Lillo's Dramatic Works: With Memoirs of the Author, 1권

W. Lowndes, 1810

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147 페이지 - I have heard That guilty creatures, sitting at a play, Have by the very cunning of the scene Been struck so to the soul that presently They have proclaim'd their malefactions; For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak With most miraculous organ.
164 페이지 - Why, birds are their prey, as men are cure; though, as you observed, we are sometimes caught ourselves : but that I dare say will never be the case with our mistress. Blunt. I wish it may prove so ; for you know we all depend upon her : should she trifle away her time with a young fellow, that there's nothing to be got by, we must all starve. Lucy. There's no danger of that, for I am sure she has no view in this affair, but interest.
147 페이지 - What's Hecuba to him or he to Hecuba That he should weep for her? What would he do Had he the motive and the cue for passion That I have? He would drown the stage with tears, And cleave the general ear with horrid speech, Make mad the guilty and appal the free, Confound the ignorant, and amaze indeed The very faculties of eyes and ears.
204 페이지 - What are your laws, of which you make your boast, but the fool's wisdom and the coward's valour? the instrument and screen of all your villainies, by which you punish in others what you act yourselves, or would have acted had you been in their circumstances. The judge who condemns the poor man for being a thief had been a thief himself had he been poor.
158 페이지 - First made me a wretch, and still continue me so. Men, however generous or sincere to one another, are all selfish hypocrites in their affairs with us ; we are no otherwise esteemed or regarded by them, but as we contribute to their satisfaction.
158 페이지 - I would have my conquest complete, like those of the Spaniards in the New World; who first plundered the natives of all the wealth they had, and then condemned the wretches to the mines for life, to •work for more.
184 페이지 - BLUNT. I have not heard of this before ! How did she receive him ? LUCY. As you would expect. She wondered what he meant, was astonished at his impudence, and, with an air of modesty peculiar to herself, swore so heartily that she never saw him before, that she put me out of countenance. BLUNT. That's much indeed ! But how did Barnwell behave ? LUCY.
159 페이지 - I talked of honour and reputation, and invited him to my house : he swallowed the bait, promised to come, and this is the time I expect him. [Knocking at the door, L.] Somebody knocks :— nl'ye hear, I am at home to nobody to-day but him.
181 페이지 - tis needless to inform you, that I intend never to return again : though this might have been known by examining my accounts ; yet, to prevent that unnecessary trouble, and to cut off all fruitless expectations of my return, I have left this from the lost
210 페이지 - Never, never will I taste such joys on earth; never will I so soothe my just remorse! Are those honest arms and faithful bosom fit to embrace and to support a murderer? These iron fetters only shall clasp, and flinty pavement bear me (throwing himself on the ground) — even these too good for such a bloody monster.

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