The History of the Reformation of the Church of England ... in Six Volumes, 3권,파트 1

W. Baynes, 1825

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xlvi 페이지 - Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand : they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter. " Come ye," say they, " I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink ; and to-morrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant.
xviii 페이지 - But the wisdom that is from above, is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.
261 페이지 - The open lewdness in which many lived, without shame or remorse, gave great occasion to their adversaries to say, they were in the right to assert justification by faith without works, since they were, as to every good work, reprobate. Their gross and insatiable scrambling after the goods and wealth, that had been dedicated with good designs, though to superstitious uses, without applying any part of it to the promoting the gospel, the instructing the youth, and relieving the poor, made all people...
36 페이지 - ... you advise me : for they, observing that the world would not willingly suit their lives to the rules that Christ has given, have fitted His doctrine, as if it had been a leaden rule, to their lives, that so, some way or other, they might agree with one another.
86 페이지 - Coronation was before her marriage, for she was married much about St. Paul's day last, as the condition thereof doth well appear, by reason she is now somewhat big with child. Notwithstanding, it hath been reported throughout a great part of the realm, that I married her, which was plainly false, for I myself knew not thereof a fortnight after it was done.
193 페이지 - Notwithstanding this, Cranmer had published a more correct New Testament in English, which is referred to in the injunctions that were formerly mentioned : but now he designed a new translation of the whole Bible. In the sixth session, which was on the 17th of February, a statute against simony was treated of : there was also some discourse about the translating the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments, in the vulgar tongue : and it was considered, how some words in them ought to be...
xi 페이지 - Christ's natural flesh and blood, for the sacramental bread and wine remain still in their very natural substances, and therefore may not be adored (for that were idolatry, to be abhorred of all faithful Christians), and the natural body and blood of our Saviour Christ are in heaven, and not here ; it being against the truth of Christ's natural body to be at one time in more places than one.
254 페이지 - I complained thereof to the council, it was answered by them, that the book was so entitled, because it was set forth in the time of the convocation." In the interrogatories that were afterwards exhibited to him, in order to his final censure, the seventh ends thus, " That he did compile and caused to be set abroad divers books.
x 페이지 - In the consecration of a bishop, this rubric is ; " The elected bishop, having " upon him a surplice and a cope, shall be presented " by two bishops, being also in surplices and copes, " having their pastoral staves in their hands.
xx 페이지 - The present bishop of Worcester carried me to sir John Cotton, to ask admittance : but a great prelate had been beforehand with us, and had possessed him with such prejudices against me, as being no friend to the prerogative of the crown, nor to the constitution of our church, that he said, (as he was prepared,) that unless the archbishop of Canterbury and a secretary of state would recommend me, as a...

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