Connecticut Reports: Containing Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Errors, 63권

Press of Case, Tiffany and Company, 1894

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580 페이지 - The judicial power of the State shall be vested in a Supreme Court of Errors, a Superior Court, and such inferior courts as the General Assembly shall, from time to time, ordain and establish; the powers and jurisdiction of which courts shall be defined by law.
51 페이지 - They are in every instance the sole judges of the facts, and, when called as grand jurors, they are the judges of the law as well as of the facts.
416 페이지 - ... in actions by or against the representatives of deceased persons, the entries, memoranda and declarations of the deceased relevant to the matter in issue may be received in evidence.
299 페이지 - There Is error; the Judgment of the superior court Is reversed, and the cause remanded for further proceedings according to law. All concur. (78 Conn. 7) MARCH v. BRICKLAYERS' & PLASTERERS
160 페이지 - For all acts done by a servant In obedience to the express orders or directions of the master, or in the execution of the master's business, within the scope of his employment, and for acts In any sense warranted by the express or implied authority conferred upon him, considering the nature of the services required, the Instructions given, and the circumstances under which the act Is done, the master is responsible...
166 페이지 - In the execution of the master's business all the time, and this is enough without so finding in terms. This court will not review such a finding upon the errors assigned. If, however, we should hold the question raised upon this point to be one of law, we have no hesitation In saying that the court below reached the correct conclusion on the facts found. In either point of view, then, there is no error. The remaining question relates to the allowance of the amendment The complaint alleged that the...
184 페이지 - Nothing contained in this section shall be so construed as to prevent the use of cleats or other retaining means for the purpose of preventing shifting of containers or batteries.
169 페이지 - I nshort, a physician or surgeon is bound to bestow such reasonable and ordinary care, skill and diligence as physicians and surgeons in the same neighborhood, in the same general line of practice, ordinarily have and exercise in like cases.
163 페이지 - I am very far from saying, if the servant when going on his master's business took a somewhat longer road, that owing to this deviation he would cease to be in the employment of the master, so as to divest the latter of all liability ; in such cases it is a question of degree as to how far the deviation could be considered a separate journey.
162 페이지 - ... law, determine that the servant was still executing his master's business. So, too, where the deviation is very marked and unusual, the court in like manner may determine that the servant was not on the master's business at all, but on his own. Cases falling between these extremes will be regarded as Involving merely a question of fact, to be left to the Jury or other trier of such questions.

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