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which our mipistry daily think more serious, especially as the Marshals Richelieu and Bellisle and the Prince of Conty now direct the councils of France, and his most christian majesty takes to his battle, which will keep his head warm, and consequently fit to receive the warmest counsels such military men can give.

The French king's answer to the Dutch, when asked an explanation about his tremendous preparations, was that he would not give one; but told them, by his ambassador at tbe Hague, that so far from permitting them to assist us with a single man, he expected them to aid him, if necessary, to chastise and punish that piratical nation. If after this the Dutch refuse to fulfil their treaties with us, they cease to be an independent people, and can no longer claim the title of Hogan Mogan.

The two places we are now in fear of, from the destination of some ships and transports lately sailed from Brest, are Halifax, in North America, and Barbadoes, or the Leeward Islands, in the West Indies. Give us a naval war with the French, has been the wish of all true fighting Britons since I knew the world. Our wish is at last obtained, and we are now frightened not a little. I often reflect on your lordship’s observation when the war broke out :-“ Mark the end of it!”

Every Englishman is ordered out of France, without excepting the sick at Montpelier, or the man of business or ladies of pleasure at Paris. Among others, my cousin's child had not interest enough to reverse the fatal decree ; from whence I remark, that either the French have lost their taste, or the lady her beauty. Be it as it may, to Brussels she is now retired.

There is very great difficulty in fixing on funds for raising an income sufficient to pay the interest of the two millions we have borrowed. The bricks are laid aside, and they contend to lay also aside the proposed duty on plate, so as to confine ourselves to the 20s. additional duty on ale licences alone. 'Tis calculated that there are now 100,000 ale retailers in the kingdoms, one tenth part of which are within the bills of mortality : should the bill pass, it is thought the number will be reduced to 70,000; which nevertheless, say they, will raise more than we want, therefore spare the plate. This is virtually saying, in my opinion, spare ourselves, and, as Peter says, damn the poor: for the rich use plate and the poor drink ale. In the debate last Wednesday on this subject, Mr. Coventry, of Bridport, stood up for the first time, and spoke well, but finished with great humour by the apostolical story of the opposition Paul met with from the silversmiths at Ephesus, so that it might have gone hard with him had he not been assisted by the town clerk (Murray). The allusion produced a horse laugh; and upon a division, the question was carried only by 129 to 120— next Monday decides the affair : in short, 'tis said we shall have a chancellor of the exchequer; and people whisper, that the king has declared that he will never again have a foolish chancellor of the exchequer from Worcestershire, as it only tends to increase the peerage.



You will laugh at the disposition made by some mug-house politicians ; for such I suppose they are who have settled a new administration as follows :-his grace of N— to his old station ; Mr. P- , the first commissioner of the treasury ; Mr. G- chancellor of the exchequer; duke of D- e, to his former post; Lord H- , to Ireland ; and duke of D- to a pension; and Sir G- - to a peerage. Much of this has been in the papers, together with a short epigram on the last mentioned, which, lest you may not have happened to see it there, I have enclosed, as I did some posts ago Signora Mingotti's answer to Vanneschi, which had its merit, and is equal to her spirited appeal to the public.

The speaker of Ireland is reported to be now the most unpopular man in that kingdom, as it is supposed that he is soon to be made an Irish earl, with 2,5001. a year for supporting his new dignity for thirty two years, and Mr. Ponsonby to be let into his chair. Having got now what he aimed at, by courting the favour of the popu. Jace, I suppose he will, with others of the same stamp, from whenceforth cry-Odi profanum vulgus, et arceo.

The D. of B. has lost in the committee room two questions relating to the new Islington road, though it was obstinately fought on both sides, for the division on the first was eighty-six to seventy, which is a greater number than I ever remember in a private committee; but they say the merits were of one side, and his grace on the other; for the first question was, to throw the road opposite to his house, by the way of Fig

Lane'; and the reason given for it was, it being half a mile about only : to which it was answered, that in our great northern or western roads half a mile about might perhaps be thought a trifle not worth contending for; but in a road which in the whole was not to extend above three quarters of a mile, half a mile about was a compliment too great for any private man to expect. The second question was for a restrictive clause to prevent building beyond his house, which he lost by fifteen. Mr. F- attended both days, and very warm debates have arisen on this occasion ; and they say 'tis very unusual for the minister of the house of commons to attend private com

The lords lieutenants and custus rotulorums in London have been very active in summoning all those under the denomination of deputy lieutenants, and justices of the peace, now resident here, in order to consider and fix upon the best methods for enlisting soldiers for the new regiments, and picking up all straggling sailors ; and orders have been accordingly sent to the country; which, with respect to the latter race of mortals, are really almost as arbitrary, though not so cruel

man Triumvirate.

Lord Fitzwalter's oysters and port could not carry him beyond his eighty-eighth year. It had been much better for Lord H - had he departed four years sooner, as the will then subsisting was one whereby he was left sole executor ; but by one since, the deceased lord has left 5001. to Lord Ancram; to Lord Newbattle, 5001.; to

Lady Ancram, 60001.; and to their daughter, at eighteen, 18,0001., with the interest to the mother till she comes to that age. Besides, Lady Ancram gets by her mother's settlement 5001, a year out of the Post Office, and Lord H- 15001. a year more out of that office, together with about 12,0001. which it is thought the house in Pall Mall, and some effects on the Hotel de Ville at Paris, may produce. He also left 10001. legacy to Lady Holdernesse.

The third instant was his grace of Cleveland's birth-day, when one hundred dishes were as usual served up to twenty guests; and the cards of invitation for the evening were to come without hoops. The mantua makers say they never were more hurried against a birth-day: and, indeed, the ladies (to use a ship expression, having been often lately at the royal yards) seemed to be cut down, so that there was no small expense in the mangling of old clothes, besides a great many new suits made, according to this new straight cut, and all in expectation of the fiddle and pipe ; but being disappointed, many of their faces appeared as long and lank as their shapes, neither of which could show them much to their advantage.

Lady Lincoln, per la prima volta, walked about every room of her house on the sixteenth, being the first time she ever did the honours of a business of this sort : every room above and below was lighted up; and in the course of the evening we saw every person we had seen before, and many she had picked up that had always hitherto escaped the search of others. Westminster Hall

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