Harry and Lucy: with Other Tales, 1권

Harper & Brothers, 1842

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200 페이지 - Soon shall thy arm, unconquered steam, afar Drag the slow barge, or drive the rapid car ; Or on wide waving wings expanded bear The flying chariot through the fields of air...
309 페이지 - So she went into the garden to cut a cabbage-leaf, to make an apple-pie: and at the same time a great she-bear, coming up the street, pops its head into the shop. 'What? No soap?
386 페이지 - ... the world, the effects of which, extraordinary as they are, are perhaps only now beginning to be felt — was not only the most profound man of science, the most successful combiner of powers and calculator of numbers, as adapted to practical purposes, — was not only one of the most generally well-informed, — but one of the best and kindest of human beings.
243 페이지 - THERE was an old man, who lived in a wood, As you may plainly see ; He said he could do as much work in a day, As his wife could do in three. With all my heart...
240 페이지 - Magdalena, can scarcely conceive, how without interruption, at every instant of life, you may be tormented by insects flying in the air, and how the multitude of these little animals may render vast regions almost uninhabitable.
386 페이지 - Amidst this company stood Mr Watt, the man whose genius discovered the means of multiplying our national resources to a degree perhaps even beyond his own stupendous powers of calculation and combination ; bringing the treasures of the abyss to the summit of the earth — giving the feeble arm of man the momentum of an Afrite — commanding manufactures to arise, as the rod of the prophet produced water in the desert, affording the means of dispensing with that time and tide which wait for no man,...
384 페이지 - And well, with ready hand and heart, Each task of toilsome duty taking, Did one dear inmate take her part, The last asleep, the earliest waking'. Her hands each nightly couch prepared, And frugal meal on which they fared ; Unfolding spread the servet white, And deck'd the board with tankard bright. Through fretted hose, and garment rent, Her tiny needle deftly went, Till hateful penury, so graced, Was scarcely in their dwelling traced.
62 페이지 - Who causeth them to grow every where, and bloweth the seeds about in winds, and mixeth them with the mould, and watereth them with soft rains, and cherisheth them with dews? Who fanneth them with the pure breath of heaven ; and giveth them colours and smells, and spreadeth out their thin transparent leaves ? How doth the rose draw its crimson from the dark brown earth, or the lily its shining white...
130 페이지 - Mamma, I understand the use of exactness in some things. In drawing in perspective, and in proportion, by a scale, as you taught me. Harry came to me the other day, and asked me to draw a cart for him; and I was glad to find that I could help him in something.
12 페이지 - ... there was a large stone, upon which she climbed, and gathered as many honey-suckles as she liked. Whilst she was getting down, she held the flowers fast, for fear she should drop them into the ditch, and she felt something prick her finger very sharply; she looked, and she saw a bee drop...

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