Recueil de traités d'alliance, de paix, de trève, de neutralité, de commerce, de limites, d'échange, etc. et plusieurs autres actes servant à la connaissance des relations étrangères des puissances et états de l'Europe ... depuis 1761 jusqu'a ̀présent: Supplement au Recueil des principaux traités d'alliance, de paix, de trev̀e, de neutralité, de commerce, de limites, d'échange, etc. conclus par les puissances de l'Europe, 6권


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363 페이지 - States in all articles of which the importation or exportation respectively, to or from the said Territories shall not be entirely prohibited. Provided only that it shall not be lawful for them in any time of war between the British government and any...
341 페이지 - Indians dwelling on either side of the said boundary line, freely to pass and repass by land or inland navigation, into the respective territories and countries of the two parties, on the continent of America (the country within the limits of the Hudson's bay Company only excepted) and to navigate all the lakes, rivers and waters thereof, and freely to carry on trade and commerce with each other.
347 페이지 - Whereas doubts have arisen what river was truly intended under the name of the river St. Croix, mentioned in the said treaty of peace, and forming a part of the boundary therein described...
607 페이지 - I have caused the premises to be made public; and I do hereby enjoin and require all persons bearing office, civil or military, within the United States, and all others, citizens or inhabitants thereof, or being within the same, faithfully to observe and fulfil the said treaty, and every clause and article thereof.
365 페이지 - There shall be between all the dominions of his Majesty in Europe and the territories of the United States, a reciprocal and perfect liberty of commerce and navigation.
573 페이지 - It shall be lawful for all and singular the Subjects of the most Christian King and the Citizens People and Inhabitants of the said United States to sail with their Ships with all manner of Liberty...
575 페이지 - Contracting parties, although the whole lading or any part thereof should appertain to the enemies of either, Contraband goods being always excepted.
331 페이지 - In consideration of the peace and friendship hereby established, and of the engagements entered into by the Six Nations ; and because the United States desire, with humanity and kindness, to contribute to their comfortable support; and to render the peace and friendship hereby established strong and perpetual; the United States now deliver to the Six Nations and the Indians of the other nations residing among, and united with them, a quantity of goods of the value of ten thousand dollars.
563 페이지 - And it is agreed that if there should be any troops, garrisons, or settlements of either party in the territory of the other, according to the above-mentioned boundaries, they shall be withdrawn from the said territory within the term of six months after the ratification of this treaty, or sooner if it be possible; and that they shall be permitted to take with them all the goods and effects which they possess.
343 페이지 - The river Mississippi shall, however, according to the treaty of peace, be entirely open to both parties; and it is further agreed, that all the ports and places on its eastern side, to whichsoever of the parties belonging, may freely be resorted to and used by both parties, in as ample a manner as any of the Atlantic ports or places of the United States, or any of the ports or places of His Majesty in Great Britain.

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