Beispielsammlung zur Theorie und Literatur der Schönen Wissenschaften, 8권,1호


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398 페이지 - ... to them. One of these looked like a man walking upon stilts, and was so lifted up into the air, above his ordinary height, that his head turned round with it ; while the other made...
130 페이지 - I cannot but think it hard, that I am not fuffered to run quietly among the common herd of people, whofe opinions unfortunately differ from thofe which lead to Favour and Preferment. I ought to let you know, that the Thing we called...
396 페이지 - Fancy began again to bestir herself, and parcelling out the whole heap with incredible activity, recommended to every one his particular packet. The hurry and confusion at this time was not to be expressed. Some observations which I made upon the occasion I shall communicate to the public.
395 페이지 - The immoderate breadth of the features made me very much out of humour with my own countenance, upon which I threw it from me like a mask. It happened very luckily that one who stood by me had just before thrown down his visage, which it seems was too long for him.
132 페이지 - ... popular of all topics ; and therefore in great changes, when that is broke, there will remain much heart-burning and discontent among the meaner people, which (under a weak prince and corrupt administration) may have the worst consequences upon the peace of any state.
132 페이지 - I will tell you what my political principles were in the time of her late glorious Majesty, which I never contradicted by any action, writing, or discourse. First, I always declared myself against a Popish successor to the Crown, whatever title he might have by the proximity of blood.
394 페이지 - ... in her looks. Her name was Fancy. She led up every mortal to the appointed place, after having very officiously assisted him in making up his pack, and laying it upon his shoulders.
399 페이지 - I learnt from it, never to repine at my own misfortunes, or to envy the happiness of another, since it is impossible for any man to form a right judgment of his...
398 페이지 - I stuck my cane in the ground, and told him I would lay him a bottle of wine that he did not march up to it on a line that I drew for him in a quarter of an hour. The heap was at last...
398 페이지 - I myself had no great reason to triumph, for as I went to touch my forehead I missed the place, and clapped my finger upon my upper lip. Besides, as my nose was...

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