Acts Passed at the ... Session of the ... General Assembly of the State of Louisiana

James M. Bradford, Printer to the Territory, 1886

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158 페이지 - States of competent jurisdiction, to a fine of not less than one thousand dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, or imprisonment for a term not less than one year nor more than three years, or both such fine and imprisonment ; Provided.
52 페이지 - No sum shall be raised or collected for education other than in common schools until the question of taxation is submitted to the legal voters, and the majority of the votes cast at said election shall be in favor of such taxation:. Provided, The tax now imposed for educational purposes, and for the endowment and maintenance of the Agricultural and Mechanical College, shall remain until changed by law.
129 페이지 - ... the real and personal estate of any public library, and that of any other literary association, used by or connected with such library; all books and philosophical apparatus; and all paintings and statuary of any company or association, kept in a public hall and not held as merchandise, or for purpose of sale or gain; provided, the property so exempted be not used for purposes of private or corporate profit or income.
105 페이지 - That his excellency, the Governor, be requested to forward a copy of these resolutions to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.
14 페이지 - ... may be sold ; and when the Governor of said State shall certify to the Secretary of the Interior that any twenty continuous miles of any of...
83 페이지 - ... by a fine of not less than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not more than six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment; and all vessels, their tackle, apparel, and furniture, whose crews are found engaged in the violation of either this or the preceding section, shall be forfeited to the United States.
106 페이지 - That our Senators and Representatives in Congress, be requested to use their best...
61 페이지 - ... to create a sinking fund for the payment of the principal of said bonds, in each and every year after their issue, until finally paid.
156 페이지 - ... shall be deemed guilty of a crime, and on conviction shall be punished by imprisonment at hard labor for not less than one nor more than five years.
187 페이지 - ... with good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the board, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of his office.

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