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WORKS preparing for PublicATION,

The TOPOGRAPHY of ATHENS, with some Remarks on its

Antiquities. By Lieut.-Col. LEAKE, 8vo. A New Series, consisting of Twenty-one Plates to illustrate

LORD BYRON'S WORKS. Engraved by CHARLES Heath, from Drawings by R. WESTALL, R. A. With a Portrait, engraved by ARM. STRONG, from the original Picture, by T. PAILLIPS, R.A. In 4to., 8vo.

and fc. 8vo. JOURNAL of a TOUR in GREECE, EGYPT, and the HOLY

LAND; with Excursions to the River Jordan, and along the Banks of the Red Sea to Mount Sinai. By WILLIAM TURNER, Esq., Foreign Office. 3 vols. 8vo.


CESTER, from the original MSS. with Historical and Explanatory

Notes, a Biographical Memoir, and an original Portrait, Syo. “ Here it may not be amiss to recommend to the attention of every mechanic, the little work entitled a Century of Inventions, by the Marquis of Worcester, which, on account of the seeming improbability of discovering many things meationed therein, has been too much neglected; but when it is considered that some of the contrivances, apparently not the least abstruse, have, by close application, been found to answer all the Marquis says of them, and that the first hint of that most powerful machine the steam engine is given is that work, it is unnecessary to enlarge on the utility of it."-Trans. of the Society of Arts, vol. iii. p. 6.


John ROBISÖN, LL.D., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University and Secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburgh. With Notes and Illustrations, comprising the most recent Discoveries in the Physical Sciences. By David BREWSTER, LL.D. F.R.S.E. In 4 rols. 8vo. with numerous Plates.

A MANUAL of CHEMISTRY; containing the principal Facts

of the Science, arranged in the Order in which they are discussed and illustrated in the Lectures at the Royal Institution. With a Prefatory History of the Science. By W. T. BRANDE, F.R.S. Secretary to the Royal Society of London. With more than 100 Wood-cuts, Diagrams, Plates, &c. A New EDITION, in 2 Vols. 8vo.


Philosophy, Director of the Gymnasium, and Librarian of the Ducal Library at Altenburg, Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences at Erfurt, of the Latin Society at Jena, and of the Society of Sciences and Arts at Mentz. Translated hy the late Rev. E. V. BLOMFIELD, M.A. Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge. A New Edition, in 2 Vols. 8vo.


For the use of Schools. 12mo.

HISTORY of the MODES of BELIEF, usually termed The

SUPERSTITIONS of the MIDDLE AGES. With curious Plates. 4to.

TRAVELS in SYRIA and MOUNT SINAI, viz. 1. A Journey

from Aleppo to Damascus.-2. A Tour in the District of Mount Libanus and Antilibanus.-3. A Tour in the Hauran.-4. A Second Tour in the Hauran.-5. A Journey from Damascus, through Arabia. Petræa, and the Desert El Ty, to Cairo.-6. A Tour in the Peninsula of Mount Sinai. By the late John Lewis BURCKHARDT. , With Maps, &c. 4to.

The LIFE of the Right Honourable R. B. SHERIDAN. By

Thomas Moore, Esq. With a Portrait. 4to.

The WORKS of the Right Honourable R. B. SHERIDAN, now

first collected and edited by Thomas MOORE, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. HISTORY of the several ITALIAN SCHOOLS of PAINTING,

with Observations on the present State of the Art. By J. T. JAMES, M. A., Author of Travels in Germany. 8vo.


EVENTS in BRITISH INDIA, under the Administration of the Mar. quess of Hastings. By HENRY T. PRINCEP, Esq., of the Honourable East India Company's Civil Service, Bengal. With Maps, Plans, and Views, 4to.

The HISTORY of the LATE WAR in SPAIN. By Robert

SOUTHEY, Esq. 3 vols. 4to.


