The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

J.M. Dent & sons Limited, 1926 - 411페이지

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18 페이지 - Then, sir, she should have a supercilious knowledge in accounts; and as she grew up, I would have her instructed in geometry, that she might know something of the contagious countries; — but above all, Sir Anthony, she should be mistress of orthodoxy, that she might not misspell and mispronounce words so shamefully as girls usually do; and likewise that she might reprehend the true meaning of what she is saying.
243 페이지 - tis out of pure good humor, and I take it for granted they deal exactly in the same manner with me. But, Sir Peter, you know you promised to come to Lady Sneerwell's too. SIR PET. Well, well, I'll call in, just to look after my own character.
44 페이지 - There, sir! an attack upon my language ! What do you think of that ? — an aspersion upon my parts of speech! Was ever such a brute! Sure if I reprehend any thing in this world, it is the use of my oracular tongue, and a nice derangement of epitaphs ! Abs.
269 페이지 - I hope not. - Well, you see, Master Premium, what a domestic character I am; here I sit of an evening surrounded by my family. - But come, get to your pulpit, Mr Auctioneer; here's an old gouty chair of my grandfather's will answer the purpose.
371 페이지 - They boast they come but to improve our state, enlarge our thoughts, and free us from the yoke of error ! Yes ; they will give enlightened freedom to our minds, who are themselves the slaves of passion, avarice, and pride ! They offer us their protection ! Yes, such protection as vultures give to lambs, covering and devouring them ! They call on us to barter all of good we have inherited and proved, for the desperate chance of something better, which they promise. Be our plain answer this : The throne...
243 페이지 - I can't make her love me, there is great satisfaction in quarrelling with her ; and I think she never appears to such advantage as when she is doing everything in her power to plague me.
17 페이지 - ... tis safest in matrimony to begin with a little aversion. I am sure I hated your poor dear uncle before marriage as if he'd been a blackamoor — and yet, miss, you are sensible what a wife I made!— and when it pleased Heaven to release me from him, 'tis unknown what tears I shed! But suppose we were going to give you another choice, will you promise us to give up this Beverley?
278 페이지 - I beg your pardon. [Gaping, throws away the book.] I have been dozing over a stupid book. - Well, I am much obliged to you for this call. You haven't been here, I believe, since I fitted up this room. - Books, you know, are the only things I am a coxcomb in. Sir Pet.
266 페이지 - Now I propose, Mr. Premium, if it's agreeable to you, a post-obit on Sir Oliver's life : though at the same time the old fellow has been so liberal to me, that I give you my word, I should be very sorry to hear that anything had happened to him.

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