Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates of Yale University

The University, 1917

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81 페이지 - The Old Testament, comprising at least the chief narrative episodes in Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Daniel, together with the books of Ruth and Esther; the Odyssey...
94 페이지 - Solid geometry. The usual theorems and constructions of good textbooks, including the relations of planes and lines in space; the properties and measurement of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, and cones; the sphere and the spherical triangle. The solution of numerous original exercises, including loci problems. Applications to the mensuration of surfaces and solids.
58 페이지 - ... the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, in New England, in America ; and that, by the same name, they and...
94 페이지 - ... equations, both numerical and literal, containing one or more unknown quantities ; problems depending on linear equations; radicals, including the extraction of the...
80 페이지 - The first object requires instruction in grammar and composition. English grammar should ordinarily be reviewed in the secondary school; and correct spelling and grammatical accuracy should be rigorously exacted in connection with all written work during the four years.
87 페이지 - VI, at the option of the candidate, with questions on subject-matter, literary and historical allusions, and prosody. Every paper in which passages from the prescribed reading are set for translation will contain also one or more passages for translation at sight, and candidates must deal satisfactorily with both these parts of the paper or they will not be given credit for either part (3) Grammar and Composition.
70 페이지 - SCHOOL RECORD. A candidate must present to the Committee on Admission evidence of his secondary school work in the form of an official detailed statement showing (a) The subjects studied by him and the ground covered.
240 페이지 - SEC. 3. The property and affairs of said corporation shall be managed and conducted by a board of nine directors, of whom, by virtue of their respective official positions, there shall be three, consisting of the Governor of the state of Connecticut, the President of...
72 페이지 - The applications and fees of candidates who wish to be examined in the United States at points east of the Mississippi River or on the Mississippi River must be received at least three weeks in advance of the first day of the examinations.
56 페이지 - Seven or more of the Trustees present at such Time and place shall be Esteemed a full Meeting. And it is hereby declared and Enacted that in all such Meetings, so Called, or Otherwise as the said Trustees in any such Meeting shall agree, all affairs under the Care of the said Trustees shall be determined by the Majority of such Meeting. And WHEREAS it has been found Inconvenient that in the Election of Persons to be Trustees, the Trustees Election by the...

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