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Ist Innings.

2d Innings. T. Brindley, c Fox, b Brice

14 c Fulton, b Brice C. H. Eccles, b Brice ..

24 E. H. Watts, b Brice R. E. Grey, b Fox

IO not out C. V. Eccles, c Wise, b Fox

9 F. R. Price, b Brice

18 J. C. Baxter, st Reid, b Bramwell

O L. C. Abbott, st Bramwell, b Fox

. 88 A. W. J. Hemming, c Bramwell, b Brice

34 b Brice E. H. England, b Brice

O F. S. Bullock, st Bramwell, b Filgate 17 G. N. Wyatt, not out

24 not out Extras

25 extras

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On June 6th, Mr. R. T. Reid brought down a very strong batting Eleven from Oxford. They won the toss, and were not dismissed from the possession of the wickets till they had got 319. Mr. Bartholomew gave us a foretaste of what was going to happen by commencing with a 7, a magnificent leg hit off Brice. It would only be invidious to pick out individual play. Seldom, if ever, have we had such a treat in the way of batting; yet we must confess we were beginning to feel weary of it. Had our fielding been what it ought, the score would have been considerably less. If our Eleven will not hold simple easy catches we must say we have no sympathy. with them if they have to field out all day. It is hard that the rest should suffer. But so it is in everything. For the first time Filgate resumed his place of leg down the hill,' and fully confirmed our high opinion of him, the ground he, covers there being wonderful. We regret to say that our wicket-keeper (J. J. Reid) unfortunately put his finger out. Of our batting we have nothing to say. Our bowlers were not in their usual form.


3 5 16

T. Bramwell, c Miles, b Lipscombe..
J. F. Evans, b Lipscombe
C. R. Filgate, c Brindley, b Miles
A. Chandler, st Reid, b Miles
E. A. Brice, not out




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This match, which is looked forward to with an amount of of interest second only to that which surrounds the Marlborough match, was played on Monday and Tuesday, June the 22nd and 23rd. The weather was most enjoyable. On the previous evening it rained hard, and even in the morning itself it looked as if the day would not be one for cricket. However, the sun came forth, and a pleasant breeze sprang up, and a more perfect day could not have been made to order. The young hands won the toss, and of course chose the innings. On looking over the old Eleven there appeared to be a great lack of bowlers, and a long day's fielding was expected. But the score only reached 150 -not a large score, considering in what run-getting order our ground is. Chandler was our head scorer with a capital 39, which included two fivers, one a fine off drive, the other a very good cut; both off Renny-Tailyour's bowling. Bramwell played in capital form for his runs, but the veteran Captain Rochfort proved his master the second ball he delivered Strachan's 19 were got very steadily, and did not contain his usual sensation ‘sixer.' We regret to say Filgate got a nasty crack on the thumb, which laid him up for some time, and no doubt had something to do with his small contribution. The fielding of the Old was remarkably good, great credit being due to our late captain, Abbott, for his judicious placing of the field. The catches made were all good ones. F. Baker and M. Turner first represented the veterans against Brice and Fox. Brice clean bowled Baker first ball-great rejoicing at this unexpected event. Captain Truell now joined Turner, and soon showed that neither India nor Canada had spoilt his cricket. He sent the ball visiting all parts of the field, more especially he seemed to have a great affection for the "old poplars." Turner played very well indeed for his 21. We were very glad to see Captain Rochfort in such good form. Nine wickets down for 136 looked well for us; but now it was evident why the old captains had kept themselves back. Their patience was well rewarded. They put on 46 runs before Reid got rid of Mr. Price, by a nice catch. These last few runs were knocked up very quick; anywhere between the wickets appeared safe ground. After a brief interval Evans and. Bramwell again came to the wickets, and scored 17 before time was called. On the Tuesday, at rather too late an hour-almost 12 o'clockthe match was continued. Chandler again played a very fine innings, a splendid off drive for 7 being much admired. Bramwell was playing very finely till he was badly run out, Filgate calling him to run when the ball was almost, if not quite, in the bowler's hands Filgate, however, made up for this error by scoring 101. However, it was a lucky innings, for he twice missed off Price's slows in the earlier part of his innings. Strachan played very well for his score, though it was not entirely free from chance. Fulton finished up his College career well by getting a very good 50, not out. There was still some half hour of play, and short as it was it was enough for 4 wickets to be got rid of for 42 runs. Mr. Turnbull hitting away fór 23. 'It is but fair to state that those who came in did so simply not to keep our Eleven idle in the field, and it must not be considered as a proper estimate of the second innings. We were sorry to see that Mr. Croker did not appear on the Tuesday till a very late hour. Doubtless he had a good reason - we hope it was satisfactory to Abbott, and the rest of the Old Eleven. We have much pleasure.in announcing that Captain Rochfort presented both Chandler and Bramweil with a cane-handle bat, as a reward for their excellent all-round cricket. We are here requested to state that, in suture, it will be generally understood that old Cheltonians who play in the Eleven are expected to take their share in the expenses of the old dinner.

Subjoined is the score:

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The Cheltonian.

OCTOBER, 1868.

The Cheltonian Society.

I meting

N our last number we were only able to announce that the

meeting of Old Cheltonians in London, for the purpose of founding a 'Cheltonian Society,' was a great success. At that meeting Mr. Charles Schreiber was elected the President for the year. Mr. Southwood has kindly accepted the post of Treasurer, while Mr. M. Turner and Mr. N. Baker, we are glad to say, continue to act as Honorary Secretaries. A General Committee of 40 well-known Old Collegians was also chosen. Mr. L. C. Abbott

Mr. A. H. Hill

Mr. A. J. Raper Rev. W. H. Arundell Mr. H. H. Hornby

Mr. R. W. Rapei Mr. J. H. Ashton

Mr. J. R. Howell

Mr. R. T. Reid Rev. M. H. Begbie

Rev. H. E. Hulton

Captain Rochfort
Major A. C. Bogle, V.C. Mr. H. Jackson

Rev. J. Robertson
Rev. J. I. Brooke
Mr. Henry James

Mr. T. L. Rolph
Mr. J. Codrington

Rev. A. H. Austin Leigh Captain Stacpole, M.E.
Mr. S. W. Cooke
Mr. Eyre Lloyd

Mr. C. C. Turnbull
Mr. C. V. Eccles
Mr. F. W. H. Myers

Captain Truell
Mr. C. H. Eccles

Mr. W. L. Newman Mr. John Walker Mr. L. J. P. Filgate Rev. M. H. Nisbet Mr. F. W.Watkins Mr. C. H. Garnett

Mr. H. B. Parr

Mr. J. W. S. Wyllie Mr. J. G. Grey

Mr. E. H. Percival Mr. A. Higgins

Mr. F. R. Price The minimum donation is fixed at one guinea, so as to put it in the power of every Old Cheltonian to become a member, though larger donations have been, and will be, gratefully received. We are glad to say that nearly £150 has been already paid in. Any further information will be gladly given by Mr. M. Turner, 42, Jerniyn-street, St. James's, London; by Mr. N. Baker, 60, St. James's-street, Pall Mall, London; or by Mr. F.. Price, the R College, Cheltenham. Post-office orders to be made payable to either of the Secretaries at the St. James's-street Post-office.

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