Neue Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften und der freyen Künste [ed. by C.F. Weisse].

Christian Felix Weisse

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66 페이지 - View of the Opinions of Mr. James Boaden (editor of the Oracle), in February, March and April, 1795, and of James Boaden, Esq. (author of Fontainville Forest, and of a letter to George Steevens, Esq.), in February, 1796, relative to the Shakespeare MSS., by a friend to consistency, uncut, 8vo.
352 페이지 - Views taken on and near the river Rhine at Aix La Chapelle and on the river Maese, engraved title, 32 aquatint views, calf, rubbed sm.
20 페이지 - Society inftituted in Bengal, for inquiring into the Hiftory and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Afia.
325 페이지 - s Translation of the Comedies of Terence. The second editionLondon. 8. Vol. I. p. Ixv-lxxxiii. 1790 The Lives of the first twelve Caesars, translated from the Latin of C. Suetonius Tranquillus, with Annotations and a Review of the Government and Literature of the different Periods.
67 페이지 - Bookseller. 1813. 3 pl, (i)vi-xl, 448 p., 2 pl. (incl. front.), 2 ports. 8°. NBHD • The conspiracy of kings; a poem: addressed to the inhabitants of Europe, from another quarter of the World. By Joel Barlow, author of the Vision of Columbus, Advice to the Privileged Orders &c.
347 페이지 - La Vérité rendue aux lettres par la liberté, ou de l'importance de l'amour de la vérité dans l'homme de lettres, Strasbourg, 1791 , /Vz~ 8°.
360 페이지 - FOREST : or Poems defcriptive of Scenery and Incidents charafteriftic of a Foreft at different Seafons of the Year.
131 페이지 - Gothic Ornaments in the Cathedral Church of York, drawn and etched by Joseph Halfpenny, fol.
156 페이지 - That Have Been Performed At The Theatres Royal, in London, From the Year 1771 to 1795. With Occasional Notes and Anecdotes.
173 페이지 - of his conduct, respecting the publication of the supposed Shakspeare MSS. Being a preface or introduction to a reply to the critical labors of Mr. Malone, in his " Enquiry into the authenticity of certain papers, &c. &c.

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