The Connoisseur, 4권

J. Rivington, 1774

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234 페이지 - em, And out they jog in due decorum. Scarce past the turnpike half a mile, How all the country seems to smile! And as they slowly jog together...
277 페이지 - Mr. Town is a fair, black, middle-sized, very short man. He wears his own hair, and a periwig. He is about thirty years of age, and not more than four and twenty. He is a student of the law, and a bachelor of physic.
259 페이지 - However this may be, we may consider those whose tongues hardly seem to be under the influence of reason, and do not keep up the proper conversation of human creatures, as imitating the language of different animals. Thus, for instance, the affinity between Chatterers and Monkeys, and Praters and Parrots, is too obvious not to occur at once; Grunters and Growlers may be justly compared to Hogs; Snarlers are Curs that continually show their teeth, but never bite...
255 페이지 - ... first, the emphatical; who squeeze, and press, and ram down every syllable with excessive vehemence and energy. These orators are remarkable for their distinct elocution and force of expression: they dwell on the important particles of and the, and the significant conjunctive and; which they seem to hawk up, with much difficulty, out of their own throats, and to cram them, with no less pain, into the ears of their auditors.
232 페이지 - ... and the sides of the petticoat drawn up in festoons. In some lesser borough towns, the contest, I found, lay between three or four black...
234 페이지 - One may observe it in your face Indeed, my dear, you break apace: And nothing can your health repair, But exercise and country air, Sir Traffic has a house, you know, About a mile from Cheney-Row; He's a.
228 페이지 - ... is near drawing to a conclusion; while a word or two of instruction might not be thrown away upon the younger part of the congregation, to teach them, that making posies in summer time, and cracking nuts in autumn, is no part of the religious ceremony.
85 페이지 - I must not forget to remark, that the pertness and sauciness of an old maid is particularly offensive to me. I cannot help thinking, that the virginity of these ancient misses is at least as ridiculous, as my own celibacy. If I am to be condemned for having never made an offer, they are as much to blame for having never accepted one : if I am to be derided for having never married, who never attempted to make a conquest ; they are more properly the objects of derision, who are still unmarried, after...
262 페이지 - There is a club of country parsons, who meet every Saturday at a neighbouring market-town, to be shaved and exchange sermons : they have a subscription for books and pamphlets ; and the only periodical works ordered in by them are the Connoisseur, and the Critical and Monthly Reviews. I was lately introduced to this society...
230 페이지 - Squire's command as his dogs and horses. For this reason the bell is often kept tolling, and the people waiting in the...

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