Annual report of the Indiana State Board of Health. 1907

State Board of Health, 1907

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21 페이지 - BUTTEK is the clean, non-rancid product made by gathering in any manner the fat of fresh or ripened milk or cream into a mass, which also contains a small portion of the other milk constituents, with or without salt, and contains not less than eighty-two and five-tenths (82.5) per cent, of milk fat.
29 페이지 - That the addition of water herein authorized shall be under such regulations and limitations as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, may from time to time prescribe...
28 페이지 - Coffea liberica Bull., freed from all but a small portion of its spermoderm, and conforms in variety and place of production to the name it bears.
21 페이지 - Cheese is the sound, solid, and ripened product made from milk or cream by coagulating the casein thereof with rennet or lactic acid with or without the addition of ripening ferments and seasoning, and contains, in the water-free substance, not less than fifty (50) per cent of milk fat.
18 페이지 - In the case of drugs: (1) If, when sold under or by a name recognized in the United States Pharmacopoeia, it differs from the standard of strength, quality, or purity laid down therein.
23 페이지 - Canned vegetables are sound, properly matured and prepared fresh vegetables, with or without salt, sterilized by heat, with or without previous cooking in vessels from which they take up no metallic substance, kept in suitable, clean, hermetically sealed containers, are sound and conform in name to the vegetables used in their preparation.
29 페이지 - Malt vinegar is the product made by the alcoholic and subsequent acetous fermentations, without distillation, of an infusion of barley malt or cereals whose starch has been converted by malt, is dextro-rotatory, and contains, in one hundred (100) cubic centimeters (20° C.), not less than four (4) grams of acetic acid...
20 페이지 - SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK is milk from which a considerable portion of water has been evaporated...
28 페이지 - Cold-drawn" sunflower oil* is sunflower oil obtained by the first pressing without heating.

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