'-'Prometheus.' -' Could I
remount.' - Epistle to Augusta, ‘My Sister, my

sweet Sister.'- And, Sonnet to Lake Leman.' Sep. Makes a tour of the Bernese Alps. -Writes · Lines

on hearing that Lady Byron was ill.' - And be

gins Manfred.' Oct. Leaves Switzerland for Italy. Nov. Takes up his residence at Venice. - Translates

• Romance Muy Doloroso,' &c.; and • Sonetto di Vittorelli.'- Writes · Lines on the Bust of Helen by Canova.' - Bright be the Place of my Soul.' - And. They say that Hope is Happiness.' - Studies the Armenian language.

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