DESCRIPTION of HINDOSTAN, and the adjacent country, composed from the most authentic printed documents, and from the many. script records deposited at the Board of Controul; consisting of the official reports, and public correspondence of nearly all the most eminent Civil Servants at the three Presidencies, and also of many of the most distinguished Military and Medical Officers. By WALTER HAMILTON, Esq. With Maps, 2 vols. 4to.

ITALY and its INHABITANTS, in the Years 1816 and 1817.

With à View of the Manners, Customs, Theatres, Literature, and the Fine Arts, with some notice of its various Dialects. By JAMES A. GALIFFR, of Geneva. 2 vols. 8vo.


TERBURY ; compiled principally from original and scarce Documents; with an Appendix, containing the Diary of the learned HENRY WHARTON. Now first published from a Manuscript in the Lambeth Library. By the Rev. George D'OYLY, B.D. Domestic Chaplain to his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. With a Portrait, from an original Picture, by LUTTRELL, in Lambeth Palace. 8vo.

Works preparing for PublicATION,

An ACCOUNT of the ABIPONES, an EQUESTRIAN People in the

INTERIOR of SOUTH AMERICA. Translated from the original Latin of MARTIN DOBRIZHOFFer, one of the Ex-Jesuits, two and

twenty years a Missionary in Paraguay. 2 Vols. 8vo. “The Abipones have been in one thing fortunate above all other savages; for the history of their manners and fortunes by Martin Dobrizhoffer, a German Jesuit, who devoted the prime of bis years to the task of converting them, and in old age, after the extinction of his order, found consolation in recording the knowledge which he had so painfully acquired, and the labours which had so miserably been frustrated, is, of all books relating to savage life, the most curious and, in every respect, the most interesting-SOUTÁ EY, in his History of the Brazils. NARRATIVE of a CHINESE EMBASSY from the Emperor

of China, Kang Hy, to the Khan of Tourgouth Tartars, seated on the banks of the Volga, in the years 1712, 13, and 14. By the Chinese Ambassador, and published by the Emperor's authority, at Pekin. Translated from the original Chinese, and accompanied by an Appendix of Miscellaneous Translations from the same language, consisting of Extracts from the Pekin Gazette, an Abstract of a Chinese Norel, Argument of a Chinese Play, $. By Sir GEORGE THOMAS STAUNTON, Bart., LL.D., F.R.$. 8vo.

On the First of April was Published with Plates, 8vo.

No. XVII. of The JOURNAL of SCIENCE and the ARTS. Edited

at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Among the

Contents will be found Original Journal of an Excursion from St. Thome de Angostura, in Spanish

Guayana, to the Capuchin Missions of the Caroni. With a Map of the

Author's Route. Remarks on Laplace's latest computation of the Density and Figure of

the Earth. Geological Description of the Hills which pursue the course of the Wye,

from Ross to Chepstow, with Remarks upon the Characteristics of the

Herefordshire Formation, sc. By John Fosbrooke, Esq. On the Silures, or Catfishes, of the River Ohio. By C. S. Rafinesque

Professor of Botany and Natural History in the Transylvanian Uni

versity of Lexington, in Kentucky. On Fluidity; and an Hypothesis concerning the Structure of the Earth. Letter from Captain William Spencer Webb, containing an Account of his

Journey in Thibet, and Pilgrimage to the Temple of Kédár Nath:

Communicated by H.T. Colebrooke, Esq. On the Manufacture of British Opium. By the Rev. G. Swayne. On the Variation of the Compass observed in the late Voyage of Dis

covery to the North Pole, By Geo. Fisher, Esq. Account of the exhumation and re-interment of King Robert Bruce. Observations on the Theory which ascribes Secretion to the Agency of

Nerves. By W. P. Alison, M.D., F.R.S.E., &c. Reports of the Commissioners appointed for inquiring into the mode of

preventing the Forgery of Bank Notes. stronomical and Nautical Collections, No. I. On the New Mode of Engraving on Steel, with a Plate. By - Perkins, Esq: Miscellaneous Intelligence-in Chemical Science-Mechanical Science

Natural History-General Literature, $c. Meteorological Journal, for December, 1819, January and February 1820. Select List of New Publications, &c.

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